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Odin the dog protects his goats during Sonoma fire, takes in baby deer too

The stubborn hero refused to leave his goats ... miraculously, they all survived the firestorm.

This retro-look electric cruiser bike offers vintage style, but no carrying capacity

The recent flush of electric bikes that hide high-tech drive systems in old-school style may not go very far in replacing a car, but they might help get more people on bicycles.

Artist's life-like insect sculptures are made with bamboo

Insects get the bamboo treatment in these full-sized sculptures.

Gucci will go fur-free in 2018

In the high fashion world, fur has become more a symbol of cruelty than luxury.

Do homeowners have a right to light on their solar panels?

Perhaps, but what about the windows on a passive house? Why the high tech bias?

Why did Chicago's soda tax fail?

It would have been the largest soda tax in the United States, but it only lasted two months.

Shipping container house in Brooklyn doesn't make sense, and I don't care

LOT-EK cuts up and assembles 21 shipping containers into a single family house. It's totally nuts.

Waste Reduction Week reminds us to think circular year-round

How will you promote actions that divert more waste from disposal and conserve natural resources?

Is Uber killing transit?

A new study from UC Davis raises some serious concerns.

Photo: The Urederra is what fairytales are made of

Our magical photo of the day comes from Navarre, Spain.

A biotech breakthrough hopes to save bananas from extinction

While banana farmers watch their plantations get ravaged by a fungal disease, scientists think they may have found a solution.

Drop-in electric bike conversion kit employs a friction drive & has a 30-mile range

EAZY Bike aims to make it simple and affordable to convert a bicycle to an e-bike with its 5-pound 'instant' $160 system.

Japanese aluminum company fabricated data about strength, durability

Another reason that we have to use less of the stuff.

Young professional diver chooses van life over expensive rentals

This 21-year-old finds financial freedom by switching over to a mobile lifestyle.

This monster is urging Starbucks to use recyclable cups

The coffee chain sends 8,000 non-recyclable cups to landfill every minute worldwide.

Photo: The amazing feats of leafcutter ants

Our photo of the day is a lesson in strength and perseverance.

The House of the Future seems as far away as ever

Homebuilders are making homes smarter but it's all getting so complicated.

How to choose and use plastic wisely

If you can't give up plastic altogether, learn which plastics to avoid and how to lessen the harm from the plastics you do use.

This interactive crosswalk "puts pedestrians first"

Of course, much depends on who is programming it, but some interesting ideas here.

Retrofit an electric drive system on any bike with bimoz

The electric bike conversion market is about to see a new entry in the form of a mid-drive unit from a company that just raised close to $1 million in crowdfunding.

Does your office suffer from Dumb Building Syndrome?

That's where the air quality is so bad that it affects your ability to think properly or effectively.

Cabin project follows stress-reducing effect of living in nature -- the Swedish way

Swedes enjoy an interesting "close-to-nature" lifestyle -- this informal study shows how it might help visitors from other countries.

Bold effort underway to save the vaquita porpoise from extinction

With fewer than 30 vaquitas left in the wild, the 'panda of the sea' is the most endangered marine mammal in the world. Now a crazy plan might just save them.

Your next home might be built by robots, and you will never know

They are already doing this in Sweden.

Lush ethics director talks animal testing, ingredient sourcing, and what it's like to have such a cool employer

Hillary Jones was a professional activist before working for Lush, making it a perfect match.

Photo: Little songbird shows off his impressive tail feathers

Our surprising photo of the day comes from Southern California.

When the Netherlands bans gas cars , coal will be gone too

Two big announcements from one small nation.

Mylkman: London's car-free, plastic-free, plant-based "milk" delivery service

As vegan and plant-centric eating goes mainstream, one company brings nut "milks" straight to your door. By bike.

What are Diablo Winds?

The winds fanning the catastrophic Northern California fires are borne out of a complicated mash-up of meteorology, physics, geography, and topography.

What are Diablo Winds?

The winds fanning the historically dreadful California fires are borne from a complicated mash-up of meteorology, physics, geography, and topography.

Futuristic airless tire is 3D printed, won't go flat or need replacement

These smart, air-free tires can be retreaded at any time using 3D printing.

The antibiotic apocalypse will change the way we live

"The danger is one of the greatest that humanity has faced in recent times."

Microsoft's data centers in Ireland are getting an influx of wind power

The tech giant just agreed to purchase all of the energy from GE's Tullahennel wind farm.

Home Depot can teach you how to use a tape measure

You know, in case you're like so many other Millennials who haven't learned basic life skills.

New study of Toronto bike lanes shows they are good for business and safety

Business went up and crashes went down; it seems like a win all round.

Why an office is not a spaceship

Employees deserve more than just good air quality.

Kyan's Kabin: Make-A-Wish child chooses sustainability

Thirteen-year-old Kyan MacDonald is living with leukemia in Bridgton, Maine. When the Make-A-Wish Foundation gave him the opportunity of his young lifetime, he chose a tiny house of his very own on his family's property.

Why an office is not a spaceship

Employees deserve more than just good air quality

How to set up a public electric vehicle charging station, the high-end hotel edition

Part of Tesla's destination charging network, The Mayton Inn confirms how uncomplicated hosting a charging station can be.

Photo: Milky Way shimmers over Horseshoe Lake

Our glittery photo of the day comes from beautiful Mammoth, California.

30,000 bees found inside the buzzing walls of NJ home

The Africanized bees slipped in through a small opening, set up home, and were busy making honey.

Study says grass-fed beef isn't better for the planet

Under perfect circumstances, grazing cattle do sequester carbon, but most of the time that's not the case.

Park a house in a parking spot instead of a car

Or, for that matter, park both a house and a car like Bill Dunster's ZEDpod.

31,000 Americans died on the roads last year because of stupid

We could fix this too, if we really wanted to. But we don't. Because freedom.

Halloween parade will no longer toss candy, for fear of injuring children

The safety paranoia is reaching absurd levels.

New GoSun portable solar cooker weighs 2 lbs, cooks a meal in 20 minutes

The $85 GoSun Go model is claimed to have an 80+% efficiency, and to work even in cloudy and cold conditions.

Two-part tiny house comes with its own mobile porch & greenhouse

A tiny home gets a little bigger with this add-on porch and mini-greenhouse, built on their own trailer.

Chicken plants in Midwest are human labor camps

When a judge sends a defendant to the 'Chicken Farm,' it's considered worse than jail by some.

Chicken plants in Midwest are human slave camps

When a judge sends a defendant to the 'Chicken Farm,' it's considered worse than jail by some.

Study lights up anti-vaxxers' Twitter habits

Pinpointing the sources of myths that threaten the health of children could help get the truth out to where it is needed