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Shaun Rein on the 'War for China's Wallet'

Below, The Diplomat talks with Shaun Rein, managing director at China Market Research Group and author of The War for China's Wallet: Profiting From the New World Order, about China's use of economic sticks and carrots in diplomacy. You open your book with an overview of China's use of its ...

China's Americanized Military

The PLA is set to become the largest American' military force to pose a threat to the U.S.

Does Trump Just Kick off the Space Race 2.0 With China?

While China pursues its space plan, Donald Trump signs a directive to send U.S. astronauts back to the Moon.

What the Russia-India-China Trilateral Meeting Means

Trilateralism between Moscow, Beijing, and New Delhi produces lengthy statements, but divergences remain.

Joint Patrols Put Vietnam-Cambodia Military Ties in the Headlines

A recent interaction offered a glimpse into a more sensitive area of bilateral relations.

New Guard, Old Problems: What Sombath Somphone's Continued Disappearance Says About Rights in Laos

The development suggests that more of the same is at work in this realm in the Southeast Asian state.

What's in the New Pakistan Naval Voyage to the Philippines?

A closer look at the interaction within the broader context of ties.

China Flies Long-Range Bombers Near Japan and Taiwan

The Chinese bombers and support aircraft aimed to test real combat capabilities.'

Can Afghanistan Manage to Hold an Election in 2018?

All signs point to "no."

Kazakhstan's Border Spat With Kyrgyzstan: More Than Just a Speed Bump

Does Nazarbayev have a plan?

North Korea's Nuclear Threat Reaches New Heights, But US Policy Remains Unchanged

The introduction of the Hwasong-15 probably will do little to cause the United States to change its policy course.

What's Next for Vietnam-Laos Border Cooperation?

Both sides held another iteration of a key meeting designed to address ongoing border issues.

US-Philippines Coast Guard Cooperation in the Spotlight with Coast Watch Center Visit

A key facility in maritime security collaboration was in the headlines again this week.

North Korea Threat Sparks Record Arm Sales in South Korea

Seoul is investing heavily in its domestic arms industry in response to the threat from Pyongyang, a recent study finds.

Could 3 Young Men Upstage Modi's 'Development' in Gujarat?

The upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat may be a moment of truth for Narendra Modi and the BJP.

Why Pakistan's Ruling Party Should Aim For an Early Election

An alleged state led resistance to the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz's rule can only subside if the party wins a colossal mandate in the next general elections.

Indian Companies to Begin CASA-1000 Construction in Afghanistan

Afghan authorities say work should begin in the coming weeks.

China, Russia Kick Off Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense Exercise

China and Russia began a joint computer-assisted missile defense exercise on Monday.

China's Digital Economy: E-Commerce Consumption Trends

Insights from Winston Wenyuan Ma.

The Rafale Acquisition Scandal: A Potential Threat to France-India Defense Relations

The tortuous Rafale acquisition saga has put a dent in an otherwise robust defense relationship.

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Taboo No More? Abortion in South Korea

Responding to a public petition, the Moon administration will take a close look at the current abortion ban.

The CCP Plants the China Dream Abroad

The CCP's arms of influence are targeting foreign societies in ways that have seldom been fully considered.'

India's Eurasia Policy Gets a Boost With Long-Awaited Trade Corridor

The International North-South Trade Corridor is finally online.

China Cleans up Its Act on Environmental Enforcement

China's latest environmental crackdown actually has teeth – and it's not ending any time soon.

After Trump's Jerusalem Announcement, Malaysians March on US Embassy

President Trump's decision to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel's capital sparked anger in Kuala Lumpur.

Taiwan's 'New Southbound Policy' Scores Win in the Philippines

Taipei hopes its expanded investment agreement with Manila is the first of many with ASEAN partners.

The Real History of Hindu-Muslim Relations Under Akbar

Contrary to the dominant narrative, Hindus and Muslims in India have not always been at each other's throats.

Why North Korea Sanctions are Failing in Africa

The region's experience offers a cautionary tale about the limits of the tool.

Xi's One Belt One Road: A Plan Too Big to Fail?

Xi's legacy will be judged by the success or failure of his signature policy initiative.

What Did Indonesia's Anti-Ahok Reunion Rally Reveal?

The event demonstrated the limitations of anti-Ahok sentiment in the country's capital.

Controversial Indian Salafist a Litmus Test for Malaysia on Counterterrorism

India wants Zakir Naik extradited on terror charges.

Wassenaar Arrangement Admits India as Its 42nd Member

Participation in the Arrangement will burnish India's nonproliferation credentials.

China Protests as Indian Drone Crashes Across the Line of Actual Control

India claims the drone was on a training mission and veered across the border when its operators lost control due to technical issues.

South Korea's Moon Jae-in to Visit China Next Week

Moon's first trip to China will accelerate rapprochement between Beijing and Seoul following their understanding on THAAD.

What's in the New Singapore-Indonesia Counterterrorism Exercise?

A closer look at a recent defense interaction between the two sides.

This 1925 Novel Inspired Japan's Attack on Pearl Harbor

A little known novel by a British naval analyst predicted a U.S.-Japan war, including a Japanese sneak attack on U.S. forces.

What's With the New Philippines-Cambodia Military Pact?

Both countries concluded a new defense agreement as they took stock of ongoing collaboration this week.

Will the Bangsamoro Peace Process Succeed?

The Bangsamoro peace deal may not improve the security situation in or outside of Mindanao.

Nazarbayev Rants Against Offshore Holdings

The Kazakh president complained on national television of companies squirreling their money away abroad.

Tobacco in Pakistan: Deadly Economics

Pakistan must balance the revenue from the tobacco industry with the health of its citizens.

Modern China and the 2 Great Mountains

Feudalism and imperialism are gone, but China faces new 'mountains': social and environmental issues.

Chinese Newspaper Publishes Nuclear Attack Survival Guide

The official paper of Jilin, near the North Korean border, publishes a full-page article about precautions to take.

Biggest US-Singapore Forging Saber Military Exercise Now Underway

The drills are an illustration of the longstanding defense ties between the two sides.

India-Philippines Coast Guard Exercise Spotlights Maritime Cooperation

The interaction bears noting within the context of the defense ties between the two countries.

Japan, China Agree to Implement East China Sea Crisis Management Hotline

An agreement this week will lead to the implementation of a long-sought hotline.

India's 'Carrier Killer': The Air-Launched BrahMos Missile

How will seafaring states in the Indian Ocean react to the BrahMos ALCM?

The Mullah-Military Takeover of Pakistan

A Musharraf-Saeed alliance could provide the political face of the mullah-military takeover underway in Pakistan.

The Future of India's Do-Nothing Policy Toward the Rohingya

The Rohingya crisis will impact India directly and indirectly. New Delhi must take action.

US B-1B Bomber Joins US-ROK War Games in Korea

A B-1B bomber flying from Guam joined up with U.S. stealth fighters over Korean skies.