Thanksgiving in Space Means Turkey, Work and Football for Astronauts

Astronauts may not be able to raise turkeys in the International Space Station , but that doesn't stop the spacefarers from having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner!

'Black Hole Friday!' European Space Agency's Shop Launches Cosmic Sale

The European Space Agency has hopped on the Black Friday bandwagon this year and is giving customers 15 percent off of shirts, hats and other space swag in the gift shop this weekend .

Losing Darkness: Satellite Data Shows Global Light Pollution On the Rise

A study using data from an Earth-observing weather satellite shows that in both developed and developing nations, Earth's night skies are being filled with artificial light more and more each year.

For Thanksgiving Travelers, Stormy Weather Ahead on US Coasts

Foul weather could make Thanksgiving travel rough for a lot of folks, a new satellite photo shows.

Ghostly Cosmic Neutrinos Are Stopped Cold by Planet Earth, New Study Shows

Scientists searching for ghostly subatomic particles called neutrinos from cosmic sources made an important stride in understanding how to catch these slippery specters.

Incite Wonder and Inspire Your Kids by Giving the Gift of Science

Looking for ways to entertain your kids this holiday season? Stop looking down at touch-screen devices, and look up at the universe.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Space: How Astronauts Dine on Turkey Day

There aren't any turkeys in space, but that doesn't stop astronauts from enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at the space station! See what NASA has on the Turkey Day menu for astronauts in space.

NASA's Next Mars Lander Passes Big Test Ahead of May 2018 Launch

The spacecraft, known as InSight, has just completed "thermal vac" testing here at a facility owned by its builder, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co.

'Star Trek' Quiz: 12 Questions to Help You Live Long and Prosper

The "Star Trek" franchise is a huge universe, and it can be intimidating to beam into if you're not a core Trekkie. But never fear — has a quiz fit for even beginner Trekkies fresh from Starfleet Academy. Are you ready? Let's warp to it!

Budweiser's Space-Bound Barley Seeds to Advance First 'Bud on Mars'

Budweiser is sending 20 barley seeds to the International Space Station to further its bid to become the first beer on Mars.

Image of the Day

The E. coli AntiMicrobial Satellite is pictured moments after being ejected into orbit by the NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer at the International Space Station on Tuesday .

Beautiful Saturn: Cassini Team Unveils Farewell Photo of Ringed Planet

A newly released photo taken by NASA's Cassini probe two days before its Saturn death dive shows the planet and its iconic rings in all their glory.

Space Station Astronauts Share Thanksgiving Memories

While Americans all over the country will celebrate Thanksgiving with their families, the astronauts on Expedition 53 on the International Space Station will need to stay where they are — in orbit.

Thanksgiving Night Sky 2017: Saturn, Mercury On the Menu

Thanksgiving is often thought of as the one time of the year for family and friends to get together. But after the afternoon feast has been consumed, why not go for some stargazing?

Flat-Earther to Launch Himself in Homemade Steam Rocket Saturday

A flat-Earth enthusiast who claims not to believe in science plans to launch himself 1,800 feet above California's Mojave Desert in a homemade steam rocket on Saturday , the Associated Press reported.

James Webb: Early NASA Visionary

James E. Webb was an early NASA administrator who saw beyond the politics of the space race and established a firm foundation for the space agency based on science and exploration.

Kuiper Belt Objects: Facts about the Kuiper Belt & KBOs

Beyond Neptune, the Kuiper Belt is a vast region of icy objects called Kupier Belt Objects , including dwarf planets Pluto, Eris, Maumea and Makemake — and possibly a true ninth planet.

NASA Headquarters: Facts and Information

An overview of NASA HQ, which oversees the space agency's many science, exploration and spaceflight activities.

Virgin Orbit Wins First Defense Department Launch Contract

Virgin Orbit announced Nov. 16 that it has received its first launch contract for a LauncherOne mission from a Defense Department agency.

Which Melting Glacier Threatens Your City the Most? NASA Tool Can Tell You

Melting ice affects sea level rise differently depending on where it happens, according to a new model NASA is using to study the changing climate.

Lego's Awesome Women of NASA Building Set in Photos

Four outstanding women from NASA’s history got the Lego treatment in the new Women of NASA set.

'Survival in the Skies': Miniseries Explores Space and Aviation Inventions

Smithsonian Channel is producing a show that will tell the stories behind the incredible pieces of technology that made human spaceflight possible.

Teacher-Astronauts Helm NASA's Year in Education Aboard the Space Station

While kids slogged their way through the first days of school, NASA launched A Year in Education on Station , a program that takes advantage of two educators flying on board the International Space Station.

Mystery Solved: Why Saturn Moon Titan's Weird Vortex Is So Cold

The mysteriously cold vortex of air whirling above the south pole of Saturn's moon Titan may result from its atmosphere's unique chemistry, a new study finds.

A Mars Mystery: How Did Land Form Without Much Water?

The surface of Mars, with its dune flows, gullies and slope movements, is the result of sediment being transported downwards in the recent past as well as today.

NASA Agreement Sign of Stratolaunch Engine Development Program

An agreement to do engine testing at a NASA center is the latest sign that Stratolaunch is considering developing its own launch vehicle for its giant aircraft.

A Van Gogh Jupiter: Planet's Clouds Swirl Like a Painting

NASA's Juno spacecraft captured an amazing view of a monstrous Jupiter storm that resembles the swirling pastel clouds of a Vincent van Gogh painting.

Image of the Day

Before NASA's Cassini spacecraft plummeted into Saturn this year, it took this final photo of Rhea, the second-largest moon orbiting the ringed planet.

SpaceX Expects Government Support for Development of BFR Launch System

The president of SpaceX said she expects the company would receive additional funding from the U.S. government to support the development of its large reusable launch system.

Aerosols Eddy and Spiral Over Earth in Mesmerizing NASA Simulation

Scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center have released this gorgeous visualization of one of their weather models.

Astrophysicist Caleb Scharf Digs Deep into 'The Zoomable Universe'

A new book by astrophysicist Caleb Scharf, "The Zoomable Universe," takes readers all the way from the size of the observable universe — as far as light can travel in 13.8 billion years — down to the shortest theoretical measurable length.

Space Dust Could Help Life Jump from Planet to Planet

Fast-moving dust could theoretically knock microbes floating high up in a world's atmosphere out into space, potentially sending the bugs on a trip to another planet — perhaps even one orbiting a different star, according to a new study.

Amazon Developing 'Mercury 13' as Series About Women Tested for Spaceflight

The true story of 13 women who underwent the same medical testing as NASA's original Mercury astronauts at the start of the space age is being developed as a new miniseries for Amazon.

Watch Earth ‘Breathe’! NASA Explains Stunning Time-Lapse Video

Data gathered by satellites circling Earth since 1997 come together in a breathtaking time lapse of our dynamic planet.

Dark Matter: The Mystery Substance Physics Still Can't Identify

Despite very considerable successes, there remains much more to be learned. And in some ways, the discoveries made in recent decades have raised as many new questions as they have answered.

Weird Dark Streaks on Mars May Not Be Flowing Water After All

Bad news for microbes on Mars: A new paper argues that dark streaks on the Martian surface are not caused by underground supplies of liquid water.

New Hole in Sun's Atmosphere Lets Particles Spew Out

An extensive hole opened up in the sun's atmosphere, allowing solar winds to rush out into space.

One of the Oldest and Most Distant Objects in the Universe Has Been Discovered

A star-forming galaxy 12.8 billion light-years away offers insight into the early days of our universe after the Big Bang roughly 13.7 billion years ago.

'Others Will Follow' Short: Q&A with Filmmaker Spotlights Mars Mission Gone Wrong

Space is a glamorous place to work, but for astronauts it is also a dangerous environment. A new sci-fi short called "Others Will Follow" beautifully shows that tension. spoke with filmmaker Andrew Finch.

International Campaign Will Monitor Fall of China's Tiangong-1 Space Lab

Skywatchers are on the lookout for China's Tiangong-1 space lab — and the seeing is good.

Watch Mars 2020 Rover's Parachute Successfully Unfurl in Test Flight

Amazing new video of a Mars-bound parachute shows the special device unfurling faster than the speed of sound.

'Close Encounters' Turns 40: Why Its Legacy Has Endured for Ages

Mashed potatoes are one of the most enduring memories for SETI Institute senior astronomer Seth Shostak as he thinks back to his first viewing of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" four decades ago.

Wow! 1st Interstellar Asteroid Is a Spinning Space Cigar

The interstellar asteroid that zoomed past Earth last month is like nothing we’ve seen before, new observations reveal.

Kids' Rocket Science Book Blasts Past Kickstarter Goal

While rocket science is notoriously tough to understand, a new book by an aerospace engineer shows it can be explained in a simple way.

Johannes Kepler: Unlocking the Secrets of Planetary Motion

Johannes Kepler used mathematics to calculate the path of the planets.

Image of the Day

A massive storm swirls in Jupiter's atmosphere in what looks like a Van Gogh painting, but is in fact a real view of the planet from NASA's Juno spacecraft.

Private Spacesuit Undergoes Zero-G Testing to Prepare for Commercial Flights

Next stop, space? A spacesuit from Final Frontier Design did its third round of Canadian flight testing earlier this month in preparation for eventual space tourist flights.

Spaceflight's Next Big Leap? SpaceX Cargo Mission Offers a Glimpse

If you want to make the case that spaceflight is about to take a giant leap, SpaceX's next cargo run to the International Space Station for NASA could be Exhibit A.

'Hot Spot' Around Red Giant Star May Reveal Sun's Fate

Astronomers have captured a stunning new view of the surface of an aging red giant star, revealing new clues about what the future may hold for our own sun.

How Variable Stars Shine in the Oral Traditions of Aboriginal Australians

This challenges the history of astronomy and tells us that Aboriginal Australians were even more careful observers of the night sky than they have been given credit for.