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Why Sweden is NOT the 'rape capital of the world'

Is Sweden really a 'rape capital' as repeatedly suggested by sections of the international media? The Local consulted experts to get to the bottom of the matter.

The EU is profiting from Trump: Swedish EU Commissioner

The United States' new hostility to free trade deals under President Donald Trump is benefiting the European Union, the bloc's top trade official said Tuesday.

Swedish press photographer assaulted in Rinkeby riots

A police officer trained his gun on rioters in the Rinkeby suburb of Stockholm on Monday night.

Far-right editor's offer to pay travel costs to 'crime-ridden Malmö' backfires as dozens accept

An offer from the editor of a far-right website to pay travel costs and accommodation for any journalist willing to stay in "crime-ridden migrant suburbs" of Malmö appears to have backfired, after dozens of people accepted his pledge on Twitter.

Swedish politician admits crime in bodyguard mortgage fiasco

Sweden's former national coordinator against violent extremism has admitted that she committed a crime by writing an inaccurate certificate for her bodyguard which exaggerated his salary and helped him secure a mortgage.

'We must verify information that we spread': Swedish PM responds to Trump

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said on Monday that he was "surprised" by US President Donald Trump's remarks linking the arrival of a wave of migrants with a supposed rise in violence in the Scandinavian country.

Six claims and facts about Sweden: a closer look at Ami Horowitz' report

When US president Donald Trump this past weekend mentioned events in Sweden, he was referring to a TV broadcast about Swedish migration policy. Several claims in the broadcast are questionable, and some downright wrong. Swedish news agency TT has looked at the facts.

Analysis: Why Trump's false claims are bad news for Sweden

Donald Trump targeted Sweden and then things got even weirder. The Local Sweden's editor takes a closer look at the story dominating the news in Sweden.

Swedish Fox News cops hit out at filmmaker: 'He is a madman'

Two Swedish police officers interviewed in a news report referenced by US president Donald Trump about crime and immigration say their quotes were taken out of context.

96 percent of movies on Netflix directed by men: Swedish study

Streaming platform Netflix has been criticized in Sweden after a study of its content showed that almost all of the movies hosted there were directed by men.

Swedish embassy offers to 'inform' Trump after 'last night in Sweden' explanation

Sweden has offered to "inform the US administration" about the country's immigration policy after Donald Trump explained his comments about a non-existent incident in the country were provoked by something he saw while watching the news.

Spotify slams 'ridiculous' deportation threat faced by staff in Sweden

Streaming giant Spotify has described the situation faced by 15 of its high-earning key staff members who face deportation from Sweden due to a technicality as "ridiculous" in a letter to the country's Ministry of Justice .

Donald Trump explains 'last night in Sweden' comment

Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to explain the source of his comments about a supposed serious incident "last night in Sweden" which left Swedes baffled over what he was talking about.

Meet the Barcelona coach turning this into Sweden's best football club

Sergi Angulo from Barcelona talks to The Local about why he thinks that the Spanish school of football will help new team Nacka FC go all the way to the top.

Sweden wants Trump to explain mysterious 'last night in Sweden' incident

The Swedish government on Sunday demanded that the White House clarifies what US President Donald Trump meant while speaking at a Florida rally on Saturday during which he referred to what appeared to be a serious incident last night in Sweden'.

Swedes baffled by Trump's 'last night in Sweden' comment

In a speech on Saturday, US President Donald Trump suggested that something had happened 'last night in Sweden' – prompting baffled Swedes to take to Twitter and other social media wondering what on earth the American leader might have been referring to.

Sweden feels pinch of Mediterranean vegetable shortage

Sweden's fruit and vegetable sections are running unusually dry of Mediterranean produce this winter – a trend experts say could continue for another month or two due to poor harvests in southern Europe.

Daily targeted in cyberattack after exposing 'fake news factory'

Swedish daily Eskilstuna-Kuriren was targeted in a major cyberattack on Friday after exposing a so-called fake news factory which creates its stories by getting influential people to give soundbites which are then heavily edited and presented as quotes'.

Sweden mulls universal chickenpox vaccinations for children

Sweden is considering introducing a universal vaccination programme against chickenpox, which would make such vaccinations free for toddlers.

Confused randy elk mounts wooden elk in Swede's garden

A Swedish pensioner has captured the moment a randy elk came into his garden and mounted the wooden elk statue he has had there for 20 years.

How this Trump handshake animation forced its creator to 'cancel almost everything'

A Swedish 3D artist whose animation of Donald Trump's unusual handshake technique became an internet phenomenon has told The Local how the unexpected success forced him to change his plans.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he is 'like Indiana Jones'

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has compared himself to fictional archaeologist Indiana Jones after scoring his first hat-trick for Manchester United.

Fifth Millennium book is finished, author reveals plot details

Good news, Lisbeth Salander fans: Swedish author David Lagercrantz has revealed that the fifth book in the Millennium series is now finished.

Watch Zara Larsson do impressions of Adele, Kanye West and others

Sweden's pop star Zara Larsson has revealed she is truly a 90s kid in a video where she imitates artists such as Rihanna and Adele, but fails to recognize an Abba legend.

Outcry over male-only Ikea catalogue released in Israel

Swedish furniture giant Ikea has been criticized after a special version of one of its catalogues featuring no women was released in Israel, echoing a similar case in Saudi Arabia from 2012.

Swedish police uncover suspected paedophile ring

One man has been remanded in custody and a further three are undergoing remand hearings after Swedish police raided a suspected paedophile ring on Thursday.

More dads taking paternity leave

The number of fathers taking advantage of Sweden's generous parental leave benefits is slowly rising, according to new statistics.

Here's PewDiePie's message to critics after anti-Semitism controversy

Three days after Disney severed ties with PewDiePie over anti-Semitism accusations, the Swedish YouTube star posted a new video apologizing for the joke – and hitting back at his critics.

Recipe: How to make liquorice ice cream

Swedes love all sweets and one of their favourites is liquorice. Grab your sunglasses, pretend it's spring and enjoy this liquorice ice cream, courtesy of food writer John Duxbury.

Sweden's wealth inequality exposed by new research

A new survey has exposed Sweden's growing wealth gap, with the number of houses in the middle income bracket in the country falling in all but four of its municipalities between 2011 and 2015.

Employment increases among Sweden's foreign-born population

The number of foreign-born people employed in Sweden is on the up, leading an overall increase in employment in the country.

Israel takes a swipe at Sweden over Israel-Palestine peace envoy

Israel's Foreign Ministry has made what appears to be a thinly-veiled criticism of Sweden's decision to appoint a special envoy to the Israel-Palestine peace process, asking why the Swedes "couldn't come sooner?".

The Swedish towns where couples stay married

Sweden may have a higher than average divorce rate, but there are some areas where couples tend to stay together – at least according to these official marriage stats.

Swedish court hands life sentence to Syrian for war crimes

A 46-year-old Syrian man has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a Swedish court for violating international humanitarian law through his participation in the execution-style murder of seven men in Idlib, Syria in 2012.

The end of an era? Norway no longer the promised land for young Swedes

The tradition of young Swedes flocking to Norway to find work appears to be coming to an end, with an estimated 60 percent decrease in recent years suggesting the slowing of the oil boom has stemmed mass movement west from Sweden in search of employment.

Meet the amateur baker making Swedish 'fika' hot in Israel

Michael Rothschild opened up a Swedish bakery called Fika. Nothing out of the ordinary in Sweden. But this one is far away, in Tel Aviv. The Local spoke to him to find out more about his unusual passion for Swedish pastries.

Police called as sex game goes very, very wrong for a couple in Sweden

A Stockholm couple tried to spice up their sex life with the help of handcuffs. But it did not end in the release they had hoped for, as police had to be called in to free them after the key went missing.

Spotify expands with US headquarters move

Spotify is set to expand and move its US headquarters to New York's rebuilt World Trade Center complex amid the rapid growth of streaming, the Swedish giant has announced.

Sweden's offensive number plate enthusiast strikes again

A Swede with a passion for offensive number plates has failed in his cause yet again, after transport authorities denied two of his latest attempts to create 'offensive' personalized plate combinations.

Swedish 'horny beer' is a smash hit, sells out

A newly launched beer from a Swedish microbrewery has proven to be an overnight sensation, selling out within a day and leading some Swedes to ponder whether the success could be to do with its unusual name.

Swedish striker among three jailed for match-fixing in Norway

A Swedish former striker is among three people handed a prison sentence for match-fixing by a Norwegian appeals court on Wednesday.

These images of the Moon and Sun seen from Sweden will blow your mind

A Swedish photographer has told The Local how he captured an incredible image of the Moon which won a prize for best astronomy photograph.

Four out of five British expats fear Brexit will strip them of rights to live abroad

Most British expatriates in the European Union are chiefly concerned that Brexit will strip them of their rights to live in their adopted country, according to the latest survey published on Wednesday.

Too much milk will shorten your life, especially if you're a woman: Swedish study

People who drink too much milk are at a higher risk of an early death, and the risk is greater for women than men, the results of a new study in Sweden suggest.

OPINION: Brexit and Brits in the EU - bargaining chip or afterthought?

What will happen to reciprocal arrangements between EU countries and the UK when Brits abroad are reduced to an afterthought? Laura Shields of the Liberal Democrats examines the issues faced by anxious Britons.

14 injured in crash on Öresund Bridge

The Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark was closed on Wednesday morning after at least ten cars were involved in accidents.

Interview: Indie icon Jens Lekman finds adulthood has a disco beat

Shaun Tandon meets Swedish indie icon Jens Lekman, who explains how he overcame his writer's block.

Sweden to name special envoy to Israel-Palestine peace process

Sweden is to appoint a special envoy to the Israel-Palestine peace process, Foreign Minister Margot Wallström announced during the presentation of her foreign policy vision in parliament.

Sweden's ten quirkiest tourist attractions you've never heard of

Christian Olsson, who runs the Hidden Wonders of Sweden blog, shares his top-ten places you've probably never been to.

Sweden's Social Democrats to propose limits on migrant labour

Sweden's governing Social Democrats want to make it more difficult for low-paid jobs in the country to be offered to migrant labour from outside of the EU, with the Swedish Trade Union Confederation backing the proposal. But coalition government partners the Greens disagree.