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Fact-checking Jimmy Kimmel on CHIP funding

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel addressed the dispute over funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program, but he was a bit one-sided.

What does Doug Jones's win mean for the country?

Robert Costa reports on voter sentiment from Alabama. Plus, we dive into what happens for Trump, Congress, and party divisions in our country now that Alabama has elected a Democrat to the U.S. Senate.

'I'm just so incredibly proud': Jones's supporters celebrate victory

Supporters of Democrat Doug Jones on Dec. 12 celebrated his victory in Alabama's U.S. Senate special election over Republican Roy Moore.

Doug Jones declared victor in Alabama race for Senate; Roy Moore may seek recount

Democrat takes seat for first time since 1992, but Republican isn't willing to concede the race.

Democrats are jubilant — and newly confident about 2018 — as Alabama delivers win on Trump's turf

For some, Doug Jones's defeat of Roy Moore for a U.S. Senate seat signals a turning political tide.

In Alabama, a lousy night for Republicans and a resounding defeat for Trump

The Senate race highlighted the fractures within the GOP that have widened since Trump won the White House.

Democrats just won Alabama — and their clearest path yet to taking back the Senate

The stars seem to be aligning to allow Democrats an opportunity to take back the Senate majority much sooner than they ever thought.

Winners and losers from the Alabama special election

Our recap of who won and lost in Doug Jones's big upset of Roy Moore.

'It's not over': Moore raises possibility of recount

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore did not concede and raised the possibility of a recount after Democrat Doug Jones appeared to win the election.

Doug Jones's victory speech, in three minutes

Democrat Doug Jones on Dec. 12 defeated Republican Roy Moore in Alabama's U.S. Senate special election. Here are the highlights from Jones's victory speech.

Alabama presented the demographic nightmare that's been looming for the Republican Party

Nearly all of Moore's support was white, evangelical and older than 45.

Jones seized the moment to score an unexpected Senate win

The Democrat was a long shot until accusations against Republican Roy Moore boosted his candidacy.

Jones supporters celebrate after election is called

Supporters of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones in Birmingham, Ala. cheered on Dec. 12, after CNN called the election.

Doug Jones's victory scrambles the Republican congressional agenda

The Democrat's surprising victory gives the Senate GOP an even thinner margin entering the second year of Trump's presidency.

Doug Jones projected to win Alabama's U.S. Senate special election

Democrat Doug Jones on Dec. 12 was projected to win Alabama's U.S. Senate special election, defeating former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice Roy Moore.

Roy Moore's loss in Alabama was a self-inflicted wound by Senate GOP

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell helped elevate Moore in the Republican primary. It backfired.

Republican holds early lead in Alabama special election that holds national impact

The race for Senate seat holds great fortune for both parties, is seen as precursor to 2018 elections.

'In the gutter': White House again denies what many think Trump meant

The president attacked Kirsten Gillibrand as a lightweight' who would do anything' for campaign contributions.

Accused of molesting a teenage girl, Kentucky lawmaker refuses to resign

A Kentucky lawmaker denies allegations he molested a member of his church when she was a teenager.

Trump bashes Gillibrand using a favored weapon: Innuendo as insult

The insults Trump directed at New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Tuesday fits a pattern.

10 tough questions Senate Republicans will have to ask themselves if Roy Moore wins

Can they even investigate allegations from 40 years ago? Is it fair to expel a fairly elected member of Congress? What about seating him on committees?

Trump attack on Gillibrand criticized as sexually suggestive and demeaning

His tweet prompted a swift backlash on social media and on Capitol Hill, where Democratic calls increased for Trump to either resign or face congressional probes of his actions.

Donald Trump Jr. demands leak investigation

His lawyer complained that Democrats breached the rules after a closed-door hearing.

How abortion became Roy Moore's response to sexual misconduct allegations

Antiabortion views turned into a way for voters to show they were part of Trump's coalition.

Democrats, Republicans keep close eye on Alabama as voting nears end in Senate election

The race between Democrat Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore is seen as a precusor to next year's midterm elections.

Democrats, Republicans keep close eye on Alabama as polls near close in Senate election

The race between Democrat Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore is seen as a precusor to next year's midterm elections.

Top Republican on Senate judiciary panel pushes back against 2 Trump nominees

Grassley said the president should reconsider' and not proceed' with the nominations, after reports about the candidates' controversial positions and disclosures surfaced.

Donald Trump Jr. demands leak investigation

After closed-door hearing, his lawyer complains that Democrats breached the rules

Sean Spicer is writing a book, but don't expect it to be a tell-all

Since leaving the White House, the former press secretary has refrained from talking about palace intrigue and refused to criticize President Trump.

Already on the 2020 radar, Kirsten Gillibrand catapulted into the spotlight by President Trump

Trump's attacks played right into Gillibrand's signature issue of equal rights for women.

A question of faith: Evaluating the 'Trump Miracle'

In Alabama, Stephen K. Bannon made the case for Trump's new America. Let's evaluate.

Trump is trying to make the FBI investigation partisan — and it's working

Trump's party trusts him more than Comey, but they don't buy any above-the-law claims.

Why is Trump attacking Kirsten Gillibrand, the only female senator who has said he should resign?

No. 1: She's a woman who is criticizing him.

Trump takes the bait in sexually suggestive tweet about Kirsten Gillibrand

Trump clearly intended the sexual innuendo. That doesn't mean it's a wise move.

Roy Moore's closing strategy: Put the media on the ballot in Alabama

Moore has the good fortune of his Election Day arriving at moment when the press does not look its best.

The importance to Democrats of a win in Alabama, visualized

Walking through a Doug Jones win.

Trump's lawyer calls for a special counsel investigation of alleged corruption at FBI and Justice Department

Jay Sekulow, a member of the legal team counseling President Trump on special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's wide-ranging Russia probe, said Tuesday that a second special counsel should be appointed.

President Trump vows to end 'green card lottery,' 'chain migration'

President Trump spoke about recent attacks and immigration reform at a news conference on Dec. 12.

Either outcome in Alabama is a self-inflicted wound by Senate GOP

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell helped elevate Roy Moore in the GOP primary. It backfired.

A running list of the eyewitnesses who prove Trump's innocence on sexual misconduct

Tracking a promise from the White House.

Roy Moore and friends wrap up a campaign against 'the opposition party' — the press

"They're all back there — the entire opposition party! Why are they here?' Stephen K. Bannon said, referring to reporters, at a Roy Moore rally.

Trump attacks Gillibrand in tweet critics say is sexually suggestive and demeaning

It prompted a swift and immediate backlash.

Voting underway in contentious Alabama Senate race

Balloting began Tuesday morning across the state following last-ditch efforts by a raft of national leaders to sway the race.

Trump sends sexually suggestive and demeaning tweet about Gillibrand

President Trump attacked Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in a sexually suggestive tweet Tuesday morning that implied Gillibrand would do just about anything for money, prompting a swift and immediate backlash. Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Charles E. Schumer and someone who ...

Trump accuser asks: 'Where is our investigation?'

Four of Trump's accusers have spoken out, calling for a congressional probe into the allegations against him.

The 4 likeliest ways the Roy Moore saga could end, ranked

They're all pretty complicated.

The Health 202: Roy Moore is a nightmare for abortion foes

Many antiabortion groups didn't want this battle.

Voters head to the polls in contentious Senate race in Alabama

Voting has begun following last-ditch efforts by a raft of national leaders to sway the race.

The Energy 202: Roy Moore is seen as extreme by many Republicans. But not on climate change.

In terms of the environment, Moore is just part of the pack.

What if Roy Moore's special election doesn't really mean anything — beyond Alabama?

Sometimes a special election is just that: special.