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New US penalties on Chinese, Russian firms over North Korea

The Trump administration on Tuesday imposed sanctions on 16 mainly Chinese and Russian companies and people for assisting North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs and helping the North make money to support those programs.

Hundreds honor Indiana soldier killed in Afghanistan attack

Dozens of soldiers and police officers stood at attention Tuesday while the flag-draped casket of 23-year-old Army Sgt. Jonathon Michael Hunter was transferred from a plane to a hearse.

Moroccans shaken by links to extremist attacks in Europe

Morocco has long considered itself a haven of stability in a volatile region and a key ally in the fight against Islamic extremism, but in recent months, it has found itself shaken by carnage in Europe blamed on Moroccans who moved abroad.

Michigan woman says son among missing sailors

A Michigan woman says her son, Ken Smith, is among the missing sailors after a collision between a warship and an oil tanker in Southeast Asia.

Trump to inspect drone, meet with Marines at Border Patrol station ahead of Arizona rally

President Donald Trump will inspect a Predator drone and meet with Marines at a Yuma, Arizona, Border Patrol station ahead of a major rally Tuesday night in Phoenix as he seeks to promote his administration's push to tighten immigration enforcement, senior officials said.

3 children pulled from rubble on quake-hit Italian island

Italian firefighters working through the night, sometimes digging by hand, freed a 7-month-old baby Tuesday and then his two older brothers from the rubble of their home that collapsed when a 4.0-magnitude quake struck the resort island of Ischia during the height of tourist season.

Army-Navy to play 4 times in Philadelphia from 2018-22

The Army-Navy football game will be played in Philadelphia four times from 2018-2022, returning to its most frequent host city.

Trump undercuts troop unity he praises

Trump's own words last month undercut his broader point on Monday: that shared patriotism and common desire to defend the country would unite soldiers, sailors and airmen in a way that we might all emulate.

Civil War lessons often depend on the location of the classroom

The Civil War lessons taught to American students often depend on where the classroom is, with schools presenting accounts of the conflict that vary from state to state and even district to district.

Lebanon says it has driven ISIS from most of Syria border area

The U.S-backed Lebanese army launched its operation on Saturday and has since driven out the militants from some 62 square miles. The Lebanese military is now in control of over 80 percent of the areas previously held by ISIS along the border.

Filipino officials: Chinese navy stalked Philippine area

Two senior Philippine security officials said three Chinese navy ships, a coast guard vessel and 10 fishing boats began keeping watch on Sandy Cay on Aug. 12 after a group of Filipino fishermen were spotted on the sandbars. The Filipinos eventually left but the Chinese stayed on.

Servicemembers turned out in smaller numbers for 2016 presidential vote

The 2016 U.S. presidential election failed to interest many military voters, says a recently released federal study. A striking finding from our analyses is the reported drop in participation rate among military personnel in the 2016 election as compared to the general population,' said one voting ...

Trump's push for larger NATO force in Afghanistan faces challenges

President Donald Trump has demanded NATO allies commit more troops to the mission in Afghanistan in line' with planned U.S. increases, but the source of those forces is unclear for an alliance that has pledged more support but only in small numbers.

Extremists' violence grew as warnings politicized

Right-wing terrorism has become the national security threat that many government leaders have yet to acknowledge.

The new weapons we need to respond to new threats

There is every reason not to limit our ability to bring dangerous nations to heel, not least because new technologies give the U.S. and its allies an opportunity to pre-empt looming threats or respond quickly with proportional force in a crisis.

Deadly shooting ends friendships forged in neo-Nazi group

Two young men are dead and two others are in jail. Now authorities are left to answer this question: Was Atomwaffen Division, an obscure neo-Nazi group, plotting violent acts or were the four young men merely posers?

US sanctions Chinese and Russian entities for conducting business with North Korea

As part of a broad effort to isolate North Korea, the Treasury Department on Tuesday placed sanctions on Chinese and Russian individuals and firms it said had conducted business with the country in ways that advanced its missile and nuclear weapons program.

Poland to boost defenses by training student volunteers

Poland has been making efforts to increase its defense capabilities amid security concerns raised in the region by Russia's military activity. Poland's latest defense project aims to put some 10,000 volunteers through theoretical and practical training this academic year.

German police seize thousands of ecstasy tablets shaped like Trump's head

Officers said they found about 5,000 of the orange, Trump-shaped ecstasy tablets along with a large, but unspecified quantity of cash while checking an Austrian-registered car on the A30 highway on Saturday in Osnabrueck in northwestern Germany.

US paratrooper found dead on base in Italy is identified

The U.S. Army soldier assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade found dead in his barracks on Caserma Ederle Saturday has been identified as Pfc. Andrew Young, 21, from Dallas, Oregon.

Mattis in Baghdad says militants are 'on the run'

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Baghdad hours after President Donald Trump outlined a fresh approach to the stalemated war in Afghanistan. Mattis said he is confident that U.S.-backed Iraqi forces will finish off ISIS militants clinging to strongholds that are shrinking in size and number.

On a familiar battlefield, Marines prepare for their next chapter in Afghanistan

In Marine Brig. Gen. Roger B. Turner Jr.'s office on the small, dusty base of Camp Shorab in Afghanistan, there is a map of Helmand province and a white board marked with half a dozen goals. One of them reads: "Get thru fighting season."

Afghans praise Trump plan to get tough on terrorists, Pakistan

Afghan leaders on Tuesday welcomed President Donald Trump's new strategy on Afghanistan. In Kabul, President Ashraf Ghani said in a statement after the speech that the U.S.-Afghan partnership was stronger than ever. Abdullah Abdullah, the government's chief executive, also praised the speech.

Commander: Iraqi troops reach first urban areas of Tal Afar

Iraqi troops on Tuesday reached the first urban areas of the Islamic State-held northern town of Tal Afar on the third day of a multi-pronged operation, said a military commander.

'Bodies' found as search for missing McCain sailors continues, admiral says

Ongoing search-and-rescue efforts for 10 missing USS John S. McCain sailors have turned up a number of bodies, Adm. Scott Swift, Pacific Fleet commander, told reporters Tuesday evening.

Jail, no bail urged for Barcelona attack suspect

Four alleged members of a terror cell accused of killing 15 people in attacks in Barcelona and a nearby resort appeared in court Tuesday, a day after the last missing member of the cell was gunned down by police.

Trump's push for larger NATO force in Afghanistan faces challenges

President Donald Trump's demand that NATO allies commit more forces to the mission in Afghanistan in line with our own' could prove problematic for an alliance that has pledged more support but in small numbers.

US paratrooper found dead on base in Italy

A 173rd Airborne Brigade paratrooper was found dead Saturday in the barracks on Caserma Ederle, the Army said in a statement.

BREAKING: 'Some remains' found as search for missing McCain sailors continues, Navy says

Some remains' have been found in the wake of the USS John S. McCain collision near Singapore, Adm. Scott Swift, Pacific Fleet commander, told reporters Tuesday evening.

4 surviving Barcelona attack suspects appear in court

Four alleged members of a terror cell accused of killing 15 people in attacks in Barcelona and a Spanish resort appeared in court Tuesday, a day after the last missing member of the cell was gunned down by police near Barcelona.

Harris says naval operational pause won't affect ability to defend against N. Korea

A top U.S. commander said the military's ability to defend against any threats from North Korea won't be affected by an operational pause by the Navy following a devastating collision that left 10 sailors missing.

Is this the year that Kinnick breaks through?

The Red Devils have captured their share of DODEA-Japan titles but haven't been able to win the Far East crown.

Amphibious assault ship bolsters search for missing USS McCain sailors

Navy and Marine Corps divers from the America and Yokosuka have been searching the guided-missile destroyer for the missing sailors using surface-supplied air rigs to access sealed compartments in damaged areas of the ship.

Mattis: ISIS militants caught in Iraq-Syria military vise

Expelled from their main stronghold in northern Iraq, Islamic State militants are now trapped in a military vise that will squeeze them on both sides of the Syria-Iraq border, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said in Baghdad.

US commanders say joint war games key to deterrence as N. Korea vows revenge

U.S. commanders defended joint war games with South Korea on Tuesday as the North warned the United States will face merciless retaliation' for going through with them.

Navy ship in collision named for McCain's dad, grandfather

Most know Sen. John S. McCain III, the Vietnam War hero who ran for president in 2000 and 2008. But it was his father and grandfather — both naval commanders who served during World War II — who inspired the naming of the 505-foot guided-missile destroyer.

Anger boils over at Charlottesville council meeting

Speakers, some yelling and hurling profanities, then took turns addressing the council, some expressing frustration that leaders had granted a permit for the Aug. 12 rally that had turned violent.

Yemen blames Iran for war, says it can't be part of solution

Yemen's foreign minister is blaming Iran and its support for Houthi Shiite rebels for causing the country's civil war and says it can't be part of the solution.

North Korea warns of revenge on US for ignoring drill warnings

On Monday, South Korea President Moon Jae-in said North Korea should not to use the latest round of drills as an excuse for any further provocations. The exercises are not aimed at raising military tensions on the Korean peninsula at all."

Trump renews Afghan war commitment, sees no speedy exit

President Donald Trump declared Monday night the United States must continue fighting in Afghanistan to avoid the "predictable and unacceptable" results of a rapid withdrawal from the country where the U.S. has been at war for 16 years.

Pentagon narrows competition for the next big US nuclear missile deterrent

A high-stakes competition to rebuild a critical component of America's aging nuclear arsenal was narrowed down to two companies on Monday, as the Air Force awarded Boeing and Northrop Grumman the next phase of a contract to replace the Minuteman ground-based inter-continental ballistic missile.

Goats, camouflage and ghost schools: 16 years of US taxpayer waste in Afghanistan

America's longest war has become a symbol for wartime graft and corruption in one of the world's least governable countries rocked by conflict for decades.

Danish police find torso of woman after submarine sinking

The body of a woman has been found in the Baltic Sea near where a missing Swedish journalist is believed to have died on a privately built submarine, Danish police said late Monday.

Funeral set for Utah soldier killed in Afghanistan

The family of 27-year-old Aaron Butler says the Green Beret was a champion high school wrestler who always dreamed of joining the military and qualified for the U.S. Army Special Forces with honors last year.

Army identifies missing Black Hawk crew members after suspending lengthy search

The Army has named the five missing crew members of the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that crashed Aug. 15 in the waters off northwest Oahu.

Coast Guard rescues 2 stabbing victims off Florida coast

The U.S. Coast Guard has rescued two men who reportedly were stabbed on board their fishing vessel off Florida's Gulf coast.

Illinois now accepts military driving history for written part of CDL test

Drivers certified in the military to drive vehicles similar to a commercial motor vehicle can now skip the written portion of the exam to get a CDL license in Illinois.

On front lines, US commanders want more trainers for Afghans

Deep in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan, on the front lines against Taliban and Islamic State fighters, U.S. military commanders say they needs more forces to better train Afghan soldiers to combat the escalating threat. They're hoping President Donald Trump heeds their calls when he outlines ...

Harbaugh cancels Ravens practice, takes team on tour of Pentagon, Arlington

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh canceled practice Monday to take his team on a tour of the Pentagon and a visit to Arlington National Cemetery.

Police: Barcelona fugitive's death 'breaks' cell behind Spain attacks

The lone fugitive from the Spanish cell that killed 15 people in and near Barcelona was shot to death Monday after he flashed what turned out to be a fake suicide belt at two troopers who confronted him in a vineyard just outside the city he terrorized, authorities said.