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Critics of small town New Zealand receive death threats

They thought the residents of what they term the "s... towns of New Zealand" would appreciate their cheeky brand of humour.

Seven surprising ways New Zealand changed my life

I am a Malaysian and moved to New Zealand in 2012. Since then, I have found myself falling in love with this amazing country.

Blind man and his guide dog thrilled with their treatment by Air New Zealand

OPINION: There is an old saying about every cloud having a silver lining which is particularly appropriate to my travel problems last Friday.

Insider tip: Bali

Bali may have a reputation for being a tropical paradise where poolside drinks never run dry, but don't be fooled. She also has a wild side.

Neigh-sayers welcome at this pet-friendly US motel

The receptionist barely batted an eyelid as a horse trainer tested a US motel's claims that it is pet-friendly.

Where to go for cruises ... if you hate cruising

To some it is the only way of holidaying; to others, it looks like hell on the high seas - to cruise or not to cruise, that is the question.

A love letter fell out of an old Paris guidebook, and set a filmmaker on a quest

Henri loved Betty, and Henri loved Monet. The rest is a mystery.

Napoleon, tourists, divers and flu: flight opens up remote St Helena

On St Helena, the remote volcanic outcrop in the South Atlantic where Napoleon breathed his last, big changes are afoot - well, big by St Helena standards.

Passengers accuse AirAsia crew of setting off panic during plane's rapid descent

​Passengers aboard an Indonesia AirAsia flight to Bali said the actions of the crew sent those on board into a state of panic after the plane experienced a problem midflight.

Landing a plane during storm Ophelia

Flights in Ireland and parts of the UK have been badly hit by remnants of Hurricane Ophelia.

Qantas unveils new 787 Dreamliner

Qantas has received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane, the cutting-edge aircraft it will use next year to start flying the world's first non-stop route between Australia and London.

Where to see the Northern Lights in coming years

Literally starting with a bang when a coronal mass ejection causes light displays as far south as northern England, the Northern Lights season is well underway.

Inside the award-winning Kiwi-owned retreat - Escape Haven in Bali

The Kiwi-owned Escape Haven in Bali has been named the "Best Luxury Wellness Retreat" at the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

Ladakh, India and the unknown life of Christ

​My journey to Ladakh began one idle summer afternoon in the dusty stacks of the London Library. I was browsing the volumes in the theology section when I came upon a 19th-century book with an intriguing title: The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ. It was a battered brown quarto, written in ...

Inside Symphony of the Seas: The world's biggest cruise ship

For the young , it may just be heaven on earth. 

The man who flies first class for a living

No-one likes a bargain like Brian Kelly, a prolific air-mile collector and the CEO of â€” at least when it comes to first-class flights.

Ten tips on how to avoid gaining weight on a cruise

As our workaday lives become more sedentary and more mentally frazzled, a holiday offers the chance to restore a sense of balance. Cruise lines have jumped on board the global wellness trend – estimated to be worth US$3.72 trillion, and growing – and now provide everything ...

The world's top 10 places to stargaze

Since the earliest of times, humans have gazed heavenwards in wonderment and pondered the mysteries of the universe. Here are 10 top places from which to stargaze and marvel.

This is the best restaurant in the world

The UK just scooped up the two top spots for the best restaurants in the world in TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice Awards for restaurants â€” and the overall winner was rather surprising.

Air New Zealand flight from Sydney faces repeated delays due to 'operational' reason

A cargo hold spillage was to blame for an Air New Zealand flight from Sydney to Auckland being delayed for almost 24 hours. 

Iwi buys popular Taupō tourist attraction

One of Taupō's most popular tourist attractions has been purchased by central North Island iwi Ngāti Tūwharetoa.

Passengers terrified as AirAsia flight from Perth drops 20,000 feet

AirAsia has apologised after a terrifying mid-air emergency forced the pilot to turn back a flight from Perth, Australia to Bali.

Drone hits commercial airliner in Canada

A drone hit an airplane landing at a Quebec City airport this week, the first time an unmanned flying object has collided with commercial aircraft in Canada.

Lonely Planet's Jamaica: A Caribbean country that grooves to its own beat

Jamaica is the Caribbean country that comes with its own soundtrack. Groove to its singular rhythm as you explore beyond the beaches and all-inclusives.

Borneo A to Z: 26 reasons why this Southeast Asian island should top your travel bucket list

Borneo is a word imbued with mystique, its utterance conjuring scenes of steamy jungles and exotic creatures, even though the average New Zealander seems to have trouble guessing where it actually is.

20 reasons to book a cruise

Swimming with turtles and sea lions in the Galapagos Islands. Sailing to Antarctica, the most pristine wilderness in the world. Being greeted by smiling schoolchildren and warrior tribes in remote islands in south-east Asia. These are just a tiny sample of experiences I've enjoyed in places that are ...

World famous in New Zealand: Weta Cave, Wellington

Experience the wonders of Weta magic in Wellington. 

Ireland's mighty monuments are an extraordinary feat of prehistoric architecture

Older than recorded history, the great pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge, Ireland's magnificent megaliths – the mighty stones – are an extraordinary feat of prehistoric architecture.

Expat Tales: Kiwi kid takes on Hong Kong

Ten-year-old Phoenix Broderick, from Wellington, loves the country's fake toys, hiking and dumplings. 

The fascination with dereliction - the love affair with abandoned buildings

Abandoned buildings, ghostly towns, derelict amusement parks - there seems to be a never-ending fascination with modern decay.

Hotspot of the week: Phuket

Expect far more than tofu and veg at the annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival. 

Drones: The annoying gadgets that are way too common

OPINION: I hate drones. And not just because the military-owned ones kill people. The smaller, peace-loving drones are still one of the teeth-gratingly annoying things becoming too-common at tourist sites.

Sydney-bound flight makes emergency landing

A plane travelling from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, Australia has been forced to make an emergency landing at Adelaide Airport after a smoke alarm sounded on board.

Masterton named New Zealand's most beautiful city

Masterton – the town whose shortlisting for the national Beautiful Awards bemused even some of its own residents – has taken the big prize against spirited competition from Napier and Tauranga.

Matakana is an oasis on our doorstep

Often the greatest escapes are right in our own back yard, and that is certainly the case for Matakana, a tiny town that packs a punch.

Maria Island, Tasmania: Hell turned into a wildlife haven

The first thing I see as I step off the afternoon ferry from Triabunna onto Maria Island is a wombat, snuffling along the path. 

Things you didn't know about working at Disney

The shrill tones of It's a small world after all will forever haunt my dreams after spending a year working at Walt Disney World's Epcot theme park during my youthful years.

The abandoned Hawaiian hotel sitting on a $367 million piece of real estate

When travel photographer Sherry Ott was exploring all the Hawaii Islands in 2015, she left the island of Molokai for last.

Travel far, visit local - How travelling releases a deep emotion

My first itchy foot for travel must have developed from the way I was raised in the country and found small towns in the south island "large".

Kiwis in flight: 7 incredible things to do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Trying on a pair of jeans, the mall began to rumble. The clothes rack even started shaking. There was distant screaming. Earthquake? Surely not in Kuala Lumpur.

No restricted parking or wheel clamping planned for Mt Taranaki walkers

There are no plans to introduce restricted parking time limits for visitors to Egmont National Park in the wake of those recently implemented at the Tongariro Crossing, a Department of Conservation spokesman said.

People ignore warnings and risk life on Mercer Bay cliffs near Piha, Auckland

Selfie-takers are risking their lives at the tallest cliffs in Auckland.

Overheating brake leads to airport emergency

Emergency crews in the Ukraine were forced into action after the landing of a British Airways jet in Kiev.

Te Araroa Trail - is it paradise lost?

OPINION: At the risk of spoiling the "party" regarding the exponential increase in tourist numbers coming to New Zealand and the burden this is placing on the hut and track network, I would like to single out a crisis I see arising on the renowned Te Araroa Trail.

Inside Russia's 'City of the Dead'

The Chechnyan necropolis of Tsoi-Pede is believed to be one of the largest medieval cemeteries in the Caucasus but the remote site has fallen into disrepair after years of war and neglect.

Three things that surprised me about New Zealand: It's more than Hobbits and All Blacks

In 2013, I visited New Zealand for the first time with three of my closest friends.

Nine things cruise newbies need to know

First-time cruisers have a lot to wrap their heads around. There are hundreds of cruise lines out there, and sifting through the options - like the themes destinations and even ship sizes - can be overwhelming.

The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World - Velkomið til Íslands

"Morgunmatu","þjóðgarð", "bílaleigubíll"

Ambitious Kiwi airline project set to recover plane from Amazon

Deep in the Amazonian jungle, an ambitious Kiwi airline recovery programme looks set to score a major coup.

Auckland Airport to investigate security screening failure

Aviation Security doesn't yet know whether any passengers departed Auckland Airport without being screened, after a technical glitch on Wednesday night.