Wall Street Journal : Europe (28)

Pound Unimpressed by Brexit Talks Progression

Britain and the European Union have moved closer to trade talks, but many analysts still don't believe the pound and other U.K. assets will push past their Brexit slump.

Brexit Breakthrough Leaves Thorniest Problems for Later

The U.K. is hailing a Brexit breakthrough. It is more a small step toward confronting even bigger political, financial and economic issues.

German Social Democrats Agree to Talks With Embattled Merkel

Germany moved a small step closer to a potential solution to its political crisis after the largest opposition party said it would enter talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives over forging a new government.

VW Manager Sentenced to 7 Years in Emissions Fraud

A Volkswagen manager was sentenced to seven years imprisonment and will pay a $400,000 fine for participating in the German auto giant's emissions fraud.

Roche's Immunotherapy Drug Extended Patients' Lives

Roche Holding said its immunotherapy drug Tecentriq slowed the progression of lung cancer and helped patients live longer in a late-stage study, bolstering the Swiss drugmaker's defense against a wave of cut-price competition to its top-selling medicines.

Making Credit Suisse Swiss Again Drives Its Turnaround

Two years into its overhaul, Credit Suisse has returned to its Alpine roots by building up its Swiss unit and, more important, expanding the management of wealthy clients' money, long a staple of Swiss banks.

Caribbean Landlords, Developers Face Uncertainty in Insurance Coverage

Insurance executives and property owners say the back-to-back hurricanes that hit the Caribbean this year left in their wake unprecedented challenges that will keep lawyers, accountants and appraisers busy for years.

Investors Scour for Deals in Hurricane-Battered Caribbean Islands

Both commercial and residential property markets in the Caribbean have begun stirring to life sooner than many would have thought possible after 2017's harrowing hurricane season.

Weak Building Code Enforcement Exacerbates Destruction in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has adopted building codes that include some of the strictest standards in the world when it comes to hurricane resistance. But there's a big problem: Bad enforcement.

The CVS-Aetna Gamble: A Health-Care Giant Not Built Around Doctors

CVS Health and Aetna say their combination will result in better care and convenience and lower costs. But the merged company will lack a strong foundation of the people with the most power to achieve those goals.

CVS Chief's Path: From Corner Pharmacy to Health-Care Giant

The architect of the year's biggest and arguably most surprising health-care deal is a former pharmacist from rural Pennsylvania who won over Wall Street with a reboot of CVS Health Corp.

Alibaba's Jack Ma Tells U.S. Companies to Stop Whining About China

Amid rumblings of a U.S.-China trade conflict, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. founder Jack Ma defended China against complaints that it creates barriers against outside competitors.

U.S. Trade Gap Widened in October as Export Growth Stalled

The U.S. trade deficit widened in October, reflecting a slowdown in exports and an increase in imports of oil and other foreign goods.

Portugal's Mário Centeno Chosen to Lead Eurozone Finance Ministers

European finance officials on Monday chose Portugal's Finance Minister Mário Centeno to lead the group of finance ministers that steers policy in the eurozone.

Finland Flourishes After 100 Years of Independence

Finns have turned one of the poorest corners of Europe into one of the richest, most equal, most contented countries in the world.

Greece, Creditors Reach Deal on Latest Reforms

Greece and its international creditors reached a preliminary agreement on measures Athens must adopt, paving the way for the disbursement around $5.95 billion and bringing the country a step closer to the end of years of bailout regimes.

Pope Calls Nuclear-Arms Race Irrational, Immoral

Pope Francis said the construction of ever more potent nuclear weapons is no longer justified by the purpose of deterrence, expressing his “firm opinion” that nuclear arsenals must not be allowed to grow larger.

Pagani Huayra Roadster: A Rare, Hand-Made Hypercar

Each Pagani Huayra is assembled by man, not machines,and only 40 are built a year,making these $2.4 million autos some of the rarest cars on the road. Dan Neil takes a closer look.

Ireland to Have Final Say on Brexit Border Issue, EU Says

The Irish government will have final say on whether the U.K. government's proposals for avoiding customs checks on the island are acceptable, the European Union said.

Ireland to Have Final Say on Brexit Border Issue, EU Says

The Irish government will have final say on whether the U.K. government's proposals for avoiding customs checks on the island are acceptable, the European Union's president, Donald Tusk, said.

Flynn Admits to Working for Turkish Government

Former national security adviser Mike Flynn revealed Friday that private consulting work he undertook while advising Donald Trump's presidential campaign was directed and supervised by Turkish government officials, something people involved in the project have denied for months.

Suspected Bomb Found Near German Christmas Market

German police found and defused a bomb near a Christmas market in the Potsdam city center amid heightened terrorism concerns in Germany.

In World Cup Draw, Favorites Dodge 'Group of Death'

England lands in a favorable spot, while defending champion Germany will have a bracket including Mexico and Sweden in the first round of the tournament to begin June 14.

China Inflames U.S. Ire in Steel Dispute

A showdown among the world's major steelmaking countries failed to patch a rift between the U.S. and China after Beijing refused to act unilaterally to cut global oversupply.

Volkswagen's Namesake Brand to Build Electric Cars in U.S.

Volkswagen's VW brand will build one or two electric vehicles in the U.S. by 2023, probably at its Chattanooga, Tenn. factory, as tougher emissions rules drive the auto industry toward mass production of battery powered cars.

Pope Appeals for Buddhist Tolerance in Myanmar

Pope Francis appealed to Myanmar's Buddhist majority to promote social tolerance, implicitly calling on them to shun the extreme Buddhist nationalism that has contributed to the recent flight of more than 600,000 minority Muslims into neighboring Bangladesh.

U.K., EU Get Closer to Financial Terms for Brexit

Britain and the European Union are close to reaching a financial settlement over Brexit but negotiations are continuing to finalize an agreement that can win backing from EU member states, according to people involved in talks.

German Economy Seeks a Tech Upgrade

German politician Christian Lindner said he broke off coalition talks because of a lack of consensus on how to modernize Germany, highlighting concerns that analog bureaucracy and inadequate infrastructure are impeding the growth of a competitive technology sector.