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The single most depressing thing about the Equifax breach

Everyone is still wondering: "Am I a victim?"

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg calls anti-Semitic ad-targeting 'a Fail' and changes the company's software

The pressure on Facebook builds.

Apple says it's fixing a problem the new Apple Watch has with its Internet connection

The smartwatch gets confused about which network to join in certain situations.

Equifax's security chief had some big problems. Being a music major wasn't one of them.

Why nontechnical degrees in technology aren't a sign of incompetence or weakness.

Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus won't wow you. But they're still solid phones.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are, this year, the phones for people who prize function over fancy features.

How to switch from Android to iOS

Apple has an app for that.

Equifax suffered another data breach in March

Equifax suffered another major breach in March, months before the massive hack disclosed earlier this month, affecting 143 million people.

How to switch from iOS to Android

Getting tired of iOS? Here's a guide to switching to Android.

Northrop Grumman to buy aerospace manufacturer Orbital ATK

The $7.8 billion deal is slated to close in the first half of 2018.

TechBits: In Aqueducts app, save a city from drought

It's a visually pleasing puzzle game.

TechBits: With Pigments app, blend colors, clear dots and let your mind wander

It's engaging and even competitive without feeling stressful.

Did you pay to freeze your own credit? This bill would refund you — and ban the fees.

The legislation is the latest move by Washington to crack down on the credit industry.

Gab is suing Google for allegedly violating antitrust laws

The lawsuit is the latest salvo in a battle pitting right-leaning technologists against Silicon Valley giants.

The practical guide to choosing a smartphone

No matter who you are, the first thing to figure out is what feature is your top priority.

Why Google and Verizon are suddenly allies on this California privacy bill

The state is set to consider a major bill on consumer data.

This Silicon Valley start-up wants to replace lawyers with robots

A group of entrepreneurs takes aim at an old profession

The FTC is investigating the Equifax breach. Here's why that's a big deal.

It's rare for the FTC to disclose an ongoing probe.

The new Apple Watch fixes the worst thing about the old one

You'd never know the Watch was new just looking at it, apart from a new red dot on its dial.

Watch SpaceX's greatest explosions, courtesy of Elon Musk

And yes, it's set to a John Philip Sousa march.

Watch SpaceX's greatest explosions, courtesy of Elon Musk

Elon Musk posted a video showcasing SpaceX rocket explosions, and the reason behind each explosion.

What happens if a cop forces you to unlock your iPhone X with your face?

The introduction of Face ID instantly led to questions among civil liberties experts, who say the technology raises the risk of abuse.

This lawmaker wants Apple to explain how iPhone X will protect the privacy of your face

Some experts worry that the technology, as it becomes widespread, will be used to invade people's privacy.

Researcher disguises himself in 'driverless' car

As part of a project with Ford, Virginia Tech researcher Andy Schaudt used a seat suit to study reactions to driverless cars.

I called Equifax with a simple question. This is what happened.

Four calls and 42 minutes later, I still don't know if I was compromised.

It took 4 calls and 42 minutes for Equifax to help with a simple question

The Post's Brian Fung called Equifax to see if his data was compromised in the recent hack. Here are his calls.

Agents are increasingly searching smartphones at the border. This lawsuit wants to limit that.

The searches can be done without a warrant or probable cause.

7 highlights from Apple's special iPhone event

New iPhones, the next generation of the Apple Watch, and a sophisticated facial recognition system.

How Apple is bringing us into the age of facial recognition whether we're ready or not

The way such advancements are used against consumers might not be clear for years.

First impressions of the iPhone X: What I noticed about the screen, facial recognition and augmented reality

Overall, the promise laid out by this phone — plus a promise of a couple of extra hours of battery life — balances out a less-than-striking visual first impression.

Facial recognition technology isn't new. But is it safe?

Apple's new iPhone X will feature facial recognition technology that will create a three-dimensional mathematical map of a face.

Take a look at Apple's iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

From an improved camera to augmented reality, from Face ID to a full-phone screen, take a look at Apple's three newest iPhones, hitting stores late 2017.

Apple's new iPhone lets you animate emojis -- with your face

During the Apple Event Sept. 12, Apple demonstrated how its iPhone's facial recognition system would also allow you to animate emojis.

Apple explains 'Face ID', the new way to unlock the iPhone X

Apple's newest iPhone X will unlock your phone through facial recognition. See how it works, and the security measures Apple considered in its creation.

Apple's latest watch brings cellular service and more health apps to your wrist

Apple revealed its new Series 3 watches, as well as what's in store for iOS4.

Tim Cook honors Steve Jobs at first event in new Apple headquarters

Tim Cook gave tribute to the man who preceded him during the Apple event September 12.

First look at Apple's new 'spaceship' campus

The three big questions Equifax hasn't answered

The company so far has not provided clear answers to these issues.