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China's First Domestically Manufactured Carrier Launches. What's Next for the PLAN?

China's first domestic carrier launches. What's next?

Confronting Indonesia's Maritime Coordination Challenge

The state of a new maritime security body reveals the enduring challenge Jakarta faces in this respect.

What To Expect From The 2017 US-Philippines Balikatan Military Exercise

A look at what is in store for the largest drills between the two allies set to kick off next month.

A Human Shield in Kashmir Raises Questions About Indian Army Overreach

A video gone viral on social media has India up in arms.

What's Behind Sino-Russian Cooperation on North Korea?

Russia and China have different rationales, but both are alarmed by the United States' confrontational approach toward North Korea.

ASEAN-Canada Ties in the Spotlight With Defense Minister's Malaysia Visit

The first-ever visit by a Canadian defense minister to Malaysia emphasizes its increasing attention to Southeast Asia.

Did Thailand Secretly Approve Its China Submarine Buy?

A recent controversy over the transparency of the purchase reveals how tone-deaf the junta-led government can be.

Nepal's Ex-Maoist Child Soldier Shares Plight of His 3,000 Peers

About 3,000 former child soldiers in Nepal remain jobless.

Failed North Korean Missile Tests: Faulty Engineering or a Covert US Offensive Plan?

What would the United States need to credibly attack North Korean missile development by cyber means?

Silence and Fear a Year After a Prominent Bangladeshi Activist's Murder

With the death of Xulhaz a year ago, LGBTI rights work in Bangladesh came to a halt.

Is Laos' New Leader Really a Reformer?

The answer is much more complicated than a surface glance might suggest.

Australia's Carmichael Coal Mine Folly

Canberra is intent on seeing the controversial coal mine through.

Amitai Etzioni on Avoiding War with China

The author discusses US-China relations and how to avoid a war between the two powers.

Afghan Jihad Frozen in Time?

A visit to Hezb-i Islami in the field

The Reality of the Sino-Russian Oil Alliance

Russia's oil ties with China are deepening but markets, not politics, drive the evolving relationship.

China's Vision of the Future Networked Battlefield

Cyber, space and electronic warfare challenges to the US in the Western Pacific

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Will Park Geun-hye Be Pardoned?

If a pardon is made, the peaceful protests could change tone.

Are the US and North Korea Heading for Conflict?

Pyongyang historically has taken an offensive posture, refusing to "sit with folded arms" when provoked.

Every North Korean Missile Launch Since 1984 Visualized

A new database offers insight into 33 years of North Korean missile testing.

Cambodian Domestic Helpers to Take the One Belt, One Road to Hong Kong

Cambodians are set to join Hong Kong's domestic helper workforce this fall.

Chinese Naval Shipbuilding: Measuring the Waves

An interview with Andrew S. Erickson

IMF: Rocky Global Recovery 'Under Threat'

The global economy not yet out of the woods.'

Exploiting Nepal's Children

Two years after the earthquake, rebuilding continues and trafficking thrives.

Cabo Verde's Gamble: Chinese Island-Building in the Atlantic

A tiny nation rolls the dice on a big Chinese investment.

A US Ohio-class Guided Missile Submarine May Be Heading to South Korea

The United States may be dispatching an advanced submarine along with a carrier strike group to the Korean peninsula.

Nawaz Sharif and the Panama Papers Judgement in Pakistan

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has delivered its judgement in the Panama Papers case. What's next?

ASEAN Cyber Challenge Exposed in New Interpol Probe

Anti-cybercrime operation offers yet more evidence of the scale of the problem in Southeast Asia.

Turkmenistan's Ongoing Gas Quandary

Reports of a late resolution of a dispute with a Chinese supplier show further problems in Turkmenistan's gas industry.

What's Behind The New China-Malaysia Defense Committee?

The setting up of a high-level body is yet another move to boost their security ties.

CFIUS in US-China Relations

Insights from Matthew P. Goodman

The Deterioration of the People's Republics: China's North Korea Problem

Relations between the People's Republic of China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are at a turning point.

China's Charm Offensive: Beijing Draws Closer to Brussels

The EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, was in Beijing last week.

Linking Afghanistan to China's Belt and Road

Linking Kabul to both the China-Pakistan Energy Corridor and OBOR could go a long way in bringing the region together.

No Sunset for Pakistan's Secret Military Courts

A failure of justice and a black mark on Pakistan's global image.

A First: India Successfully Tests BrahMos Supersonic Land-Attack Cruise Missile

The Indian Navy tested a land-attack variant of the supersonic BrahMos.

The Sleuth on the Sukhumvit: 25 Years of Noir Fiction With Christopher G. Moore

Noir fiction set in Southeast Asia is particularly popular.

Trump's Risky Reliance on China to Handle North Korea

The long-run impact of the Trump administration's policies toward the region are unclear.

China's First Domestically Built Aircraft Carrier May Launch Any Day Now

China's first homemade carrier could launch in the coming days.

Indian Farmers Protest, Seeking Drought Relief

India's farmers have taken to Delhi to seek redress after an unusually bad drought.

The Kim Jong-nam Assassination and North Korea's Unpredictability

If speculation about the killing is correct, it shows that the regime is more unpredictable than ever.

Pyongyang's Third Failed Missile Test: What Now?

More than ever, the regime needs to pull off a successful demonstration of its technological prowess.

Why the US Must Forgive Cambodia's War Debt

Two wrongs do not make a right.

US, Singapore to Launch New Military Exercise in Guam

A higher-end exercise between the United States and Singapore will be launched in August.

Sacked Afghan Minister Symbolizes the Government's Precarious Position

The ouster of Ahmad Zia Massoud further undermines ethnic balance in the fragile National Unity Government.

Indian State of Telangana Tweaks State-Backed Reservations

The state's ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti party will have a larger fight on its hands.

Indonesia's Prison Challenge in its Terror Battle

The country continues to struggle with this dimension of its Islamic State fight.  

The Real Risk of US Military Force Against North Korea

The recent U.S. strikes on Syria and Afghanistan could pose a disturbing lesson for the North Korea issue.

What Did Pence's Indonesia Visit Achieve?

A closer look at what the vice-president accomplished during his trip to the Southeast Asian state.

Why China Could be a Game Changer for Global Health

With its growing international integration, China is becoming a major actor in global health issues.