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Ford Motor Company: Data and the future of autonomous vehicles

The automotive industry is headed toward artificial intelligence, data, and a complex web of platforms and ecosystems. In this exclusive conversation, three top experts talk tech about cars and share what you need to know.

Essential Phone, Nokia 8, Samsung browser

Andy Rubin's Essential Phone is shipping this week with reviews indicating it has some compelling features. The Nokia 8 was revealed last week with Zeiss optics appearing on a Nokia once again.

Singapore outlines plan to 'catch up' on becoming cashless society

With six in 10 transactions still involving cash and cheques, Singapore lags behind other cities in e-payments, says Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who urges need for country to keep pace.

Business continuity is the ultimate killer application for cloud

As cloud approaches its second decade in enterprises, IT managers find it to be an ideal backup environment, two new surveys confirm.

Six features the iPhone needs to stay ahead of Android

Forget wireless charging and hyped up features such as AR. Here's what the next iPhone needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Docker strives for profit with new Enterprise Edition

Docker's new Docker Enterprise Edition is a Container-as-a-Service DevOps program for Windows, Linux, and mainframe applications.

White House elevates status of US Cyber Command

The Trump administration is also considering separating Cyber Command from the National Security Agency.

Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka resigns

Sikka abruptly resigned amid executive tensions and an "untenable atmosphere" surrounding the company.

FAQ: How to install, reinstall, upgrade and activate Windows 10

Here's what you need to know before you repair, reinstall, or upgrade Windows 10, including details about activation and product keys.

Note to self: Will there still be paper in 2069?

From media to packaging to currency, David Gewirtz ponders where paper and wood will fit into our society 40 years hence.

Lenovo shows traction with data center revamp as PCs and mobile squeezed

The company's first quarter results highlight data center growth outside of China. Lenovo's PC and mobile units struggled.

iOS 11 public beta 5 -- should you run it?

A lot of people seem to be desperate to load beta code onto their iPhones and iPads, but is it safe?

iOS 11 public beta 5 - Should you run it?

A lot of people seem to be desperate to load beta code onto their iPhones and iPads, but is it safe?

How to safely test iOS 11 public betas on your iPhone or iPad

Here's what you need to do to make sure things go smoothly for you and you don't lose any data.

Adblock Plus wins again: New court ruling backs ad blocker against media firms

Publishers have failed again in their attempts to have ad blocking ruled illegal.

Drupal patches critical access bypass flaw in engine core

Drupal has released security fixes to smooth over a serious access bypass vulnerability, among other bugs.

BlackBerry faces competition in APAC, but can tap existing customer base

Having switched focus to software and security, BlackBerry will be challenged by the likes of pure-play vendors such as Symantec and Trend Micro, but can build on customer base in Indonesia and India.

ASU, Amazon partner to offer Echo Dot to 1,600 engineering students

Engineering students will get access to the Echo Dot to become 'leaders in voice-technology development'. Arizona State University also plans to offer three voice-technology courses this semester.

Solar eclipse 2017: By the numbers

Let's take a look at some of the key facts relating to the solar eclipse happening August 21, 2017, and put some of that data into a tech-related context.

Oracle considers moving Java EE to an open source foundation

Oracle said it's in talks with several candidate foundations over the possible move, as well as with licensees and the community.

SAS appoints new Brazil head

Analytics firm continues to drive structural changes in one of its top five global markets.

Latest Apple Watch 3 rumors: LTE option but no calling, Q4 2017 launch

Apple is rumored to offer both a non-LTE and LTE version of the Apple Watch 3.

CoreOS extends Kubernetes to Microsoft Azure

CoreOS's Kubernetes distro, Tectonic 1.7, delivers on hybrid cloud by extending container DevOps capabilities across open-source and Azure clouds and data centers.

As AI floods the market, which chatbots deliver the best ROI for enterprises?

A recent report shows that AI and chatbots can bring a huge ROI for the enterprise. But which solution should you choose?

Back to school: Alexa in your dorm room

It's back to school time, and for some college students, that means it's time to equip a dorm room. If you have an Alexa device, we have some helpful tips for getting the most out of dorm room-living with the help of your favorite AI buddy.

Microsoft releases preview of updated Skype Desktop app

Microsoft's newest Skype Desktop app, now in preview, works on older versions of Windows and Macs, but not the latest Windows 10 releases.

It's official: Supercomputing is now ho-hum

Supercomputing as a Service. Now available to all in a 'post-hardware' world.

It's official: supercomputing is now ho-hum

Supercomputing as a Service. Now available to all in a 'post-hardware' world.

Box taps Google Cloud Vision for image management

The integration is one of Box's first moves to bring machine learning capabilities to its cloud content management platform.

Nvidia launches virtual workstation software, aims for compute intensive workloads

With virtual workstation software powered by its GPUs, Nvidia is looking to bring thin workstations and high performance computing to more enterprises.

Alibaba chalks up 1M cloud customers on 96 percent revenue growth

Chinese internet giant's cloud business crosses 1 million paying customers for the first time in its latest quarter, growing its revenue 96 percent year-on-year to hit US$359 million.

How these hidden video watermarks can help spot piracy, doctored images

Spanish researchers are developing a reversible digital-marking method using the H.264 video-compression standard.

Tiny robot vehicles travel to your stomach to drive away infection

Trials have shown tiny robotic drug deliveries could one day improve the performance of antibiotics.

Apple CEO slams Trump position on Charlottesville neo-Nazi violence

Apple chief Tim Cook has criticized the president's belief of "moral equivalence" between white supremacists and protestors.

Google snaps up AI image processing firm AIMatter

The company specializes in AI technology for photo editing purposes.

Nvidia invests in autonomous trucking startup TuSimple

TuSimple's car tech relies on a combination of computer vision algorithms, millimeter radars and 3D HD mapping technology.

Following criticism, Cloudflare drops neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer

The Daily Stormer website has found hosting trouble after several companies pulled the plug on the site after breaking terms of service.

NetApp Q1 strong as all-flash business gains traction

NetApp put together a solid first quarter and appears to be executing well.

Cisco's Q4 marred by losses despite revenue beat

Cisco's revenue fell for the seventh straight quarter.

European tech market expected to continue slow growth through 2018

Three developments in the European tech market are central to Forrester's latest forecast.

Claims resurface that Kaspersky helped Russian intelligence

Yes, Kaspersky Lab works with government law enforcement agencies, just like American ones do. The company denies any wrongdoing with its work with Russia's government.

Nokia 8: HMD Global's flagship smartphone is aimed at content creators

With a new partnership with Zeiss optics, HMD Global brings a unique dual camera experience with advanced audio recording capability that is designed to capture the world around you.

Google Maps and mobile search gain Q&A for business listings

Rolling out globally, users will be able to get their questions answered within local business listings on Google Maps and mobile search.

Essential phone shipping next week: Did it miss the boat with new flagships launching soon?

It's tough for a startup to launch a new smartphone, but this one has Andy Rubin behind it, so there is potential. Shipping three months after first promised doesn't help it, though.

Amazon expands monetization program for Alexa developers

Amazon will begin doling out cash to developers who build Alexa skills with high customer engagement metrics.

Data to decisions: New trends in leveraging analytics

What's up in data cataloging, data lake management, hybrid- and cloud-ready databases, and business intelligence and analytics? Here's my biannual take via Constellation ShortLists.

GitHub seeks to spur innovation with Kubernetes migration

The GitHub team learned deploying Kubernetes clusters in a physical environment isn't easy; some ended up running a Kubernetes cluster at home.

UPS-backed logistics startup Deliv expands print delivery service

Deliv is serving as the delivery arm for UPS' small business clients, specifically when it comes to their print orders.

Microsoft takes the wraps off new Azure Event Grid service

Microsoft is kicking off a preview of its Azure Event Grid, a service to assist programmers building event-based and serverless applications.

Equinix to roll out Bloom Energy fuel cells across more data centers

Equinix's IBX data centers will get more of their power from Bloom Energy fuel cells in a wide deployment that'll cover a dozen facilities.