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Researchers find wreckage of WWII-era USS Indianapolis

WASHINGTON — Civilian researchers say they have located the wreck of the USS Indianapolis, the World War II heavy cruiser that played a critical role in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima before being struck by Japanese torpedoes.

Do's and Don'ts of Viewing the Eclipse—And Not Getting Fuzzy Eyes

By that time it might be too late.

Japan launches satellite for advanced GPS operation

Japan on Saturday launched an H-2A rocket carrying a geo-positioning satellite into orbit after a week-long delay, the government said. The launch of Japan's third geo-positioning satellite is part of its plan to build a version of the U.S. global positioning system to offer location information ...

Researchers find wreckage of WWII-era USS Indianapolis

Civilian researchers say they have located the wreck of the USS Indianapolis, the World War II heavy cruiser that played a critical role in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima before being struck by Japanese ...

NASA launches last of its longtime tracking satellites

NASA has launched the last of its longtime tracking and communication satellites

Solar Eclipse Glasses in Short Supply Just Days Before the Big Event

With the solar eclipse just three days away, there is growing concern about a shortage in the special glasses needed to view the event without damaging your eyes. NBC's Tom Costello reports for TODAY from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

White nationalist Richard Spencer, Antifa member Lacy MacAuley confront each other

Spencer blames Antifa for most of the violence between the groups, while MacAuley refused to condemn when Spencer was punched in the face.

Wildfires trap 2,000 villagers in Portugal

Forest fires cut off a village of 2,000 people in Portugal, as firefighters struggled Thursday to control two major blazes in the centre of the country, local officials said. Summer has seen a record number of fires and Portugal's Interior Minister Constanca Urbano de Sousa has blamed arsonists and ...

When White Nationalists Get DNA Tests That Reveal African Ancestry

The white-nationalist forum Stormfront hosts discussions on a wide range of topics, from politics to guns to The Lord of the Rings. And of particular and enduring interest: genetic ancestry tests. For white nationalists, DNA tests are a way to prove their racial purity. Of course, their results ...

Psychology of Hate: What Motivates White Supremacists?

The sight of torch-wielding, chanting white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, jarred the country over the weekend, a national distress that only deepened when a counter-protester died and 19 others were wounded in a car attack there on Saturday. An alleged white supremacist, James Alex ...

Why a total solar eclipse is a life-changing event, according to 8 eclipse chasers

This year, of course, they'll be joining millions of people in the United States to see the total solar eclipse on August 21. There are insufficient superlatives in the English language, or any language for that matter, to adequately describe the experience of a total solar eclipse,' one told us. ...

Turkey bones may help trace fate of ancient cliff dwellers

DENVER — Researchers say they have found a new clue into the mysterious exodus of ancient cliff-dwelling people from the Mesa Verde area of Colorado more than 700 years ago: DNA from the bones of domesticated turkeys.

S. Africa opposes online rhino horn auction

South Africa said Friday it would oppose an online auction of rhino horns due to start next week, as outraged conservationists said the sale would undermine the global ban on rhino trade. The three-day auction by South African John Hume, who runs the world's biggest rhino farm, comes after a ban on ...

Lost Art: Babbitt Bearings

The lost art of babbitt bearings.

'Fatbergs' Are the Scourge of City Sewers

Please stop pouring grease down the drain.

Meet the man who invented the Super Soaker — one of the best-selling toys of all time

The Super Soaker was a game changer when came to squirt guns and summer fun. And you have Lonnie...

Mexico City fishermen fight to save Aztec floating gardens

Roberto Altamirano has the lake to himself as he casts his glistening net onto the still water in a perfect circle, lets it sink, then slowly pulls it in. It comes back bearing a large haul of tilapia and carp -- and that is exactly the problem. Altamirano is one of just 20 or so fishermen who ...

Marine Scientists Fear For Right Whales After Unprecedented Deaths

Over two percent of the existing 500 North Atlantic right whales have died in the last few months.

Harvard's new self-healing rubber could mean the end of the road for flat tires

Harvard scientists have developed a new type of rubber which, in addition to being as tough as existing rubber, can self-heal in the event that it gets a puncture. Wave goodbye to flat tires!

US experimental attack planes show their might

Fox Firepower: The U.S. Air Force Light Attack Experiment is a groundbreaking event where innovative aircraft undergo a series of trials to determine how they perform in attack roles

Why you absolutely cannot stare at the sun without eclipse glasses, explained

Stocks of eclipse glasses are running low. If you're going to stare at the sun during the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, you need eye protection. Unfortunately, obtaining eye protection in recent days has become a major pain.

How controversial science can make it harder to get an abortion

An abortion can be an emotional experience that raises questions about a woman's relationships, past regrets, and future. She might want to confide in someone about these feelings in the following weeks, months, or years.  Abortion opponents have taken that complex reality to a disturbing extreme, ...

19 celestial school supplies for all the space cadets out there

Attention all stargazers and wannabe astronauts alike! It's back-to-school season, and that means it's time to come inside and get that homework…

Migrating birds use a magnetic map to travel long distances

New research reveals how birds navigate their way over thousands of miles.

New Magic Mushrooms Discovery Could Reveal How to Make Your Own Drugs

Scientists have long wondered how and why magic mushrooms create psilocybin, a psychoactive chemical that causes hallucinations when ingested. Around 200 types of mushrooms produce psilocybin, and they've been used ceremonially for millennia. Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist who synthesized LSD, ...

The Procrastinator's Guide to Cosmic Marvel

In that moment, everything that you take for granted is suddenly gone.' To hear Frank Close talk about why he chases totality is to wonder if you've ever felt a moment of real passion in your life, or if you ever will. The particle physicist was featured on the podcast Every Little Thing, in an ...

Chasing eclipses across the globe is a way of life for some

WASHINGTON — While Monday's total solar eclipse in the U.S. will be a once-in-a-lifetime sky show for millions, there's a small group of people who have experienced it all before and they can't get enough of it.

Giant Sloth Fossil Discovered In Underwater Cave

A giant sloth fell into a pit about 12,000 years ago and scientists have found its huge bones.

DNA Tests Don't Make People Change Their Behavior

If you learned your DNA made you more susceptible to getting a disease, wouldn't you work to stay healthy? Maybe not.

An error made in 1925 led to a crisis in modern science—now researchers are joining to fix it

In 1908, the Guinness brewer William Gosset published a revolutionary paper titled The Probable Error of the Mean.' Gosset, who published under the pseudonym Student' at his employer's request, often conducted experiments on the impact of new ingredients on the composition of his beer—such as the ...

Science-loving sisters will work with NASA during total solar eclipse

Two sisters from Seattle, Washington, are turning their family science project into the opportunity of a lifetime: working with NASA during the historic total solar eclipse. Rebecca and Kimberly Yeung are participating in NASA's Eclipse Ballooning project in conjunction with the University of ...

Neuroscientist who studied Einstein's brain dies at 90

A founder of modern neuroscience who studied Einstein's brain has died

Astronauts on the International Space Station Just Got a Big Delivery

Some of the supplies delivered could help scientists further Parkinson's disease research and help develop therapies.

White Supremacists Are Using Genetic Ancestry Tests For A Creepy Purpose

At the same time, these genetic tests may actually be exciting to white supremacists because it gives them a scientific argument for the diversity of the European race,' which helps them appropriate the language of diversity and multiculturalism for hateful purposes. The findings, presented at the ...

These college students are vying to build Elon Musk's hyperloop

This team of University of Maryland students is hoping to prove it can win SpaceX's hyperloop capsule competition and bring in a new form of transportation to life. It may take years to see if Elon Musk's dream of a hyperloop will lead to humans zipping between cities at hundreds of miles an hour ...

Last chance to suggest NASA message to Voyager 1

It's the final day for internet users to suggest a message for NASA to beam to the Voyager 1 space probe. It was launched on 15 September 1977 and in order for a message to be beamed to it in time for the 40th anniversary of the mission, NASA is closing the date for suggestions on Tuesday. The space ...

First burgers made from insects to go on sale in Europe

People in Europe can now tuck into burgers made from wriggling mealworms – touted as a cheap, high-protein replacement for beef. The burgers will go on sale in Coop, Switzerland's second-largest supermarket chain – made by a Swiss start up called Essento. Switzerland's second-largest supermarket ...

Archaeologists Uncover Villa From Ancient Rome

An ancient Roman villa unearthed in Sicily tells archaeologists more about the Roman Empire.

Rare crocodile eggs hatched at Cambodian conservation center

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Nine eggs of an endangered crocodile species found in the wild in June and taken to a conservation center in southern Cambodia have hatched, conservationists announced Tuesday.

Steyn: Tech giants imposing idealogical straightjackets

Mark Steyn: Without free speech, you have outbreaks of violence like Charlottesville and people blowing things up #Tucker

Researchers to study chemical contamination of US waters

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — University of Rhode Island and Harvard University professors are collaborating through a new research center to study chemicals that have contaminated water at sites nationwide.

David Attenborough has fossilised damselfly named after him

David Attenborough finally earned his wings Wednesday after scientists named a 100-million-year-old damselfly after the veteran British broadcaster and naturalist. The delicate creature, dubbed Mesosticta davidattenboroughi, was discovered in Myanmar's Kachin province locked inside a nugget of amber ...

How a total solar eclipse happens, explained with augmented reality

With an elaborate augmented reality display, The Weather Channel set the stage for what to expect Monday when the total solar eclipse passes along the entire continental United States.  SEE ALSO: How to watch the total solar eclipse from anywhere on Earth An AR demonstration showed how the sun, ...

Loss of sea ice leads walruses to early appearance in Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Hundreds of Pacific walruses came ashore to a barrier island on Alaska's northwest coast, the earliest appearance of the animals in a phenomenon tied to climate warming and diminished Arctic Ocean sea ice.

How Technology Might Get Out of Control

The pace of change may make regulation by humans impossible.

Automation may take our jobs—but it'll restore our humanity

For humans to survive the automation revolution, we need to double down on our humanity. The argument goes like this: Artificial intelligence is getting better and better at automating things that humans do. Not just repetitive tasks like assembling parts in a factory, but complex tasks that have ...

Bargain bin NASA flightsuit find worth big bucks

Two college students hunting for thrift shop bargains hit the jackpot when they found authentic NASA flightsuits

The 2017 Eclipse: Everything You Need to Know

ICYMI, the first total solar eclipse in the U.S. since 1979 is set to take over the sky on Aug....

Climate Change Might Increase Drought Recovery Times, Something Ecosystems Would Struggle With

Drought recovery times are expected to take longer as climate change continues and some ecosystems might not be able to take it.

Web hosting provider challenges DOJ warrant

Department of Justice issues warrant requesting DreamHost provide 1.3 million IP addresses related to Trump resistance site