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Major flaw threatens most wi-fi networks, warns cyber watchdog

Spark is racing to get patches to prevent its New Zealand wi-fi users being hit by a newly discovered vulnerability affecting nearly every modern, protected wi-fi network.

The tide is turning against tech giants

OPINION: The no-holds-barred run of tech giants may be coming to an end as governments and consumers push back against their growth and behaviour.

Virtual assistants are always listening, and I don't care

OPINION: Hey, Google. I don't care that you're listening.

iPhone 7 sales up as buyers focus on price rather than latest features

We all know the drill: Every year, Apple introduces a new iPhone, and eager buyers rush to pick it up.

Facebook 'hack' targeting New Zealand passwords shut down

A Facebook hack targeting New Zealand users has been fixed.

Waikato mother given taxi ride in elaborate phone scam

It wasn't until she'd bought $1900 worth of vouchers that Dimpi Nirmal​ suspected she was being conned. 

It's no use tooting the horn. The robot at the wheel can't hear you

As vehicle accidents go, it wasn't much: 12 minutes before noon on a cool June day, a Chevrolet Bolt was rear ended as it crawled from a stop light in downtown San Francisco.

Facebook phishing scam may collect passwords, Netsafe warns

Kiwis caught out by a recent Facebook hack should change their passwords on other websites, as they may have been compromised, Netsafe warns.

How Twitter went from banal to brutal

OPINION: Last week Duncan Garner quit Twitter in a huff, after a column he wrote about immigration attracted a storm of moral outrage.

Tech companies are living in fear of 'doing a Microsoft'

ANALYSIS: Steve Ballmer said something about Apple a decade ago that has followed the former Microsoft boss around like a bad smell ever since.

10 reasons to buy an iPhone 6s instead of an iPhone 8

The fact that Apple is still selling the iPhone 6s, a two-year-old phone, is a testament of how good the iPhone 6s is.

Qualcomm seeks China iPhone ban

Qualcomm has filed lawsuits in China seeking to ban the sale and manufacture of iPhones in the country, the chipmaker's biggest shot at Apple so far in a sprawling and bitter legal fight.

Online platform connects consumer to producer for fresh food

A farmers' market with a difference is about to open - but you'll have to pre-order online first.

Dubai police test hoverbike

We've told you before about all the exotic cars that the Dubai Police Department has, from Lamborghinis and Bugattis to Ferraris and Meredes-AMGs.

Tim Cook: Coding is better than a second language

Apple chief Tim Cook has a message for school students around the world: learning how to code is more important than learning English as a second language.

How to quit social media

While it was fun for a while, you've had it with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Facebook hack targets New Zealanders and changes passwords, users warned

A Facebook hack targeting New Zealand users has the ability to change their passwords. 

Robot wars: The USA does battle with Japan in the ultimate mecha face-off

Like a scene from Pacific Rim, Voltron or Transformers they come: two giant robots set to do battle on Tuesday.

Baby monitors face mandatory cyber security rating over hacking fears

Internet-connected products from baby monitors to sports shoes will soon bear a mandatory Australian cyber security consumer rating amid growing alarm at hacking of everyday devices. 

Voice banking a sound investment for Kiwis losing the ability to speak

Two years ago, Peter McInnes began having trouble talking - now he's taking the extraordinary step of banking his own voice for when it runs out completely. 

Why Facebook keeps stepping in it

Years of limited oversight and unchecked growth have turned Facebook into a force with incredible power over the lives of its two billion users.

Forget the iPhone 8, rumours about next year's iPhones emerge

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X are great, but should you wait until next year's iPhone to upgrade?

Review: Fitbit's Ionic smartwatch

​Fitbit's latest fitness tracker is also their first real punt at a smartwatch. 

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg sorry for 'tone-deaf' virtual trip to Puerto Rico

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has apologised after drawing criticism for live-streaming a video of him taking a virtual reality tour of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico to promote a new Facebook feature.

Facebook to launch Oculus Go, new virtual reality headset

Facebook plans to release a new virtual reality headset that does not require a separate computer to operate, allowing for more mobile uses than the company's existing Oculus Rift product.

Virtual fish to replace airport security checks in Dubai

Next year Dubai Airport is going to use virtual fish to verify your identity. Yes really.

Amazon patents drones that might give your electric car a boost someday

Let's say you're cruising down the highway in your electric vehicle when you notice the battery running low and you're in a place so desolate it makes the Badlands look good.

8 things about the iPhone 8


8 things about the iPhone 8

Upgrading to a new phone can be tricky as it is not always obvious what the benefits will be.

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform is dead


New movie download service tipped

Several major Hollywood movie studios have signed up to a new digital film service led by Walt Disney that lets consumers buy movies and store them in a digital locker to access on their devices, people familiar with the matter said.

How to give your iPhone a boost