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Australian casino tycoon James Packer clears the decks after boat budget blowout

As the summer countdown begins, the waters around one of Australia's biggest superyachts are getting decidedly choppy.

Ticks, stars, marks: Has New Zealand got too many certification programmes?

Food blogger Catherine Milford, of Eatscooksreads, is used to seeing stars, ticks and other marks all over the products she buys from the supermarket.

Billionaire Branson targeted in $5m scam 'straight out of le Carre'

Richard Branson, billionaire founder of the Virgin group, has revealed he was targeted by a fraudster posing as Britain's defence minister who tried to get him to contribute $5 million to a supposed secret ransom payment.

Coalition result unlikely to trouble markets for long

Despite the lack of policy detail so far from the newly-formed government, plenty of pre-election signals were given to provide a steer as to some likely areas of change.

A bit of what you like: the mindgames behind luxury spending

Luxury. No word means such different things to different people.

Shambueel Eaqub: Trickier times ahead for new government

The new government will take charge of an economy that will not get the easy economic gains from bank lending largesse of recent years. 

From Prime Minister to performing artist: John Key's latest career twist

He's a knight of the realm, chairman of New Zealand's biggest bank and one of the country's most successful politicians, and now Sir John Key has laid claim to being a "performing artist".

Jonathan Milne: Ardern knew when to hold 'em; English knew when to walk away

OPINION: Robert Muldoon must be smirking crookedly in his grave. We all thought his legacy of picking winners, thinking big and intervening in the economy was consigned to the past – sent there by the David Lange Labour Government.

Budget Buster: 'Pink Tax' makes women pay more for the same products

OPINION: A few years ago, BiC launched a new range of pens specifically designed for women, liberating the fairer sex from decades of brutish male stationery. The "for her" range came in any colour a gal could want – as long as that's pink or purple, of course.

Giving back to your roots a lasting legacy

For seven decades, two brothers lived in and loved the people of Ashburton. 

Martin Hawes: ''Buy and hold'' still the best strategy

Last week I spoke to the New Zealand Property Investors Federation.

Grand Designs couple's ambitious high-rise solution to housing crisis

Financially, it must be the most ambitious Grand Designs project ever filmed in New Zealand.

Food education and higher incomes the path to zero hunger

We continue our series on the UN-sanctioned steps businesses are taking to meet their sustainable development goals and to reduce negative impacts on society.

Worried retailers advised to get online

Despite a string of recent receiverships and Kiwis continuing to shop overseas, New Zealand retail sales are growing.

Construction sector hampered by lack of basic technology skills: Spark

Modelling, pre-fabrication and robotics - all things which will eventually make a major difference to the construction sector's low productivity rate.

International science deals deliberately play favourites

The Government has been spinning a web of innovation agreements with the world since 1974, but they have not had a direct pay off.

Boom and bust tourist town's values soar over three years

Sales are down in the wider Queenstown property market after a price surge but there are still plenty of choices for high end real estate buyers. 

Economy earns $4.5b by getting accredited: Ianz

A little known Crown agency says providing our export customers with gold-standard testing is worth an extra $4.5 billion to the economy.

Big deal shows confidence of industrial sector

The sale of a nationwide property portfolio to Stock Exchange-listed Property for Industry illustrates the continuing demand for quality industrial assets among investors, according to the agent who brokered the deal.

Christchurch commercial vacancies 'not too bad' at 20 per cent

The central Christchurch office glut isn't as bad as anticipated a leading valuer says - but there is still about 20 hectares of vacant uncommitted commercial land.

Property Council worried tighter immigration will hit labour market

​The property sector will be a key enabler if the incoming coalition government is to succeed in reaching its housing goals.

Auckland Airport trial flight path adopted, more on way

Aircraft will permanently approach Auckland International Airport for landing using the controversial satellite-guided flight path trialled last year, a draft report says.

Warning over suspected loan scam

Vulnerable families have lost money to a scammer impersonating a local loans company.

New Zealand share market recovers from political jitters

The stock market has bounced back from a small knock this morning that followed National losing power.

Annual net migration dips to 71,000 while tourism continues to grow

Annual net migration has taken a dip while tourism continues to grow.

SkyCity to launch into competitive e-sports gaming

SkyCity is launching into competitive "e-sport" gaming, a trend sweeping the world. The casino and entertainment company has formed a joint venture with Let's Play Live. SkyCity has taken a 40 per cent stake in Let's Play Live Media , which will see development of the country's first purpose-built ...

The role of regions, and looking after them

Queenmaker Winston Peters described Labour and National as "big city parties with big city views" when he was on the campaign trail.

Qantas closes in on dream of ultra-long-haul direct flights

The world's two biggest aircraft makers are "up for the challenge" of designing planes capable of flying non-stop from Australia's east coast to far-flung destinations including New York and London, Qantas says.

Abseiling repair men train wine tank rescues

The thought of confined spaces can drive some people up the walls, whereas these guys climb down walls to get into confined spaces. 

Quake-hit company kept trading through loyalty to staff, defence says

Loyalty to staff in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes eventually led to a knitwear company being liquidated and the firm's owner being prosecuted for a $250,000 unpaid tax bill.

Commerce Commission opens defence of NZME/Fairfax merger ruling

The Commerce Commission has emphasised the importance of journalism produced by Fairfax New Zealand and NZME in defending its decision to block the companies' merger.

Auckland's not New Zealand's most booming region on this measure

Taranaki has the biggest gross domestic product per person of all the regions.

Retailers hopeful new government will move quickly on 'Amazon tax'

An "Amazon tax" on overseas internet shopping that could raise $235 million in its first year is more likely following the change of government, Retail NZ spokesman Greg Harford believes.

Winston Peters played it down but economy will remain strong, Infometrics forecasts

NZ First leader Winston Peters turned some heads with downbeat remarks about changing tides in the global economy when he announced the party's partnership with Labour.

New Zealand's huge home loans are crazy

OPINION: Your choice: 30-year slavery to a mortgage, or lifetime slavery to landlords. Young Kiwi couples face this stark choice, thanks to the political failure to deal with the housing crisis, but young Brits can go one better. Their choice: 40-year mortgage, or lifetime of rent slavery. In ...

Winston Peters talking down the economy 'not going to be good'

New Zealand's dollar has fallen on the news that the country will have a new government.

Here's how young people can make money out of Baby Boomers

You don't have to go far to find a young person complaining about Baby Boomers. They had cheaper house prices. More job stability. Free university education.

Blenheim cafe tackles footprint with new cup-swap scheme

A Blenheim cafe is taking its "war on waste" to the next level with a new cup-swap scheme.

Kirk Hope: Simple steps to transform business environment

For people in business, the environment for enterprise matters a lot.  Your success can be affected by all sorts of factors - whether there's a good supply of skilled workers, whether it's easy or hard to get resource consents for development, whether taxes are high or low, and so on.

Rowan Worner: Christchurch needs more visitors

OPINION: Christchurch, quite simply, needs more visitors.

Want good credit? Take care when shopping around for loans

If you're worried about maintaining your credit score, hold off on that credit card application.

Unoccupied properties cause insurance headaches

Households are being caught out by the fine print in insurance contracts that can leave them without cover if their houses are unoccupied for a period of time.

Five things to know if you're giving adult children money

OPINION: The link between money and relationships is undeniable. Money issues can break couples apart, destroy relationships between siblings and cause tension between parents and adult children.

Economy will remain strong next year and in 2019, Infometrics forecasts

The economy may not turn south on the new government just yet, according to economist Infometrics.

With Labour in the picture the housing party is definitely over

OPINION: I'm going to say it: The housing party is definitely over.

Is this the end of central banks as we know them?

OPINION: We might finally know that Jacinda Ardern will lead a Labour-NZ First government but there's a lot we don't know about its economic framework.

Xero won't compete with MYOB to buy Reckon

The chief executive of accounting software firm Xero has said he has no interest in buying rival firm Reckon, and that any bid from its chief rival MYOB would demonstrate a lack of long-term growth options. 

Susan Edmunds: Accept it, slower is the new normal

OPINION: I'm going to say it: The housing party is definitely over.

Peters talking down the economy 'not going to be good'

New Zealand's dollar has fallen on the news that the country will have a new government.

Waimea dam public consultation plan gets green light from Tasman District Council

The public will now get its say on the $82.5 million proposal to build a dam in the Lee Valley, near Nelson.