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Donor eggs, sperm banks and the quest for 'good' genes

How the booming fertility business is changing the face of American families.

Who is to blame for rising tuition prices at public colleges?

Wildfires scorched marijuana crops, possibly complicating California's rollout of legal sales

At least 34 marijuana farms suffered extensive damage in Northern California's wildfires, ahead of fully legal sales that are set to begin Jan. 1.

Dow continues breaking records

The Dow Jones industrial average has made 53 records since January. In the week just ended, the measure crossed the 23,000 level for the first time — the sixth 1,000-point milestone reached in the pa...

Consulting firm managing United Medical Center ousts hospital CEO

The move comes on the heels of six council members filing a resolution disapproving of the proposed $4.2 million contract for Veritas of Washington to continue its hospital management next year.

Ikea recalled millions of dressers that were killing toddlers. This family found out too late.

At least seven children have been killed by Ikea dressers.

The Transit Connect: A good way for Ford to carry itself to the future

Retail credit cards increasingly come with perks — and a 25 percent interest rate

It pays to read the fine print.

Walmart looks to see if virtual shopping is better than the real thing

The company says it try out new technology as early as next year.

What would happen if Amazon brought 50,000 workers to your city? Ask Seattle.

The online retailer produced jobs and tax dollars but also aggravated growth pains.

The race to save coffee

America's favorite beverage is under attack from climate change and other woes. Science may offer a solution.

Fixed mortgage rates retreat after a month of gradual increases

The 30-year fixed-rate average slipped to 3.88 percent, its first decline in six weeks.

For many older Americans, the rat race is over. But the inequality isn't.

Income inequality among older Americans ranks among the most extreme in a survey of 35 well-developed countries.

Arthur Cinader, founder of preppy fashion powerhouse J. Crew, dies at 90

He and his daughter Emily built a pastel-colored, turtlenecked fashion empire.

Tell us where Amazon's second headquarters should go, March Madness-style

Then come back on Friday for a Facebook Live event where we'll trade notes.

Nordstrom shelves its months-long plan to go private

Attention is now likely to focus on how well the chain does during the holiday shopping season.

The latest way companies are luring top female talent: Breast milk shipping

For women returning to work from maternity leave, travel presents a unique challenge when they choose to feed their babies breast milk.

'Shrinking, shrinking, shrinking': Puerto Rico faces a demographic disaster

Even before Maria, the island's population and economy had suffered a decade of decline.

Trump officials' hard-line negotiating tactics lead to a trade talks standoff

Still, the United States, Canada and Mexico agree to extend NAFTA talks into 2018.

So you want to build a modernist home in a traditional neighborhood?

When looking at designs, consider your neighbors and the general character of the community.

How a group of Florida tomato growers could help derail NAFTA

Emboldened by the Trump administration, growers are pushing for tough new protections — so tough that their demands threaten to wreck the negotiations.

Got a student loan? Don't be an easy target for scammers.

Current and choice: BMW's i3 points the way to the automotive future

A hard-charging, decorated and retired Marine finds new reward in the antique-restoration business

The obscure Supreme Court case that decided tomatoes are vegetables

A Clinton official explains how Trump could get Democrats to back his tax plan

For many older Americans, the rat race is over. But the inequality isn't.

Senators strike deal to save Obamacare payments as insurers push to raise rates

Rent the Runway introduces new monthly subscription for clothes

For $89, you can rent four items a month.

How Trump is about to make the 'worst deal ever' even worse

The collapse of NAFTA could hurt U.S. businesses more than those in Canada and Mexico.

Did Trump's tweet make it safer for NFL players to kneel for the anthem?

President's threats could provide stronger legal grounds for a free speech challenge if the league bans the protests.