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Is It Worth the Upgrade? Ryzen 3 vs. Core i5-2500K vs. FX-8370

At this point we know that Ryzen 3 makes a strong case for budget gaming. What we've yet to learn however, is whether that scenario changes for folks wanting to upgrade, with overclocking, and if you're coming from older high-end chips such as the Core i5-2500K and FX-8370 have anything...

Asus announces B250 Mining Expert motherboard with 19 PCIe slots and triple 24-pin power connectors

We've touched on cryptocurrency mining in the past as well run some benchmarks, but one thing we haven't really covered is dedicated mining hardware. The most important part of any mining setup are the graphics cards since they perform the actual computations. With traditional hardware, you need a ...

Sony blocks cross-platform play for 'ARK: Survival Evolved'

Sony has once again blocked the possibility for cross-platform play on another popular MMO. ARK: Survival Evolved is the latest game to get the cross-platform ax on PlayStation. You might remember the stink raised at E3 2017 when it was announced that anyone on any platform would soon be able...

Western Digital launches 20TB desktop storage system

The demand for local storage isn’t what it used to be thanks to the proliferation of cloud-based storage as well as streaming music and video platforms. That said, the need for massive quantities of storage does persist.

Uber adds additional driver-friendly features as part of '180 Days of Change' campaign

Uber on Monday as part of its 180 Days of Change initiative announced additional driver-friendly features designed to make driving for the ride-hailing platform even more attractive.

Facebook is losing teens to Instagram and Snapchat

Market research firm eMarketer on Monday reduced its usage estimates for Facebook users under the age of 25 – an issue that some competing social media platforms aren’t expected to face.

Stranger Things will return for a third season

Stranger Things, the original sci-fi horror series from Netflix, will live on after its highly anticipated second season premiere later this year.

Pre-orders for Nintendo's Super NES Classic go live and sell out instantly

Okay, I’ll admit, maybe saying that the Super NES Classic sold out instantly is an exaggeration, but only a slight one. Considering the time of day that presale of the retro box went live and how long supplies lasted, it might as well have sold instantly.

HP unveils the Omen X, a gaming laptop that's easily overclockable and upgradable

HP is adding a new product to its line of gaming-focused Omen laptops . Announced today at Gamescom, the Omen X laptop is aimed squarely at the enthusiast market, something that’s reflected in its long feature list and high price tag.

AMD Hotfix 17.8.1 adds support for Quake Champions

A new Crimson Driver Hotfix offers support for the Radeon RX Vega Series, as well as Quake Champions Early Access and Agents of Mayhem. Download the new drivers now available for Windows 10 and 7.

UK prosecutors to treat online hate crimes as seriously as face-to-face abuse

It’s suggested that people are more likely to carry out online “hate crimes” because they believe they’re unlikely to be punished, and even if the perpetrators do face consequences, often the worst they can expect is a ban. But in the UK, prosecutors are cracking down on ...

Verizon changes up "unlimited" plan to restrict high quality video streaming

The largest mobile network provider in the United States has put an end to high quality streaming options with the announcement of new unlimited data plan options. Verizon was previously testing reduced video quality on Netflix recently, and this appears to be the reasoning for the trials.

Google could release a new Chromebook Pixel and smaller Home speaker at its fall hardware event

We know that Google’s Pixel 2 phones are on their way, but according to recent rumors, the company might be releasing a total of four new pieces of hardware at an event this fall. The report states that in addition to its two handsets, Google will unveil a new Chromebook...

The PC version of Final Fantasy XV will reportedly take up 170GB of drive space

As PC games become ever larger and more complex, the amount of storage space they require continues to increase. Most big releases these days hover around the 40GB – 60GB mark, with some requesting even more – Gears of War 4, for example, asks for 114GB. But that’s nothing ...

Which company invented the hard disk drive?

The first commercial hard disk drive was shipped in 1956

Microsoft announces Age of Empires IV, shows off trailer at Gamescom

The Age of Empires games are some of the best-loved real-time strategy titles ever made, which is why Age of Empires: Definitive Edition was met with cries of joy when it was unveiled at E3 this year. But if people were excited about that remastered game, imagine how they felt...

Xbox One X Scorpio Edition nearly sold out, over 100 games optimized for 4K

Last week a couple of online retailers prematurely posted listings for a special edition Xbox One X. Yesterday at Gamescom, Microsoft confirmed that it would indeed be releasing the Xbox One X – Project Scorpio Edition. Since then the exclusive signature console has already nearly sold out. ...

Acer's Nitro 5 Spin is a convertible designed for casual gaming

Acer on Monday capitalized on Intel’s 8th generation Core processor launch by announcing a new notebook designed for casual gaming.

Validate your IT knowledge with these CompTIA courses

The job market is shifting and demand is growing for skilled professionals in the IT sector. However, in order to get your foot in the door, you'll need a few certifications to prove you have what it takes to prospective employers, and that's where the Ultimate CompTIA+ Lifetime Certification ...

Former Just Cause, Mad Max developers announce Biomutant

Experiment 101, a new development studio staffed by veterans that previously worked on Mad Max and Just Cause, has partnered with publisher THQ Nordic on a new game called Biomutant.

BioShock is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a $200 collector's edition

BioShock, one of the most well-regarded first-person shooter franchises ever made, is celebrating its 10th anniversary today, and publisher 2K Games isn't wasting the opportunity to pull long-time franchise fans back in. Today, the publisher has announced the official BioShock 10th Anniversary ...

Android 8.0 Oreo is official: Google adopts Oreo as the latest Android nickname

The wait is over ! Google on Monday confirmed during the astrological event that Android 8.0 will indeed be known by the nickname Oreo. Best yet, you should be able to get your hands on the new OS fairly soon -- if you have the...

OurMine hijacked PlayStation's Twitter claiming it hacked PSN and stole user data

Sunday evening a few tweets went out on the official PlayStation Twitter feed saying that the PlayStation Network had been hacked.

Bugged replacement screens could be used to hack your smartphone

Gravity is a relentless mistress, one that has wreaked havoc on smartphones of all shapes and sizes over the years. This force of nature is directly responsible for countless busted screens and the crop of shops tasked with repairing them.

Call of Duty documentary to show rise of popularity

Creating a video game takes a lot of work beyond the technical side of development. Writing a story that makes sense and gives personality and depth to a game is difficult to do well.

HTC slashes Vive VR headset cost by $200, now yours for $599

Facebook last month temporarily slashed $200 off the cost of its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and Touch controller bundle. Shortly after, the company introduced a permanent price cut that brought the cost of the combo down to $499 .

Jurassic World Evolution is the dinosaur theme park sim we've been waiting for

Theme park builders have been a popular genre on the PC for years, and continue to be enjoyed by many players. At Microsoft’s pre-Gamescom briefing, Universal and Frontier Developments announced a new theme park sim that adds something new to the usual mix of rollercoasters and concession ...

Another web hosting provider drops The Daily Stormer

The saga of Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer’s quest to stay online took another twist on Friday when it returned to the internet. But the stay was short lived after its new web hosting company and registrar – Namecheap – said it wouldn't host the site due to its incitement...

BioWare ends single-player support for Mass Effect: Andromeda

If you happen to be in the minority of people who love Mass Effect: Andromeda’s single player campaign, here’s some bad news: BioWare is dropping support for this element of the game. That means no more updates or single-player DLC for those who like to go it alone. ...

These famous tech personalities are all college dropouts, except...

Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs?

Elon Musk joins 116 experts calling for ban on "killer robots"

Elon Musk has long been a proponent for the regulation of artificial intelligence, calling it humanity’s “biggest existential threat,” and “more dangerous than North Korea.” Now, the Tesla boss has joined Google DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman and a group of 116 ...

Sonic Mania Review

Sonic Mania is a celebration, a digitized block party of blistering speeds and bright worlds. Sega's decision to hand their famous mascot over to fan creators and artists has paid massive dividends, creating a game that is not just a welcome return to form but a raucous, delightful experience.

Intel unveils the first of its 8th generation Core CPUs

Intel has just launched the first of its 8th generation Core processors: four 15W U-series mobile CPUs. The company says they will offer a 40 percent speed boost over the previous generation, and now feature four cores and eight threads instead of the previous two cores and four threads.

The Best Computer Cases: Updated for 2017

You may have a monster graphics card, a sweet water-cooling setup, and multi-colored braided cables, but your rig's potential is wasted if they're crammed into a case that doesn't complement the hardware. What you need is a shiny new chassis, and we've gathered the best you can buy today....

Weekend tech reading: Super-size the eclipse, Intel Atom C3000 revealed, first 802.11ax products

How to super-size the eclipse - sun funnel If you've got a telescope, give the crowd a show next week. Make the eclipse bigger! Eclipse glasses are okay, but the sun is only as big as your thumbnail at arms length. That's not very big. I need something to impress...

Weekend Open Forum: How fast can you type?

There was a time when a fast typing speed was an attribute usually reserved for those who sat behind a keyboard all day. But in today’s connected society, it’s not just the likes of secretaries, IT workers, and professional writers that can exceed 60 words per minute.

Xbox One X may be seeing a Day One special edition branded with the Project Scorpio logo

At least one German retailer has posted a listing for a special edition Xbox One X. The German online store MediaMarkt has a page up under its Xbox One consoles category titled “MICROSOFT Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition.” It even posted some pictures of the console which appear...

Google to livestream Android O reveal on August 21 during the eclipse

Google late last month released the fourth and final Android O developer preview, nudging the mobile operating system one step closer to its commercial release. We still don’t know exactly when that’ll happen but we should find out soon.

This portable charging hub lets you take six high-powered ports on the move

You'd be hard-pressed to find a charging hub more versatile than the Adam Casa USB-C 6-port hub. Boasting two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, a USB 3.1 Type-C port, plus HDMI, ethernet, and an SD card reader, this sleek and ultra-portable hub is designed to meet your needs -- no matter...

PlayStation 4 firmware version 5.0 makes several major usability improvements

Sony made a few significant changes to the PlayStation 4’s system software. Version 5.0 of the PS4 operating system adds better parental controls, improved broadcasting capabilities, custom friends lists, and more. Here are a few of the major additions.

Studios are moving forward with plans to make movies available for rental mere weeks after appearing in theaters

Movie theaters seem like an incredibly archaic concept in 2017 as nearly every amenity or benefit they once afforded has been nullified – or made worse – by modern technology.

Can tech companies legally cancel service to hate groups?

The past few days have seen many of the largest tech companies coming out against extremist groups such as the KKK, neo-Nazis, and other white supremacists. While condemning hate is nothing new, this has led to a debate over whether or not these groups are protected under the First Amendment....

Essential Phone review round-up: good, but not quite "essential"

Asus launches six new dual camera ZenFone 4 handsets

Last week, Asus accidentally gave us a taste of what to expect in its upcoming ZenFone 4 line when the handsets’ details were published on a French website. Today, the company has officially announced the six new smartphones, all with dual camera setups, at an event in...

Quake Champions early access starts next week, adds playable Doom Guy

With the excellent remake of Doom proving so popular, it didn’t come as too much of a shock when id Software revealed a reboot of its other iconic first-person shooter - Quake – at E3 last year. The game finally entered closed beta a few months ago, and next week...

Google Play bans alternative social media site Gab for hate speech

Late last year, I reported on a new social network called Gab that was quickly gaining popularity. It was positioned as an alternative to the likes of Twitter and Facebook, focusing on free speech and less censorship. Now, the app has been kicked off Google’s store for hate speech. ...

Atari sues Nestle over accusations it copied Breakout game in Kit Kat ads

We’re used to seeing tech companies sue each other over alleged IP infringements, but we now have what may be the first case of a gaming firm suing a confectionary maker. Atari has accused Nestle of violating its rights by using the name and concept of its 1976 game Breakout...

What was the first MMORPG to be based on graphics instead of text?

Was it Neverwinter Nights, EverQuest, Ultima Online or Asheron's Call?

Atari sues Nestle over accusations it copied Breakout game in Kit Kat ads

We’re used to seeing tech companies sue each over alleged IP infringements, but we now have what may be the first case of a gaming firm suing a confectionary maker. Atari has accused Nestle of violating its rights by using the name and concept of its 1976 game Breakout in...

Thomas Was Alone's developer just released a surprise sci-fi title for $6

If you've played Volume or Thomas Was Alone, you're probably already familiar with indie developer Mike Bithel and his fondness for quirky, narrative-driven games. However nobody could've anticipated today's surprise release of Subsurface Circular, a short sci-fi title that follows the life of a ...