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Mark Cuban on the Important Thing You Should Look for in a Job Offer

It could lead to a big payoff.

President Trump's Strategy Council of CEOs Just Disbanded

Many CEOs quit amid outrage over Trump's response to Charlottesville

Costco Has to Pay $19 Million After Selling 2,500 Fake Tiffany & Co. Rings

The diamond rings at Costco weren't made by Tiffany & Co.

Google Cancels Web Domain Registration Neo-Nazi Site The Daily Stormer

The neo-Nazi site applied after GoDaddy also cancelled their domain

Sephora Is Going to Have a New Deal Every Week Until November

This week's deal? 50% select eye and face palettes

The North Korean Threat Is Good for the Doomsday Prepper Business

The looming threat of the apocalypse is good business