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Swedish asylum centre fires may have been started by same person: police

Police suspect two fires at an asylum centre near Ystad last week to have been started deliberately, but have so far not made any arrests.

Sweden to pay compensation for Midsummer train chaos

Swedish rail operator SJ will pay full compensation to passengers stranded by substantial train cancellations and delays in the Stockholm area on Thursday.

Sweden to replace its entire anti-aircraft system

The current anti-aircraft system used by the Swedish Armed Forces is ageing, and is to be replaced in full amid airborne threats changing character.

Thieves steal 11 cars in one go from Stockholm dealership

In a well-planned heist in the early hours of Midsummer's Day, a gang of thieves stole a total of eleven cars from a car dealership in a Stockholm suburb.

'All priests should wed same-sex couples': Swedish PM

No priest working for the Church of Sweden should be allowed to refuse to wed same-sex couples, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said in an interview with a church newspaper.

Serial rapist arrested at Stockholm Arlanda airport

A suspected serial rapist who had fled to Thailand has been flown back to Sweden's Arlanda airport, where he was arrested on Friday morning.

Train delays to be expected on Midsummer's Eve

Most trains were running on schedule again on Friday morning, while some knock-on delays are to be expected following a cable fire on Thursday that left thousands of travellers stranded.

Midsummer holiday chaos leaves thousands of travellers stranded

Thousands of holidaymakers and commuters were caught up in travel chaos as a fire in Stockholm sparked train delays just a day before one of Sweden's biggest holidays.

'I'm pregnant but my husband is being deported from Sweden'

Hana Zrida and Chakib Ammar have jobs in Sweden, are married and expecting a child. But because authorities do not consider them to be living together, Ammar now risks being deported.

Swedish Midsummer through the eyes of foreigners: 'It was the first time I saw my in-laws tipsy'

We asked readers to share their Midsummer memories.

Sweden agrees to exchange fingerprints with the US

A new government decision paves the way for Swedish police to strike a deal with their American counterparts to get permission to use each other's fingerprint databases to look for suspects.

RECIPE: Pickled mackerel and beetroot salad

If you like pickled herring, then you will surely like pickled mackerel too, and food writer John Duxbury knows exactly how to make it.

So... are they no-go zones? What you need to know about Sweden's vulnerable areas

The Swedish police have released a new report on vulnerable areas in Sweden. The Local takes a closer look at what that actually means.

Ten things to hate about Midsummer in Sweden

Okay, we love Midsummer. But one must admit... there are a few things that can get on your nerves.

Sweden summons Russian ambassador over air incident

Sweden summoned Russia's ambassador after a Russian SU-27 fighter jet flew unusually close to a Swedish reconnaissance plane in international airspace above the Baltic Sea.

5,000 criminals in Sweden's vulnerable areas: police

Sweden's national police chief has presented a new report about the country's problem areas, increasing the number of districts classified as vulnerable or especially vulnerable.

VIDEO: Ikea investigates after 'bowl sets Swede's grapes on fire'

Ikea is investigating after a man reported his grapes caught fire in one of their bowls.

Swedes' love for EU grows stronger after Brexit vote

Swedes' attitude towards the EU has warmed significantly after Britain's Brexit vote to leave the union, according to a new survey.

IN PICTURES: First Aid Kit at Gröna Lund, Stockholm

On June 19th, Swedish folk-rock sisters First Aid Kit played a gig at Gröna Lund, Stockholm, before their summer tour.

Why Klarna wants to be the 'Ryanair' of banking

Sweden's financial watchdog has approved online payment company Klarna's request to get a banking licence – with the fintech startup saying it wants to become the Ryanair of the industry.

Tourists turn their back on rural Sweden to holiday in towns and cities

Summer tourists are flocking to Sweden's towns and cities in record figures, but fewer and fewer people choose to discover less populated areas, according to new statistics.

Ten Instagram pictures that prove Sweden is the best summer country

Summer in Sweden doesn't last long, and for this reason, when it arrives Swedes make the best of it.

Meet the 2017 international Swede of the year

Top Swedish football coach Pia Sundhage has been named 2017 Swede of the Year Abroad by Swedes Worldwide, a non-profit organization for Swedes living abroad.

Armed Forces: Missing Mali Swede found safe

A Swede stationed in Mali has been found after going missing following an attack on a luxury resort near Bamako the Armed Forces have confirmed.

'We're not a cult; we're a group of people that enjoy working out'

Meet ex-rugby player Anthony Sullivan, now running a gym in Stockholm.

Swedish PM Stefan Löfven slams attacks on police and emergency services: 'Don't touch our heroes'

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven pledged to step up the fight against drug gangs in vulnerable areas in Sweden in a speech at the Järva Week political forum in the north-western Stockholm suburb.

Sweden to send SMS warnings by location during dangerous incidents

Sweden's SOS Alarm emergency control centre is to introduce SMS warnings to people in areas that it considers to be in danger.

Swedish soldier fired for hateful social media posts

A soldier with the Swedish army's Skaraborg Regiment has been discharged from duty after writing inappropriate messages on social media.

Sweden Democrats leader Åkesson: 'I support immigration'

Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the populist Sweden Democrats party, was interrupted twice as he spoke to a hostile crowd at the Järvaveckan cross-party political forum on Saturday.