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Spanish Police Have Killed Five Suspects Linked to the Barcelona Attack

The five suspects were carrying bomb belts

Authorities Warn of More Mudslides in Sierra Leone as Toll Hits 350 Dead with Hundreds More Missing

With more rain forecast for the coming week, further mudslides are a threat

Captain of U.S. Navy Warship Involved in Deadly Crash Near Japan Relieved of Command

Seven sailors drowned in the crash

President Trump's Top Defense and Diplomatic Chiefs Insist There's a Military Option for North Korea

After Steve Bannon says there was no military option

Spain Comes Under Attack by Jihadists After Years Without Incident

12 dead and 80 are injured after a van attack in Barcelona

Here's Why People Are Posting Cats in Response to the Barcelona Attack

A request from the police prompted a wave of cat photo tweets

How the World Reacted to the Barcelona Terrorist Attack

What political leaders and celebrities have said about the tragic incident

Deadly Van Attack in Barcelona an Act of Terrorism, Police Say

A van jumped the sidewalk in the Las Ramblas district into a summer crowd

Tourists Held a Beached Baby Dolphin for Selfies. It Soon Died

One child posting for a picture accidentally covered the orifice from which it breathes

U.S. Soldier Killed During Combat in Afghanistan

An unspecified number of American and Afghan soldiers were wounded

Malala Yousafzai Has Been Accepted to Study at Oxford University

The education activist will read Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Watch the Trailer for Firsts, TIME's New Video Series on 45 Groundbreaking Women

On Sept. 7, TIME will unveil Firsts, a multimedia project featuring candid interviews with 45 groundbreaking women. Some of these women , Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Aretha Franklin , you know well, and will get to know better through their stories of setbacks and success. Others, you may be ...

An Anti-Muslim Australian Senator Wore a Burqa in Parliament. It Didn't Go Down Well

Lawmakers chastised her for the offensive "stunt"

Lebanon Follows Jordan and Tunisia in Scrapping its 'Marry the Rapist' Law

The law gave rapists amnesty from prosecution if they married their victims

Hong Kong Activist Joshua Wong Jailed Along with Other Umbrella Revolution Leaders

The 20-year-old has been jailed for his role in the 2014 protests known as the Umbrella Revolution, alongside fellow activists Nathan Law and Alex Chow

Australia Rules That Sending Refugees to Detention Camps in Papua New Guinea is Legal

Papua New Guinea has ruled the practice unconstitutional

South Korea's Moon Jae-In Says There Will Not be Another War on the Korean Peninsula

Moon said: "I can confidently say there will not be a war again on the Korean Peninsula"

Guam Before the Storm: Life on the Island Caught Between Trump and Kim

The U.S. territory of Guam could find itself on the front line of war

China and India's Border Standoff Heats Up in Kashmir

Soldiers from the two countries are already locked in a bitter but non-violent standoff in Doklam, an area disputed between China and India's ally Bhutan

Facing Jail, Democracy Activist Joshua Wong Says 'Hong Kong Is Under Threat'

Wong led a massive protest movement that roused a generation and rattled Beijing

At Least 37 Dead in Fight Between Inmates and Security at Venezuela Prison

Many of the country's prisons are overcrowded

Steve Bannon: 'There's No Military Solution' to North Korea

The White House chief strategist appeared to contradict President Trump's "fire and fury" comments

At Least 36 Dead in Fight Between Inmates and Security at Venezuela Prison

Many of the country's prisons are overcrowded

Natalee Holloway's Remains May Have Been Discovered in Aruba

"When we determined these remains were human, I was shocked"

U.S. Allies Trust Vladimir Putin More Than President Trump 'to Do the Right Thing': Survey

Both leaders scored poorly overall in a new survey by Pew Research Center

Here's Where You Can See Every Total Solar Eclipse for the Next 50 Years

Check out where and when the next total solar eclipses will take place

Philippines Sees the Bloodiest Night of Duterte's Drug War With 32 Killed in Raids

32 people were killed in a series of drug raids

China Tells U.S. and North Korea to 'Hit the Brakes' on Threats

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi says it's important to prevent the emergence of an 'August crisis'

Millions of People Were Left in the Dark as a Massive Power Cut Hit Taiwan

The power outage was caused by a human technical error

Read the Full Transcript of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day Speech

He reiterated calls to end mob violence

This Airline Wants to Limit How Much Passengers Drink Before a Flight

It also wants to enforce a ban on early-morning alcohol sales

This Airline Wants to Limit Passengers to 2 Drinks Before a Flight

It also wants to enforce a ban on early-morning alcohol sales

10,000 Gallons of Tainted Alcohol Were Seized From Mexican Resorts

Mexican authorities this week seized 10,000 gallons of illegal alcohol

Migrants on Greek Islands Are Trapped and Desperate, Report Says

"Greece's policy of containing people on its Aegean islands is having devastating effects on people's physical and mental health"

Half a Million People in Yemen Had Cholera in 2017. That's the Worst Outbreak Ever Recorded in a Single Year

About 5,000 people are infected every day

Thai Activist Sentenced 2.5 Years in Prison for Sharing an Article on Facebook

Thailand's lèse-majesté law is among the strictest in the world

How India Celebrated Its First Independence Day 70 Years Ago

The nation became independent on Aug. 15, 1947

Iran Just Threatened to Restart Its Nuclear Program if the U.S. Continues With Sanctions

If Washington continues with "threats and sanctions"

Half a Million People in Yemen Had Cholera This Year. That's the Worst Outbreak Ever Recorded

About 5,000 people are infected every day

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Briefed on Plan to Launch Missiles Near Guam

The North Korean leader said he would give the order to fire if provoked

'Unsafe and Unprofessional': Iranian Drone Flies Close to U.S. Ship for the Second Time in a Week

The situation created "potential" for a collision

Defense Secretary James Mattis Says North Korean Attack on U.S. Could 'Escalate Into War' Quickly

The comments mark a change in tone for the Defense Secretary

How the Nazi Flags in Charlottesville Look to a German

The echoes of history could be heard in Virginia

13-Year-Old Girl Dead, 12 Injured After Car Drives Into Pizzeria Near Paris

The driver was arrested after the incident

Mudslides in Sierra Leone Kill at Least 200 People

A morgue overflowed with bodies after heavy rains and flooding early in the day killed hundreds

What to Know About the Dual Citizenship Scandal Rocking Australian Politics

Five lawmakers have now been caught up in the controversy

London's Big Ben Is About to Shut Down for Years

London's best-known landmark will chime for the last time till 2021.

An American Tourist Gave a Nazi Salute in Germany. He Was Promptly Beaten Up

He was drunk

Dozens of Children Are Dying at This Hospital in India. It May Be Because of an Unpaid Bill

Supplies ran out after deliveries were cut off because of an unpaid bill

At Least 18 Dead After an Attack on a Restaurant in Burkina Faso

Suspected Islamic extremists opened fire at a restaurant popular with foreigners on Sunday