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President Trump Stays Mum on Iran Nuclear Deal Decision

Trump has called the deal the worst agreement ever negotiated by the U.S.

Nicaragua joins Paris Agreement, leaving just U.S. and Syria behind

Nicaragua was one of the final holdouts on signing the Paris Agreement on climate change, but after seeing other countries deal with devastating natural disasters, the country is joining the deal.  That leaves the United States and Syria as the only countries not participating. Under the Trump ...

Cassini captured mysterious 'glitch' on Saturn's rings before death dive

Cassini sent home one last batch of photos from Saturn before plunging to its death Friday and among them was an attempt to record a mysterious object embedded in the planet's rings, otherwise known as 'Peggy.'

Nikki Haley Defends Trump's 'Rocket Man' Nickname for Kim Jong-un: 'It Worked'

'Every other international community now is referring to him as Rocket Man'

President Trump's U.N. Speech Is Exactly What Kim Jong Un Wanted to Hear

Trump is playing into the hands of the Stalinist regime's victim complex by threatening its annihilation.

Rescuers in grim search for survivors of Mexico quake

Mexico waited anxiously Thursday for signs of life at a collapsed school in the capital, as rescuers continued clawing through rubble for survivors of a 7.1-magnitude earthquake that killed at least 233 people. Firefighters, police, soldiers and volunteers worked frantically to remove debris in ...

Climate Change Is Already Making People Sicker

Climate change is a prominent topic at the United Nations General Assembly, and the link to health is becoming more apparent.

New fight in California water wars: How to update old system

In California's long-raging water wars, pitting north against south and farmer against city dweller, the one thing everybody agreed on Wednesday was that the outdated method of shipping water throughout ...

Soft soil makes Mexico City shake like it was built on jelly

Seismologists say Mexico City's dry lake bed of soft soil made the earthquake shaking worse

Puerto Rican astronaut affected by double hurricanes

Space station's Joe Acaba had home flooded by one hurricane, family's homeland hit by another

France's Macron at UN defends Iran, climate deals

French President Emmanuel Macron stood firm Tuesday that landmark agreements on Iran and climate change would not change as he gently nudged Donald Trump to return to the fold. Macron, like Trump appearing for the first time at the annual United Nations gathering of world leaders, met his US ...

The Sex Trafficking Fight Could Take Down a Bedrock Tech Law

A new bill would change part of the Communications Decency Act, which protects site operators for content posted by others.

Parasitic sea lice are causing a global salmon shortage

Salmon stocks across the world are reportedly being depleted after the hugely popular fish became affected by a surge of parasitic sea lice.

The Latest: Scientists: Quake test of bridge design worked

Scientists at Nevada earthquake lab are declaring success after testing new bridge designs they created to better withstand violent temblors and speed reconstruction after quake damage

At Least 12 People Arrested in Spain Amid Catalan Independence Demonstrations

The region is preparing for a secession vote that Spain says is illegal

Bayer says needs more time for Monsanto deal approval

German drugs and pesticides group Bayer said on Tuesday it was now likely to be early next year before it can complete its $66 billion deal to acquire U.S. group Monsanto, later than previously expected. The European Commission has been scrutinising the proposed takeover with a deadline of Jan. ...

Rescuers in grim search for survivors of Mexico quake

Rescuers dug Wednesday for survivors of a 7.1- magnitude earthquake that killed at least 230 people in Mexico, as the nation watched anxiously for signs of life at a collapsed school in the capital. Firefighters, police, soldiers and volunteers worked frantically to remove rubble in scenes repeated ...

So, Australia just had its warmest winter on record

Australians have just wrapped up the warmest winter on record, according to a new report. The Climate Council's report, titled Hot and Dry: Australia's Weird Winter, found that Australia's winter had the highest maximum temperatures on record — reaching nearly 2ºC above average. SEE ALSO: 'Game ...

How President Trump's Iran Criticism Affects North Korea

Morning Must Reads: September 20

Ex-Mountie headed to US prison for smuggling narwhal tusks

BANGOR, Maine — A retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer accused of smuggling narwhal tusks was sentenced Wednesday to five years, two months in a U.S. prison for related money laundering counts.

William Shatner's return to space is a thriller

Actor William Shatner, 'Zero-G: Green Space' author, talks about his new book, science fiction as a prediction of the future and the race to space.

Giant antennas in New Mexico search for cosmic discoveries

Astronomers are using an array of giant antennas in the New Mexico desert for a years-long project aimed at producing the sharpest view ever of such a large portion of the sky using radio waves.

Opioid Overdoses Are Shortening Overall Life Expectancy

The scope of the opioid epidemic is so large that opioid-related deaths are decreasing life expectancy almost as much as HIV did at the peak of the AIDS crisis

Glowing Slinky-Like 'Creature' Is Actually a Mass of Eggs

A massive, glowing, Slinky-like "creature" photographed by a scuba diver off the coast of Australia has spurred intense speculation about what the mystery beast could be. Speculation swirled that the psychedelic creature was a giant pyrosome, a free-floating sea squirt made of thousands of tiny ...

The last days of a 'village' in China's Silicon Valley

Surrounded by the sleek hi-tech campuses and luxury condominiums of "Beijing's Silicon Valley", migrants from the countryside recreate village life, cooking in outdoor communal areas, playing cards and showering in the street. For months, the authorities have bricked up and torn down thousands of ...

NASA images show effects of Hurricane Irma on Caribbean Barbuda Island

You can see the changes from Hurricane Irma from space. Take a look at these images of the Caribbean Island Barbuda from NASA.

President Trump Threatens to 'Totally Destroy' North Korea in U.N. Speech

'Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime'

Internal watchdog says EPA mismanaging toxic site cleanups

WASHINGTON — Cleanups at some U.S. hazardous waste sites have stopped or slowed down because the Environmental Protection Agency does not manage its Superfund staff effectively to match its workload, an internal government watchdog said Tuesday.

Ancient Shipwrecks Discovered at Depths of Black Sea's Dead Zone Perfectly Preserved After Thousands of Years

The Black Sea Maritime Project —a two-year investigation of Bulgaria's Black Sea waters—involved local and international experts who found 60 previously lost shipwrecks spanning 2,500 years in the history of a coastline that has been port to many of Europe's major empires. Dozens of old ships ...

Polygamist Leader Lyle Jeffs Pleads Guilty in Multimillion-Dollar Fraud Case

Lyle Jeffs was charged in a multi-million dollar food stamp fraud scheme

Switzerland's Getting a Delivery Network for Blood-Toting Drones

And it's got some clever new hardware to make it work.

Wildlife pays the price of Kenya's illegal grazing

Months of invasions by sometimes armed semi-nomadic herders, and tens of thousands of their livestock, have had a disastrous impact on the wildlife of a region heralded as a conservation success story. African wild dogs, elephants, buffalo, lions, giraffes, zebra and antelope have all been affected ...

Scenes From Hurricane Maria's Destruction Across the Caribbean

Hurricane Maria has killed at least nine and has left Puerto Rico entirely without power

Cuba Denies Role in 'Sonic Attacks' That Left U.S. Diplomats With Brain Damage

At least 21 diplomats have been affected

German WWI U-boat found off Belgium with 23 bodies inside

BRUSSELS — An intact German World War I submarine containing the bodies of 23 people has been found off the coast of Belgium, authorities said Tuesday.

A 'Most Wanted' Fugitive Posted His Location on Instagram and Police Arrested Him

He was wanted on suspicion of murder

Finally, an Online Course for Aspiring Flying Car Engineers

Sebastian Thrun's online education company, Udacity, is starting the Flying Car Nanodegree Program.

1,000-Year-Old Tomb of Maya King Discovered in Guatemala

Archaeologists digging under a Maya palace in Guatemala say they have opened the tomb of a royal and found a jade mask and bones, both painted bright red. The tomb was unearthed at the site of El Perú-Waka' in the rainforest of northern Guatemala. A wealthy royal family once ruled Waka' and ...

'He Can't Hear You.' Man With Metal Pipe Was Fatally Shot by Police Who Didn't Know He Was Deaf

The officers were responding to a report of a hit-and-run

See White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's Reaction to Trump's U.N. Speech

'We feel your pain,' said one commentator

Man's Body Sat in Truck 8 Months at Airport Before Someone Noticed

The 53-year-old man is believed to have killed himself

Corporate America doing enough to secure your personal data?

New York proposes regulations to require credit bureaus like Equifax to have the same cybersecurity standards as banks and insurance companies; reaction from cybersecurity analyst Morgan Wright

Inside the Second Coming of Nest

After some bumps in the road to home-automation nirvana, the maker of smart thermostats tries to level up.

Campi Flegrei Eruption Risk: Hot Zone Feeding One of the World's Most Dangerous Supervolcanoes Discovered

Campi Flegrei is a huge caldera—a crater that often forms after the mouth of a volcano has collapsed following an eruption—that sits to the west of Naples. The last time Campi Flegrei erupted was in 1538, but this was a relatively minor event. Around 40,000 years ago, it produced a super ...

Read Barack Obama's Speech Bashing the GOP's '50th or 60th' Attempt to Repeal Obamacare

The former President praised the efforts of young people while firing shots at the GOP

Trump Called a U.S.-Australia Refugee Swap 'Dumb.' But the First Refugees Will Soon Arrive in the U.S.

The first group of refugees are expected to be resettled to the U.S. 'in coming weeks'

An 8-year-old just published her first paper in an academic journal about her love of bugs

Sophia Spencer has done more at the age of eight than most of us will do in a lifetime. Spencer, who lives in Canada, was one of two authors of a paper published earlier this month in the Annals of the Entomological Society of America. She and Morgan Jackson, an entomologist who works at the…

President Trump Calls on the U.N. to Focus 'More on People and Less on Bureaucracy'

'The United Nations has not reached its full potential,' Trump said

Nominee for EPA chemical safety post has deep industry ties

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's nominee to oversee chemical safety at the Environmental Protection Agency has for years accepted payments for criticizing studies that raised concerns about the safety of his clients' products, according to a review of financial records and his published work ...

Verizon Wireless boots 8,500 rural customers from plans

Verizon Wireless abruptly notified 8,500 rural customers in 13 states that they are cancelling their service due to excessive data usage in 'roaming' areas