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Quiz on the Global Water Supply: Where the World Is Thirsty

How much water do you use in a day? What countries are at the greatest risk of water shortages and drought? Take a look at our quiz to learn more about water in our world.

UN Drinking Water Report: Thirsty in Paradise

Millions of people around the world still don't have secure access to drinking water. A new report shows where the situation is most precarious.

All Our Globe Quizzes: Troves and Troves of Data

Did you enjoy taking a BeyondTomorrow quiz but are still hungry for more? Check out our links page to all the globe quizes we have posted so far.

Islamic State on the Ropes: Two Paths Cross in the Ruins of Raqqa

When Islamic State conquered Raqqa in 2014, Fadi al-Hadi fled to Germany while Nadja Ramadan abandoned her life near Frankfurt to marry an Islamist in the IS stronghold. Now that the city is about to get liberated, the two are trying to retrace their steps.

Silicon Valley and the German Election: AfD Accuses Google of Sabotaging Campaign

DER SPIEGEL has learned that Google has refused for more than a week to place certain ads for a controversial anti-Merkel website created by the Alternative for Germany. The right-wing populist party says it will respond by spending its budget for the project on Facebook instead.

Trump vs. Reality III: On Many Sides

An animated reality check of the man who claims to be the greatest U.S. president ever.

Interview with Martin Schulz: 'We Cannot Leave Any Room for the Enemies of Democracy'

Social Democratic chancellor candidate Martin Schulz still believes he has a chance of unseating Angela Merkel. DER SPIEGEL spoke to him about the anger many Germans feel against establishment parties and how to deal with authoritarian politicians.

German Election Podcast: What You Need To Know About Sunday's Vote

Germans head to the polls this Sunday to elect their next parliament. In our special election podcast, SPIEGEL ONLINE Editor-in-Chief Barbara Hans discusses issues that have shaped the campaign, Angela Merkel's prospects for a fourth term and the likelihood the far right will win seats.

The Arrival of Tesla: German Auto Giants Face an Existential Challenge

BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen have been struggling to adapt to the advent of the electric car, held back by conservatism and internal challenges. Now, Tesla is making inroads in Germany -- and the country's automakers face an uncertain future.

Albania: Europe's Last Blue Wonder

In Albania, environmentalists, investors and residents are fighting over the construction of new dams. Europe's last remaining wild rivers are imperiled - and with them their unique biotopes.

March of the Trolls: Right-Wing Activists Take Aim at German Election

Ahead of Germany's general election, an international alliance of extremist online activists is busy inciting on the internet. They're spreading hate, fake news and Kremlin propaganda in an effort to help the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany. By Konstantin von Hammerstein, Roman Höfner ...

The Victory of Rage: AfD Sets its Sights on German Parliament

Even as Chancellor Angela Merkel seems set to win her fourth term, the German campaign has been characterized in some towns by rage and hatred. The right-wing populist AfD is also expecting Election Day success, and it will change German political debate. By DER SPIEGEL Staff

Open Borders: Uganda Is the Most Refugee-Friendly Country in the World

Upon arrival in Uganda, refugees receive a work permit, 900 square meters of land and permission to remain forever. How is the small country in the middle of Africa able to do it?

Interview with Edward Snowden: 'There Is Still Hope - Even for Me'

In an interview, whistleblower Edward Snowden discusses his life in Russia, the power of the intelligence apparatuses and how he will continue his battle against all-encompassing surveillance by governments.

A Shrinking Giant: EU Worries Grow over U.S. Economic Chaos

Under Donald Trump's leadership, the U.S. is in the process of forfeiting its position of economic supremacy. An internal EU document shows that the Europeans are worried.

Iranian Vice President Salehi on Nuclear Deal: 'Our Partners Have More To Lose Than We Do'

Iranian Vice President Ali Akbar Salehi says his country wants to continue adhering to its nuclear treaty, even if the United States withdraws. In an interview, he warns that if the accord falls through, it could lead to a nuclear arms race.

Is Moscow Planning Something?: Germany Prepares for Possible Russian Election Meddling

Two years ago, Russian hackers conducted a cyberattack against the German parliament. Will the data they stole make a sudden appearance before the election? Officials are doubtful, but there may be an even greater threat.

Where Dreams Come to Die: Migrant Path in Europe Ends at Brenner Pass

Migrants who make it across the Mediterranean to Italy dream of continuing on to northern Europe. Most, though, are unable to make it past the Brenner Pass. A visit to Europe's waiting room.