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The Last Mile to Civilization 2.0: Technologies From Our Not Too Distant Future

As technology migrates from our desktops and laptops to our pockets and bodies, databasing and deep learning will allow for society to be optimized from the micro to the macro. Here are 5 technologies that may not be on your radar today, but they sure are approaching closer and are...

Twitch launches an Alexa skill for Echo devices

Voice control via digital assistants is more popular than ever thanks largely in part to Amazon and its Alexa-enabled devices. That dominance expands with the recent launch of the Twitch skill in the US.

Coinbase faces outages as popular altcoins surge

While bitcoin has seen a huge surge in price and popularity, it is far from the only cryptocurrency making market gains. Just as there are many different types of fiat currency including the US dollar, the euro, and the pound, there are also many types of cryptocurrencies. Two of the...

Opinion: The dawn of gigabit connectivity

From cars to computers to connectivity, speed is an attractive quality to many people. I mean, who can’t appreciate devices or services that help you get things done more quickly?

Intel is cutting funding of its iconic "Intel Inside" program

Smartphones and mobile devices in general have wreaked havoc on the PC industry over the past several years. As saturation set in, however, we saw things level out a bit and even start to recover but that may not be the case for much longer.

Bungie locked Destiny 2 content after releasing first DLC

Bungie released the first Destiny 2 expansion, Curse of Osiris, last week. Players who bought the DLC or Expansion Pass did not have any complaints or notice any difference in gameplay. However, those who opted not to purchase the add-on found that access to certain parts of the game were...

Apple has added a pre-order option for iOS apps on the App Store

When looking to buy the latest games, pre-ordering or participating in betas for early access is common practice. Apps have become a large market that is highly dependent on name recognition but without a way to officially accept orders in advance. Apple has decided to change that by allowing ...

Android 8.0 Oreo distribution sits at just 0.5 percent

Android Oreo, the latest version of Google’s popular mobile operating system, was released to the public on August 21 . Despite launching nearly four months ago, however, the OS has barely impacted the Android ecosystem.

Provocative ad by Universa Blockchain appears in Times Square, New York

On November 30, Times Square saw a provocative promotion video, depicting iconic game character Pac-Man, eating up a row of dollar, bitcoin and etherium signs. The video symbolizes the transition to the so called 'New Money Order', which Universa Blockchain is striving to achieve. The video has ...

Apple's iMac Pro launches Thursday, starts at $4,999

Apple’s iMac Pro has entered the prep zone with launch scheduled to commence on December 14, Apple confirmed on Tuesday. Pricing starts at $4,999.

Netflix shares the top ten series for binge watching

Since the early days when Netflix was still a DVDs by mail business, binge watching was a lot more difficult as you could only have a few discs at a time. Getting up to go swap DVDs also meant that there was a designated time to get up and go...

Synaptics shows new fingerprint scanner that works behind a display; will appear in a "Tier 1" handset

Despite a slew of rumors that it would appear in the Galaxy S8, Note 8, and iPhone X, screen-embedded fingerprint scanners never appeared in this year’s flagships. But it looks as though the technology could finally go mainstream in 2018.

Nintendo has sold more than 10 million Switch consoles since launch

Nintendo has sold more than 10 million Switch consoles worldwide as it aims to top first-year sales of the original Wii.

New discovery brings shatterproof screens a step closer

It seems that the more advanced smartphones become, the easier they are to break. Accidentally destroying a handset’s screen is a common problem these days, but research carried out by the Australian National University could lead to the development of completely shatter-proof displays.

MRAM could one day break modern encryption methods

Modern encryption relies upon the fact that certain mathematical operations are inherently difficult to undo with an inverse action. Current generation hardware typically has a set of inputs and a set of outputs to handle the computation required by encryption algorithms. Importantly, there is no ...

AMD launches new Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition: Here's what's new

It’s that time of the year again when AMD overhauls their drivers. For the most part this time around things look much the same as we're still dealing with the same GUI introduced with the Crimson Edition drivers back in 2015. Last year Crimson ReLive added some swanky new features...

Astronomers will check the interstellar cigar-shaped asteroid for signs of alien technology

Last month, scientists confirmed that an asteroid spotted in October was the first interstellar object ever detected that’s larger than a mote of dust. Now, astronomers are set to use one of the largest telescopes in the world to check the cigar-shaped ‘Oumuamua for signs of alien ...

Internet pioneers and leaders sign open letter urging FCC to cancel net neutrality vote

There are only two days left until we find out if net neutrality protections will be repealed. Fighting against the action are more than 20 internet pioneers and leading figures who have signed an open letter urging the Federal Communications Commission to cancel Thursday’s vote.

New Pentium Silver and Celeron processors launched for affordable low-power PCs

Just a few weeks ago Intel decided to change things up with its naming schemes and introduced Pentium Gold CPUs, comprised of the existing 'Kaby Lake' Pentium lineup, including the highly regarded G4560 and G4620.

New Pentium Silver and Celeron processors launched for affordable low-power PC

Just a few weeks ago Intel decided to change things up with its naming schemes and introduced Pentium Gold CPUs, comprised of the existing 'Kaby Lake' Pentium lineup, including the highly regarded G4560 and G4620.

A free preview of Microsoft's Quantum Development Kit is now available

Quantum computing making its way out of the labs and into general use might be some way off, but any developers who want to prepare for that time can do so with Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit.

Google launches 3 new experimental photography apps

If you're the type of person who can't resist the urge to record silly, interesting or otherwise entertaining moments in your life whenever they arise, Google just launched a few apps that might pique your interest - Storyboard, Selfissimo! and Scrubbies.

Bitcoin futures launched on first major exchange

Bitcoin as an investment tool has been a fairly difficult market to enter. Exchanges require extensive verification and technical knowledge to work with. There has also been the fear that a single computer crash can wipe out your entire savings if you are storing the coins locally. In another ...

The Xbox One's YouTube app just got 4K video support

Xbox One users everywhere are finally getting the 4K treatment, where YouTube is concerned that is. Though the Xbox One S launched with native 4K support over a year ago, Google has only decided to tap into that potential now, with the new YouTube app offering 4K videos at 60FPS.

Google Home Max hits stores today, yours for $399

Google’s early October press event will largely be remembered as the launching pad for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones but that wasn’t the only new hardware to break cover that day. We also laid eyes on the Google Home Max, a supersized version of Google’s smart home...

The Relay is a screenless walkie-talkie built for tracking and communicating with your kids

If you're a parent who prefers to keep smartphones and tablets out of your kids' hands, you might worry about losing the ability to keep tabs on their location and communicate with them at any given time. If so, Republic Wireless has you covered. The company has unveiled an intriguing...

Ataribox pre-orders launch later this week

Unable to get your hands on a retro console from Nintendo but still itching for some nostalgia-inducing gameplay? Atari may have you covered.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection includes a dozen classics

Street Fighter is one of the few franchises from the arcade era that has remained relevant over the years. Whether you recall popping quarters into machines in the early ‘90s or just recently fell in love with Street Fighter V, Capcom’s storied franchise brings a lot to the table....

What happens if a CD spins too fast?

Although it's unlikely to happen with most discs in most drives...

Confirmed: Apple acquires Shazam, the media identification app

Apple on Monday confirmed its acquisition of London-based media identification app Shazam. Rumors of a buyout first surfaced late last week and spilled over into the weekend courtesy of TechCrunch.

Does Apple throttle clock speeds on older iPhones with worn batteries?

iPhones have long been associated with the concept of planned obsolescence. That is, some believe Apple intentionally slows performance on older devices in hopes of convincing users that the gadget is past its prime and ripe for replacement.

Former Facebook exec feels 'tremendous guilt' for helping build the platform

Sean Parker isn’t the only former Facebook executive to have second thoughts about products they’ve built and the influence they’ve had on society as a whole.

The OnePlus 5T can't stream HD video from Netflix, Amazon Prime, others

The OnePlus 5T is a fantastic smartphone. Not only does it have the best fast-charging capabilities of any flagship handset, but it also costs just $499. However, it turns out the device isn’t free of caveats. Despite having full-HD capable screens, both the OnePlus 5T and its OnePlus 5 ...

Android Wear Oreo update will be delivered to many smartwatches

Fragmentation is one of the major issues plaguing Android. Different devices receive their updates at widely varying times, making it frustrating for enthusiasts to try and keep up when their own device cannot be updated until months after an official release is made.

Pre-installed keylogger found in over 460 HP laptop models

HP has once again been forced to issue an emergency patch for its laptops after a driver-level keylogger was discovered by a security researcher. Michael Myng, aka 'ZwClose,' found the code in the Synaptics Touchpad SynTP.sys keyboard driver, which is used in virtually all HP laptops, while he was ...

Toshiba unveils world's first 14 TB hard drive to use conventional magnetic recording

Back in October, Western Digital announced it had beaten rival Seagate by releasing the world’s first 14TB hard drive. But Toshiba has now gone one better with the MG07ACA; while it also has 14 TB of storage, the drive is the first of its size to use conventional magnetic recording...

How do you pronounce the abbreviation of Graphics Interchange Format ?

Jif with soft G sound , Gif with a hard G sound or...?

Facebook's Ticker that showed your friends' activities has been removed

Although it boasts well over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is constantly adding and removing features as it attempts to stay fresh and compete with the likes of Snapchat. Even the social network's oldest elements aren’t safe: after first arriving way back in 2011, the Ticker—the box ...

TechSpot's Tech Stocking Stuffers 2017

Because there's still time to get something for that family member or friend who is clearly more tech-inclined than most. Here's a list of useful or outright just cool items that techies will love, all at or under $50. Since we published our Tech Gift Shortlist we have almost doubled...

First reactions to Star Wars: The Last Jedi call it "incredible"

Even after the success of The Force Awakens and Rogue One, there’s always a concern that a new Star Wars movie might disappoint. Following its world premiere at the Shrine Auditorium in Hollywood over the weekend, it seems The Last Jedi isn’t going to fall into this category. In fact,...

RAM Matters: How Much Do You Need for Gaming? 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB

Measuring the impact that RAM capacity has on gaming is harder than it sounds because of all the factors at play. However we've tested different hardware configurations to determine how much memory is truly useful for gaming from 4GB up to 32GB.

Ready Player One first trailer is out

Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s 2011 science-fiction novel Ready Player One is set to hit theaters on March 30, 2018. Fans of the book anticipate this is definitely going to be different, hopefully for the better.

First Titan V benchmarks show how it compares to a GTX 1080 Ti

Friday brought the unexpected news that Nvidia had launched “the most powerful PC GPU ever created,” the Titan V. While this $3000, Volta-based GPU is aimed at researchers, developers, and scientists working in the fields of AI and machine learning, we're more interested in its ...

Next generation of Ryzen chips arrive in February

AMD’s Ryzen processors have finally given people an alternative to Intel when it comes to choosing a great CPU, but even the company itself admits there’s still room for improvement—the company said future generations of Ryzen chips will have better IPC , clockspeeds, and ...

Weekend tech reading: Apple to buy Shazam for $400m, carbon nanotube sheets claim best heatsink performance

New carbon nanotube sheets claim world’s top heat-sink performance Fujitsu Laboratories announced last week they have developed a process to manufacture sheets of pure carbon, multi-walled perpendicular nanotubes . The uniformly arrayed tubes are aligned in the direction of heat removal so ...

DeepMind AI teaches itself chess from scratch in four hours, proceeds to beat previous champion

DeepMind, Google's artificial intelligence focused cousin, has a history of creating computer systems that can defeat world champions at their own game. Back in 2016, they built an AI that beat a Go world champion. Since then, they have set their sights on chess and this week they pulled off...

Weekend Open Forum: What screen resolutions do you use for your devices?

We're surrounded everywhere by screens, with many owning a smartphone, laptop, desktop, and a TV. It seems that the most common resolution today is 1920x1080, but 2K , and 4K are gaining in popularity. There have even been a few ultra high resolution 8K units floating around the market.

Hilton will soon let you control your hotel room using your smartphone

Hilton is turning to technology as a differentiator in the hotel space. The company this week unveiled the Connected Room, a tech-based initiative that’ll allow guests to control and personalize aspects of their stay through their mobile device.

Bayonetta 3 will be a Switch exclusive, Nintendo reveals

The 2017 Game Awards gave us a glimpse of 2018 and beyond by revealing a ton of upcoming original and franchise properties. As a horror fan, new trailers for World War Z, GTFO and Death Stranding got me all fired up (although I do hope the final version of WWZ...

Coinbase shoots to the top of Apple's App Store charts

Coinbase, the popular wallet app that facilities the usage of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, has skyrocketed up the iOS app charts this week.