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Catalan govt admits referendum plans have been dealt a blow

The Catalan government acknowledged Thursday that its plans to hold an independence referendum on October 1st had been dealt a blow by a crackdown by Spanish authorities against the vote which Madrid deems illegal.

Catalans rally into the night after major escalation of tensions with Madrid

Spain's central government braced for a second day of protests in Barcelona on Thursday as separatists called for "permanent mobilisation" after Madrid dealt yet another blow to preparations for an outlawed referendum on independence.

VIDEO: Angry protests break out in Barcelona as police detain Catalan officials

Thousands of people took to the streets of Barcelona on Wednesday as Spanish police detained 13 Catalan government officials in a crackdown ahead of an independence referendum deemed illegal by Madrid.

Madrid has imposed 'de facto' state of emergency in Catalonia

Catalonia's leader accused Madrid Wednesday of imposing a "de facto state of emergency" in the Spanish region, with a series of measures to prevent an illegal independence referendum taking place.

Winter is coming: First snowfall arrives in Spain

The summer tan hasn't even started to fade and yet Spain's northern mountains have already received a dusting of snow.

Spain police search Catalan govt headquarters amid referendum row

Spain's Guardia Civil police on Wednesday searched several headquarters in Barcelona of Catalonia's regional government, a Catalan government spokesman said.

Spain takes control of Catalonia's finances to block referendum

Spain has taken control of Catalonia's finances to prevent funds being used for an independence referendum it deems illegal, a move that limits the region's autonomy and puts in doubt the payment of thousands of public workers' salaries.

Spanish police launch graft probe in Catalan president's fiefdom

Spanish police carried out searches on Tuesday across Girona, a fiefdom of Catalonia's pro-separatist president Carles Puigdemont, as part of probe into suspected graft at a local water company, police said.

Spain seizes Catalan referendum posters and summons mayors

Spanish police on Monday seized more than 100,000 posters promoting a planned independence referendum in Catalonia, while prosecutors summoned mayors who have agreed to help hold the disputed vote.

The eleven most annoying Spanish false friends of all time

Spanish is full of false friends and can sometimes be a linguistic minefield. The Local takes a look at some of the worst offenders.

Spain expels North Korea ambassador over nuclear tests

Spain on Monday ordered North Korea's ambassador to leave the country by September 30th in protest over Pyongyang's nuclear tests, which it has criticised as "a serious threat to peace".

Dozens of Spanish flights grounded in Ryanair cancellation chaos

The budget airline has announced plans to cancel between 40 and 50 flights every day for the next six weeks due to a shortage of pilots.

Catalonia will face 'brutal impoverishment' as an independent state, warns Spain

Catalonia would suffer "brutal" impoverishment if it splits from Spain, with a deep plunge in its economic output, Spain's economy minister warned Monday ahead of a disputed independence referendum in the region.

Ten great reasons to visit San Sebastián

The San Sebastián film festival gets underway this week. Marti Kilpatrick gives The Local the lowdown on why the northern coastal city is well worth a visit.

Pirate bullfighter provokes a storm with Franco-era flag

A Spanish bullfighter has provoked a storm of controversy after parading around a bullring draped in the Franco-era flag of Spain.

Worried Catalan employers make referendum back-up plans

Catalonia's powerful business leaders are starting to lose their patience with an increasingly bitter tussle over an independence referendum deemed illegal by Madrid.

Catalonia's mayors caught in referendum crossfire

Whether they have come out as supporters or opponents of an independence referendum banned by Madrid, Catalan mayors are all under pressure and some even say they have received death threats.

'We will vote' say 700 Catalan mayors in referendum protest

More than 700 Catalan mayors who face arrest over their support of an independence referendum banned by Madrid protested in Barcelona on Saturday to shouts of "we will vote."

Thousands of Basques march in solidarity with Catalan independence vote

Thousands of Basques holding banners that read "we want to decide" marched Saturday in support of Catalonia's independence referendum to separate from Madrid, which Basque separatists have long fought for.

Nine key pitfalls of Catalonia's independence referendum

Catalan authorities are racing to stage an independence referendum slated for October 1st which Spain's central government has vowed to stop.

Spain tightens control over Catalan spending as tensions soar

Spain's central government launched its latest salvo against Catalonia on Friday, tightening control over regional spending and brushing aside a last-ditch separatist demand for dialogue to allow a banned referendum.

Seven reasons why autumn is the very best season in Spain

Tourists may flock to Spain during the summer months in search of sun, sea and sangria but autumn is actually the best season to spend in Spain. The Local tells you why:

Spanish researchers awarded 'funny Nobel' for discovery that babies 'sing and dance' in womb

Researchers from Spain were among the 2017 recipients of the Ig Nobel peace prize for discovering that babies sing and dance in the womb when sound is piped in through a musical tampon'

How Spain became the world leader in organ transplants

Spain has been the world leader in organ donation for the last 25 years and in 2016 it broke its own record for the number of transplants carried out. But how has Spain done it?

Bilbao health authority in hot water over cocaine sniffing 'kit'

Authorities in Bilbao are under fire for distributing advice on how to safely snort cocaine.