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The Saudis and Israel--Again

There have been many signs that Saudi official attitudes toward Israel are changing, and today br

The Eurozone's Fiscal Version of the Impossible Trinity?

The following three propositions all seem to be true:

TWE Remembers: General Westmoreland Says the End Begins to Come Into View' in Vietnam

Never overpromise and under deliver.

It's Time to End Gender-Based Violence in Conflict

In the beginning, I counted the number of rapists but when it reached twenty, I said that I woul

The Alternative Paths of Multilateral Trade Deals in Asia

Perusing the coverage of President Donald J.

Saudis Are Hoping Mohammed bin Salman Will Drain the Swamp

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Facing Impeachment, Zimbabwe's Mugabe Resigns

Robert Mugabe

Nigeria Security Tracker Weekly Update: November 11 - November 17

Below is a visualization and description of some of the most significant incidents of political v

China, Credit, and the Current Account

The Financial Times—in

Can Tackling Childcare Fix STEM's Gender Diversity Problem?

Growing up in Pakistan, I often wondered why boys were expected to become doctors or engineers wh

Mugabe Holds On

Zimbabwe's ruling party, the ZANU-PF, has expelled Robert Mugabe and it is demanding that he resi

Mugabe and Mubarak

Robert Mugabe is finally falling from power, after 37 years of vicious dictatorship that ruined h

The Strategy Behind South Korea's Outreach to Southeast Asia

On November 9, South Korean President Moon Jae-in unveiled his New Southern Policy,' aimed at de

Cyber Week in Review: November 17, 2017

In observance of Thanksgiving, we will no be publishing Week in Review next week and will return

Women Around the World: This Week

Morocco strengthens harassment laws

Will Powell Be an Accidental Hawk?

Fed Chair nominee Jerome Powell was a logical choice for Fed chair. A business-friendly Rep

Saudi Arabia's Lebanon Gambit

Saad Hariri's unexpected resignation in Riyadh fueled speculation in Lebanon over whether its pri

Can Civil Society Succeed In Its Quest to Ban 'Killer Robots'?

The following is a guest post by

The Saudis and Israel

This past week the Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Force gave an

Responding to Coups That Aren't Coups

Spokesmen are insisting that the military's

Grading the New Vulnerabilities Equities Policy: Pass

Yesterday, the White House launched a new

Narendra Modi Is Really Popular in India

In a newly released public opinion

How the Situation in Zimbabwe Could Proceed

In the aftermath of the November 15 military intervention, there are credible rumors that

American Asian Security Allies, Alas, Contribute More to Global Trade Imbalances Than China

One possible U.S.

Hippocratic Oath for Bonn

This post is authored by Lindsay Iversen, associate director for climate and resources at the

Tillerson's Visit to Naypyidaw: Some Quick Thoughts

During his meeting today with senior Myanmar leaders including the head of the mil

Military Coup in Zimbabwe Remains Bloodless

As of today, the military seems to be firmly in control of Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, after what

Assessing Trump's Asia Visit: He Put in the Time, But Got Little in Return

During his marathon visit to Asia earlier this month, U.S. President Donald J.

Teaching Morality to Machines

Jane Zavalishina is the CEO of

How the Islamic State Benefits from Sexual Violence

Extremist groups benefit strategically and financially from the subjugation of women.

A Coup Could be in the Works Against Zimbabwe's Mugabe

The era of coups in Africa is supposed to be over.

Notes on the Indo-Pacific: Trump and Modi Reaffirm Defense Ties, Quad' Meets

Despite the swirl of anxiety in the U.S. media about President Donald J.

Trump's Visit to the Philippines: A Budding Bromance but Few Positive Outcomes

Part Two

Trump's Visit to the Philippines: A Budding Bromance but Few Positive Outcomes

Part One

Want a Free and Open Indo-Pacific? Get India Into APEC

President Donald J.

Report Watch Vol. IV: Tracking Digital and Cyber Scholarship So You Don't Have To

Alexandra Kilroy is an intern for the Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program at the Council on

A Conversation with Valerie Jarrett

I recently hosted a CFR roundtable meeting with Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to the Obama Foun

Turkey: Friend or Frenemy? A Tangled Relationship Keeps Getting Worse

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Nigeria Security Tracker Weekly Update: November 4 - November 10

Below is a visualization and description of some of the most significant incidents of political v