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TechSpot PC Buying Guide: A quick CPU/platform update for late 2017

The TechSpot PC Buying Guide offers a comprehensive analysis of today's best desktop PC hardware spanning five well differentiated budgets. Starting at ~$400 for an affordable PC, followed by two well-balanced enthusiast-oriented machines, a premium high-end build, and finally a dream machine ...

Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 7: Core i7's of Yesteryear

One of these old Core i7 power plants will get a much deserved upgrade, tell us which should win. We've also got a reader getting a new AOC gaming monitor for voting and commenting. Watch the new episode here.

Apple loses $440 million infringement battle with patent troll

Apple has been ordered by a US District Court to pay Texas-based company VirnetX $439,727,418 in patent infringement damages and legal fees. This legal battle has been going on for years and it’s not over yet as Apple plans to appeal.

Doom is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 10

If you've been waiting for the opportunity to shoot, punch or otherwise destroy demonkind on the go, Bethesda and Nintendo have good news for you. Bethesda's popular demon-slaying title 'Doom' is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch on November 10.

Wi-Fi weakness KRACK disclosed, affecting nearly every connected device

Wi-Fi encryption security took a major hit on Monday with the disclosure of a flaw that affects virtually every device that wirelessly connects to the Internet.

Survey data suggests buyers are opting for the iPhone 7, not the new iPhone 8

Apple’s annual marketing push for its latest iPhone is in full swing but according to one analyst, the new iPhone 8 has taken a back seat to last year’s model.

UK lawmakers receive proposals to apply gambling laws to loot boxes

It was only last week when the Entertainment Software Rating Board announced that loot boxes do not qualify as gambling. The way the ESRB sees it, loot boxes are the digital equivalent of trading cards. So at least for now, developers can continue to safely add loot boxes to...

Russia may launch its own state-issued cryptocurrency

At a private meeting in Moscow, Vladimir Putin has advocated for Russia to begin issuing its own cryptocurrency. Dubbed CryptoRuble, the Russian cryptocurrency will not be open for mining and will be under tight control by government authorities.

Canon's G1 X Mark III is the first PowerShot with a large APS-C sensor

Canon on Monday introduced its first-ever point-and-shoot camera with an APS-C sensor, the PowerShot G1 X Mark III.

Alphabet is teaching law enforcement how to respond to self-driving collisions

Self-driving cars are expected to help greatly reduce the number of vehicle collisions by eliminating human error but no technology is likely to be completely error-free. In a recent safety report from Waymo, Alphabet shared some insights as to how law enforcement should respond to an accident ...

Play original SNES, Super Famicom cartridges with the Analogue Super Nt console

Nintendo has done a lot for nostalgic gamers with the release of its NES and SNES Classic Edition consoles. The pint-sized remakes are loads of fun and make for great conversation pieces but they’re not without faults and shortcomings.

Microsoft employees can now work in the trees

Working for some of the world’s largest tech firms means long hours and high pressure, but there are some perks. Googlers get to use the company's slides, games, beanbags, and other cool stuff when they’re taking a break, while Amazon staff will soon be able to enjoy the three giant...

Huawei unveils Mate 10 family of smartphones with Kirin 970 SoC, up to 6GB of RAM and a 4,000mAh battery

Huawei, makers of the intriguing Kirin 970 octa-core mobile chipset, has unveiled its iPhone 8 competitor. The Mate 10 line will serve as the company’s first foray into the bezel-less trend that has encompassed 2017 and offer consumers additional options when it comes time to select a mobile ...

Build your own robot with this Arduino training

You don't need to be a programming prodigy to understand how robots work. In fact, with the Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle, you can start creating your own autonomous machines with zero technical background, and it's on sale for 90 percent off its normal retail price.

Researcher finds third parties have access to cellphone data

Verizon is no stranger to privacy controversies. The wireless carrier was discovered to use a “permacookie” back in 2015 in which a string of about 50 characters called a Unique Identifier Header allowed Verizon to track subscribers for advertising purposes. The company eventually ...

Noctua introduces Chromax line in six colors other than brown

Perhaps one of the most long-awaited products has finally arrived for enthusiasts. Noctua coolers now have the option for black 120mm and 140mm fans with colored interchangeable anti-vibration pads. The chromax line offers red, yellow, green, blue, black, and white pads for fans as well as colored ...

Samsung's Connect Tag tracker lasts one week on a single charge

Portable tracking devices that can be attached to a multitude of objects certainly aren’t new, but Samsung is launching the first of these products that uses narrowband technology , a cellular communication standard used for securely connecting low-power Internet of Things devices.

Up to 13,000 cheaters are being banned from PUBG every day

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG as it’s better known, is breaking Steam records. The multiplayer battle royale game, which is one of our Best PC games you should be playing, now holds the platform record for most concurrent players — over 2.2 million — and is owned by ...

Released in 1995, the Diamond Edge 3D was Nvidia's first graphics card sold as a complete entertainment package featuring 2D/3D accelerators, an integrated sound card, games and what else?

Developed collaboratively between Nvidia and Sega, the 1MB Diamond Edge 3D shipped in 1995 for $249.99

Hackers placed secret cryptocurrency miner on Politifact

It's been about a month since users discovered that popular torrent site The Pirate Bay had a hidden in-browser cryptocurrency miner on its pages that surreptitiously utilized visitors’ CPUs to mine Monero.

WPA 2 security protocol may have been cracked

Security researchers may have discovered severe vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi Protected Access II protocol that protects the majority of Wi-Fi connections around the world. If the encryption really has been cracked, it could allow hackers within wireless range of a network to eavesdrop on traffic, ...

The Best PC Games

It's that time of year again when we take another look at the best PC games you should be playing. Some exciting new titles are arriving over the coming weeks and months, including Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Far Cry 5, and Metro: Exodus, but there are plenty of excellent...

Naughty Dog denies claims that ex-employee was fired after being sexually harassed

As the movie industry deals with the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein revelations, more people are coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment against their superiors. On Friday, Amazon studio boss Roy Price was suspended by the company for his reportedly inappropriate behavior. Now, a ...

Nvidia might not let you overclock the 1070 Ti

One of the best things about being a PC owner is the ability to overclock our hardware. It’s always fun to tweak a GPU, for example, and squeeze a few more frames per second out of it. But new rumors claim Nvidia’s expected next card — the GTX 1070 Ti...

Weekend tech reading: SNES Mini hacks, inside Lenovo's testing lab, 500 million PCs quietly mine cryptocurrencies

SNES Mini Classic Hacking | More games, more borders, more gooder. With the first official final release of hakchi now out and working with the SNES Mini, it made sense to dedicate a thread to this wonderful little tool. So what are the basics? will ...

Unpatched vulnerability discovered in Subaru key fobs allowing for easy exploits and cloning

A Dutch electronics designer named Tom Wimmenhove has discovered a vulnerability in the key fob system used by several Subaru vehicles. By exploiting the vulnerability, a thief can clone a key fob and gain access to a vehicle with relative ease. Wimmenhove says he informed Subaru of the security ...

Weekend Open Forum: What CPU powered your first computer?

Years of begging and pleading with my parents finally paid off when I received my first computer as a Christmas gift. It was an entry-level machine powered by AMD’s K6-2 processor clocked at 333MHz and although it wasn’t quite as powerful as my friend’s Intel Pentium II 266MHz ...

Plex launches live TV streaming service on Roku

Media server platform provider Plex is bringing its live TV streaming service to Roku. Plex’s streaming service launched earlier this year and currently works with iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and of course, the web.

Discord launches verified servers for game developers

Gaming-centric online chat service Discord recently announced its Verified Server program, granting developers and publishers special privileges such as custom sharing links and branded splash pages.

Amazon suspends studio boss Roy Price following sexual harassment claims

Not only have the Harvey Weinstein revelations seen him fired from the production company he co-founded and become the subject of criminal investigations, but they’ve also led to other Hollywood stars speaking out against big industry names who abused their positions of power.

Steve Wozniak wants to train you for a career in tech

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on Friday announced the formation of Woz U, an online learning platform designed to teach people the skills needed to have a successful career in technology-based fields.

Blizzard bans numerous cheaters after detection of bot use

Blizzard dropped the ban hammer late last night as a wave of suspensions went out to World of Warcraft players. The purge apparently happened at around 11 pm EDT according to a post on the WoW subreddit. Suspensions ranged from six months all the way up to 18 months for repeat offenders.

New iPhone firmware fixes audio and haptic feedback issues in iPhone 7

Apple has released a new version of iOS 11 that fixes audio and haptic feedback problems that some iPhone 7 users have been experiencing. Additionally an issue where the touch input becomes unresponsive on iPhone 6s displays.

Check out the final trailer for season two of Stranger Things

Today is Friday the 13th, a fitting date for Netflix to premiere its final trailer for season two of Stranger Things.

Microsoft Edge brings synchronization to mobile devices

After the official demise of Windows Phone, Microsoft has been quick to bring new apps to iOS and Android. Joining Cortana, Microsoft Launcher, and the Office suite of applications, Edge browser is making its way to other mobile operating systems.

In old PCs, what was the function of the "Turbo" button?

A long time ago, desktop PCs used to have a Turbo button alongside Power and Reset.

WeChat's algorithms translated 'black foreigner' into racial slur

It seems that algorithms have once again shown they’re still far from perfect. This latest instance comes from China’s WeChat messaging service, whose system translated the neutral Chinese phrase “black foreigner” into the N-word.

You can now order pick-up or delivery without leaving Facebook

Facebook on Friday added a new feature to its multi-faceted social network: the ability to order food for pick-up or delivery without leaving Facebook.

Equifax removes part of its website following discovery of adware-loaded Flash update

As if facing numerous lawsuits, a damaged reputation, and a US Justice Department criminal investigation wasn’t bad enough, it briefly looked as if Equifax’s website had suffered another breach yesterday. But the company says the problem came from a third-party vendor and that its ...

Dutch DPA says Windows 10 breaches privacy laws

According to the Dutch data protection authority, Windows 10 is in violation of local privacy laws concerning the use of automated data collection. Since the release of Windows 10, metadata has been transmitted to Microsoft using the built in telemetry feature with no clear option to completely opt ...

Here is the sound used to attack US diplomats in Cuba

You're likely to know about the alleged “sonic attacks” on US diplomats in Cuba that resulted in hearing loss, tinnitus, headaches and dizziness. Now, you can experience it yourself, after the Associated Press released what it claims is a recording of the sound.

'8K' VR headset in the works by Chinese startup Pimax

Chinese startup Pimax is working on a virtual reality headset called the “Pimax 8K” that looks to address a couple of minor gripes about VR – pixel density and field of view .

That giant robot battle between the US and Japan is finally happening

Clear your calendar, folks, as the long-awaited giant robot battle between the US and Japan is finally going to take place next week .

Samsung Electronics CEO resigns over "unprecedented crisis"

On the same day that the company forecast record quarterly profits, Samsung’s chief executive officer and vice chairman, Oh-Hyun Kwon, has announced his resignation. He called for a change in leadership as the Korean firm faces an “unprecedented crisis inside out.”

Intel Core i5-8400 Review: 8th-Gen Best Value Chip

Today we're checking out the most affordable six-core processor ever released, and this time it's not from AMD. The Core i5-8400 is more affordable than the $215 Ryzen 5 1600, though it can't be overclocked and lacks HyperThreading, but it should nonetheless be ample for gamers and may even ...

Russians exploited Pokmon Go in their efforts to influence US politics

Details are emerging about a Russian-linked campaign that sought to influence US politics through a wide variety of social media platforms. The group reportedly posed as a member of the Black Lives Matter movement and used common services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr to ...

Epic Games sues alleged Fortnite cheaters for copyright infringement

Epic Games last week took a firm stance against Fortnite cheaters, banning thousands and promising to “do more” to curb the issue.

ESRB rules that loot boxes do not qualify as gambling

Loot boxes are a growing trend in video games. Love them or hate them, developers are embracing them as another way to generate revenue. As such, there have been calls for the Entertainment Software Rating Board to classify them as gambling. The ESRB already has two classifications for wagering...

Pre-orders for Samsung's Gear Sport, IconX 2018 earbuds launch tomorrow

Beginning October 13, Samsung's Gear Sport smartwatch and Gear IconX 2018 wireless earbuds will be available for pre-order.

Sony's Xperia Touch projector is now available in the US

Sony at Mobile World Congress earlier this year unveiled the Xperia Touch, an Android-driven projector that uses a 60fps camera and infrared sensors to detect taps and gestures on a 23-inch projected image on a horizontal surface .