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Refugee bakery a sweet success in Costa Rica

With hard work, determination and a helping hand from UNHCR, Colombian refugees start a successful bakery in Costa Rican capital.

Food Festival gives French schoolchildren a taste of refugee life

2017 Refugee Food Festival takes over school canteen in Normandy, introducing pupils to new flavours.

IOC launches campaign to bring light to refugee camps

International Olympic Committee and UNHCR team up in 'Become the Light' campaign for refugee camps without adequate lighting.

Desperate Rohingyas flee to Bangladesh on flimsy rafts

UNHCR is concerned at the growing number of people resorting to desperate means to flee Myanmar.

Lebanese clown group uses laughter to make serious points

Clowns present tales from children to create awareness of human rights and social justice.

In Italy, scholarship gives South Sudanese refugee fresh chance

The UWC Refugee Initiative hopes to double number of scholarships it currently offers to refugees to at least 100.

Harnessing citizens' goodwill can help solve refugee crisis

UNHCR holds talks on how to share responsibility more fairly, as part of a process to draw up a global compact on refugees.

Refugee orchestra wins standing ovation

An eight-strong ensemble of performers from five countries performed at the Besançon Music Festival in France.

UNHCR alarmed at deteriorating conditions in Yemen

Prices for essential commodities have skyrocketed since the land, sea and air borders were closed last week.

Jordan's Za'atari camp goes green with new solar plant

Largest project of its kind in a refugee camp will provide welcome additional power to residents and slash carbon emissions and energy costs

Crafting a life for refugee artisans

La Fabrique Nomade helps artisans who are refugees continue their craft in France.

Aleppo returnees assess scale of rebuilding

Fierce fighting has left much of Aleppo in ruins, but with help, those now returning are determined to repair its wounds.

Tech developers hope to reshape refugee experience in Canada

UN refugee chief Filippo Grandi recently met refugees and students in Canada to learn how they are coping with resettlement.

Tech developers hope to reshape refugee experience in Canada

UN efugee HEAD Filippo Grandi met refugees and students in Canada to learn about how they are innovating the refugee resettlement experience.

UNHCR urges humane approach on Manus island

UNHCR is urging the authorities of Papua New Guinea to show calm and restraint in the context of the closure of the Manus Island 'Regional Processing Centre'.

Syrian refugees reap benefits of Argentina's new visa rules

Argentina is among a group of countries in South America that have agreed to accept more resettled refugees.

Madagascar's Karana people still awaiting nationality

Ibrahim's new residency card describes his nationality as "undetermined".

Cash grants offer hope to displaced Yemenis facing eviction

With two million still displaced after years of conflict, UNHCR assistance helps the most vulnerable keep a roof over their heads and children out of work.

Rohingya return rests on safety and trust, says UNHCR's Volker Türk

UNHCR's Assistant High Commissioner for Protection assured Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh that any return must be voluntary, safe and dignified.

UNHCR chief hails Canada and asks for even greater efforts

On his second visit to the country as High Commissioner, Filippo Grandi urges Prime Minister Trudeau to consider doing more for refugee women and girls at risk.

'I feel like I am born again': citizenship brings hope to stateless minority in Kenya

Makonde people of Kenya receive citizenship ending stateless existence.

Tunisia provides haven for Yemeni students

Unable to return home and forced to become refugees, two Yemeni students find jobs and stability in their adopted home.

New Ethiopia policy helps refugees legally document life events

Refugees can now receive birth, death and marriage certificates, a historic first that will give them better access to services.

Syrian refugee ties the knot Tunisia

After fleeing conflict in his hometown of Aleppo, Chawket overcame adversity and tradition to find happiness in his adopted home.

UNHCR chief urges international leaders to tackle conflicts at the root of today's global displacement crisis

"Have we become unable to broker peace?" Grandi asks Security Council during key address on record levels of displacement.

'Thousands' of Rohingya waiting to sail to safety in Bangladesh

Several thousand are stranded on Myanmar's shores in deteriorating conditions, waiting for boats to take them across the Naf River.

Four Rohingya refugees die as boat capsizes off Bangladesh

UN Refugee Agency deeply saddened by reports of new shipwreck in the Bay of Bengal.

Rohingya refugees build new homes on new site in Bangladesh

More than 1,700 new arrivals have so far been moved to a zone in Kutupalong Extension.

Mental health first aid on the frontlines of the Rohingya crisis

Many refugees fleeing Myanmar experience unimaginable horrors.

Refugees can be a driver of development in Morocco, says UNHCR

UNHCR's protection chief praises Morocco for its efforts to protect refugees.