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Renowned Swiss Climber Ueli Steck Killed in Nepal Prior to Mount Everest Expedition

"Failure for me would be to die and not come home," he said earlier this month

Pope Francis Wraps Up 2-Day Visit to Egypt With Open-Air Mass

Pope Francis wrapped up a brief but deeply symbolic visit to Egypt on Saturday with an open-air Mass for the country's tiny Catholic community, defying security concerns to show his support for the Christians of this Muslim majority Arab nation who have increasingly become targeted by Islamic ...

Turkish Court Formally Blocks Access to Wikipedia

, In a move that social media users called censorship, a Turkish court on Saturday blocked access to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, enforcing an earlier restriction by Turkey's telecommunications watchdog. The Information and Communication Technologies Authority said an Ankara court ...

Fyre Festival Founders Promise Refunds and Free VIP Tickets After 'Luxury' Event Turns to Chaos

They also pledged to donate to charity in the Bahamas

After 'Luxury' Event Turns to Chaos, Fyre Festival Issues Refunds and Free 2018 VIP Tickets

They also pledged to donate to charity in the Bahamas

Pope Francis Celebrates Open-Air Mass in Cairo Amid Security Concerns

, Military helicopters flew overhead and police fanned out in force Saturday as Pope Francis celebrated an open-air Mass for Egypt's tiny Catholic community on the final day of a visit aimed at comforting Christians following a series of attacks by Islamic militants. Despite the security concerns, ...

Otto Warmbier Has Been a Prisoner of North Korea Since the Start of 2016. Has America Forgotten Him?

The 22-year-old's best hope lies in his usefulness as a bargaining chip. But Kim Jong Un is in no mood for negotiations

Canadian Ringleader of $18.7 Million Maple Syrup Heist Sentenced to Prison

He was fined about $9.4 million

North Korean Ballistic Missile Test Fails Yet Again

It broke up a couple minutes after the launch

British Breast Surgeon 'Played God' With Unnecessary Surgeries

Ian Paterson faces a life sentence

U.S. Calls for New Sanctions on North Korea at U.N. Security Council Session

Tillerson chaired a special U.N. Security Council session

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Says Trump Presidency Can Open a 'Fresh Page' in Turkey-U.S. Relations

Erdogan also repeated his criticism of the U.S. alliance with Syrian Kurdish militias that Turkey deems "terrorists"

Pope Francis Makes Historic Trip to Egypt Weeks After Church Attacks

Pope Francis landed in Egypt's capital for a historic two-day visit aimed at presenting a united Christian-Muslim front to repudiate violence committed in God's name

John McCain: President Trump Knows Striking North Korea Is 'Last Option'

I hope there's a lot more to go before we have a preemptive strike,' he said

North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Are Not Reason Enough to Start a War

Trump said that he operates under the assumption that Kim Jong Un is rational.' But backed into a corner, is Trump willing to bet nuclear apocalypse on that?

Brazil Is Ready to Turn the Page on an Era of Recession and Graft

After a two-year downturn and the worst political scandal in its history, Brazil finally looks headed in a promising direction

China Publishes the Personal Details of 22 Graft Suspects Living Abroad

Without extradition treaties, the state-sanctioned "doxxing" is meant to pressure the individuals into giving themselves up

Taliban Launches Spring Offensive in Afghanistan as Its Influence Expands

The Taliban dubbed their offensive "Operation Mansouri," named for their leader killed last year in a U.S. strike.

British Police Shoot Woman in Anti-Terror Operation

The raids were not connected to an earlier suspected terrorist attack foiled near Parliament

Israeli Airstrikes Are Turning Syria Into a Proxy War With Iran

Israel's military said that its Patriot Missile Defense system intercepted an incoming projectile from Syria

Facing a Backlash on Killings, Philippine President Duterte to Find Solace in ASEAN

Human Rights Watch says a "ratbag of dictators, autocrats and juntas" dominate ASEAN's ranks

President Trump Says a 'Major Conflict' With North Korea Is Possible

But he said that a diplomatic solution would be preferable

Rex Tillerson: China Is Trying to Stop North Korea's Nuclear Tests

He said China is threatening to impose sanctions

North Korea Releases New Video Showing the White House Under Attack

The video shows the White House in crosshairs

Turkey on a 'Collision Course' With the U.S. After Striking Kurdish Militias

The U.S. considers them allies. Turkey says they're linked to terrorists. A confrontation is brewing.

Social Democratic Leader Zoran Zaev Attacked as Protesters Storm Macedonia Parliament

Social Democratic leader Zoran Zaev was assaulted

The Internet Doesn't Know What to Make of This British Politician Using a Harry Potter Word as an Insult

When in doubt over the origin of an epic insult, leave it to the Internet to decipher all its possible meanings. Following British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's recent denouncement of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a “mutton-headed old mugwump,” Twitter went to work to clear up ...

Israel's Patriot Missile Defense System Intercepted a Projectile From Syria

The "target" was shot down above the Golan Heights

U.S. Admiral: North Korea Crisis Worse Than Ever

"It's real," he said

2 U.S. Soldiers Killed While Fighting ISIS Militants in Afghanistan

The incident took place in the Nangarhar province near Pakistan's border

London Street Put on Lockdown as Man With 'Weapon' Arrested Near Parliament

The Metropolitan Police force said the incident that unfolded in London is over, and no one has been injured

India Bans 22 Social Media Sites to Calm Tensions in Kashmir

3G and 4G cellphone service has been suspended for more than a week

Russian Navy Ship Sinks After Colliding with a Freighter in the Black Sea

All of the Russian sailors are safe

Gas Shortages in North Korean Capital Spark Rumors China is Choking the Supply

China supplies most of energy-poor North Korea's fuel

Missing Taiwanese Hiker Found After 47 Days Lost in the Himalayas

But his girlfriend died just days before he was rescued

Large Explosion Rocks the Syrian Capital Damascus, Observers Say

Observers say the blast was followed by a fire near the Damascus airport

Nine Pro-Democracy Activists Have Been Arrested in Hong Kong

Thursday marks the second time opposition figures have been arrested in Hong Kong in as many days

U.S. Missile Defense System in South Korea Will Be Operational 'in the Coming Days'

Admiral Harris said he wanted to bring Kim to his senses, not to his knees'

Venezuela Will Withdraw From the Organization of American States Amid Deadly Protests

As deadly anti-government protests in the country show no sign of easing

Pope Francis' TED Talk Shows His Social-Media Skills

Four years into his papacy, Pope Francis continues to be social media's hottest commodity. Pope Francis gave a surprise TED talk via recorded message on Tuesday night. It was the first time a Pope has ever gave a TED Talk, and the latest development in a growing partnership between Francis' Vatican ...

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Drops Bid to Be Canada's Prime Minister

Because he doesn't think he could beat Justin Trudeau in an election

Pope Francis' TED Talk Shows His Social Media Skills

Four years into his papacy, Pope Francis continues to be social media's hottest commodity. Pope Francis gave a surprise TED talk via recorded message on Tuesday night. It was the first time a Pope has ever gave a TED Talk, and the latest development in a growing partnership between Francis' Vatican ...

France: Assad Regime Behind Chemical Attack in Syria

Russia, an ally of Assad, denounced the report

Read What Pope Francis Said About Power and Humility at Surprise TED Talk

He talked about power, interaction and the future

Two Pro-Independence Hong Kong Activists Have Been Charged With Unlawful Assembly

The pair were disqualified as legislators late last year

Indonesia Says It Can't Prevent Islamist Militants or Arms From Crossing Its Border With the Philippines

The disclosure underscores concerns that the insurgency in the southern Philippines is able to draw on foreign fighters

China Launches Its First Home-Built Aircraft Carrier

A sign of China's growing naval presence

The Death Toll in Venezuela's Anti-Government Protests Has Risen to 26

The opposition's main demands are for elections, the release of jailed activists and autonomy for the opposition-led legislature.

Former Brazilian Soccer Star Bruno Fernandes Has Been Ordered to Finish His Jail Sentence

Once a promising young goalkeeper tipped to play for the national team, Bruno Fernandes' crime shocked Brazilians in 2010

Pope Francis Calls for Humility and Togetherness in Surprise TED Talk

Francis decried what he called a "culture of waste" that extends beyond food and goods, and casts people aside