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Coming Up: Gorillaz Concert, Budapest Aréna, 13 November

First Gorillaz live show in Budapest on November 13th, 2017 at Budapest Arena. It is no underestimation to say that the return of Gorillaz has been feverishly anticipated.

Video: Gateway To Space Expo @ Millenáris, Now On Until 10 September

From the organisers: After one and a half years orbiting around the Earth, the world's largest travelling 'space collection, the Gateway to Space exhibition about the history of space missions returns to Budapest.

Coming Up: Beach Fossils , A38 Ship Budapest, 9 September

One of the best and loveliest bands on the underground-pop scene Beach Fossils from New York continues the line started by Lou Redd, continued by the Talking Heads and now fluorished again by them.

Hungary Gross Wages Climb 14.4% In June

The average gross monthly wage in Hungary rose by an annual 14.4% to 297,251 forints in June, the Central Statistical Office said.Net wages grew at the same pace as gross wages did to reach 197,672 forints.

Govt Awards HUF 6.4 Bn For Solar Power Plant Projects

The government is providing support of 6.4 billion forints to a unit of Hungarian energy company MVM to build two solar energy plants, according to the official gazette Magyar Közlöny.

Liberals Call On Budapest Mayor To Sack Transport Company Chief

The Liberal Party has called on István Tarlós, the mayor of Budapest, to sack the chief of the capital city's transport authority , a party official said.

EC To Soon Decide On Hungary Food Labelling Law

The European Commission is soon to decide on Hungarian draft legislation that would require food companies to disclose on packaging discrepancies between identically branded products on various national markets, daily Magyar Idők said.

Central Bank Keeps Base Rate On Hold, As Expected

The central bank's Monetary Council decided to keep the bank's key rate on hold at 0.90% at a meeting, as expected. The council has left the base rate on hold since signalling an end to an easing cycle at a policy meeting in the spring of 2016.

Net Average Wage In Hungary Reaches EUR 649 In June

The average gross monthly wage in Hungary rose by annual 14.4 percent to 297,251 forints in June, the Central Statistics Office said on Tuesday. Net wages grew at the same pace as gross wages did to reach 197,672 forints .

Xellia Pharmaceuticals Inaugurates 13 Million Dollars Expansion In Budapest

Denmark's Xellia Pharmaceuticals inaugurated a 13 million dollar expansion at its base in Budapest on Tuesday. Xellia added microbiology and chemical analytical laboratories, a product stability centre and administrative offices in a 3,000sqm building next to its manufacturing plant in Budapest's ...

Blood Donations Sought

On an average day 1,600 to 1,800 people donate blood in Hungary but this number drops during the summer. In recent weeks the use of blood by health institutions has increased, the weekly HVG reports.

Local Opinion: Momentum Launches Action Group

A left-wing analyst suggests that the Momentum party's grassroots action plan emulates the Fidesz civic circles of the early 2000s and will prove counterproductive. The leading pro-government daily suspects that Momentum's scheme is financed by George Soros.

Local Opinion: A Left-Wing Perspective On Barcelona Terror

A left-wing commentator interprets the Barcelona attacks as proof that it is futile to restrict basic democratic liberties, as there is no silver bullet against terrorist violence.

Local Opinion: Dispute Over Charlottesville Violence

Right-wing, libertarian and left-wing commentators interpret the Charlottesville events in the light of Hungarian politics.

5 Top Things To Know When You Set Up A Business In Hungary

Hungary holds exciting business possibilities but, for the ambitious entrepreneur, the first challenge is setting-up successfully. As one of the world's largest economies , with a $265 billion dollar output and a positive growth outlook backed by OECD statistics, Hungary is an attractive place ...

'Budapestman', Heroe's Square, 27 August

From the organisers: The goal of the race is to organize a premium category, Olympic distance Hungarian Triathlon Championship in Budapest where international athletes, as well as Hungarian ones, compete for the trophy of the most spectacular race of the Hungarian capital.

'Bakáts Fest', Budapest, 24 - 27 August

The 2017 Bakáts Feszt is a true pan-arts event. A colourful celebration of music, theatre, dance, film, fine arts, humour and gastronomy to the highest standards which also gives you an insight into Ferencváros's cultural wealth of diversity. Performing artists this year include Andrea Rost, the ...

Now On: 'Geometric Generations', FUGA Budapest Architect Center

Now on until 3 September: The group exhibition presents the works of six Hungarian contemporary artists along with the works of Jerzy Grochocki for whom it will be the first showing in Hungary. By discovering the possible relations, the exhibitions is trying to point out the parallels and different ...

Now On: Titanic Exhibition @ Komplex Budapest

Now on until the end of December. The world-famous Titanic exhibition has arrived to Hungary. Discover the secrets of the Titanic, and experience the magical atmosphere of the early 20th century! This unique exhibition showcases several hundred original art pieces from the famous shipwreck. At the ...

Peruvian Days, Central Market Hall Budapest, 22 - 25 August

From the organisers: We invite you to the Peruvian Days in the Central Market Hall. Come and discover the products of the authentic handicraft of the country . You can watch Peruvian travelogues and hear a bit of the wonderful musical culture of the Andes.

North American Women's Association General Meeting, Radisson Blu Béke Hotel, 5 September

NAWA is a social group for English speaking women . Join us for tours of Budapest and surroundings, charitable activities, daytime and evening social events, and advice and support for newcomers.

British Producer Served Fatal Dish In Budapest

British ITV station producer Amy May Shead indicated in a restaurant in Budapest in the spring of 2014 that she was allergic to nuts. She nonetheless received a dish from which she fell seriously ill.

Increase In MÁV Traffic To Balaton

The number of passengers travelling to or from Lake Balaton by state-railway MÁV-Start reached 1.18 million as of August 16, a rise of 80,000 from the same period a year ago, Magyar Idõk learnt.

Fidesz: Soros Behind Request For Special Session Of Parliament

George Soros was behind the opposition's call for Monday's special session of parliament on the topic of the Central European University, Fidesz group leader Lajos Kósa said, referring to the US financier. Lawmakers of the ruling alliance boycotted the session, which thereby lacked a quorum.

Opposition Parties Fighting Each Other Instead Of Cooperating, Says Dialogue Co-Leader

While the clock is ticking, opposition parties are scrapping with each other rather than engaging in cooperation, the co-leader of the Dialogue for Hungary party said at an opposition demonstration on Sunday, the national holiday celebrating King St. Stephen and Hungarian statehood.

Opposition Parties Reaffirm Demand For FX Borrower Remedies

After a special session of parliament convened by the opposition to debate the situation of tens of thousands of Hungarians who still hold loans borrowed in foreign currency failed to go ahead because Fidesz and its Christian Democrats ally stayed away, opposition parties condemned the ruling ...

Maglione: Hungary 'Superb Host' Of Aquatics Championships

Hungary was a fantastic' host of both the FINA world aquatics championships and the masters championships held between July 14-30 and August 7-20 respectively, FINA chief Julio Maglione told a press conference.

Gov't Publishes Danube Bend Projects

The government has published a list the Danube Bend tourism projects for which it will provide state funding, the official gazette Magyar Közlöny reported on Friday.

Bike Path Plans Initiated

The state infrastructure-developing company NIF has signed contracts for the design of 27 bicycle paths for a total of Ft 603 million, government commissioner Máriusz Révész in charge of bicycle and active relaxation affairs announced at a press conference on Friday.

Budget Deficit EUR 2.69bn In July, Ministry Confirms

Hungary's cash flow-based budget deficit, excluding local councils, reached 816.8 billion forints by the end of July, the economy ministry said in a second reading of data on Monday. The deficit reached 70.0 percent of the full-year target, the ministry said. In July alone, the budget ran a 94.4 ...

Insecticide Contamination Detected In Hungarian Eggs

The Hungarian food authority detected banned insecticide fipronil in one batch of Hungarian eggs, the authority said on Monday. The circumstances of the contamination are under investigation, Nébih said. The batch in question has been withdrawn from circulation, it said.

Now On: 'Gaze Of Thought' Exhibition, Budapest Gallery

Now on until 10 September 2017. The key question around which the art of Miklos Gaál and Tibor iski Kocsis revolves is the situation of reality and its relationship to representation, or, more precisely, the role of experience and perception in the artistic creation of reality. This exhibition ...

Video: Amazing Fireworks In Budapest To Celebrate National Holiday

This fireworks display in front of the Hungarian capital's Parliament, and on the Chain Bridge, closed the official celebrations for the 'National Holiday of the Foundation of the Hungarian State' yesterday.

Hungarian Recipe Of The Week: Stuffed Green Pepper

What can you see on this picture? Do you have any idea? This is the Hungarian Stuffed Green Pepper the 'Töltött paprika'. Recipe is originated from the Serbian culture .

Festival Of Folk Arts Opens In Budapest

The 31st Festival of Folk Arts, featuring over 800 craftsmen from around a dozen countries, opened in the Buda Castle. The largest folk arts event in Hungary, which runs until August 20, features craftsmen and artists from all regions of the Carpathian Basin and, among other countries, China, ...

Official: Link Between Migration, Terror Threat 'Clear'

The link between illegal migration and the threat of terrorism in Europe is clear', foreign ministry state secretary Levente Magyar said, reacting to Thursday's terrorist attack in Barcelona. Speaking at a press conference, Magyar reiterated Hungary's strong condemnation of the attack.

Hungarian Leaders Express Condolences Over Barcelona Attack

Hungary's president, prime minister and parliamentary speaker have expressed their condolences to their Spanish counterparts over the terror attack in Barcelona on Thursday afternoon.

President Calls For Including 'Subnational' Actors In Paris Climate Pact In Letter To Macron

Hungarian President János Áder has proposed that the Paris climate accord should be expanded to include subnational' organisations, in a letter written to Emmanuel Macron, his French counterpart. In his letter, Áder asked Macron to help create the conditions for the potential new partners to ...

Thai Festival 2017, Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest, 10 September

From the organisers: Join us in celebrating Thai culture in Hungary with authentic Thai food, cultural performances, shops and much more.

Government Steadfast Amid Mounting Pressure On Hungary To Comply With EU Migration Policy

The Hungarian government is steadfast in its opposition to EU mandatory migrant quotas in the face of mounting pressure on the country, including the European Union infringement procedure initiated in June and threats to curb funding unless Hungary falls in line, a cabinet official said on Thursday.

Busho International Short Film Festival, Budapest, 29 August - 3 September

From the organisers: Since the cessation of „Off' and „Escape to Short film' there has been a gap on the palette of the filmfestivals in Hungary.

Local Opinion: Hungarian GDP Grows By 0.9 Per Cent In Q1

Although the growth rate for the first quarter of 2017 is slightly beneath the expectation of experts, analysts agree that the government's objective of 4.1 per cent growth can still be achieved in 2017.

First Hungarian Street Food Cookbook Out In September

Steak sandwiches, salty waffles and Angus burgers, as well as homemade beer recipes, will all be available to food enthusiasts from September 1 in the Food Truck Cookbook .

Hungary Spends Above EU Average On Public Order, Safety

Hungary's central government spending on public order and safety stands at 2.1% in proportion to GDP, over the 1.8% average for the European Union as a whole, reveal data compiled by Eurostat, the EU's statistical office.

Socialists Voice Conditional Support For Probe Into Fidesz's 2010 Campaign Spending

The Socialist Party has said it is prepared to back radical nationalist Jobbik's call for an investigation into ruling Fidesz's spending during the 2010 election campaign on the condition that it can preside over the parliamentary committee examining the case.

25 Young Roma To Represent Hungary At Varna Forum Of Phiren Amenca

Some 25 young Roma will represent Hungary at a social forum of the Budapest-based Phiren Amenca network of Roma and non-Roma volunteers to be held in Varna in Bulgaria as part of the European Youth Capital program series on August 24- 30, the organisers said.

José Rizo's Exhibition In Dúzsi Budapest, 17 August

"Whether it is about the design of a T-shirt, a house, a flat´s interior, a public space or an airport, every project should be conceived from scratch, intend to be unique as per its context, and comply in concept and scale, with only one entity: the user, the habitant, the person. The one who will ...

Amazing World Record By A 96-Year-Old Woman At FINA Masters World Championships In Budapest

The American Maurine Emilie Kornfeld is the oldest female swimmer at the 2017 FINA Masters World Championships. She was the only one who entered the 800 m freestyle event in the 95-99 age group, and managed to set a new world record with an amazing performance.

Would You Like To Rent A Boat On Lake Balaton?

According to, if you're willing to pay a few hundred thousand forints for the deposit and insurance fee, then you can easily rent a boat on Lake Balaton for an otherwise affordable price. Thanks to Boatly, a Hungarian start-up, you don't even need a license to sail around ...

American Airlines To Launch Philadelphia-Budapest Daily Flights Next Year

American Airlines will launch a daily service from Philadelphia to Budapest in its summer schedule next year, AA and Liszt Ferenc Airport operator, Budapest Airport said on Wednesday. The flights will operate between the 5th of May and the end of October.