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A Carrot-and-Stick Approach to Long-Term Sustainability

Singapore's sustainable water policy offers a useful model for sustainable development.

South China Sea: A Chinese 'Invasion' Near the Philippines' Pag-asa Island in the Spratlys?

Recent events near Pag-asa Island raise distressing questions.

Has Gandhi's Example Contributed to Donald Trump's Victory?

Gandhi inspired civil rights campaigns across the world. But did his success in movement politics offer wrong lessons for participatory democracy?

The India-Vietnam Relationship: Beyond the BrahMos Connection

The strategic partnership between India and Vietnam goes beyond a prospective BrahMos sale.

Simplifying an Otherwise Complicated Maritime Environment: Operate, Navigate, Communicate

Why maritime captains need to prioritize time and effort towards "operating, navigating and communicating."

Amid the US-ROK Drills, China Warns Not to 'Add Fuel to the Fire'

China's foreign ministry says the joint military drills are not helpful to de-escalation.

The Significance of Nawaz Sharif's Empty Parliamentary Seat in Pakistan

A by-election in Punjab is set to define the course of Pakistan's next general elections.

Can China Curb North Korea's Nuclear Ambitions?

Cold War history -- particularly surrounding Beijing's own nuclear development -- suggests otherwise.

USS John S. McCain Collides With Merchant Vessel Near Singapore, 10 Sailors Missing

U.S. destroyer is moored in Singapore, damage being assessed and search for missing continues.

US Navy's New Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile Completes First Free Flight From Bomber

The test proves the weapon's ability to identity and prosecutes a moving target at sea.

No Exit From Afghanistan: Major Takeaways From Trump's Big Speech on America's Longest War

Counterterrorism is in and nation-building is out, but the United States still has no way out of Afghanistan.

US, South Korea Begin Ulchi-Freedom Guardian 2017 War Games Amid Threats From North Korea

The United States and South Korea will simulate a range of military scenarios and operations.

Korean War Threat Fades as China Debt Fears Resurface

Pyongyang's threats generate a sense of déjà vu, but China's debt inspires more concrete worries.

Stone-Pelting at Lake Pangong: India, China Border Tensions Under the Spotlight

An unusually violent border incident between India and China highlights ongoing tensions.

USS Fitzgerald Leadership Removed, Details of Collision Aftermath Released

Preliminary report reveals actions of sailors to escape, control flooding.

Will the US Learn to Accept the Reality of North Korea's Nuclear-Tipped Missiles?

Is the United States going to be able to accept the reality about North Korea's nuclear-tipped missiles?

Why Will China Be Happy to See Steve Bannon Leave the White House?

Beijing didn't like Bannon's tough talk on China trade, which came out prominently in a recent interview.

70 Years of the Radcliffe Line: Understanding the Story of Indian Partition

On its 70th anniversary, a review of the Radcliffe Line.

A Latin American Battle: China vs. Taiwan

China is competing with Taiwan in Central America and the Caribbean, an abandoned American backyard.

Sri Lanka's Coalition Government Is Rotting From Within

The foreign minister's resignation is another reminder of broader concerns about the coalition government.

Princeton University: Iran Denies Appeal of Jailed Chinese-American Researcher

Iran sentenced the student to 10 years in jail on spying charges; Princeton said he is innocent

Beware the War Against ASEAN's Atheists

A look at the ongoing persecution of a minority group that continues to be under assault in some parts of the region.

Floods Devastate Nepal's Southern Plains

Recent flooding has affected over 16 million people in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

What's China's View On Abe's Latest Cabinet Reshuffle?

Compared to the past, China has been relatively restrained in its criticism of Abe.

Saving China's Snow Leopards with Locals

By enlisting the help of the local community, conservationists hope to help the bashful big cats survive.

US Designates Hizbul Mujahideen as a Foreign Terrorist Group

There are the legal and political ramifications of the designation for HM, India, and Pakistan.

What Happened in the Biggest US-China Military Meeting Under Trump?

U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joe Dunford said North Korean threat can be peacefully resolved.

Can Russia Keep Its Balance Between China and India?

Russia claims that its military drills with India are not against China

The Russia Factor in China's North Korea Challenge

A closer look at a less obvious but potentially crucial variable.

China's African Knot

China's involvement in Africa is changing from "business only" to include peacekeeping and other political interests.

Top US, Japan Defense and Diplomatic Officials Meet to Discuss Alliance, Regional Issues

Top U.S. and Japanese officials discuss North Korea, the East China Sea, and much more.

India Clear Purchase of 6 US-Made Attack Helicopters

This is first time that the Indian Army will operate U.S.-made Apache attack helicopters.

North Korea Has Already Crossed Moon Jae-in's Red Line

The South Korean president's latest red line has already been transgressed by North Korea's Hwasong-14 missile.

Steve Bannon Is Right And Wrong About North Korea's Military Threat

The White House chief strategist is wrong about withdrawing U.S. troops from South Korea but right about the cost of war on the peninsula.

Will US Sanctions on Hizbul Mujahideen Make Pakistan Reconsider Its 'Good Taliban'?

The Pakistani Foreign Office condemned sanctions as being detrimental to Kashmir's freedom struggle.'

A Tragic and Avoidable Death on Manus Island

The recent death of Hamed Shamshiripour highlights Australia's vicious policies toward asylum seekers.

Japanese Public Broadcaster Wins Acclaim in China for World War II Documentary

Japan's NHK broadcasted a program on the crimes committed by Japanese Unit 731 during World War II.

Trump Is Undercutting America's Allies and Strengthening China's Hand

Meanwhile, the Presidents of South Korea and Taiwan are trying to ride the tiger of Trumpian uncertainty .

China Plans to Build 'World-Famous' Cybersecurity Schools in 10 Years

China is not only clamping down on internet access, but also building its internet army

A New G2: China and the EU?

In light of Washington's wavering, Brussels and Beijing have an opportunity.

Whatever Trump May Believe, North Korea Didn't 'Back Down' From Its Guam Threat

That North Korea has not yet launched missiles toward Guam does not mean that Kim Jong-un has backed down.

Beware the New China-Philippines South China Sea Deal

The Duterte administration continues to tout opportunities of a pact despite the significant risks it would involve.

For the United States, India's Moves At Doklam Signal Its Willingness to Act

India's moves against China at Doklam reflect its value as a partner to the United States in preserving global order.

Taliban Office Politics: UAE vs. Qatar

The UAE's attempt at moderating the Taliban through diplomacy ultimately fell short.

US Air Force Exercise Kicks Off with Singapore's Participation

The city-state continues its involvement in Exercise Red Flag.

Who Protects Indians From the Taxman's Algorithms?

As the Indian government scrutinizes the digital lives of its citizens to root out economic crime, fundamental rights could be in jeopardy.

Russia's 'Mini Red October' Subs Will Lack Advanced Propulsion System

Russia's super quiet new class of diesel-electric attack subs will lack air-independent propulsion systems.

The British Raj's Social and Institutional Impact on Indian Society

The legacy of empire was born of profit-seeking.

US, Japan Conduct Military Exercise Near Senkakus

U.S. B-1B bombers and Japanese fighters participated in a joint air drill in the vicinity of the Senkaku islands on August 15.

Chinese Double Standards in the Maritime Domain

Beijing clearly understands its maritime rights, but does not necessarily tolerate and accept the same rights for others.