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Regional Challenges in the Wake of the Kenya Elections

Rachael Sullivan is a Master of Public Administration candidate at Columbia University School

"Reform" in Iran

During June's presidential election in Iran, many Westerners strongly hoped for a Hassan Rouhani

Bitcoin for Bombs

Olivia McCoy is an intern in the Center for Preventive Action at the Council on Foreign Relat

Silicon Valley, Silicon Allee, and…Silicon Lagoon?

Sabriyya Pate is the Franklin Williams Intern with the Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studi

Silicon Valley, Silicon Allee, and…Silicon Lagoon?

Sabriyya Pate is the Franklin Williams Intern with the Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies a

Financing Egypt's "Missing Middle"

The Central Bank of Egypt recently launched an initiative that will dedicate approximately

What Is the Far Right's Threat to National Security?

White supremacists' armed protests against the removal of a Virginia memorial to the Confederacy

The U.S. Far Right's Message of Hate Will Not Prevail Outside Its Internet Echo Chamber

The Unite the Right' march in Charlottesville has become one of the most significant far right p

International Observers and the Kenya Election

The outcome of the Kenya elections remains disputed.

Can Ballistic Missile Defense Shield Guam From North Korea?

North Korea has

India at Seventy: An Emerging World Power With Unfinished Business at Home

As India celebrates its seventieth year of independence from the British on August 15, the press

Renegotiating NAFTA: Let the Games Begin

The North American Free Trade Agreement was the first in U.S.

Nigeria Security Tracker Weekly Update: August 5 - August 11

Below is a visualization and description of some of the most significant incidents of political v

Is Zionism "Creepy"? The Question at the Heart of a Social-Media Controversy Deserves an Answer

This article was originally published

Brazil's Internet Is Under Attack, Again

Weekend Reading: The Independence of Iraqi Kurds, China in the Middle East, and Tunisia's Forgotten Palaces

Fazel Hawramy

The Unacceptability of Vulnerability to North Korea's Nuclear Arsenal

North Korea under Kim Jong Un has become a parasite that increasingly threatens both the Korean P

Weak Link in Afghanistan Strategy: Pakistan, Still Not Serious About Terrorism

Nearly sixteen long years on, the United States still struggles with how to devise a strategy for

Dangerous Times for Kenya

What Kenyans hoped would not happen has happened.

Is Duterte Warming to the United States?

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, who blasted the United States repeatedly in 2016, and has r

Women Around the World: This Week

Pakistani Taliban recruits women

The Kenyan Elections: One Day Later

In Kenya and around the world, anxiety is mounting about the potential for violence following the

What Is Behind The War Of Words Between Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un

North Korea has accelerated the timeline for its missile development with two ICBM tests in July.

Why Cutting Foreign Aid Benefits Terrorists

Max Friedman is an intern in the 

Experts in Energy and Climate Change, Russia, and Gender and Human Rights Join CFR

Beijing's AI Strategy: Old-School Central Planning with a Futuristic Twist

Lorand Laskai is a research assistant in the Asia studies program at the Council on Foreign R

South Africa's Jacob Zuma Survives No-Confidence Vote

Brazil's Clouded Political Horizons

Brazil is in a confusing place, with unprecedented voter dissatisfaction but no clear path out of