Volunteers propel Mexico City earthquake response

You don’t have to be a rescue worker to help out in Mexico as disaster strikes again

The uncertain future of the Kurdish people

What does the referendum in Iraq herald for Kurdish nationalism?

Neglected northern Uganda mustn’t be ignored any longer

The massive influx of refugees from South Sudan makes it high time for the Ugandan government to finally address the needs of the north

Internment fears as Myanmar plans new camps for scattered Rohingya

They’ve been called “open-air prisons”. So why does Myanmar plan to expand them?

What do Yazidis make of Kurdish independence?

Next week's independence referendum has divided one of Iraqi Kurdistan's most persecuted groups

Barbuda begins difficult road to recovery after Hurricane Irma

In photos: A smashed up town, but resilient people

Don’t ignore the one group that can make climate action happen

Women need to be front and centre of climate change adaptation efforts

Six major humanitarian challenges confronting the UN General Assembly

Beyond the hype over what Donald Trump will say, a host of global problems face world leaders this week in New York

Trouble in CAR, trapped in Raqqa, and Trump at the UNGA: The Cheat Sheet

Stay ahead of the curve on humanitarian issues

The Kurdish struggle in northern Syria

As Iraqi Kurds prepare for a historic independence referendum, whither their Syrian brethren?

Rohingya refugees overwhelm aid groups in Bangladesh

Aid groups are desperate for more support as thousands of Rohingya continue to arrive daily and spill out of refugee camps

The foreign invader costing African farmers $3 billion

How do you stop a ruinous pest that can fly 100 kilometres in one night?

Success against salt: Senegalese farmers battle a major climate change threat

Rising sea levels can devastate farmland, but Senegalese villagers are fighting back

A country called Kurdistan?

Is independence around the corner for Iraq's Kurds?

Rohingya exodus puts pressure back on UN rights probe

While the international community mulls action, deep-rooted Buddhist distrust of aid groups grows in Rakhine State

Mass graves, missing bodies, and mysticism: Inside Congo’s spiralling Kasai conflict

Perhaps the most worrying thing about the Kasai conflict is that those who started it can’t stop it

In Marawi, ending a siege is just the beginning

For civilians in a besieged Philippine city, it’s hard to know who to be angry with most

Libya's migration crisis is about more than just security

Is zero migrant deaths in the Mediterranean as good a stat as it looks?

Innovative but dull: disaster insurance is starting to pay off

Millions of dollars of relief funding are already on the way to countries hit by Hurricane Irma. How?

Hurricane Irma inequality, Rohingya aid strain, and a Kurdish state? The Cheat Sheet

Our weekly round-up of hot humanitarian topics

Hurricane Irma Live Blog

All the latest on Hurricane Irma and its humanitarian impact

Hurricane Irma highlights the great divide in disaster vulnerability

It’s no surprise small and/or poor suffer most when a hurricane hits the Caribbean

Colombia’s troubled peace

Peace accords signed between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, better known as FARC, have ended a half-century conflict that killed 260,000 people and displaced another six million.  

Colombia’s female FARC fighters wage a new war, for gender parity

For women rebels who found no utopia in Colombia’s bloody insurgency, reintegration is another battle

Hurricane Irma Live Blog

All the latest on Hurricane Irma and its humanitarian impact.

Development deficit feeds Boko Haram in northern Cameroon

The government needs to live up to promises to improve infrastructure if it wants stability in the Far North Region

As pope visits, a neglected crisis in Colombia gets little attention

Historic progress has been made towards peace in Colombia but some areas are being left behind

Crackdown: Prison conditions worsen in post-coup Turkey

An IRIN investigation reveals rampant human rights violations in Turkish prisons since President Erdogan’s post-coup crackdown

Words matter: Hate speech and South Sudan

The South Sudanese diaspora actively peddles hate speech. Is this helping to drive the violence?

In flood-prone South Asia, early warning systems buy precious time

Preparedness saves lives, but there are human reasons why warnings sometimes fail

Pivotal point in eastern Syria as Assad breaks key Islamic State siege

By breaking the siege of Deir Ezzor, can Assad reclaim control over eastern Syria?

Burundi officials should be tried for “crimes against humanity”: UN commission

Top people in Burundi have been getting away with murder. Now a UN body says they should face trial

Why I’m proud to be African today

Can Kenya’s supreme court decision inspire justices around Africa to stand up to the age-old power of incumbency?

New relief chief, Harvey deportations, and Trump M.I.A. on Africa: The Cheat Sheet

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Hurricane versus Monsoon

How Harvey swamps the media, as well as Texas.  News drives donations; media neglect might be fatal.

Boko Haram – the fear, the conspiracy theories, and the deepening crisis

One thing is clear about the Boko Haram conflict: It’s getting worse

Same old problems for Kenya’s newest refugee settlement

Where has it all gone wrong for Kenya’s new model of refugee camp?

Google’s surprising choice for Hurricane Harvey donations

Google is fundraising for Hurricane Harvey with a charity few have heard of. Why?

Same old problems for Kenya’s newest refugee settlement

Where has it all gone wrong for Kenya’s new model of refugee camp?http://www.unhcr.org/ke/kakuma-refugee-camp

Killings spark fear, rumours in Rohingya refugee camps

Rohingya refugees came to Bangladesh in their thousands from Myanmar, seeking safety. But lawlessness reigns in the makeshift camps

Afghanistan redux, mind your language, and Angola’s First Family

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Freetown’s mudslides and the slippery slope of urban risk in Africa

To avoid more Freetown disasters, it’s time for some joined-up programming on disaster risk reduction