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Mozilla To Build Breach Notifications Into Firefox Browser

A planned feature, currently in early testing, would alert users when they use a site that's recently been affected by a data breach

Munich Approves €49.3m Windows 10 Migration Plan

The city Linux desktop programme has come to an end with the vote to spend more than €50m euros to roll out Windows 10 desktops across the council

Online Giants, Small Businesses Criticise US Net Neutrality Repeal

The planned removal of a 2015 US law could mean more charges for large businesses and start-ups, not to mention price confusion for consumers

Tales In Tech History: Microsoft Encarta

Microsoft Encarta started life as a CD-ROM based digital multimedia encyclopedia, but the Web eventually led to its demise

Samsung Awarded Contract For Emergency Services Smartphones

Samsung will supply 250,000 toughened handsets to offer mobile data, live-streaming video and more for the emergency services

VMware Will Not Support Virtualisation On Azure

Oh no you don't. VMware says it will not support any of its virtualisation tech running on Microsoft Azure

IT LIFE: James Kretchmar, Akamai EMEA CTO

Akamai CTO talks us through IPv6, the Apollo Lunar Module and why he would study foreign languages if he wasn't in tech

'Concerned' UK Regulators Look Into Uber's Hidden Data Breach

ICO and NCSC are looking into the scale of the Uber hack before they take next steps

Broadband Advertising Rule Change Aims To Stop Bogus Speed Claims

Regulator rule change on broadband speed claims in effort to stop consumers being misled by ISP speed claims

Google Plans Hong Kong GCP Region For 2018

Google to open sixth data centre in Asia Pacific, this time in Hong Kong

Tech Quiz: Uber, Its Innovations And Controversies

What do you know about Uber, its history and its services?

Microsoft Azure Opens Up To VMware Workloads

Azure opens itself up to VMware workloads, matching rival AWS

Amazon Offers AI Consulting Service For AWS Users

Amazon ML Solutions Lab will offer AWS customers to develop machine-learning features and products

Google Has Been 'Tracking' Android User Locations

Search engine collects location data on Android users, even when location services are switched off

'Hundreds' Of Websites Track User Keystrokes

Is it legal? Hundreds of websites are said to be tracking visitor keystrokes raising questions of legality

Security Panel: What On Earth Was Uber Thinking?

Security experts are astounded at revelations that Uber concealed a cyberattack but what can businesses learn from it?

Budget 2017: Government Targets AI, 5G & Driverless Car Leadership

Chancellor Philip Hammond wants UK to be at the forefront of future tech, but is his budget enough?

US Government Warns Businesses Over Intel Management Engine Flaw

Business PCs from Dell, Lenovo, HP and others contain flawed software that shipped with Intel processors

HPE CEO Meg Whitman To Step Down In 2018

Meg Whitman will be replaced after six years by current HPE President Antonio Neri

Uber 'Hid' Hack That Saw 58m Users And Drivers' Data Stolen

New Uber CEO comes clean about 2016 hack, claiming data was destroyed and new measures implemented. But can users and drivers be sure?

New £5m Institute Opens In Northern Ireland To Investigate Hardware Security

Queens University Belfast to host £5m institute that looks to make hardware more secure in era of IoT

Google Cloud Diary: GCP Slashes Price Of Nvidia Tesla GPUs By 36 Percent

GCP NEWS: Google makes it cheaper for customers needing to complete high computational tasks

HPE InfoSight AI Is 'First Step' To Fully Autonomous Data Centre

HPE InfoSight can predict issues and take automatic responses

UK 'Not Bad' At 63rd In World's Cheapest Broadband League Tables

Meanwhile, Burkina Faso tops the list of the most expensive offerings at nearly $1,000 a month - giving users access to the world's third-slowest speeds

Interpol & Cisco To Combat Cyber Crime At Singapore Nerve Centre

Cisco is to contribute its world-spanning cyber-threat analysis to help battle increasingly sophisticated internet threats

TV White Space Tech Brings Wireless Superfast Broadband To Loch Ness

TV White Spaces will deliver superfast broadband to areas not covered by fibre to the cabinet using Nominet's spectrum database

Five Steps To Keep North Korean Hackers Out Of Your Network

ANALYSIS: You can't prevent all attempts to penetrate your enterprise security, but you can impede the attackers and you can keep them from getting the data they want

AWS 'Secret Region' Serves US Government Customers

AWS re:Invent 2017: New government-focused region complements an existing deal that gives US intelligence agencies access to air-gapped cloud infrastructure

CA Technologies CTO: We've Had To Adapt To Stay Relevant

CA WORLD 2017: CA Technologies UK CTO Rob Coleman explains the shift at the company and why its accelerator programme epitomises the changes

CA 'Modern Software Factory' Boosted By DevOps, Automation & Security Updates

CA WORLD 2017: CA releases 20 new products and enhancements as it preaches the power of change through software

MPs Put Pressure On Government For 'Gig Economy' Reform

Proposed legislation drafted by two influential select committees would crack down on 'flexible' employers such as Uber and Deliveroo

BankBot Malware Slips Into Google Play Yet Again

The banking Trojan, which imitates real banking apps to steal users' login details, has been reported on Google Play several times this year

Apple HomePod Is Delayed Until 2018

Apple needs more time to make sure the HomePod is ready to bring Siri to the living room

Harvard University Recommends How To Stop Election Hackers

The new Harvard programme is intended to put local and national election campaigns on guard against nation state hacking attacks

Silicon Readers Say Android Is The Dominant Mobile OS In The Workplace

Android is used by almost half of our readers at work and some people out there still use BlackBerry

IBM's Schneier: It's Time To Regulate IoT To Improve Cyber-Security

At the SecTor security conference, IBM Resilient Systems CTO Bruce Schneier makes a case for more regulatory oversight for software and IoT