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The Long-Term Effects of Trump Will Be Disastrous for the GOP

It may be a bit odd, at a time when the Republican Party dominates all branches of the federal government as well as most governor's mansions and state legislatures, to declare it a political party in dire peril. From one perspective, Trump seems to have saved the GOP from the brink of disaster and ...

Babysitting the White Supremacist-in-Chief

Donald Trump's character defects are so flagrant and his childish affect so obvious, that managing his communications is practically impossible. Amazing as it may be in the year 2017, the proper response to white supremacist rallies continues to confound the president of the United States. Coming ...

The Trumpodicy: Trump Is Losing Support Even As He Doubles Down on Racist Bigotry

Of all the critiques of western monotheism, perhaps the most troublesome is the theodicy, also known as the Problem of Evil. It's a three-part syllogism that contains its own inescapable contradiction: if God is all-knowing, all-powerful and all-good, then evil should not exist. Because evil exists, ...

Firing Bannon Makes No Political Sense for Trump. Assume the Worst.

Back in July of 2016, Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo popularized Trump's Razor: a variation on Occams Razor that postulates when assessing any act of Donald Trump, the stupidest possible explanation will be the correct one. It's worth considering the Trump's Razor principle in the wake of ...

Quick Takes: “The Worm in the Turd”

A roundup of news that caught my eye today.

The Corporate World Takes on White Nationalists and Culture Warriors

Bannon is out because CEOs cant tolerate having their brands tainted with his cultural toxicity.

The Line That Trump Crossed

Here is the reason why, after years of Trump's racism, things exploded following his Charlottesville remarks.

Stop Giving Ivanka Trump a Pass

She can't simultaneously distance herself from her father and take credit when something good happens.

Quick Takes: Trump Doubles Down on Lunacy

A roundup of news that caught my eye today.

The ‘Angry White Boys’ Know What They Want

Dismissing the white nationalists in Charlottesville as simply play-acting amounts to a dangerous flinch in the face of evil.

Residents of Durham Showed Us What Patriotism Looks Like

It all comes down to the single most powerful word in our democracy: 'we.'

A Response to Steve Bannon: Won’t Get Fooled Again

The White House chief strategist has focused on inciting racism and pushing policies that would devastate working and middle class Americans.

What It’s Like to Be Black or Brown in Trump’s Rural America

The racism unleashed by this president is being felt in people's everyday lives.

Quick Takes: Who Still Stands With Trump?

A roundup of news that caught my eye today.

Robert Mueller Should Zero in On Obstruction of Justice and Issue a Report

Doing so could prompt Congress into starting impeachment proceedings.

What Will Republicans Do Now?

The depravity of the man in the White House is on display for everyone but the perpetually blinded to see.

Why Governor’s Races Will Be Crucial in 2018 and 2020

Because they are unencumbered by gerrymandering, governors races could be Democrats' best bet.

Quick Takes: Response to an Unhinged President

A roundup of tweets that caught my eye today.

Trump Just Left Me Speechless With Grief for Our Country

I am overwhelmed with sadness that the leader of our country is such a vile human being.

A Next Step Toward Universal Health Care: Medicaid For More

Making Medicaid buy-in the public option on the exchanges is an easy way to further expand coverage.

Why the Midwest Can’t Catch a Break

Beyond de-industrialization and consolidation, GOP politicians have dismantled the public infrastructure of the heartland.

Advice For White Men When Talking About Racism and Sexism

Barging in to a conversation to explain it all to women and people of color is the definition of white privilege.

It’s the Economy, Stupid

The long, sad decline of the Midwest.

Quick Takes: The Race Stuff Didn’t Matter

A roundup of news that caught my eye today.

Why Trump’s Statement Today is Meaningless

He keeps doing racist things and we keep pretending to be surprised.

This County Was a Democratic Stronghold. Then Came Trump.

The story of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania reflects the uphill battle of winning back Trump supporters.

Why Is Racial Hatred in the Process of Exploding?

This is the defining issue that is being presented to us as Americans right now.

After Charlottesville, A Time for Choosing

C'mon everybody This is your life I'm talking about a revolution We gotta organize We don't need no segregation We don't need no race New age revelation? I think we got a case -Prince, “Sexuality,” 1981 You know who you are. Not the white nationalists, the all-wrong “alt-right,” ...

The GOP Bears Full Responsibility for the Havoc in Virginia

The madness in Virginia is the natural consequence of decades of GOP normalization of hate and rationalization of racism.

Republican Who Wishes to Unseat Warren Declares: I’m Not A Wingnut! Honest!

Oh, what a tangled web Trumpists weave when first they practice to deceive… Apparently, it has dawned upon the far-right Elizabeth-Warren-sucks crowd that taking Breitbart to heart won't be enough to unseat the Massachusetts Senator in 2018. To that end, her expected Republican opponent, Trump ...

Get Out: Time for Republicans Horrified by Charlottesville to Leave the GOP

I’m far more concerned about the bloodshed on the streets of Charlottesville than I am about the crocodile tears of “anti-Trump Republicans” like Bush White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter. You have to listen to his comments in full on MSNBC’s AM Joy yesterday to appreciate ...

The GOP Bears Full Responsibility for the Havoc in Virginia

Hey, Donnie, you’re not fooling anyone today. We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one! , Donald J. Trump August 12, 2017 The man who questioned Barack Obama’s legitimacy as a United States ...

Of Course Trump Will Suppress New Report on US Climate Impacts

Has he called it “fake news” on Twitter yet? There isn't a chance in hell that the Trump administration will ever officially release the latest National Climate Assessment Report showing the severe risk carbon pollution poses to the United States. Trump will surely take a page from George ...