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Proposals to decriminalize fare dodging gather steam, as 1,000s sit in jail

North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin are deliberating whether to decriminalize fare dodging. Advocates say it would free up the legal system to tackle serious crime, but transport companies are far from happy.

Far-right hunter jailed for life for killing policeman at his doorstep

A German far-right militant belonging to the shadowy "Citizens of the Reich" movement was sentenced to life in prison on Monday for killing a policeman during a dawn raid on his house.

Berliners break world record with 423kg döner kebab

The largest döner kebab in the world was served at the Mall of Berlin on Friday, breaking the previous world record held by Australians from 2004.

Website that dispels rumours about seeking asylum in Germany set to launch

In an effort to step up its public awareness campaign against misinformation spread by human traffickers, the German government plans to kickoff on Monday.

Thousands march in Berlin against far-right AfD

Thousands of demonstrators marched Sunday in Berlin, in protest against the far-right Alternative for Germany's debut in parliament next week.

'Merkel understood nothing': AfD's gains greatest in eastern Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel hails from Germany's ex-communist East, yet it is here where the anger against her runs deepest and the far-right protest party AfD has celebrated its strongest gains.

Suspect arrested in Munich knife assault: police

A knife-wielding man randomly attacked passersby in central Munich on Saturday, lightly injuring eight people, police said as they excluded terrorism as a motive after detaining the suspected perpetrator.

Four lightly injured in Munich knife attack: police

Four people were lightly injured Saturday morning in the southern German city of Munich by a man wielding a knife who fled the scene, said police, adding possible motives were unknown.

Israel, Germany submarine deal advances after corruption probe delay

Germany has resumed negotiations towards selling Israel three submarines after a three-month pause in talks following concern in Berlin over a corruption investigation, Israeli officials said Friday.

EU anti-trust investigators raid BMW headquarters in Munich

EU anti-trust regulators have raided the offices of automaker BMW in Munich, the company said, in a fresh blow to the German car industry already hit by the Dieselgate scandal.

Pint-sized campaign to combat violence against women aims for big impact in Hamburg

A new campaign by the helpline "Gewalt Gegen Frauen", meaning Violence Against Women', hopes to have a big effect, although the displays themselves are only a few centimetres tall.

Wild boars go on rampage in north German town, injuring four people

Two adult boars ran into the town centre of Heide, Schleswig-Holstein, on Friday morning and injured four people, including the manager of a bank which one of them burst into.

Air Berlin plane seized in Iceland over unpaid debts

The Icelandic airport operator Isavia on Thursday refused to let a plane belonging to Air Berlin take off, due to the bankrupt German airline still owing them money.

Man busted by cops for using plastic penis during drug driving test

A driver in southwestern Germany attempted to deceive police officers on Wednesday when he was stopped and told to take a drug test. But when water came out of the plastic penis he was wearing, the jig was up.

96-year-old charged with complicity in murders at Nazi death camp

German prosecutors on Friday charged a 96-year-old former SS guard at a Nazi death camp with complicity in the murder of detainees, in one of the last criminal cases linked to the Holocaust.

Beautiful to unbearable: what is life like for refugees in Berlin's 'Nazi' neighbourhood?

Marzahn has a reputation in Berlin for skinheads and swastika graffiti. But, for the refugees who have been placed there, experiences have been more complex. While some want out, others have found common cause with their marginalized neighbours.

'Men touched my body and I was surprised; I thought this doesn't happen in Germany'

In wake of the global #MeToo campaign, recently launched to raise awareness of how widespread assault and harassment are, The Local spoke to people on the streets of Berlin to find out whether they had ever experienced sexual harassment before.

Vacant Finance Ministry becomes holy grail for parties in coalition talks

This week saw German political parties open talks to form a first-ever four-way coalition, with a successor to respected and feared paymaster Wolfgang Schäuble at the finance ministry one of the top prizes.

Police informant encouraged Islamists to carry out attacks in Germany: report

A German police informant has been accused of inciting terror acts - and allegedly had links to the Berlin Christmas market attacker, according to media reports Thursday.

Goldman Sachs CEO touts Frankfurt for post-Brexit banking

Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein took to Twitter Thursday to tout Frankfurt's "great" weather among other attributes, but stopped short of naming the German city as a post-Brexit headquarters.

After near-death fall, German trance pioneer van Dyk finds new purpose

Trance music pioneer Paul van Dyk had hoisted himself onto an elevated ridge of the stage to greet the cheering crowd. He waved and took a stroll - and plunged into an abyss.

Construction on bypass in Bavaria stopped to let hamster sleep

A field hamster has chosen a building site in Euerbach in Bavaria to be its winter hibernation spot. Although a seemingly harmless occurrence, this means that building of a bypass has to be delayed until next spring.

Man who raped camper while holding saw sentenced to 11 years in jail

A 31-year-old man was found guilty of rape by a court in Bonn on Thursday and was sentenced to eleven and a half years in custody.

Siemens to slash thousands of jobs worldwide in power and gas unit: report

German industrial conglomerate Siemens plans to slash thousands of jobs in its power and gas division hit by a drop in orders, a German magazine report said on Thursday.

Munich locals disgruntled after Scottish football fans make mess of central square

Shortly before the Champions League match between Bayern-Münich and Glasgow Celtic on Wednesday, the Scottish fans had a pre-match party, covering Munich's Marienplatz in rubbish in the process.

What is the best way to travel around Germany?

At 853 km long and 650 km wide, Germany often seems too small to travel by plane and too big to travel by bus. We look at the most efficient and cheapest ways to get around the country.

OPINION: The German beer industry is failing to live up to its potential

Fetishisation of a 500-year-old law is preventing German beer makers from use their profound knowledge to break new ground in brewing, argues Geoffrey Dobbs.

'Long road ahead' parties caution, after first round of coalition talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, weakened by poor election results, opened talks Wednesday on forging a three-way coalition government, with all sides hailing a constructive start but warning of a "long road ahead".

German footwear brand Puma powered to higher profit forecast by Rihanna, Bolt

German sporting goods maker Puma on Wednesday lifted its full-year profit forecast for the third time in 2017, after a big-earning third quarter when celebrity partners like Rihanna and Usain Bolt dominated headlines.

Insects decline dramatically in German nature reserves: study

Researchers in Germany have documented a steep decline in flying insects at dozens of nature reserves in the past three decades, and agricultural pesticides may be to blame, said a study on Wednesday.

German study shows those who exercise regularly remain 'younger' longer

Recent analysis of data from a long-term study into the effects of an active lifestyle show those who led active lifestyles were around 10 years younger in terms of motor skills.

Where to go in Berlin for a taste of the Weimar Republic

With the arrival of the TV series 'Babylon Berlin' comes a wave of nostalgia for the golden 20's - think cabarets, flapper dresses, liberal politics and artistic freedom.

New crime series set in 1920s Berlin set to be biggest hit since Game of Thrones

Germany's glitzy new TV series exceeded even its showrunners' expectations when it debuted last Friday, drawing in more than 800,000 viewers. Babylon Berlin, with its dialogue completely in German, is also heading for international success.

Where to go in Berlin for a taste of the Weimar Republic

With the arrival of the TV series 'Babylon Berlin', comes a wave of nostalgia for the golden 20's - think cabarets, flapper dresses, liberal politics and artistic freedom.

700 police officers conduct raids across NRW over Hells Angels ban

A large-scale operation on Wednesday involving over 700 police officers including special forces is still underway. Dozens of flats and shops in North Rhine-Westphalia in areas with a heavy Hells Angels presence have been searched.

Wounded and weakened, Merkel starts coalition talks with awkward partners

Chancellor Angela Merkel, damaged by poor election results, will from Wednesday seek to forge an unlikely governing coalition from a motley crew of parties that span the political spectrum.

Swiss 'tax spy' goes on trial in Frankfurt over espionage claims

A Swiss man accused of spying on German officials who were hunting tax cheats goes on trial in Frankfurt on Wednesday, in a convoluted case that has strained ties between Bern and Berlin.

23 rescuers pluck upside-down man from drain after he gets stuck searching for key

In Hamburg a man got into a 'hole' lot of trouble on Tuesday after he became stuck upside down while attempting to retrieve his keys from a storm drain.

German court jails two people-smugglers over 2015 influx

A German court convicted two human traffickers on Tuesday of putting the lives of hundreds of asylum seekers at risk while transporting them at the height of the refugee influx in 2015.

VIDEO: Last Air Berlin flight from US pulls off spectacular landing manoeuvre

An Air Berlin pilot could be in hot water with the aviation authorities after he came down to land at Düsseldorf Airport on Monday... only to do something else at the last moment.

Will the German love affair with the gourmet burger ever end?

A recent survey has found that, of all foods Germans would like to see more of in Germany, burgers come out on top. But will the food trend that took off a few years ago ever slow down?

Why the Left Party are tearing pieces out of each other, despite a good election

Die Linke managed to improve their share of the vote marginally in the national election at the end of September. But dispute over refugee policies is leading to civil war inside the party.

California radio station brings cool music and 'cultural exchange' to Berlin airwaves

Now you don't just have to get your news fix from The Local. KCRW went on air in Berlin on Monday, promising award-winning music shows and plans to delve into local current affairs.

Salmonella-contaminated salami recalled from Aldi for second time this year

A brand of mini-salami sold at Aldi Nord has been recalled by the company Hans Kupfer & Sohn GmbH & Co after finding traces of Salmonella present. This follows a previous recall in September of the same product.

How the Rhine river was transformed from grotty marshland to tourist haven

Nowadays the Rhine is Europe's most important inland waterway, but 200 years ago, the popular boat tour destination was little more than a malaria-infested marsh. It has only become the picturesque hotspot it is today thanks to the work of one pioneering engineer.

Police arrive at Munich U-Bahn after sex pair shock commuters

When one passenger spotted a woman performing oral sex on her partner on Munich's U5 line on Friday afternoon, she was so annoyed that she spoke to them. A dispute between the pair and the woman ensued and police arrived at the scene.

Daimler recalls million-plus vehicles worldwide over airbag problems: report

German carmaker Daimler is recalling more than a million vehicles, including Mercedes, due to a problem with the airbags, a company spokesman was quoted as saying on Monday.

'Nazi grandma' sentenced to six months in jail for Holocaust denial

A German court on Monday sentenced an 88-year-old "Nazi grandma" to six months in jail, the fifth in a string of similar convictions for the repeat Holocaust denier.

Mayor accuses police of 'giving up control' after murder in busy Cologne square

The mayor of Cologne's central Innenstadt district has accused the police of giving up control" of Ebertplatz, after a man was murdered there at the weekend.

Why has the price of butter risen so sharply in the past year?

The cost of butter in Germany has increased by about 70 percent. Other dairy products have risen in price as well.