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French warned about pitfalls of seeking to end their lives in Belgium

Belgian doctors fear the number of French people heading over the border to seek help to end their lives could shoot up and are warning that the road to the end is paved with problems.

How you can live happily in Paris without speaking French

Writer Charli James, who has recently set up home in Paris, testifies to the fact you can lead a rich and happy life in the French capital even if you can't communicate with the locals in their own lingo. Here's how.

'Dead' Frenchman fights to prove he's still alive

A Frenchman who was declared dead after a bizarre case involving a mysterious dead body is embroiled in a legal battle to prove that he's actually still alive.

France sees fresh protests as Macron's labour reforms set for green light

The next round of major protests against French President Emmanuel Macron's labour reforms took place on Thursday days before his signature reform is expected to become law.

Le Pen's deputy quits party as National Front crisis rumbles on

Marine Le Pen's National Front party continues to lurch from one crisis to another after the vice-president Florian Philippot, one of her closest allies, announced he was quitting on Thursday morning after a very public dispute with his leader.

Macron limbers up for tricky 'tango' with Merkel

French President Emmanuel Macron likes to describe France and Germany as two tango dancers who are enthusiastic partners but wary about embracing.

French court recognises incestuous couple as legal parents of child

A half brother and sister in France who unknowingly had the same mother have been legally recognised by a court of appeal as parents in order to protect the best interests of their child.

Burned-out French chef asks to be stripped of Michelin stars

A Michelin starred-chef in southern France has become the first to ask to the prestigious guide to take back the distinction. He says the "huge pressure" to dish up flawless fare each day has taken its toll.

Mont Saint-Michel to bring in armed police over terror fears

Mont Saint-Michel, one of France's most popular tourist destinations is set to have an armed police presence from December this year in response to the threat of potential terror attacks.

Why is the food at French airports STILL so bad?

It's an age old complaint and even Britain's top celebrity chef can't seem to improve the abysmal food on offer at airports in France.

French Socialists forced to sell off Paris HQ after election debacles

Once a sign of the might of the French Socialists, the party's grand headquarters in central Paris have been put up for sale following the electoral drubbing suffered by the leftwingers this year.

'Ditch the granny nighties': Three tips on how to love like a French woman

London-based French blogger Muriel Demarcus offers some tips for how to love like a like a French woman. WARNING: You might have to change your nightwear.

VIDEO: How Montparnasse Tower will look after €300 million makeover

The much-maligned Montparnasse Tower, which to many Parisians is a stain on their city's beautiful skyline is to be given a major makeover in a bid to finally seduce the locals. See what it will look in this video.

'France is now the land of conquest': Macron urges French in US to return home

French president Emmanuel Macron took advantage of his trip to the United Nations in New York to deliver a rallying cry to his compatriots in America, telling them the time is right to return home.

Macron stands up to Trump and offers very different vision of the world

French President Emmanuel Macron once again defied Donald Trump as he opposed the US president's vision of the world in his maiden speech at the UN on Tuesday.

France clears hundreds of migrants from wood near Calais

French authorities evacuated hundreds of migrants from a wood on the northern coast near Calais on Tuesday over fears it could become a magnet for others hoping to head to Britain.

French retain crown as Europe's film buffs

French cinemagoers secured their title as Europe’s most regular visitors to the silver screen last year, new stats revealed. But their choice of films might worry the French cinema industry.

Ryanair reveals full list of cancelled flights to and from France

Ryanair has announced its complete list of cancellations until the end of October, after making up to 400,000 frustrated passengers wait to find out if they were among those affected.

French cardinal to face trial over 'cover up' of priest's sex abuse

A French Cardinal will go on trial in April accused of covering up the sexual abuse of children by a paedophile priest in his Lyon diocese over 25 years ago, a court ruled Tuesday.

Deadly sea creatures wash up on Brittany’s beaches

Beachgoers in western France have been warned after potentially deadly Portuguese Man o' War were washed up on the shores of Brittany.

'Judgemental' French doctors are scaring away patients, new study reveals

Fear of being judged by somewhat over critical doctors is putting many French people off seeking medical help, a new study reveals.

'I saw my arms on the tracks': Frenchwoman speaks of horrific train accident

A Frenchwoman whose arms were sliced off in a train accident and then successfully reattached has spoken out for the first time about the ordeal.

American 'anti-fascist' faces jail for attack on France's 'Kung-Fu cop'

An American man was among nine "anti-fascist" militants who appeared in court on Tuesday for their role in an attack on France's so-called 'Kung-fu cop' during violent anti-police protests.

France hopeful of persuading Trump to stay in Paris climate deal

A hopeful France set out at the United Nations on Monday to persuade the United States to stay in the Paris climate agreement, as Donald Trump's administration insisted it was not changing gears.

Paris: Work begins on Eiffel Tower's bulletproof glass wall

Works began Monday to boost security at the Eiffel Tower as an anti-terrorism measure, city hall said, with bulletproof glass walls set to go up around the world's most visited monument.

Find out which French mobile network you should really join

A new interactive map lets mobile users in France find out which of the country's operators is the best for them according to where they live.

Macron bombarded with texts after mobile number leaked online

French president Emmanuel Macron was inundated with text messages, many of them unflattering, after his mobile phone number was published online.

Ryanair cancels dozens of flights to and from France

Ryanair has announced cancellations of up to 50 flights a day until the end of October, causing uproar from customers across France and Europe. Here is a list of the affected flights to and from France up until Thursday.

French university cancels lectures after migrants set up home on campus

A French university has taken the rather extreme measure of suspending lectures on one of its campuses after refugees and asylum seekers set up home on the site.

French lorry drivers take action against government’s labour reforms

French lorry drivers opposing the government's reform of labour laws staged protests in Paris and across the country on Monday, ahead of more strikes next week.

Air on Paris Metro system 'ten times dirtier than outside'

The air quality on the Paris Metro is ten times worse than in the streets above, a report has revealed - and it's putting the health of the 26,000 workers on the city's underground transport system at risk.

Boy killed by his grandfather on opening day of France's hunting season

The opening of the hunting season in France was marred on Sunday when a 13-year-old boy was shot dead by his own grandfather in a tragic accident in the west of the country.

Homeless man held over shocking murder of pregnant Frenchwoman

A man was arrested in France on Sunday over the gruesome murder of a heavily pregnant woman who was suffocated in her bed, a source close to the investigation said.

Marseille: US tourists injured in random acid attack

Two young female American tourists were sprayed with hydrochloric acid in the French city of Marseille on Sunday by a woman who appeared to have psychological problems, a police source said.

Bomb scare forces evacuation of Paris to London flight

UPDATED: A London-bound British Airways flight was evacuated at Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport on Sunday due to a bomb scare, but was later cleared for take-off.

French reporter back home after Turkish terror charges

The young French journalist Loup Bureau arrived back in Paris on Sunday, "tired but relieved", after being detained for more than seven weeks in a Turkish jail on terror charges.

Security scare forces evacuation of Paris to London flight

A London-bound British Airways flight was evacuated at Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport on Sunday due to a security scare, but was later cleared for take-off, the airport's operator said.

Djibril Cissé 'one million percent' confident of sex tape exoneration

France international Djibril Cissé insisted he's done nothing wrong over the Mathieu Valbuena sex tape scandal in an interview published on Saturday.

France to bring back old thyroid drug after thousands complain over new formula

An old version of a thyroid medication will be reintroduced in France after thousands of the country's three million users complained of serious side effects from a new formula, the government said Friday.

French researchers win 'funny Nobel' for investigating whether cats are both solid and liquid

Can cats be both solid and liquid? A French researcher who delved into this conundrum has been honoured with an Ig Nobel prize - an alternative award honouring research that 'first makes people laugh, then makes them think'.

Macron withdraws legal complaint against press photographer who 'harassed' him on holiday

French president Emmanuel Macron has withdrawn a complaint lodged in August against a press photographer whom he claimed had 'harassed' him while he on holiday in Marseille.

Doctors' visits are about to get more expensive in France

Certain types of medical consultations are about to get pricier in France, with the change in tariff coming into effect from the start of November.

French theatres prepare to break taboo by showing ads before the curtain rises

French theatres are set to break a major taboo and show adverts before the curtain goes up in what they claim is a world first.

France urges Turkey to free jailed reporter, Loup Bureau

France's Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Thursday pressed Ankara to speed up the case of a French reporter held in Turkey for seven weeks and release him as soon as possible.

France: Awestruck scientists discover 'totally unexpected' blue champagne cloud

Popping a bottle of champagne that has been stored at 20 degrees Celsius ejects a fleeting "mini-cloud" colder than ice and blue as the sky, awestruck scientists said on Thursday.

14-year-old charged with starting nearly 20 wildfires in southern France

A 14-year-old boy was charged on Thursday with starting a string of fires near the French city of Marseille, including one that left thousands of passengers stuck in train stations.

Timeline: How jihadists have targeted soldiers and police in France

A knife-wielding man attacking a soldier on patrol at Chatelet metro station in Paris is believed to have been the latest in a string of terror incidents targeting police and soldiers in France.

France: Monet's 'secret' art collection on show for first time

French art historians spent four years tracking down the startling collection of work by contemporaries including Renoir, Cezanne, Pissarro and Delacroix that Monet secretly bought.

Western Europe's highest peak Mont Blanc shrinks

Mont Blanc, Western Europe's highest peak, isn't quite as tall as it used to be, according to surveyors who measured the mighty summit.

BlaBlaCar launches short-distance carpooling service in Paris

Carpooling service BlaBlaCar has just launched a short-distance car-sharing service in the French capital.