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Would It Be Better If Men Couldn't Vote?

John Kessel's latest novel imagines a world where men are given everything—except suffrage.

Charlottesville, HBO Hacks, and More Security News This Week

Charlottesville, HBO hacks, and more of the week's top security news.

"Change is Good" Book Excerpt: WIRED Cofounder Louis Rossetto's New Novel Parties Like It's 1998

WIRED cofounder Louis Rossetto has written a novel, "Change Is Good," that captures the optimism, greed, fervor, and madness of the dotcom era. An excerpt.

Gadget Lab Podcast: Essential Wants to Get Into Your Pocket—and Your Smart Home

This week's podcast is all about the Essential Android phone.

This Lumbering Self-Driving Truck Is Designed to Get Hit

Autonomous vehicles will saves lives by avoiding crashes—except this one.

Flying Deloreans, the Electric Nikola Zero, and the Rest of This Week's Car News

A new breed of DeLorean, off-roaders go electric, and autonomous vehicles take to highway work zones.

The Robots Will Be Soft and Cuddly and Heal Their Own Wounds

Belgian researchers built a soft, squishy robot that can heal itself with just a bit of heat.

Proposed California Law Targets Sexual Harassment in Venture Capital

Bill is a direct response to the deluge of sexual-harassment allegations from female startup founders.

How Will California's Solar Grid React to the Eclipse?

Making up the difference will be a balancing act of high-tension electricity choreography.

The Best Cars Up for Auction at Pebble Beach 2017

Every year, some of the best cars in the world change hands at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

MoviePass Wants to Save Moviegoing—If Theaters Will Let It

For $10 per month, you can go to 365 movies a year. Yes, you read that right.

Verizon Takes Fourth Amendment Stand in Carpenter V. United States

By fighting against the collection of warrantless location information, Verizon bucks a trend of telecom cooperation with the feds.

The Best Way to Test Students? Make Them Explain It On Video

You will be surprised how quickly a short video conveys just what students know about the subject.

Quantum Internet Is 13 Years Away. Wait, What's Quantum Internet?

A Chinese physicist hopes that quantum communications will span multiple countries by 2030. So ... what's it for?

Tech Companies Have the Tools to Confront White Supremacy

After Charlottesville, companies like Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of Silicon Valley should take a firmer stand against white supremacy on their platforms.

The Plan to Put a 3-D Printer With Robot Arms Into Orbit

Made in Space wants to launch a 3-D printer with robot arms into orbit to build too-big-to-launch satellites and telescopes.

Ikea's Home Smart Line Could Shake Up the Smart Home Industry

Only one product line. Not many features. And a blueprint for every smart home company out there.

Star Wars Rumor Round-up: A Firehose of Clues From the 'Last Jedi' Cast

Starting to think that we wouldn't get any new information about 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' until December? Not so fast.

The Alt-Right Can't Disown Charlottesville

For years, inflammatory rhetoric consumed backwater internet message boards. They can't take it back now.

Is Mindfulness Meditaton BS or Not? Yes

Buddhist practice has been co-opted as a capitalist tool. That can be the first step to enlightenment.

Why Hypoxia Is So Terrifying—And So Hard to Stop

A problem that has hit the F-35 fighter jet.

When Someone Melts Down in Public, Can I Record It?

There might be a civic duty you're fulfilling—or you might just be a voyeur.

Here's How Much Food an iPhone Charger Is Worth

Stefen Chow and Hui-Yi show you just how far the cost of that charger or knock-off handbag could go.

Defense Secretary James Mattis Envies Silicon Valley's AI Ascent

The academic and commercial spheres are seeing rapid advances in AI technology. And the Pentagon wants in.

Russia's 'Fancy Bear' Hackers Used Leaked NSA Tool 'Eternal Blue" to Target Hotel Guests

The same hackers who hit the DNC and the Clinton campaign are now apparently spying on high-value travelers via Wi-Fi

Benchmark Capital Just Sued Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick For Fraud

Venture-capital firm claims former CEO duped board into approving expansion plant to retain control of company.

Facebook Watch Muscles Into Online Video

Data on what videos users watch and for how long makes new offering a formidable player.

Elon Musk's New Plan to Tunnel Under Los Angeles

The Boring Company wants to dig a 2-mile test tunnel, starting at the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne.

Google Abruptly Cancels Town Hall About Jame's Damore's Memo

"TL;DR Sorry for the late notice but we are going to cancel today's Town Hall"

Elon Musk Wants Tesla to Build a Self-Driving, Electric Semi Truck

Here's how he could make that happen.