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Why Do Chinese Reject Middle Eastern Refugees?

Islamophobia is a potent factor, but not the whole story.

Next Islamic State: Australia's Indonesia Challenge

Australia needs a new strategic approach to countering terrorism in Indonesia.

India's Middle East Balancing Act

India must maintain diplomatic equilibrium between Israel and Arab states.

Is the Taliban Still a Threat to US Security?

16 years later, the original rationale for the war on Afghanistan still holds true.

All About the Yen: Japan Begins Mid-Term Defense Planning

As regional tensions rise, Japan will have to make the most of a limited defense budget.

US Government Agent Charged With Giving China Classified Documents

Kevin Mallory is facing charges for selling highly classified U.S. documents to Chinese intelligence agents.

Farewell VPNs & Independent Multimedia Content: China Vows to Clear Network Space

More and more providers of independent audio and video news contents as well as VPN services are shut down.

Russia Proposes Deploying Kazakhs and Kyrgyz to Syria

And now for something completely different.

Missile Defense Blues: SM-3 Block IIA Fails Second Intercept Test

The SM-3 Block IIA saw its first successful intercept in February 2017.

Russia's Financial Carousel Crashes into Asia

Russia is improving ties with offshores in Hong Kong and Singapore, but numbers don't tell the whole story.

Trump-Modi Meeting: India to Push for Predator Drone Sale

India continues to push the U.S. government to sell the Indian Navy advanced surveillance drones.

China Is Taking Trump for a Ride

Like every president before him, Trump seems placated by insincere Chinese promises of 'help' on the North Korea issue.

India's Real Migration Challenge Has Little to Do With Skilled Visas and the United States

Internal migratory trends within India deserve greater attention.

Timor-Leste Parliamentary Elections: Hard Choices, Hard Times

Timor-Leste's election comes at a critical time in the country's development.

2nd US Navy Carrier Strike Group Arrives in Asia Pacific

A second supercarrier has entered the U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet area of operations.

China's Vision for the World: A Community of Shared Future

China's vision is based on three pillars: cooperative security, common development, and political inclusiveness.

Fashion Faux Pas: US Wasted Millions on Afghan Army Uniforms

Why choose a forest uniform for a mostly dry and beige country?

Nixed China-Vietnam Meeting Highlights Illusion of South China Sea Calm

Incident is a warning that despite attempts to downplay the flashpoint, tensions could quickly escalate.

Winning Asia's War on Fake News

Despite the difficulty in forging a regional response, helpful conversations are ongoing.

Indian Farmer Protests Show No Signs of Abating

India's farmers, suffering from indebtedness, take on the government at the center and across various states.

3 Things to Know Before South Korea's Moon Jae-in Meets Trump

In a telling interview, Moon previews what is likely to be a difficult meeting with the U.S. president.

Russia's Military to Start Operational Evaluation of T-14 Tank in 2019

Russia's deadliest tank is slated to enter service in 2020.

What Will It Take to Clean China's Air?

Local governments and industries continue to skirt new regulations designed to limit air pollution.

South Korea Stops THAAD: Strategic Misstep?

Insights from Soo Kim.

Thailand's Winding Road to Democracy

Thailand's latest constitution set a roadmap for elections, but analysts fear true democracy may never return.

US Navy Sets Commissioning Date for $13 Billion Nuclear-Powered Supercarrier

The U.S. Navy's most expensive warship ever will be commissioned in July.

How to Deal With Those Scary Steppe Roads

A new CSIS report highlights just how important road safety is in Kazakhstan.

India's Missed Opportunity in Latin America

Under the Modi government, India has almost entirely neglected Latin America and the Caribbean.

Michael Wood on China: There Is No Such Thing as 'Destined' in History

The historian and host of The Story Of China discusses the Chinese civilization and his view on China's future.

Asia's Deadly Pirates

Asia sees more kidnappings and armed robberies at sea than anywhere else in the world.

The Taipei-Beijing 'Diplomatic Truce' Crumbles: What Next for Taiwan?

With Panama deciding to recognize the government in Beijing, Taiwan's list of diplomatic allies continues to shrink.

The Real Lesson in Thailand's Struggle With a China Rail Project

A recent controversy offers a cautionary tale with respect to large-scale infrastructure projects.

After Otto Warmbier's Death, Can the US Ban Travel to North Korea?

A travel ban, besides being a rarity, would be hard to create and enforce.

Following Death of Otto Warmbier, US Sends Strategic Bombers off Korean Peninsula

The U.S. Air Force dispatched two B-1B Lancers for joint drills with Japanese and South Korean military aircraft.

Whatever the New US Strategy in Afghanistan, It Can't Succeed Without China

Without China's buy-in, any attempt to mediate between Afghanistan and Pakistan is doomed.

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In India, Raids Targeting a Prominent News Agency Spark Censorship Fears

Was a raid on NDTV's offices earlier this month politically motivated?

Boeing Wins Contract to Support Indian Navy's New Sub-Killer Planes

The U.S. defense contractor will continue to support the operational readiness of the Indian Navy's P-8I Neptune fleet.

Hong Kong: Change in the Air?

This July, Hong Kong will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its return to China. Time to reflect about the city's past and future.

The Crash of the USS Fitzgerald: What Happened and What Comes Next?

Japan-based destroyer suffers massive damage, highlights dangers of operating at sea.

Otto Warmbier, American Held in North Korea, Dies Shortly After Release

The Warmbier family attributes his death to his "tortuous mistreatment" by North Korean authorities.

Stop Hyping Up Sam Rainsy's Return to Cambodia

It is not clear what good the opposition figure's reentry would do for him, his party, or his country.

What's Next for the New Sulu Sea Trilateral Patrols?

Southeast Asia's new minilateral security arrangement officially got underway this week.

China's Struggle With Demographic Change

Will China's aging population bring down the economy?

What's in the First US-Philippines Downgraded Naval Exercise Under Duterte?

A closer look at the significance of the maritime training activity both sides launched this week.

The 'Silver Way': An Alternative to 'Thucydides Trap'

Graham Allison's famous formula overlooks a crucial historical example: a rising Spain meeting a powerful China.

South Korea's Chaebol Needn't Fear Moon

Despite campaign pledges, a precarious hold on parliament will make far-reaching reforms difficult to achieve.

Ahead of Presidential Election, Mongolia Corruption Scandal Has a New Twist

A Facebook live video from a whistleblower resurrects a previous bribery scandal.

The Unsinkable Najib Razak

Even as 1MDB and other scandals claim further scalps, Malaysia's prime minister is expected to win the next election.

US, Chinese Officials Set to Meet for First Diplomatic and Security Dialogue

The dialogue is part of a new U.S.-China Comprehensive Dialogue, agreed to by presidents Trump and Xi.