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Shoppers turn out in droves for Black Friday, delighting retailers

Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend kick off the holiday shopping frenzy        

The most amazing Black Friday deals you can still get

Check out the best deals on the best products you can find this Black Friday.        

Richard Cordray resigns as director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Conservatives say the consumer agency overstepped its bounds under Cordray. Supporters say he fulfilled a mandate for tougher Wall Street oversight.        

Black Friday 2017


YouTube advertisers quit over predatory child videos

Several advertisers have left YouTube after their ads were shown before clips of scantily clad children, a finding first reported by U.K.'s The Times.        

Self-driving cars programmed to decide who dies in a crash

Could you car decide to kill you?        

Self improvement: 3 ways to get a better job in 2018

It's best to start working on this goal now.        

Dish Network, CBS reach deal after millions miss Chargers-Cowboys game

Nearly three million customers were unable to watch the Chargers-Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game.        

401 investors could profit from traditional post-Thanksgiving stock rally

If history repeats itself, the stock market could rise about 2% between the holiday and end of the year.        

Throngs of shoppers turn out for 'Black Friday' bargains

An early start for 'Black Friday' in New York City as crowds of shoppers hit the shops on Thanksgiving evening. Video provided by Reuters        

Eager shoppers camp out in front of stores to land bargains

It's become an annual ritual for some        

Thanksgiving Day grows in importance for shoppers

Thanksgiving Day has grown in importance, with sales kicking off before the dinner dishes have been cleared away.        

This Saturday is a great day for everyone to #ShopSmall

Small Business Saturday is a guilt-free shopping day. How often do you get those?        

Self-driving cars programmed to decide who dies in a crash

In a few years, tens of thousands of semi-autonomous vehicles may be on the roads, and hard choices have to be made.        

The best Black Friday deals you can get right now

Check out the best deals on the best products you can find this Black Friday.        

5 ways to #OptOutside and 2 major reasons you should

For the third year running, people are being encouraged to #OptOutside and spend time in nature rather than in Black Friday shopping crowds.        

Copy deletable. For pasting

Copy deletable. For pasting        

How Black Friday became a day of mother-daughter bonding

The shopping day is also an opportunity to get to know your kid        

Freebies galore at major stores on Black Friday

Stores are giving away stuff to encourage sales        

5 things you can do today to avoid holiday debt

Here are the top five tips you can implement now to prevent holiday debt.        

J. Crew more than doubles its planned store closings

The New York City-based fashion retailer had projected roughly 20 store closings as recently as June        

Yellen says Fed needs to avoid 'boom-bust' cycle in economy

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the biggest challenge facing the central bank in coming years will be to craft an interest rate policy that balances economy.        

Why pickup owners are passionate about their trucks

Owners love them and automakers count on them for big profits        

I want a new iPhone but can't pay $1,000. Which one should I buy?

Picking between iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8 and X        

Drug advertisement spending continues to skyrocket

The FDA allows U.S. drug advertisers to air commercials before it's reviewed them. Video provided by Newsy        

New ETF gives investors a way to profit from retail wreck

A new ETF enables investors to make money by betting on a further decline in brick-and-mortar retailers as online retailing gains dominance.        

Black Friday deal apps can save you money and time

Just because there are Black Friday deals to be had doesn’t mean you can’t save even more.        

Meg Whitman to quit Hewlett Packard Enterprise, says won't run for office — or go to rival

Meg Whitman, who oversaw a huge restructuring at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, will step down as its CEO on Feb. 1, 2018.        

Bargain hunters cross state lines to shop tax-free on Black Friday

In Delaware, Maryland residents can leave their 6% sales tax behind.        

If you still live with your parents, make sure to follow these 3 money rules

Living with one's parents is now the most common living arrangement for young Americans.        

HP Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman will step down in 2018

Meg Whitman is stepping down, President Antonio Neri will replace her.        

Nearly half of the women in America have been harassed on the job

Almost half of America’s working women say they have been harassed at their jobs, a new poll has found        

What's at stake with the FCC's net neutrality vote

The Federal Communications Commission has released its regulations to replace the net neutrality rules passed in 2015 under President Obama.        

Terminix fined $9.2 million for use of pesticide that poisoned family

The company is criminally libel for using the chemical in March 2015, and family members continue to suffer from problems.        

Why you're stuck paying this hated tax at least 1 more year

Find out why one unpopular tax provision hasn't yet gone away.        

Facebook will tell you if you got duped by fake Russian accounts

New Facebook tool will show you if you liked or followed fake Russian accounts spreading disinformation during the election on Facebook and Instagram.        

Disney executive on leave over improper contact with staff

Disney executive on leave over improper contact with staff Video provided by AFP        

United Airlines reveals 10 new routes, including two new destinations

The new service comes as United looks to solidify its network by increasing connecting opportunities at its hub airports.        

Walmart's most surprising top-selling items by state

For those gearing up for Black Friday, Walmart has made your life a little easier by sharing the top selling item for each of the 50 States in the U.S.        

What to expect when you’re expecting an appliance delivery

Having an appliance delivered? Here's what you need to know before it gets there.        

12 things you need to know before your next appliance delivery

Read this list before the truck arrives!        

The most amazing Black Friday deals you can get right now

Check out the best deals on the best products you can find this Black Friday.        

Woman accused of stealing $300K in airline miles from former employer

A New Hampshire woman is accused of stealing more than $300,000 worth of airline miles from an ex-employer.        

Is your income keeping pace with the average American?

A strong economy has employers competing over workers, and that has American's earning more money than they were three years ago.        

Q&A: Famed economist Henry Kaufman says robots are 'greatest challenge' to workers

Henry Kaufman, famed Wall Street economist, says workers will be replaced by technology and markets could some day be tripped up by a computer glitch.        

Cross state lines to shop tax-free on Black Friday

In Delaware, Maryland residents can leave their 6% sales tax behind.        

Infiniti gas-engine breakthrough: Nissan luxury automotive brand reveals new tech

Nissan luxury brand Infiniti is claiming a breakthrough in engine technology that will allow for variable compression for the first time.        

Black Friday shoppers should visit car lots, not just malls

Discounts will be big as dealers try to clear out 2017 car and truck models.        

More older Millennials are living with relatives, a legacy of 2007-09 recession

The trend is a sign of the recession's lingering scars on the age groupl        

Starbucks, other chains cater to customers who avoid dairy, gluten

Keeping gluten- and dairy-free customers happy means growing market share and staying more relevant than competitors.