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Shocked girl finds grandad's gravestone used as prop at Bavarian theme park

A 13-year-old girl made a macabre discovery at the Geiselwind theme park when she came across the gravestone of a deceased family member at a 'horror house' attraction.

EU gives easyJet green light to take on Lufthansa in German skies

The EU approved Tuesday the purchase of bankrupt carrier Air Berlin's operations at the German capital's Tegel Airport by British low-cost carrier easyJet.

Germany's property boom will keep on going, experts predict

The state authority which studies house prices concluded in a report released on Tuesday that the property boom that has seen a dramatic rise in real estate investment over the past two years is set to continue.

Heavy rain and strong winds on the way for much of Germany

The German Weather Service predicts that the next few days will see variable, windy and wet weather across the country with possible flooding in some rivers.

'Treated like criminals': two tourists describe their ordeal with Munich ticket inspectors

When Stephanie Marcello and her family returned to the airport after their holiday in Munich, they were left confused and angry by the 'intimidating' way ticket collectors pressed them into paying a €120 fine.

What you should know about gift-giving in the German workplace

From football game tickets to a bottle of wine, giving and receiving gifts especially around Christmas time is common in business relationships. But do so with caution as there can be consequences that come with it.

Ryanair pilots in Germany call strike in dispute over wages

The pilots' union Vereinigung Cockpit announced on Tuesday that pilots on Ryanair would take part in the first industrial action in the budget airline's history.

Should artists be allowed to stalk Germany's most radical far-right politician?

The artist collective Centre for Political Beauty has rented the house next door to Germany's most controversial politician and openly admit to using "Nazi methods" against him. Is everything allowed in the name of art?

One in five German schoolkids have smoked shisha tobacco: survey

22 percent of German pupils between grades five and ten have smoked tobacco via water pipes, a new survey has shown.

Anger brewing among Social Democrats against Merkel power pact

To many German Social Democrats it sounds like a monster that will destroy their party if not democracy itself: the GroKo.

China rejects accusations from Germany of espionage via social media

After the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution had warned that China was trying to recruit German informants for intelligence services via social media networks, Beijing denied these accusations on Monday.

What's drawing so many young Brits to Berlin and what are the issues they face?

Ever more Brits are deciding to leave the shores of the island nation and make a move to the German capital. But it's not just the thudding beat of techno that is calling them over the sea.

200 ammunition rounds found near Christmas market 'likely a coincidence': Berlin police

After the police found two bags of bullets in the west end of the capital city on Sunday, a spokesman said the find's proximity to the Charlottenburg Christmas market is likely a coincidence.'

Burning of Israeli flags at Berlin demo 'disgraceful', says interior minister

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière has sharply condemned the burning of Israeli flags during anti-Israel protests in Berlin.

'Historic' opening of Berlin-Munich high-speed rail line hit by delays, cancellations

Deutsche Bahn heralded the opening of the high-speed rail line between Berlin and Munich as a significant moment in German rail history. But the opening went far from smoothly.

Snow and ice thaws after hundreds of accidents on Germany's streets

The onset of winter kept emergency services across the country busy on Sunday night. But on Monday morning most of the snow and ice had melted with the arrival of milder temperatures.

East German village sells for €140,000

The only bidder at an unusual auction on Saturday put down €140,000 and walked away the new owner of a small slice of German history: the village of Alwine, population 20.

Football: Germany to open new national team academy

The German Football Association announced on Friday that it has been given legal permission to build a new national training centre and academy in Frankfurt, which it hopes to open by 2021.

11 essential shopping spots in Berlin

An international city with a reputation for style, Berlin is a haven for shopaholics. Here's The Local's guide to some of the best places to shop in the capital city that reflect its range in styles, tastes and creative ideas.

PODCAST: 'How the EU isn't skewering the döner kebab'

In this week's podcast we look into a viral story that proclaimed the possible end of an iconic German fast food.

Animal rights activist given probation for causing injury to children by startling their ponies

An animal rights activist was sentenced to a year's probation on Thursday after a demonstration gone wrong caused injury to two children at a pony carousel.

'Teen' asylum seeker on trial for Freiburg murder is 33, says father

Hussein K. is currently on trial over the rape and murder of a 19-year-old student. He told migration authorities he was 17 and that his father was killed in Afghanistan. But now his father, alive and well in Iran, has told the court his son is 33.

This is how much quicker German trains will be starting Sunday

Deutsche Bahn is implementing the largest timetable change it has had in decades, meaning that from Sunday onward, many long-distance trains will run on a different schedule and travel times will be reduced.

This is how much quicker German trains will be starting Sunday

Deutsche Bahn is implementing the largest timetable change it has had in decades, meaning that from Sunday onward, many long-distance trains will run on a different schedule and many travel times will be reduced.

Brexit deal a 'double disaster' for Brits in Germany, pressure group claims

While British Prime Minister Theresa May celebrated reaching a deal with the EU over Brexit, an anti-Brexit pressure group said it had betrayed Brits living in Germany and the EU.

Techno festival organizers on trial in Düsseldorf over 21 deaths during stampede

Organizers of Germany's 2010 Love Parade went on trial on Friday for their roles in the deaths of 21 young people during a catastrophic stampede at the popular street festival.

'Jamaika-Aus' voted German Word of the Year for 2017

The Society for the German Language placed Jamaica out' at the top of its list of the most important words of the year released on Friday.

Free trade deal with Brits will minimize harm to EU economy: German economist

One of Germany's leading economists welcomed news on Friday that the EU had reached an initial deal on the terms of Brexit with the UK, but warned that the EU now needed a free trade deal.

Ice and snow: slippery conditions forecast across Germany at weekend

The German Weather Service are warning vehicle drivers to be prepared for slippery roads almost all over the country this weekend with the arrival of wintry weather.

How broke Berlin is creaking under the strain of surge in population

Party-goers and tourists love Berlin, the capital of techno and home to a vibrant art scene. But behind the trendy facade lies an overstretched administration battling chronic understaffing and drastic cost cuts.

SPD agrees to open government talks with Merkel after Schulz pleads for green light

The Social Democrats, Germany's second strongest party, agreed on Thursday to kick off exploratory talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives that could lead to a new coalition government early next year.

US court sentences ex-VW executive to 7 years' jail for 'dieselgate' role

A US court on Wednesday sentenced former Volkswagen executive Oliver Schmidt to seven years in prison for his role in the German automaker's "dieselgate" emissions cheating scandal.

'Locals only': remote Christmas Market tells outsiders to stay away after surprise influx

When a flood of people arrived from as far away as Frankfurt to visit a small market in Overath last weekend, the organizers were caught completely off guard. So they've now told outsiders to "look for other options."

Hamburg named best city in the world for a night out

Who says Germans don't know how to have fun? In a recent study by HostelWorld, Hamburg has been voted the top city in the world for a night out, with Berlin coming in at a close third.

SPD leader Schulz calls for 'United States of Europe' by 2025

The head of Germany's Social Democrats, Martin Schulz, a potential future governing partner of Chancellor Angela Merkel, called Thursday for the creation of a "United States of Europe" by 2025.

Chanel fashion show sails into Hamburg for Lagerfeld homecoming

Chanel's veteran designer Karl Lagerfeld returned to his Hamburg roots with a playful fashion show in the German port city, inspired by his hometown's seafaring traditions and its audacious new concert house.

No, German pilots aren't defying their government by refusing to deport asylum seekers

On Wednesday UK publication the Independent picked up a story in the German press about pilots refusing to take rejected asylum seekers back to Afghanistan. These rare decisions have nothing to do with the asylum process, though.

Interior ministers want to keep closer eye on Germany's 'prepper scene': report

Interior ministers of the federal and state governments are debating a motion to examine the allegedly right-wing extremist prepper scene', according to a media report on Thursday.

'People had no prospects here': east German village put on market for €125,000

On Sunday, an entire Brandenburg village - occupied mainly by retirees and dilapidated buildings - will be auctioned off, mirroring the wider fate of other east German towns.

Merkel 'does not support' Trump's Jerusalem announcement

Chancellor Angela Merkel "does not support" the decision by US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, her spokesman said on Wednesday.

Court allows the sale of souvenir gallows reserved for 'Mutti Merkel'

Saxony court officials have decided this week that a Niedersdorf man can now legally sell his miniature gallow souvenirs, despite the fact they have reservations for Angela Merkel and her colleague Sigmar Gabriel on them.

The five most common challenges Indians face in Germany

Ever more Indians are choosing to come to Germany for work and study. We look at the main difficulties they face when they get here.

Federal prosecutors drop Turkish imam spying probe over insufficient evidence

German prosecutors on Wednesday said they were dropping a case against several Muslim clerics suspected of spying for Turkey due to insufficient evidence and as some were out of reach of law enforcers.

Easyjet to take on Lufthansa within Germany starting in January

Can the British budget airline ensure that prices don't rocket in the German skies?

Brexit has sapped demand for German cars, auto industry confirms

Car exports from Europe's powerhouse economy Germany have fallen in 2017, partly due to the weaker pound undermining British demand, the head of the nation's auto industry federation said Wednesday.

DHL parcel bomb blackmailer demands millions in bitcoins: report

A blackmailer whose parcel bomb sparked the evacuation of a German Christmas market last week demanded €10 million worth of bitcoins, a news report said on Wednesday.

Jobcentre concedes that people on welfare can beg… up to a point

The Jobcentre in Dortmund decided to cut a man's welfare payments in August when his case worker spotted him begging. But they have now said he can keep begging, as long as he doesn't make too much money.

Police trainees investigated over rioting and 'Heil Hitler' call in Berlin

Seven men between the ages of 19 and 25 were temporarily detained on Monday evening after a witness reported them bawling' and attacking public property. They all turned out to be police trainees.

Opening of new Berlin-Munich high-speed train line to be celebrated Friday

After more than a quarter of a century in the making, the rail link connecting Germany's capital and its economic powerhouse is ready to open to the public, but not without large scale celebrations first.

Social Democrats torn on whether to jump aboard the Merkel express

Germany's Social Democrats, the country's second-largest party, plans to decide Thursday whether or not to help Chancellor Angela Merkel end months of political paralysis in Europe's biggest economy.