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None among 42 'walking wounded' in Pennsylvania train crash critically hurt

A regional rail train crashed into a parked train at a suburban Philadelphia terminal, injuring dozens of passengers and the train's operator, a regional rail spokeswoman said.

Chasing the great American eclipse

Nearly 40,000 people attended the Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse gathering, a one-off festival to witness the first full solar eclipse in the USA since 1979. 

Trump's new Afghanistan war strategy reflects a lack of winning options

President Trump's new strategy for Afghanistan reflects the lack of viable options for winning a war that has dragged on for nearly 16 years with no end in sight.

33 hurt after inbound train hits parked train at station in Philadelphia, US

At least 33 people have been injured after a train crashed into an unoccupied parked train in suburban Philadelphia, Unites States.

Former Christchurch couple caught in earthquake in Italy

A former Christchurch couple have been caught in the "chaos and panic" of a 4 magnitude earthquake that struck Italy.

Donald Trump vows to win the war as he outlines strategy for Afghanistan

President Donald Trump announced an open-ended commitment to Afghanistan that will put as many as 4,000 more US troops into the nation's longest-lasting conflict and keep American forces there as long as it takes to deny terrorists a haven and bring about a political settlement with the Taliban.

Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik turned away from Australian bar

Queensland's Attorney-General has stood by the Australian state's controversial ID scanning laws, saying "rules are rules", after reports Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik was denied entry to a Brisbane bar at the weekend.

Donald Trump looks at solar eclipse without protective glasses

Even leaders of the free world need take precaution when staring at the sun.

Danish police find torso of woman after submarine sinking in Baltic Sea

The body of a woman has been found in the Baltic Sea near where a missing Swedish journalist is believed to have died on a privately built submarine, Danish police said late Monday.

NZ soldiers in controversial intelligence-gathering programme in Afghanistan

New Zealand soldiers helped collect biometric data for a controversial programme the public was never told about.

Recap: Donald Trump's Afghanistan plan

The US President's holding a live press conference on Afghanistan, saying the US is "not nation-building again, we are killing terrorists".

Donald Trump stares at solar eclipse without protective glasses

Even leaders of the free world need take precaution when staring at the sun.

Trump will send 4000 more US troops to Afghanistan, senior official says

US President Donald Trump has signed off on sending an additional 4000 troops to Afghanistan, a senior US official says.

KKK leader threatens to 'burn' Latina journalist, the first black person on his property

​Christopher Barker, a leader of a US Ku Klux Klan chapter in North Carolina, agreed to an interview with Ilia Calderon, a Miami-based Colombian news anchor.  He was told the interview would be conducted in his home by a Hispanic "woman of colour."

Trump protection runs Secret Service dry

The Secret Service says Congress will have to intervene if it is to have enough money to cover the cost of protecting President Donald Trump and his family past the end of September.

Photos: Americans turn to the sky for the total eclipse

Millions in the US have watched as the moon completed the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse.

Quake hits Italian island, buildings collapse

A magnitude 4 quake has hit the tourist-packed Italian island of Ischia, off the coast of Naples, killing at least one person, injuring others and bringing down buildings.

Ohio judge shot in 'ambush' outside court, returns fire and kills attacker


Fisherman in isolated Gaza nets message in a bottle from holidaymakers in Greece

For Palestinian fisherman Jihad al-Soltan, it was a surprise summer catch - a message in a bottle that he netted off a Gaza beach.

New Zealand stayed in Afghanistan too long, says Helen Clark

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark says New Zealand should have got out of Afghanistan much sooner than it did.

'Young, slim, pretty' workers get more money, Russian flight attendant claims

"Old, fat and ugly'' is what Yevgeniya Magurina jokingly calls a group of flight attendants for Russia's flagship airline Aeroflot who she claims have been sidelined in an apparent drive to make the cabin crew younger and more physically attractive.

Total solar eclipse broadcast live by Nasa

Americans gazed in wonder through telescopes, cameras and disposable protective glasses as the moon began blotting out the sun in the first full-blown solar eclipse to sweep the US from coast to coast in nearly a century.

French police rule out terrorism as motive in van's fatal bus stop hits

A van rammed into two bus stops in the French port city of Marseille, killing one person and injuring another, but investigators ruled out terrorism as a motive, police said.

Suspected driver in deadly Barcelona van attack fatally shot, wearing bomb belt

A man thought to be the driver in the Barcelona van attack has been shot dead by Spanish police.

One dead, one injured as van rams two bus stops in Marseille, France

A van rammed into two bus stops about 5km apart in the French port city of Marseille, killing one person and injuring another, police officials said.

Nations search for 10 missing sailors after US destroyer collision with ship

Vessels from several nations are searching southeast Asian waters for 10 missing US sailors after an early morning collision between the USS John S McCain and an oil tanker ripped a gaping hole in the destroyer's hull.

Spain van attack death toll to 15 as suspect linked to fatal carjacking

The fugitive in the Barcelona van attack carjacked a man and stabbed him to death as he made his getaway, Spanish officials said as they raised the death toll in the country's two vehicle attacks to 15.

McArdle: Donald Trump disgusts Republicans but what can they do?

OPINION: US President Donald Trump has been widely and appropriately condemned for reacting to the horror in Charlottesville, Virginia, with remarks about "both sides," and for comparing Confederate generals to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and for reacting to white supremacist terrorism ...

One dead after car rams into two bus stops in France

A man who rammed a car into two bus shelters in southern France on Monday, killing at least one person, was known to police for minor crimes and had psychological issues, a police source said.

One dead after car rams into two bus stops in France

At least one person was killed and another injured in Marseille after a car crashed into two bus shelters in different parts of the French city, police said.

Watch: Total solar eclipse broadcast live by Nasa

A rare solar eclipse will be visible across the United States from 4am NZ time - and has enthused everyone from professional astronomers at NASA to citizen astronomers and schoolchildren.

Morgan Huxley's murderer Daniel Kelsall appeals against his 30-year sentence

Kiwi murderer Daniel Jack Kelsall liked cartoons, fantasy novels, and was often described as "baby-faced".

'That's definitely him': Son spots long-lost father in Queensland car park

When Sandie Gillette and one of her sons saw the man walking toward them in a car park on Australia's Sunshine Coast last summer they were too stunned to move.

Yemen is broke, and broken

It is exhausting. Crisis after crisis. Disaster after disaster.

Eclipse eve: Millions converge across US to see sun go dark

Millions of Americans have converged on a narrow corridor stretching from Oregon to South Carolina ready to be blown away by a solar eclipse at midday on Monday - which is 4am Tuesday, New Zealand time.

Defence Force must explain villagers' treatment by SAS - former PM Helen Clark

 â€‹Former Prime Minister Helen Clark is calling on military chiefs to front up over allegations surrounding a 2004 SAS firefight, saying, "I would not consider behaviour along the lines described acceptable."

Ten sailors missing, five injured after US Destroyer collision with merchant ship

The US Navy says 10 sailors are missing and five are injured after the USS John S. McCain collided with a merchant ship.

Morgan Huxley's murderer Daniel Kelsall appeals against his 30-year sentence

Kiwi murderer Jack Kelsall liked cartoons, fantasy novels, and was often described as "baby-faced".

US teen saved by heart transplant dies on first day of school

Peyton West woke up early Thursday morning, his first day back to school.

Japan worries about foreign drivers

Japan's Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry will address a surging number of accidents involving rental cars driven by foreign tourists, whose number is on the rise in Japan, by identifying locations where accidents are likely to occur and setting up foreigner-friendly road signs in ...

Donald Trump might be right that North Korea's threat to Guam will boost tourism

When the North Korean regime of Kim Jong Un threatened to fire a nuclear weapon toward the US territory of Guam, President Donald Trump predicted that the added attention from the threat would increase tourism to the tiny island in the Pacific Ocean.

French President Emmanuel Macron's approval rating plummets to Trump levels

At home and abroad, the name Emmanuel Macron elicits vastly different reactions.

A white supremacist's rise and humiliating fall

The white supremacists, nationalists and far-right trolls who starred in the violent Charlottesville, Virginia, rallies have suffered no lack of humiliation in the days since.

Australian woman free after eight years in a Peruvian prison

"I've been waiting for this moment for so long, it's overwhelming," says a tearful Bronwyn Atherton as she arrives at Sydney airport in Australia.

Petition to replace US confederate statue with Missy Elliot monument

Thousands of people in the USA are calling for a confederate statue to be torn down, and replaced with a monument to rapper Missy Elliot.

Passengers spot military jet flying alongside plane but the airline doesn't know why

An airline was left asking questions after passengers spotted a mysterious military aircraft flying alongside it. 

Barcelona attacks: Family confirms Australian boy Julian Cadman, 7, was killed

Australian boy Julian Cadman, 7, was killed in the Barcelona terror attack, his family and Spanish officials have confirmed.

Researchers find wreckage of lost World War II warship USS Indianapolis

Naval researchers have found the wreckage of the lost World War II cruiser USS Indianapolis on the floor of the Pacific Ocean, 72 years after the vessel sank in minutes after it was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine.

'Kill drugs, not people': Anger simmers over in Philippines over drug war

Mourners at the funeral of a Philippine man who police shot dead have protested his innocence, the latest sign of rising anger over President Rodrigo Duterte's bloody campaign to stamp out drugs.

US lottery fraudster spent years rigging systems, only to be placed in charge

For a decade, US computer programmer Eddie Tipton reliably showed up for work at the central Iowa office of the Multi-State Lottery Association and earned the confidence of his co-workers, a team of technicians entrusted to build computers used to randomly pick numbers for some of the most popular ...