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Intel Rolls Out New Pentium, Celeron Chips for Low-Cost PCs

The processors are based on the chip maker's 14nm Gemini Lake architecture and look to strike a balance between performance and connectivity.

Analytics Startup Heap Launches Autonomous Customer-Insight Platform

Heap automatically captures, validates and connects all types of customer data, giving companies in various sectors the ability to discover meaningful customer insights in order to drive better business decisions.

Five Cyber-Security Threats Enterprises Will Confront in 2018

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cyber-security threats will likely get worse next year as attacks get more sophisticated, but for organizations the focus will shift to loss prevention.

Skype for Windows 10 Gains Shared Content Gallery, Notification Panel

Accessing recently shared photos, videos and other files in a Skype chat is just a couple of clicks away with the software's new Gallery feature.

Cisco Survey Finds Disparity Between IoT Value, Trust in Security

Key conclusion: Businesses need to address consumer trust issues with better security to increase confidence and accelerate IoT adoption.

IT Pros Ready to Switch Jobs in Search of Pay Increases, Training

One in three IT professionals expect to look for a new job in the next 12 months, mainly seeking more pay, but also looking for more training, according to a Spiceworks survey.

New Google Mobile Photo Apps Tap Experimental Technology

The company's new mobile photography applications are based on Google's experimental Motion Stills technology.

SAP SuccessFactors Hub Pulls Legacy HR Records Into Cloud Era

SAP SuccessFactors People Central Hub consolidates employee data and places it in the cloud, enabling businesses to modernize their HR operations.

Microsoft Wraps Up 2017 with Final Patch Tuesday Security Update

Memory corruption vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Edge browser are patched in the December Patch Tuesday update, as Microsoft provides new guidance to help improve security for Active Directory in the cloud.

Predictions 2018: AR/VR Coming to a Workplace Near You

Statistica's projection based on data from Goldman Sachs for total market value of both VR and AR is $35 billion by 2025. This market is going nowhere but up.

Nvidia Gears Powerful Titan V GPU for PCs Tasked to Handle AI Work

DAILY VIDEO: Nvidia's powerful Titan V GPU takes aim at AI on the PC; why HBO chose Kubernetes to help stream "Game of Thrones"; Microsoft asserts Windows is gaining ground in the education market; and there's more.

Companies Seek Better Products and Decision-Making From Cognitive Tech

Companies are boosting their investment in cognitive technology and artificial intelligence, often opting to develop these technologies in-house instead of relying upon external vendors.

Why the Role of Chief Data Officer Is Gaining Influence in Enterprises

A Gartner research report finds that the role of the corporate chief data officer is gaining in importance and influence in enterprises that recognize the value of data analytics to drive growth in revenue and profits.

Oracle Boosts Cloud Security with Identity and Configuration Services

Oracle continues to grow its machine learning cloud security capabilities with new services that help to automate and improve security.

Google Signs Up More Managed Service Partners For Cloud Services

Accenture is among 12 companies that will deliver a range of services to help enterprises run workloads on Google Cloud.

Virtual Reality Inching Closer to Delivering Value to Enterprises

Companies such as Ford are seeing its investment in virtual reality payoff, but the automaker has been developing the technology for 30 years. Some say a killer app is needed to ignite the market.

Microsoft Investing $50 Million for AI-Enabled Environmental Research

The software giant announces a major new investment in its innovation program for AI-enabled environmental technologies.

Researcher Discovers Hidden Keylogger in HP Keyboard Driver

UPDATED: The Synaptics Touchpad driver which is widely used on HP laptops, included a keylogger, though it wasn't enabled by default.

Predictions 2018: Natural Language Controls Ready for Prime Time

While voice recognition has existed for years, the interface is about to take off big time for three reasons: The IoT, artificial intelligence and vastly improved software.

Microsoft Releases Free Preview of Quantum Development Kit

The new developer toolkit can help Visual Studio users get started on their quantum computing coding projects.

With Hack of NiceHash Exchange, Bitcoin Security Concerns Grow

DAILY VIDEO: Bitcoin exchange NiceHash is hacked as cryptocurrency hits new highs; Microsoft and ESET work with law enforcement to disrupt the Gamarue botnet; Apple updates iOS and macOS for critical security vulnerabilities; and there's more.

Menlo Security Raises $40M to Advance Malware Isolation Technology

The security startup continues to evolve its isolation technology to help protect organizations from emerging forms of malware.

Menlo Security Raises $40M for Malware Isolation Technology

Security startup continues to evolve its isolation technology to help protect organizations from emerging forms of malware.

Citrix Study Finds Workforce Flexibility Boosts Productivity, Morale

A study of 1,300 U.S. business employees sponsored by cloud connectivity company Citrix found that companies that give employees some flexibility on where and when they works improves morale and productivity.

Webinar Dec. 14th: Modernizing Authentication — What It Takes to Transform Secure Access

Please join Jim Ducharme of RSA to learn how to transform the way you secure access in the modern enterprise. You'll see how identity intelligence, business context and threat intelligence work together to build a strong foundation for secure access that's pervasive, connected and continuous.

How Facebook Users Can Thwart Imposters Who Spoof Their Identities

NEWS ANALYSIS: Scammers are increasingly spoofing the Facebook user's account names to engage their friends in phony Messenger conversations to phish for personal information. Here's how to stop them.

#eWEEKchat Dec. 13: Predictions and Wild Guesses for IT in 2018

This is one of the most fun and interesting #eWEEKchats of the year, offering an opportunity to predict the IT future for 2018.

Microsoft Embraces Kubernetes With New Azure Serverless, DevOps Tools

Microsoft is bullish on the open-source container orchestration platform, announcing multiple cloud-based capabilities and new alliances.

Predictions 2018: Digital Transformation Ready to Hit Its Stride

DT may be a cliche, but there's no getting around the fact that the term is very relevant. Enterprises are indeed rethinking and re-tooling their IT systems, because they have to do so.

Microsoft Asserts Windows Gaining Ground in Education Market

The race to reach students is heating up with Microsoft reporting growing demand for Windows devices in classrooms.

Intel Chip Flaw Enables Malware to Gain Full Access to Computer Assets

DAILY VIDEO: Newly revealed flaw in Intel processors allows undetectable malware; Google blocking Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show users from YouTube access; Apple Pay Cash allows person-to-person payments from Apple devices; and there's more.

Cloudian Ups the Ante in Object Storage-based NAS

Company claims that this is the first object storage package to combine a full enterprise-class NAS feature set and scale-out performance--all inside the data center.

Why HBO Chose Kubernetes to Help Stream Game of Thrones

At the Kubecon CloudNativeCon North America 2017 event, HBO engineers explained the challenges and the process they went through to decide and use Kubernetes, to help stream Game of Thrones season seven.

Nvidia's Powerful Titan V GPU Takes Aim at AI on the PC

The company's new Titan V product with its 110 teraflops of performance is designed for scientists and researchers who want to run HPC workloads on their PCs.

Today's Top 10 Windows Laptops According to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports rated many of the best laptops on the market today based on performance, versatility, display quality and more. This slide show looks at 10 of the best laptops included in Consumer Reports rankings.

KubeCon Puts Latest Cloud-Native Technologies on Center Stage

More than 4,000 attendees came to the largest KubeCon event yet, as interest in cloud-native technologies continues to grow.

CA Technologies Study Finds Enterprises Unprepared for Emerging Tech

Software developers feel under-prepared as they pursue emerging tech, in large part due to a lack of necessary training and tools.

ONNX Open-Source AI Interoperability Format Is 'Production-Ready'

After gaining support from other IT heavyweights, including AWS, the ONNX AI framework interoperability format is ready to get to work.

Virtual Instruments Monitors Infrastructure Though Application Eyes

The new version of Virtual Instruments infrastructure performance monitoring and analytics platform may signal the beginning of an app-centric IPM era.

Microsoft Launches Simplygon Cloud 3D Content Optimization Service

The cloud-based service helps developers optimize complex 3D game or image models so they can be displayed on run-of-the-mill hardware without sacrificing much in the way of visual quality.

Caspio's Releases New Low-Code, Automated Visual Development Tools

Low-code platform enables citizen developers to define custom application logic using a visual drag-and-drop editor.

Enterprise Chrome Users Get New Browser Security Features

With Chrome 63, Google has released new site isolation and browser extension control features for enterprises.

Predictions 2018: Will the IoT Become a 'Disruption of Things'?

A new threat may emerge in 2018: The disruption of things. As the IoT offers access to both disruptive possibilities and massive amounts of critical data, we will see attacks in this area, and may also see the integration of a new man-in-the-middle attack.

PhotoSpring Stores Images in Intelligent WiFi Connected Frame

Next-generation digital frame displays and shares photos and videos for viewing with family and friends all over the world.

Bitcoin Exchange NiceHash Hacked as Cryptocurrency Hits New Highs

As Bitcoin reaches all-time highs, concerns grow about the security and availability of online cryptocurrency exchange sites.

How E-Retailers Can Thrive During Hectic Holiday Shopping Season

In an age when online shopping has become a cost-effective alternative to in-store retail, there are a number of steps e-retailers must take to compete.

10 Essential Features to Look for in Today's Smartphones

Large screens with thin bezels are among the features that smartphone buyers are willing to pay extra for. Here is a rundown on the top features high-end smartphones will have in 2018.

Apple Updates iOS and macOS With Patches for Critical Security Flaws

The new macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 and iOS 11.2 updates patch multiple flaws across Apple's desktop and mobile operating systems.

Apple Updates IOS and macOS for Critical Security Vulnerabilities

The new macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 and IOS 11.2 updates patch for multiple flaws across Apple's desktop and mobile operating systems.

Newly Revealed Flaw in Intel Processors Allows Undetectable Malware

NEWS ANALYSIS: Intel's Management Engine, which runs inside most recent Intel processors, can be hijacked by hackers, who can then gain unlimited access to everything on the device.