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Cozmo, a robot with personality who could replace your pet

A new toy robot going on sale in New Zealand next month will entertain, educate and charm you, and maybe even one day replace your pet. Cozmo is a small connected toy which has a personality that is a mix of OCD and bi-polar. It will cost $360 and will go on sale alongside Anki Overdrive , a car ...

Intel says new PC chip is 'once-in-a-decade' performance boost

Intel said its new processors are going to deliver the biggest bump in performance that personal computer users have experienced in years.

Why you should talk to your phone

OPINION: I've been speaking to my devices a lot more as I try to get them to work faster.

Android Oreo officially arrives

An upcoming update to Google's Android software finally has a delectable name.

Silicon Valley isn't special anymore

Silicon Valley has a perception problem.

New app launched to help get to grips with Taranaki land war history

Being transported back in time to the battlefields of Taranaki's civil war has been made possible through modern technology.

How to make iPads kid-friendly


Twitter 'failing women' by leaving vicious abuse online

Twitter is "failing women" who are victims of online threats and abuse by taking too long to remove hateful and misogynistic content, Britain's leading women's rights charity warns.

Keep the internet free from censorship

OPINION: An obscure internet executive's decision to shut down a neo-Nazi website has rightly sparked a debate about how to govern the global computer network.

Richard MacManus: What to do when AI takes your job

OPINION: Artificial intelligence is never far away from the news in 2017, with most reports highlighting its dangers.

Three ways to reuse your old tablet


4 apps to help you watch the solar eclipse


Elon Musk in plea to UN to stop killer robots - but what are they?

High profile United States-based businessman Elon Musk is at the head of another effort to convince governments to stop the development of killer robots.

Review: Essential smartphone

Naming the "Essential" smartphone just that comes off as something of a dare, an insinuation that this new Android handset somehow is more essential than the phones that we already carry.

Facebook under fire from Australian art dealer over nudity standards

According to high-profile Australian art dealer Tim Goodman, if Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg had his way Michelangelo's statue of David would be draped in a respectable loin cloth, while Norman Lindsay's randy nymphs would be relegated to a sleazy back room at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Steph Curry is encouraging his teammates to dunk into tech

There is no shortage of industry conferences these days devoted to the interlocking arenas of entertainment and technology. But earlier this week, there was one such gathering that was unusual - an event conceived and led by the entertainers themselves.

Review: Oppo A77

Review: Oppo A77

New Nokia 8 phone targets surging demand for video-streaming


Five simple smartphone hacks


How the alt-right got kicked offline - from Uber to Google

The alt-right grew up on the internet. Now, after Charlottesville, some of the far-right movement's most infamous personalities are getting kicked off.

Some Apple employees may quit over new open office floor plan

Construction at Apple Park, the tech giant's new "spaceship" headquarters in California, is projected to be completed by the end of this year.

Images of an Apple-made TV set have surfaced on social media

​Unverified photos of what appears to be a 60-inch Apple TV set are being passed around.

Back to the future flying DeLorean touted

DeLorean Aerospace is an engineering firm that has made it a goal to create a usable flying car.

To stop nude images from strangers, change this iPhone setting

Some iPhone users are getting unpleasant surprises from a sharing feature they may not realise allows anyone to send pictures to their phones.

LinkedIn loses a court fight over users' public profiles

​When you create a public profile on a social network such as LinkedIn, it isn't just your friends and contacts who can see that data.

Facebook revamps News Feed to make it easier to read


Maker of iTrump app wins trademark spat

The owner of Trump Tower, Trump Golf Links, and The Donald J Trump Signature Collection can't claim this one as his own: iTrump.

AI learns from pro gamers - then crushes them

For decades, the world's smartest game-playing humans have been racking up losses to increasingly sophisticated forms of artificial intelligence.

Risk: The film Julian Assange doesn't want you to see

Risk wasn't the movie Laura Poitras expected to make.