The Local : France (65)

Why Americans in France still go mad for Thanksgiving

They may have gone native over the years, but Americans in France will still embrace Thanksgiving, and are even introducing the locals to the traditional turkey feast.

Business confidence in France hits near 10-year high

French business confidence hit a near 10-year-high in November, French statistics agency INSEE said on Thursday, providing a boost for President Emmanuel Macron.

World-first: Frenchman gives skin to save twin brother who suffered 95 percent burns

A man who had suffered burns over 95 percent of his body, putting him on the verge of death, was saved by a skin transplant from his identical twin in a world-first operation, French doctors said Thursday.

Pilots with French airline threaten to strike over Christmas

Pilots with Air France's budget airline Hop! have threatened to strike during the end-of-year holiday period if negotiations over working conditions remain blocked.

Paris votes to axe its Big Wheel

Paris councillors on Wednesday voted to scrap the city's prominent riverside Ferris wheel, the French capital's version of the London Eye.

Russian anger as France arrests oligarch for 'tax evasion'

Moscow on Wednesday protested at the arrest of billionaire senator Suleyman Kerimov in France, where he faced a second day of questioning over alleged tax evasion involving the purchase of luxury properties.

Food in the nude: Behind the scenes at Paris's first naked restaurant

Leave your coats, your pants and your inhibitions at the door: a Paris restaurant has begun serving up classic French fare to diners in the nude.

EU piles pressure on Macron after sounding alarm over 2018 budget

The EU warned Wednesday that France and five other countries were at risk of breaching the bloc's tough public spending rules, adding to the pressure on President Emmanuel Macron to push through tough reforms.

Macron makes modest start in crackdown on French overspending

French President Emmanuel Macron came into power promising to make France a leaner nation but so far progress has been modest.

Le Pen slams 'banking fatwa' against National Front after accounts closed

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen on Wednesday said she would take banking giants HSBC and Societe Generale to court for discrimination after they moved to close her personal and party accounts.

These are 'the best cities in France for growing old in'

France is traditionally a country people flock to for their retirement years. But which French city is the best for growing old in?

The essential documents you will always need in France

French bureaucracy is notoriously difficult to navigate but organising your life in France will be made much simpler if you have the essential documents close to hand.

School pupils in France told to stop rubbing chillies in each other's eyes

Police in France have taken the step of asking parents to tell their children about the dangers of a new hazardous game being played by young people that involves spicy chilli peppers.

Question du jour: Why are mayors across France so angry right now?

France's 36,000 mayors are up in arms at the moment. But why?

How the French have converted to America's 'Black Friday' shopping bonanza

The French are set to splash their hard-earned cash this week as a survey revealed the US-inspired shopping bonanza Black Friday has well and truly taken off in France.

French luxury group LVMH bags top Californian vineyard

French luxury group LVMH on Tuesday announced it was adding to its stock of fine wines and spirits by taking over Colgin Cellars, a deluxe vineyard in California's Napa Valley.

French truckers block borders to protest eastern European competition

Hundreds of truckers blocked France's borders with Italy and Belgium on Tuesday, angry at EU rule changes that they say fail to protect them from low-cost eastern European competition.

Paris: Velib' customers to be reimbursed as wheels come off bike-sharing scheme

The Velib' cycle sharing scheme in Paris has broken down and customers will be reimbursed, city councillors confirmed.

France told it's not attractive enough to lure skilled foreign workers

France has been criticized for not being attractive enough to skilled workers from outside the European Union in a new study which says the French government "must do more".

French PM bans ministers from using female-friendly writing

French PM Edouard Philippe has struck a blow against moves towards making French grammar and writing less macho by banning gender equal words from official government texts.

Brits seeking permanent residency in France told 'come back after Brexit'

Worried British nationals in some parts of France are seeing their attempts to secure their futures scuppered by French authorities who are effectively telling them to wait until after Brexit. Which is exactly what they wanted to avoid.

'Opportunistic' Macron on a mission to restore France's lost Middle East clout

From mediating in the crisis in Lebanon to defending Iran's nuclear deal, President Emmanuel Macron aims to fill the vacuum left by an isolationist America to boost France's clout in the Middle East.

Top French socialist and anti-racism campaigner faces probe for anti-Semitic Macron tweet

A top official in France's Socialist Party is facing a legal inquiry after tweeted an image with anti-Semitic overtones against President Emmanuel Macron, sources close to the inquiry said Monday.

Australia welcomes scrapping of French wind farm on WW1 killing fields

Canberra Tuesday welcomed as "very touching" the scrapping of a planned French wind farm on the site of a World War I battlefield where thousands of Australian soldiers died.

Paris wins bid to host EU banking agency post-Brexit

Paris on Monday won the right to host the European Banking Authority after it leaves London in the wake of Brexit, the bloc's presidency said.

Price of foie gras in France set to rocket this Christmas

The price of foie gras is set to rocket in France once again this Christmas as the ravaged industry continues to suffer the effects of two outbreaks of avian flu in as many years.

German political chaos shows France 'needs to take lead in Europe'

The breakdown in attempts by Angela Merkel to form a government has shown France that is must take the initiative in Europe, the presidency says, but without German backing Emmanuel Macron's ambitious reforms will stay on ice.

Revealed: The most desirable cars for thieves in France

A motoring group has revealed which cars are the most commonly pinched in France. If you're smart you'll guess what car topped the list.

The jobs in France where you don't really need to speak French

If you are looking to find work in France but don't yet speak the lingo, never fear, there are plenty of jobs you can do while you're learning.

French butter shortage eases in time for Christmas

French pastry lovers can breathe a sigh of relief as new figures reveal the butter crisis that has led to empty supermarket shelves looks like easing,thanks in the main to people having stopped panic buying.

Proposal to ban smoking in French films ridiculed in France

A proposal that France should ban the cigarette from the silver screen has been met with widespread derision and mockery among the French.

Revealed: What the future Place de la Bastille will look like

Plans have been unveiled for how the iconic Place de la Bastille in Paris will look after a major makeover.

France to be first country to take in refugees rescued from Libya by UN

France will be the first to welcome African refugees evacuated from Libya to Niger by the United Nations refugee agency, French officials announced Monday.

Gold leaf from Napoleon's crown sells for €625,000

A gold laurel leaf removed from the crown Napoleon Bonaparte wore to his coronation sold for €625,000 - five times the estimated sale price - at an auction in Paris on Sunday.

France to block Muslim street prayers in Paris suburb

French authorities will stop Muslims from praying in a street north of Paris, the country's interior minister said on Sunday, after a series of protests by lawmakers and locals over what they view as an unacceptable use of public space.

France to 'prevent' Muslim street prayers in Paris suburb

French authorities will stop Muslims from praying in a street north of Paris, the country's interior minister said on Sunday, after a series of protests by lawmakers and locals over what they view as an unacceptable use of public space.

French police officer kills three before committing suicide

A 31-year-old French police officer shot three people dead before turning his gun on himself, in a killing spree sparked by a row with his girlfriend, the local prosecutor said on Sunday.

Spanish police shoot Frenchman who 'shouted Allahu akbar'

Police in Spain shot and injured an unarmed Frenchman on Saturday at a toll station near the French border, who officers said was shouting 'Allahu akbar'.

French rocker Johnny Hallyday released from hospital

Veteran French rocker Johnny Hallyday, who has been battling lung cancer for several months, returned home on Saturday after being hospitalised for days with breathing problems, a family member said.

Tintin and Snowy drawing sells for €500,000

A colour drawing of Tintin and his faithful canine companion Snowy sold at a Paris auction on Saturday for more than half a million euros.

Fashion giant Azzedine Alaia dies at 77

French-Tunisian designer Azzedine Alaia, whose timeless gowns won an army of devotees around the world, has died at the age of 77, France's fashion federation said on Saturday.

Cantona the artist ponders sex, life and death in new book

Football legend Eric Cantona was a brooding artist on the field. Now he is proving that he is also one off it as a book of his drawings is published.

New leader for Macron's party as honeymoon fades

Emmanuel Macron's party named a new leader on Saturday as the French president faces the first rebellious grumblings in the 19-month-old movement that swept him to power.

Lebanon's Hariri arrives in France after Saudi 'hostage' rumours

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri arrived in France on Saturday from Saudi Arabia, where his resignation announcement two weeks ago sparked accusations that he was being held there against his will.

Why we're becoming French: 'It's far more than just Brexit'

The number of British nationals in France seeking to become French has rocketed since Brexit, but it's not just Britain's future departure from the EU that is motivating people to gain French citizenship. Here those who have applied tell us their motives.

The Local podcast: Why do the French love to say 'f**k' so much?

The French curse word of choice is more often than not an English one. Listen to this week's edition of The Local podcast as Editor Ben McPartland discusses why the French love to say 'f**k'.

IN PICTURES: 12,000-year-old giant woolly mammoth skeleton to go on sale in France

The 12,000 year-old perfectly preserved skeleton of a giant woolly mammoth is to go on auction in the French city of Lyon in December.

France to launch special lottery to raise cash to save its crumbling heritage

France has announced the launch of a special edition lottery and scratchcard game in a bid to fund the preservation of its crumbling cultural heritage.

French wine country unveils its answer to kobe beef

As the unofficial capital of France's Burgundy region, Beaune is a town that thrives on wine -- and now even its cows are going to taste like grapes.

'Americans thought France was a country of moaners and strikes, Macron has changed that'

France's outspoken ambassador to the US tells The Local how the image of France has changed on the other side of the Atlantic from being a country they used to bash to a country they now like to toast. He also says the French expats won't flee the US because of Trump.