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Man who claims Earth is flat says he'll prove his belief by taking flight in a DIY rocket

Science has long been the target of conspiracy theories, some of which have persisted for centuries.

What is net neutrality?

A vote by the Federal Communications Commission on December 14, 2017 will decide the fate of net neutrality. But what is it?

U.S. Military Investigation Finds More Remains in Niger

The Pentagon revealed it found additional human remains of a U.S. soldier killed during the Oct. 4 ambush in Niger.

Black Friday Subscription Box Deals That'll Make Gifting A Cinch

If you thought Black Friday was reserved for laptop deals, discount Apple products and clothing sales, think again.

An asteroid from a DIFFERENT SOLAR SYSTEM was just discovered in ours

Pause your game of Asteroids, space fans! Astronomers spotted an interstellar asteroid traveling through the Milky Way. (We'd forgive you for reading that intro…

Woman Put 4 Newborns in Concrete-Filled Buckets Because She Was Too Poor to Raise Them, Police Say

Human remains were identified in buckets found in her condominium, police say

Gap And Old Navy Have Winter Clothes Half Off Right Now

Gap and Old Navy are notorious for ridiculously-good year-round sales for wardrobe basics, but their Black Friday discounts blow their everyday sales out of the water.

Budget 2017: UK's driverless cars stuck on testing roundabout

It's going to be difficult for UK government-backed autonomous vehicle projects to compete with Silicon Valley – unless they have something neat under the bonnet.

What To Buy On Black Friday On Amazon

Last week, we shared with you a sneak peek at Amazon's Black Friday deals that we just couldn't wait for.

Robert Mugabe Resigns as President of Zimbabwe After 37 Years in Power

Mugabe called for a 'smooth, non-violent transfer of power'

Archaeologists uncover ancient Viking camp from the 870s in village of Repton

A team from the University of Bristol also discovered structures, dating from the winter of 873-874, such as paths and possible temporary buildings.

Uber hack exposes data of 57 million users

The company is under fire for concealing the hack.

UN Court Sentences Ratko Mladic to Life in Prison for Bosnian War Crimes

Including the massacre of Srebrenica, Europe's worst mass killing since World War II

UK firms 'excluded' from space contracts by Brexit

Aerospace firms also warn if the UK leaves the EU without a deal it will be 'chaotic' for the sector.

I Survived 2 Terrorist Attacks on 2 Continents. They Changed Who I Am

The Navy midshipman and author of Left Standing writes about surviving the Brussels airport attack and Boston marathon bombing

U.S. Declares Violence Against Rohingya in Myanmar Is 'Ethnic Cleansing'

Over 600,000 have fled to Bangladesh

Energy-saving LEDs boost light pollution worldwide

They were supposed to bring about an energy revolution -- but the popularity of LED lights is driving an increase in light pollution worldwide, with dire consequences for human and animal health, researchers said Wednesday. The study in the journal Science Advances is based on satellite data showing ...

Woman Gets Prison After Boyfriend Dies From Meth-Laden Kiss

She passed seven tiny balloons filled with methamphetamine into his mouth

Russia finds 1,000-times normal level of radioactive isotope after nuclear incident claims

Russia's meteorological service said on Tuesday it had measured pollution of a radioactive isotope at nearly 1,000 times normal levels in the Ural mountains, the first official Russian data supporting reports that a nuclear incident had taken place. The data appears to back up a report by the French ...

Disgusting Picture of Fly's Head Infected with Parasitic Fungus will Fuel Your Nightmares

No, that isn't a leaked image from the upcoming sequel to "The Last of Us." That's a real close-up of what was left of a fly's head after it was infected with the Cordyceps fungus. As a macro photographer in Singapore, Faiz Bustamente often has bugs in focus.

What happens when vegetarians eat meat for the first time

The human body is designed to consume both plants and animals. First, eating meat is harder to digest because it's fattier and has more protein. Dr. Lisa Ganjhu, an NYU Langone gastroenterologist, explains more about what happens when a vegetarian eats a steak for the first time.

Where To Find The Best Travel Deals On Black Friday And Cyber Monday

If you're hoping to snag a good travel deal during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales weekend, you're in luck.

Archeologists find Roman shipwrecks off Egypt's north coast

Egypt: Archaeologists find 3 shipwrecks from Roman times off Alexandria's coast, dating back more than 2,000 years

The White House Wants to Pass Tax Reform. But President Trump Isn't Helping

President Donald Trump has taken a number of steps that have only made it much more difficult to pass a Republican tax reform bill.

Meet the 'Spacecraft Dressmaker' Sewing Thermal Blankets at NASA

After the Fall of Saigon and coming to the U.S., Lien Pham's journey included a full-time job sewing while she went to trade school one night a week. These days, she can be found at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she's worked for 16 years.

What Really Goes Into Creating Those Holiday 'Hottest Toys' Lists

As the gift-giving holidays creep up at the end of the year, so do the lists of the best,' the hottest' and the must-have' toys that will be on every kid's list.'

'This Is Not a Pleasant Story for Me.' Megyn Kelly Opens Up About Her Own Experience With Charlie Rose

'This isn't a pleasant story for me'

Is An Open Relationship Right For You?

Thinking about entering into an open relationship?

As World Turns More Slowly, We Face Earthquake Boom, Scientists Warn

More powerful earthquakes could rock the globe in 2018 because of infinitesimal changes in the speed of the Earth's rotation, scientists warn.

'We Want the Votes in the Senate.' Kellyanne Conway Says Roy Moore Can Help Pass Tax Cuts

'We want the votes in the Senate to get this tax bill through'

Kate Steinle: Victim of Deadly 'Russian Roulette' or a Tragic Accident?

The case became a flashpoint in the 2016 election because the accused is an undocumented immigrant

An Easy Way To Shop Small Businesses This Black Friday

Think outside of big-box retailers this Black Friday.

Al Franken Was Just Accused of Inappropriate Touching by a Second Woman

'You just feel gross. Like ew, I want to wash that off of me'

Scientists Throw Cold Water on Mars Water Finding

The red planet might not actually have liquid water on its surface as scientists previously reported.

Fox News Should Shut the Hell Up About NASA Faking the Moon Landing

Reaching new lows.

White House Says Trump Doesn't Really Think He Should Have Left the UCLA Players in Jail

He tweeted that sentiment on Sunday

Why Jim Carrey almost quit 'Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas'

Producer Brian Grazer said Carrey's makeup, which special effects makeup artist Rick Baker worked on, became to excruciating at one point that Carrey almost wanted to quit.

EU court threatens Poland with heavy fines over ancient forest logging

The EU's top court on Monday warned Poland's rightwing government to "immediately" stop logging in one of Europe's last primeval forests or face fines of up to 100,000 euros a day. The case is the latest in a string of issues causing tension between Warsaw and Brussels, which has watched the Polish ...

The Ultimate Roundup For Hundreds Of Black Friday Deals

You shouldn't have to comb through hundreds of sites to find the best Black Friday deals.

Aung San Suu Kyi Blames Illegal Immigration for the 'Spread of Terrorism'

Though military violence in Myanmar has sent more than half a million Rohingya Muslims fleeing

Neolithic House of the Dead: 6,000-Year-Old 'Cat's Brain' Monument Sheds Light on Early Civilization

This summer, the University of Reading Archaeology Field School, U.K., excavated one of the most extraordinary sites we have ever had the pleasure of investigating. The site is an Early Neolithic long barrow known as Cat's Brain' and is likely to date to around 3,800 BC. It lies in the heart of the ...

An interstellar asteroid has been studied for the 1st time... and it looks really odd

In October, astronomers using a powerful telescope in Hawaii caught sight of something they'd never seen before: an asteroid from interstellar space hurtling through our solar system.  Now, about a month later, we have some sense of what that far-flung object looks like, and it's unlike anything ...

Justice Department Will Sue to Stop AT&T-Time Warner Merger

The DoJ intends to stop AT&T's $85 billion purchase of Time Warner

Contest Awards $50K For New Way to Spot Icebergs

Can you simplify the process of identifying risky icebergs using satellite images?

Self-taught rocket scientist plans to launch over ghost town

The countdown to launch creeps closer and there's still plenty for self-taught rocket scientist Mad Mike Hughes to do: Last-second modifications to his vessel. Hughes is a 61-year-old limo driver who's spent the last few years building a steam-powered rocket out of salvage parts in his garage.

Endangered orcas compete with seals, sea lions for salmon

Harbor seals, sea lions and other marine mammals have been rebounding in recent decades and they're devouring more of the chinook salmon prized by endangered Puget Sound orcas

Fotis Kafatos, distinguished Greek biologist, dies at 77

Fotis Kafatos, a Greek molecular biologist who had a distinguished academic career in both the United States and Europe, dies at age 77

Audience Loses It When Pikachu Speaks English In 'Pokémon' Movie

Historically, Ash Ketchum's Pikachu, the lovable yellow Pokémon, has not spoken a human language.

'Is Ambassador Kislyak in the Room?' Jeff Sessions Jokes About Russia Ties During Conference

The attorney general's relationship with Russia is under scrutiny

Two months after Hurricane Maria, thousands march in Washington for Puerto Rico

It's been two months since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, leaving the island without power and causing the longest blackout in United States history. Thousands of protesters marched throughout Washington D.C. on Sunday in the 'Unity March for Puerto Rico,' a show of support for ongoing ...