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Manslaughter charges considered as UK police reveal Grenfell Tower fire was started by fridge

UK police are considering manslaughter charges over the Grenfell Tower tragedy, after confirming the insulating cladding recently installed on the London building had quickly burst into flames in a fire safety test.

UK police charge man with terrorism-related murder after London mosque attack

A UK man suspected of driving a van at Muslim worshippers leaving a London mosque has been charged with terrorism-related murder and attempted murder.

The man with the weight of America's Goofy-shaped democracy on his shoulders

ANALYSIS: Despite its population of more than 320 million, the weight of democracy in the USA now seems to rest on the shoulders of one man – the "self-effacing, immensely polite" Anthony Kennedy, often described as the swing vote between conservatives and liberals on the US Supreme Court.

Mini crossbow craze alarms Chinese parents

Powerful mini-crossbows that shoot toothpicks and needles are the new must-have toy for schoolkids across China - and a nightmare for concerned parents and school officials.

Angry motorcyclist kicks car, triggering chain-reaction crash on US highway

It's not clear what made a US motorcyclist so mad he decided to stick his boot into the side of the car next to him on the highway.

New York man marches into record books with lawnmower on his chin

Pushing a running electric lawnmower for 71 metres is not a difficult thing to do, but try doing that distance not pushing it, but balancing it on your chin.

Crew aboard stricken NZ yacht found

Wellington coffee royalty were aboard a stricken yacht that sparked an air search then high-seas rescue in the remote reaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Behind the Canadian sniper's record 3.5km kill shot: Was it really so 'stunning'?

A story about a Canadian sniper who killed an Islamic State fighter in Iraq from a distance of 3.5 kilometres has been reported around the world.

US Army general demoted as top-level sex scandals continue

The US Army has demoted the former commander of the 1st Infantry Division for having "an inappropriate relationship" with a junior officer, the latest in a string of episodes in which army generals have landed in trouble for personal misconduct.

US President Donald Trump says 'solar wall' on Mexican border will pay for itself

US President Donald Trump said he's proposed building a "solar wall" on the Mexican border that would pay for itself by generating electricity.

Yellowstone grizzly bears to lose protections after 42 years on the Endangered Species list

About 700 grizzly bears that roam the Yellowstone National Park area will soon lose the protections they have had under the Endangered Species Act for more than 40 years, the US Interior Department says. 

Damaged yacht missing with Wellingtonians aboard in Pacific Ocean

The New Zealand Air Force is in the vicinity of a stricken yacht that hit trouble in the Pacific Ocean.

North Korea carries out another rocket engine test: US official

North Korea has carried out another test of a rocket engine that the United States believes could be part of its programme to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile, a US official says. 

Donald Trump: I did not record conversations with former FBI Director Comey

US President Donald Trump says he doesn't have recordings of his conversations with then-FBI Director James Comey, capping weeks of speculation about whether such tapes exist.

Bill Cosby plans seminars on sex assault, spokesman says

US comedian Bill Cosby plans to conduct a series of free public seminars about sexual assault this summer, his spokesman says, days after a Pennsylvania judge declared a mistrial in Cosby's sex assault trial.

Overheated British schoolboys rebel against shorts ban by wearing skirts

Amid an intense heat wave, dozens of British schoolboys went to class wearing girls' uniform skirts when the head teacher would not relax a dress code banning the more suitable option: shorts.

London fire: Cladding in other UK buildings 'combustible', Prime Minister Theresa May says

An estimated 600 high-rise buildings in England contain cladding similar to that used on a London tower block which caught fire, killing at least 79 people, officials said.

Damaged yacht in distress sparks air force search

Early morning distress calls from the four-person crew of an 18-metre New Zealand yacht off the coast of Fiji has sparked a search by the air force.

Australian senator breastfeeds baby while moves a motion in parliament

Greens senator Larissa Waters has made history once again, breastfeeding her baby while making a speech in the Australian parliament.

John Oliver, a coalmining boss, a giant squirrel and a defamation lawsuit

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver knew he was inviting a legal battle when he used his HBO show to lambast one of America's largest coal mining companies and mock its chief executive.

Mourners celebrate life of Otto Warmbier, student detained in North Korea

Hundreds of mourners celebrated the life of an American college student who was detained in North Korea for over a year and died shortly after being returned home to Ohio in a coma.

Senate Republicans unveil Obamacare replacement bill with tough debate expected

A seven-year push by US Republicans to dismantle Obamacare and kill the taxes it imposed on the wealthy reached a critical phase when Senate Republican leaders unveiled a draft bill they aim to put to a vote, possibly as early as next week.

Tropical Storm Cindy comes ashore in southwest Louisiana

Gulf Coast states were in for a third day of rough weather as Tropical Storm Cindy sloshed ashore early on Thursday in southwestern Louisiana.

'All we do is win, win, win': Donald Trump turns rally into a vent session

US President Donald Trump, under siege in Washington, defended his record at a raucous political rally in Iowa, rejecting a Russia investigation as a witch hunt and saying he was succeeding against all odds, despite no major legislative achievements.

29 dead after car bomb hits Afghan bank in restive Helmand province, governor says

A car bomb exploded outside a bank in Afghanistan's restive Helmand province, killing 29 people waiting to collect their monthly salaries, said the provincial governor.

Prince Harry: No-one really wants to be king or queen

Nobody in the royal family really wants to ascend the throne, Prince Harry says - but they do want to continue Diana's work.

Powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake shakes Guatemala and El Salvador

A major earthquake struck off the coast of Guatemala, shaking buildings and downing trees and causing powerful tremors in neighbouring El Salvador.

A group of US inmates saved the life of their supervising officer, when they could have easily escaped

A group of US prisoners is being praised for saving the life of the man guarding them rather than making a dash for freedom. 

Canadian sniper shatters world record by killing IS fighter with bullet fired 3.5km away

A Canadian sniper has reportedly killed an Islamic State fighter in Iraq with a bullet fired more than 3 kilometres away.

'Sheer good luck' proved an Air Asia pilot raped an Australian woman in 1996

A former Air Asia pilot who repeatedly raped a woman at knifepoint in her Australian home 21 years ago has been jailed for 13 years.

London fire: Cladding in other UK buildings 'combustible', Prime Minister Theresa May says

Tests on UK high-rises in the wake of the deadly west London fire have found more potentially combustible cladding, British Prime Minister Theresa May says.

Thousands of Americans unite against hate at funeral for Muslim teen bashed with baseball bat

Whether a mourner in a black robe at a mosque or a football mother in a T-shirt and shorts at a community vigil, reaction to 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen's death carried a common refrain: That could have been my daughter.

'All we do is win, win, win': Donald Trump turns rally into a vent session

US President Donald Trump has defended his record at a raucous political rally, gloating about recent Republican election victories, rejecting a Russia investigation as a witch hunt and saying he is succeeding against all odds, despite no major legislative achievements.

Famine is over in South Sudan but the job has just begun

OPINION: There is good news and bad news, the devastating food crisis in Sudan has finally improved. The bad news? It has also gotten worse. Lachlan Forsyth writes that the real work is far from over and has just begun.

US news anchor breaks down as father sums up bond with son killed in navy destroyer crash

"Mr Martin, you are choking me up," CNN news anchor Brooke Baldwin said, wiping away tears.

'It did happen but it happened in 1925': US scientists forced to explain fake 6.8 quake alert

A report of a major earthquake off the US coastline of California caused tremors, but only on the internet.

French lifestyle blogger Rebecca Burger 'killed by exploding whipped cream dispenser'

A popular French lifestyle blogger has been killed in a freak accident involving an exploding whipped cream dispenser.

German prosecutors investigate teenager for shooting toy gun at Thai king

German prosecutors say they were investigating a 14-year-old boy suspected of shooting plastic bullets from a toy gun at the King of Thailand, who was cycling near Munich late one evening earlier this month. The king was not hurt.

Teen dies from 'brain-eating amoeba' after white-water rafting, now her parents are suing

Soon after graduating high school in 2016, American teen Lauren Seitz joined her youth music ministry group to sing at churches and nursing homes around Ohio, West Virginia and North Carolina.

Marco Rubio laughs off jokes about 'awkward' hug with Ivanka Trump

Sometimes all you can do is surrender.

US valedictorian shut down by school after going rogue in final speech

US student Peter Butera, class president for the entirety of his high-school life - all four, often frustrating, years of it - took the stage at Friday's graduation ceremony after the recital of the class poem, which had offended no-one.

Queen Elizabeth II opens parliament with hat resembling EU flag amid Brexit strategy talks

Coincidence or a subliminal message?

Injured giant squid knocks paddle boarder in water during dramatic encounter in South Africa

James Taylor is used to adventure. The 39-year-old South African extreme sports fanatic regularly posts videos of his feats on his Facebook page. One day he is scaling cliffs in Thailand. The next week he is skydiving over another exotic location.

Scientists rescue samples of melting Bolivian glacier before it disappears

A team of international scientists are transporting samples of ice from a melting glacier in Bolivia to Antarctica, for study and preservation before the glacier disappears.

Stephen Hawking calls for a return to the moon as Earth's clock runs out

Humans are overdue for a return trip to the moon, Stephen Hawking has just opined.

Gunman at GOP baseball field kept storage locker with 200 rounds of ammunition

The gunman who opened fire on a GOP baseball team in Virginia had a local storage locker with more than 200 rounds of ammunition that he visited daily including less than an hour before he shot more than 60 times at the team during a morning practice June 14.

FBI probing possible terrorism after police officer stabbed at Michigan airport

Terrorism may be a possible motive in the stabbing of a police officer at a US airport, the FBI believes.

London fire: Luxury apartments acquired for displaced Grenfell tenants

The British government has acquired some of the most expensive real estate in London in order to rehouse tenants displaced by the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

Empty New York City transit bus rolls down street, hitting church, cars

An empty New York City transit bus rolled backward down a hilly Brooklyn block and smashed into a church and parked vehicles during a crash caught on video .

Rubin: Erratic US President Donald Trump is spreading national insecurity

OPINION: US President Donald Trump campaigned on the promise that he'd restore the United States' standing in the world, vanquish Islamist terrorists and rebuild our military.