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US Democrat Doug Jones declared winner over Roy Moore in Alabama Senate election

US Democrat Doug Jones has won the special election to fill a Senate seat in Alabama, according to exit polls and returns - a shocking upset in a solidly Republican state, in which massive turnout among African-American voters helped defeat a candidate enthusiastically backed by President Donald ...

Things to know about Alabama's new US senator, Doug Jones

Doug Jones, a Democrat who once prosecuted two Ku Klux Klansmen in a deadly church bombing and has now broken the Republican lock grip on Alabama, is the state's new US senator.

NZ-born woman sues Aussie doctor after he inappropriately 'massaged' her during skin check

A woman has successfully sued an Australian skin cancer doctor more than NZ $52,000 after he inappropriately massaged her breasts and buttocks during a medical examination.

Aussie Christmas shoppers interrupted by anti-Islam Santa, women in sheer burqas

Christmas shoppers in Australia have been left shocked and appalled following a distasteful stunt by a right-wing political group at an upmarket shopping centre.

Australian scientists raise hopes of reviving the extinct Tasmanian tiger

Scientists in Australia have mapped the genetic sequence of the extinct Tasmanian tiger, raising hopes of reviving the species, the last surviving example of which died in a zoo in the city of Hobart in 1936.

Husband will plead not guilty to the murder of Melbourne mum Karen Ristevski

The husband of Australian woman Karen Ristevski will plead not guilty to the murder of his wife and spend the next four months behind bars before facing court again.

Three children dead, one holding on: An Australian mother's life of tragedy

Australian mum Cheryl Duncanson lost her first born, Mark, when he was 19. He was a backseat passenger in a car crash in 1987.

'Miracle' baby born with her heart outside of her body survives three operations

A British mum who was told to terminate her pregnancy because of a rare heart condition is now celebrating her miracle baby girl.

Husband charged with the murder of Melbourne mum Karen Ristevski

The husband of Australian woman Karen Ristevski has been charged with the murder of his wife. 

Donald Trump sends sexually suggestive tweet about female US politician

US President Donald Trump has attacked US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in a sexually suggestive tweet implying she would do just about anything for money.

An Australian boy died from an allergic reaction to his hospital breakfast

Louis Tate always carried his EpiPen with him.

US woman lured pregnant neighbour to her apartment, killed her and took her unborn baby

The neighbours downstairs first heard the noise on a Saturday afternoon in August.

Road rage Aussie cyclist throws driver's keys into the bush

An Australian woman was left stranded on the side of a road near Melbourne after she stopped for a cyclist who reached into her car, grabbed her keys from the ignition and threw them into bush.

New Zealand's ancient penguin was as big as a human

Fossils of a giant man-sized penguin that once roamed New Zealand sat on a shelf for years before scientists started exploring their secrets.

Hunger strike: Cheeseburglar on loose as man's bag of food stolen in armed robbery

Police in the US state of Connecticut are looking for the suspect in the theft of a bag of cheeseburgers. The 23-year-old victim was walking on the street carrying the bag of takeaway food on Saturday night, Hamden Police Captain Ronald Smith said.

The monster storm on Jupiter that's big enough to swallow the Earth whole

Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a storm like nothing this world has ever seen. This crimson-hued anticyclone features winds three times as fast as the jet stream and is big enough to swallow Earth whole. It is older than any human – 187 years at least – and could well still rage across the ...

Roy Moore rides his horse Sassy to the polls to vote in US Senate race

US politician Roy Moore rode his horse Sassy to the polls to cast his ballot as one of the most tawdry Senate races in Alabama's history barrelled bizarrely towards a conclusion.

'Feminism' is Merriam-Webster's word of the year, thanks in part to Kellyanne Conway

This is the year when a sea of pink dominated the streets of several cities around the world, the year when #MeToo became a symbolic driving force against sexual misconduct by men, and when a group of women - "The Silence Breakers" - graced the cover of Time as the voices that launched that ...

World's first tourism campaign in space

It is the movie everyone is talking about this week, and one country has taken its links with Star Wars: The Last Jedi into space.

New York City bomber taunted Donald Trump on Facebook

The man charged with a failed suicide bomb attack in New York wrote "Trump, you failed to protect your nation" on Facebook before heading the US's busiest subway station to carry out the attack.

Visitor from beyond our solar system looks eerily like an alien spaceship

Our solar system has a visitor. It's cylindrical, dark and reddish, 400m long.

US flight diverted because of coffee maker fumes

A US plane has been diverted to a Florida airport after fumes from a coffee maker were reported in the back of the aircraft.

Would-be New York City suicide bomber expected to face federal charges

A would-be suicide bomber was held on state terrorism charges while federal prosecutors prepared their own case in the rush hour blast in the heart of the New York City subway system that failed to cause the bloodshed he intended, officials said.

Fire crews attempt to protect hillside homes as California fire grows

The fifth largest wildfire in California history expanded, ripping through dry brush atop a coastal ridge while crews struggled to keep flames from roaring down into neighbourhoods amid fears of renewed winds.

One dead, 21 hurt in explosion at natural gas plant near Austria-Slovakia border

An explosion at a major natural gas facility near Austria's border with Slovakia left one person dead and 21 injured, and caused some gas flow disruptions to other countries, authorities said.

US President Donald Trump says accusations of sexual misconduct 'fabricated'

US President Donald Trump, pushing back against women accusing him of sexual misconduct, insisted he's the target of "false accusations and fabricated stories of women who I don't know and/or have never met."

Shinto priest's Samurai sword death

The attackers struck as the priestess stepped from her chauffeured car.

#MeToo spotlight increasingly pointed at past Donald Trump conduct

Donald Trump sailed past a raft of allegations of sexual misconduct in last year's presidential election.

Controversial Alabama special Senate race now in the hands of voters

Alabama voters have headed to the polls in Alabama's special Senate election and faced two choices: Either continue the "Trump miracle" in Washington or allow "decency" to prevail back home.

Poll: More than 90 per cent of Palestinians oppose Trump Jerusalem move

The Palestinians overwhelmingly oppose President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and have little faith in the US or their Arab allies, according to a poll released on Tuesday .

Oscar Pistorius bruised in a jail fight over telephone use

Olympian Oscar Pistorius, in jail for murdering his girlfriend, was bruised in an altercation with another inmate over telephone use, a South African prison spokesman confirmed on Tuesday .

Kim Jong Un controls the weather, North Koreans told

In rare free moments, when Kim Jong Un isn't calling US President Donald Trump a dotard, launching ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan or engaging in general dictatoring, he apparently goes on leisurely mountain hikes and flexes his never-before-reported superpower: controlling the weather.

Australian Hells Angels member arrested over drug smuggling plot in Thailand

Police have arrested an Australian Hells Angels member and bar owner over an attempt to smuggle millions of dollars worth of crystal methamphetamines into a Thai port.

New York pipe bomb suspect 'chose subway site because of the Christmas posters'

A former hire car driver chose to bomb one of New York City's busiest subway corridors because of its Christmas-themed posters, law enforcement officials said following the explosion that sent peak hour commuters into a frenzy at the start of the working week.

North Korea's prisons are as bad as Nazi camps, says judge who survived Auschwitz

North Korea's political prisons are just as bad as – and perhaps even worse than – the Nazi concentration camps of the Holocaust, a renowned judge and Auschwitz survivor has concluded after hearing from former North Korean prisoners and guards.

NZ police tip-off saves three children from sexual exploitation in the Philippines

Three children in the Philippines who were being sexually abused by their parents for a live stream broadcast have been rescued.

The New York pipe bomb was ignited with Christmas lights, matches and a nine-volt battery

A pipe bomb that exploded in a crowded New York City subway passageway was ignited with a Christmas light, matches and a nine-volt battery, officials say.

Fake sign language interpreter causes confusion during police press conference

A police press conference in the US about a serial killer case took a bizarre turn when a woman posing as a sign language interpreter started making unintelligible gestures.

US man saws his way out of a notorious Indonesian prison in daring jailbreak

People who've survived Bali's Kerobokan prison have used many terms to describe it: overcrowded, understaffed, drug-filled, brutally violent.

Daredevil plunges to death off 62-storey building as stunt goes horribly wrong

Chinese daredevil Wu Yongning climbed buildings to try to lift his family out of poverty.

'We're breeding a generation of wimps': Thousands of UK schools shut by snow

Angry parents say the UK is "breeding a generation of wimps" after 2000 schools were closed by snow, when many areas of the country got nothing more than wintry showers. 

Australian tradie 'kidnapped and raped' girl, 8, then returned her an hour later

A tradesman in his mid-50s kidnapped an eight-year-old girl in Australia before raping her and returning her an hour later to the spot he'd abducted her from, police say.

Donald Trump tells Nasa to send astronauts to Mars

US President Donald Trump has directed the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to send American astronauts back to the moon and eventually to Mars, shifting the agency's mission from the study of Earth.

NZ police tip-off saves three children from sexual exploitation in the Philippines

Three children in the Philippines who were being sexually abused on demand for a live stream broadcast internationally have been rescued.

Airline made passenger put out cigarette. She threatened to kill everyone on the plane

Southwest Airlines says it all started with a cigarette.

Who was the New York City bomber?

What we know about the New York City bomber:

New York terror attack: Pipe bomb strapped to man explodes in subway

A man wearing a pipe bomb attached with Velcro and zip ties has set off an explosive in the Times Square subway station, injuring himself and three others, sending ambulances racing and commuters fleeing as Christmas shoppers poured into New York City in the US.

Trump accusers: 'Heartbreaking' to see him elected despite sexual misconduct claims

As the US grapples with a national reckoning over sexual misconduct allegations against powerful men from Hollywood to Capitol Hill, three women who accused the most high-profile man in the country again questioned on Monday why their claims did nothing to stop him from winning the presidency.

Officials see weapons threat as North Korea gains biotech expertise

​Five months before North Korea's first nuclear test in 2006, US intelligence officials sent a report to Congress warning that secret work also was underway on a biological weapon.

'Trans survey': British school children asked to confirm their true gender

Ten-year-old children are being asked by the British National Health Service whether they are "comfortable with their gender" in official health surveys being completed in schools, it has emerged.