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A Bollywood Take on Storytelling in Journalism

Why have visual news media not adopted what could be called cinematic journalism"?

3 Major Takeaways from Xi Jinping's Speech at the 19th Party Congress

Chinese president kicks off the national event with a 3-plus-hour speech.

Chinese Internet Law: What the West Doesn't See

Yes, China's internet policy quashes dissent – but it also fosters innovation.

Kim Jong-un's Political Psychology Profile

Insights from Ken Dekleva.

Trump Goes to Asia: Everything You Need to Know

Donald Trump goes to Asia for the first time as president. What can we expect?

India to Launch 2nd Strategic Nuclear Sub by End of 2017

India's second ballistic nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine will be likely launched this November or December.

The Sinpo-C-Class: A New North Korean Ballistic Missile Submarine Is Under Construction

U.S. intelligence has detected a large, new submarine under construction: the Sinpo-C.

Singapore Holds Terror Drills in Changi Airport

City-state holds first-ever large-scale exercise there amid rising terror threat.

China Gives New Equipment to Philippines for Marawi Recovery

Aid is yet another sign of Beijing's growing ties with Manila in the Duterte era.

The Politics of Religious Exclusion in Pakistan

What does the continued persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan say about politics and religion in the country?

What China Can Learn from Its First 18 Party Congresses

Chinese Communist Party Congresses have not been smooth or regular occurrences over the last 96 years.

Kyrgyz Election Brings High Expectations, but Mixed Results for Voters

As some voters celebrate the conclusion of the vote, others vent frustration with government pressure and broken systems.

Does Democracy's Toehold in Myanmar Outweigh the Lives of the Rohingya?

Putting pressure on Aung San Suu Kyi could endanger her bargain with the military, but a system that allows ethnic cleansing may not be worth saving.

What Went Wrong With Cambodia's Opposition Party

How has the CNRP fallen so far, so fast?

The Case Against Nukes in South Korea

Nuclear weapons aren't a solution to growing South Korean doubts about U.S. resolve and commitment.

China's Lobbying Against the Taiwan Travel Act Backfires

Despite China's threat, the US House Foreign Affairs Committee passed the Taiwan Travel Act unanimously.

A Wide-Ranging Agenda: What Trump's First Asia-Pacific Tour Means

Will the administration unveil a new strategy for the Asia-Pacific during Trump's Asia trip?

EU, Tajikistan Hold Human Rights Dialogue, Say Almost Nothing

The dialogue was "open and honest" and meaningless.

India, Russia to Kick Off Major Military Exercise This Week

The 2017 joint Indo-Russian military drill will include army, navy, and air force elements for the first time.

Trump's Overconfidence in US Missile Defense Could Lead to a Deadly War With North Korea

A belief that missile defense works when it doesn't can lead to a devastating war.

US Navy Christens Most Advanced Attack Sub Ever

The U.S. Navy's newest Virginia-class nuclear attack submarine was christened on October 14.

What's Next for Indonesia-Laos Security Ties?

Both sides continue to look for opportunities in the defense realm as they develop their broader relationship.

Russia-Philippines Defense Ties to Get a New Boost

Both sides are expected to make some inroads in this realm despite the limits that remain.

Ahead of Party Congress, Keep an Eye on China's Leading Groups

What will China's leadership reshuffle mean for economic policy?

Kyrgyzstan's Next President: Sooronbai Jeenbekov

Incumbent Almazbek Atambayev's chosen successor came out on top in Sunday's election.

India Commissions New Sub-Killer Stealth Warship

The third out of a class of four anti-submarine warfare stealth corvettes was commissioned into the Indian Navy this week.

Indonesia, Russia Ink Defense Protocol Amid Fighter Jet Deal

Both sides continue to work out ways to advance military ties amid existing challenges.

Why Silk Road Mayors Are Gathering in Kabul

Hosting the 2017 Silk Road Mayors Forum returns Kabul to its historical place as the center of the Silk Roads.

France in the Pacific: Growing Strategic Ties With Australia

Forging closer security ties with France seems to be Australia's best regional hedge against U.S. political instability.

Beijing Launches Strict Security Checks for the 19th CCP Congress

Railway passengers, metro riders, and even those mailing packages will undergo increased scrutiny.

IMF: India Slips But Asia Still Leads Pack

The latest projections show the importance of Asia for a world economy that is still slowly recovering.

The Kung Fu Nuns of Nepal

The Druk Gawa Khilwa nunnery in Katmandu teaches its nuns a mixture of martial arts and meditation.

Japanese Defense Ministry: 'Unusual' Chinese Military Air Activities Increase Near Japan's Airspace

Total Air Self-Defense Force scrambles dropped slightly from 2016, but Japan remains concerned.

'From Head to Toe a Yuon': The Path From Prejudice to Deportation in Cambodia

Prejudice has its own historical momentum, but the law can either counter or support this.

Chinese Communist Party Expels Former Justice Minister for 'Serious Discipline Problems'

Wu Aiying had served as Chinese justice minister for 12 years until 2017.

US Treasury Designates Chinese Firm That Transferred ICBM-Toting Heavy Trucks to North Korea

China-based Wuhan Sanjiang sees new U.S. Treasury sanctions.

Challenges for ASEAN As It Turns 50

The bloc has come far, but faces some serious challenges in the years to come.

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Indian Regulators Wary About Bitcoin

India, like many other Asian states, is struggling to manage cryptocurrencies.

Is There Still Room for Sanctions to Succeed in North Korea?

North Korean marketization may lend hope for sanctions to work, if the U.S. and China can coordinate.

Who Will Be the Philippines' Next Military Chief?

The personnel change comes at a critical time in the country's security and ongoing defense modernization.

Indonesia's West Papua Headache Continues

Jakarta must tread carefully on the issue.

What's Next for Malaysia-North Korea Relations?

Despite more sensationalist readings, the pattern of limited, calibrated restrictions appears to be continuing.

China Backs Egypt's UNESCO Leadership Bid While the US Withdraws Completely

Beijing has made a smart move, dropping its UNESCO leadership bid to back Egypt at a "critical juncture."

A New Cabinet for Mongolia

Yet another round of changes in government, yet another setback in the hope for genuine reform.

Democracy vs North Korea

Why have democracies proven unable to halt the North Korean dictatorship's development of nuclear weapons?

Thailand 4.0: Back to the Future

The ancient kingdom still struggles with modernity and democracy.

What Is the Likelihood of Cross-Strait Conflict?

An Interview with Arthur Ding on Taiwan's military and political readiness.

The Danger of Linking the Rohingya Crisis to Terrorism

The perils of portraying the Rohingya crisis through securitized lens are quickly becoming apparent.

The Risks of Pakistan's Sea-Based Nuclear Weapons

The Babur-3 opens a dangerous era for Pakistan's nuclear forces.