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What does the #MeToo campaign reveal about Swedish feminism?

Why did the #MeToo campaign catch on the way it did in the world's most gender equal country? The Local investigates why Sweden has reached a point of no return.

Swedish Academy cuts ties to man accused of sexual harassment

The Swedish Academy held a crisis meeting after several women accused an artistic director with close links to the Nobel Literature Prize-awarding body of sexual harassment.

Equality watchdog to review 40 Swedish companies over harassment guidelines

Thousands of women in Sweden have attested to sexual harassment in the workplace over recent weeks, and now Sweden's Equality Ombudsman will review practices in dozens of companies in a bid to tackle the widespread problems.

How to make Swedish root vegetable mash

Mashed root vegetables make a warming wintery side to go with venison, ham and knäckebröd, or even fish. Food writer John Duxbury explains why he loves this popular side dish.

Sweden investigates reports of threats against Turkish dissidents

Several Turks in Sweden have said they have been threatened by an organization close to the Turkish government for expressing views critical of the regime.

Could the Sweden Democrats leave Sweden ungovernable after the election?

The political deadlock caused in Germany by the rise of the far-right AfD has shown that populism's impact on European politics is not going away. In Sweden, where the 2014 election saw a surge in support for anti-immigration Sweden Democrats that almost provoked the collapse of the newly-elected ...

Sweden and Denmark climb seven places in Fifa rankings

Sweden climbed seven places to 18th and Denmark moved up to 12th in the latest Fifa world rankings released on Thursday.

Prosecutor drops Sweden Democrat MP rape investigation

The investigation of a Sweden Democrat politician accused of sex crimes has been dropped by the prosecutor, who cited a lack of evidence.

Could the far right leave Sweden ungovernable after the election?

The political deadlock caused in Germany by the rise of the far-right AfD has shown that populism's impact on European politics is not going away. In Sweden, where the 2014 election saw a surge in support for anti-immigration Sweden Democrats that almost provoked the collapse of the newly-elected ...

Man banned from Nobel Prize party over sex assault claims

A man with close links to the Swedish Academy – which hands out the Nobel Literature Prize – has been banned from the awards ceremony after sexual assualt accusations.

Heavy snow and wind across northern Sweden

Sweden's wintery weather continues on Thursday with heavy snow and winds across large parts of the north.

Over 1,700 students join '#MeToo' protests, alleging harassment in Swedish schools

More than 1,700 students have joined an appeal against sexual harassment in Sweden's schools, with testimonies of abuse experienced from as young as six years old.

Swedes hold strongest views on gender equality in EU: study

Swedes hold the strongest views on gender equality of any EU country, according to a survey published this month.

Why The Local chose to cover the Kim Wall case the way we did

The shocking and tragic death of journalist Kim Wall has received intense media coverage, including by The Local. Here's why we chose to cover the story how we did.

Weather warning upgraded as snow sweeps Sweden

Flights were cancelled and several traffic accidents reported on Wednesday as snow and strong winds moved in across the country.

Sweden cancels Santa World Cup in Lapland

Christmas is cancelled – or at least, the Santa Claus World Cup in northern Sweden is.

Swedish business boss steps down in 'what do I get for my taxes' row

A Swedish business boss who got caught up in a global tax scandal has resigned.

Danish divers find arm in search for Kim Wall's remains

Danish police said on Tuesday that divers had recovered an arm in waters off Copenhagen, where the dismembered head and legs of Swedish journalist Kim Wall were found in October.

Two men sentenced in Sweden for human trafficking

Two men were sentenced to more than four years in jail on Monday for human trafficking, after they brought ten people to Sweden with the promise of employment, then kept them in "slave-like" conditions and forced them to beg for money.

12 untranslatable Swedish words they didn't teach you at SFI

Language both shapes and is shaped by the people that speak it, so discovering the words that are unique to a particular culture is like being let in on a secret.

Sweden's 'Christmas gift of the year' is an electric bike

A Swedish retail organization has predicted the Christmas gift of the year that they think will be given to every health-conscious Swede who wants to exercise... but in moderation.

Women in Swedish universities share experiences of harassment

Academia is the latest industry to be shaken by widescale allegations of sexual assault in Sweden, with students and researchers raising their voices in a Facebook group aimed to draw attention to the problem.

Traffic chaos arrives with first snow in Stockholm: in pictures

Stockholm's first snowfall of the season caused traffic woes in the capital on Tuesday – and everyone in northern Sweden united in a collective eyeroll.

'Sweden let us down': Denmark after losing out on EU agency

Denmark's foreign minister Anders Samuelsen said that Sweden had 'let down' its Nordic neighbour after both countries missed out on being awarded the EU's European Medicines Agency.

One arrest after man shot dead in Stockholm car chase

A man has been arrested in connection with the death of a 30-year-old man who was shot dead during a car chase in Stockholm on Monday.

Most blue whales are 'right-handed', Swedish-American study shows

Blue whales, the world's largest animals, usually favour their right side when they lunge to catch food – a preference similar to right-handedness in people, researchers said on Monday.

Volvo sells 'tens of thousands' of self-driving cars to Uber

Volvo has signed a deal to supply "tens of thousands" of self-driving cars to ride-sharing company Uber.

Spotify launches new tech hub in London

Spotify is recruiting for a new tech hub in London, its first outside Sweden and the US.

Stockholm fails in bid to take EU agency post-Brexit

Sweden's bid for the European Medicines Agency to be moved from London to Stockholm following Brexit has failed.

The Local readers reveal their personal number pains in Sweden

The Local is investigating life in Sweden without a 'personnummer' – the ID number that is in many ways the key to accessing services in the country. We asked our readers for their experiences of trying to get by without one, and they responded in droves.

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'Technical failure': Swedish women in tech slam 'normalized' sexist culture

The global #MeToo campaign is continuing to have wide-reaching consequences in Sweden, a country frequently lauded for its successes regarding gender equality but where women still suffer harassment and assault.

Growing pot to self-medicate is not allowed, rules Swedish court

It is illegal to grow cannabis yourself even if it is in order to self-medicate, Sweden's top court has ruled.

1,300 women in Swedish politics allege harassment 'in the corridors of power'

Over 1,000 women working in Swedish politics have signed a document alleging sexism and harassment connected to their work.

'Sweden feels like a different country each season'

Meet the American who's climbed the highest peak in Sweden – and wants more. Biomedical engineer Chris Grigsby divides his time between a lab and the great outdoors.

Heavy snow and falling temperatures forecast across Sweden this week

Temperature across Sweden remained below zero on Monday morning, with the wintery weather causing delays to traffic in most parts of the country.

First tickets for Sweden's 'man-free' festival to go on sale

Tickets for what has grabbed global headlines as Sweden's first 'man-free' music festival, organized in response to reports of sexual assaults at concerts, will go on sale in less than two weeks.

Tusk calls for 'much more progress' from UK on Brexit at EU summit in Sweden

EU President Donald Tusk warned Britain Friday to make "much more progress" on its Brexit bill and the Irish border by the start of next month to unlock the next phase of talks.

Swedish music stars call for an end to sexual harassment

Almost 2,000 women in the Swedish music industry have signed a petition condemning sexual harassment in the industry.

PODCAST: Why is Sweden deporting its most talented workers?

On this week's podcast we look at Sweden's controversial work permit maze, and we also swear a bit .

Guess who's back? Zlatan Ibrahimovic fit to play, Mourinho confirms

Long-term injury victim Zlatan Ibrahimovic will make his Manchester United return against Newcastle United on Sunday, manager José Mourinho announced on Friday.

Swedish labour market 'tougher than ever'

The labour market in Sweden is under more pressure than in any other country included in a new global report. And the situation is deteriorating each year.

The Local's Swedish word of the week - part 8

Every week we ask a Swede, or a foreigner in Sweden, to explain their favourite word. Watch the video below and click here to learn more about the Swedish language.

Dog-owners live longer, say Swedish scientists

Swedish scientists have found that owning a dog can lower a person's risk of mortality, in a study published in Scientific Report.

Who is Måns Zelmerlöw? Swedish Eurovision winner to co-host UK search for 2018 entry

Swedish singer, TV host, and former Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw will host the TV search for the UK's entry to the contest.

Theresa May tells Swedish media she is close to deal on citizens' rights and financial offer

Speaking to a Swedish newspaper on Thursday, British Prime Minister Theresa May suggested that she hoped to offer a financial deal to the EU next month – and claimed that all UK ministers were behind her vision for Brexit.

May faces Brexit pressure at EU summit in Sweden

EU leaders will pressure British Prime Minister Theresa May to do more to reach a Brexit deal as they meet at a summit in Sweden.

Five top tips if you don't have a personal number in Sweden

Still waiting to receive a personal ID number in Sweden? Surviving comfortably in the meantime can be frustrating, so with that in mind, we've pulled together some tips for getting by.

READERS: Share your experiences of the Swedish personal number

The Local is investigating how easy or difficult it is for non-Swedes to get by without the ubiquitous personal ID number . Read our report here and share your own stories below.

Is life in Sweden impossible without a personal number?

Most people in Sweden have one, but for those who don't, just how difficult is life in the country without a personal identity number ?