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Facebook Releases New Data on Messenger Use for World Photo Day

Facebook has released some new stats on Messenger usage trends as part of World Photo Day.

8 Reasons Why Brands Should Be Using Facebook Live

Here are some key reasons why brand should consider using Facebook Live in their social media marketing strategy.

Purchasing Preferences: How People Shop for Clothes Today

Corra recently surveyed 1,000 US consumers to get some additional perspective on how the digital shift has changed the way they shop for clothing. 

12 Signs Your Business Urgently Needs Help with Content Marketing

Doing content marketing is one thing, but doing it well requires a more specific, dedicated effort. Here are some tips.

From Fake News to Fake Influencers: How Not to Get Burned With Influencer Marketing

With influencer marketing on the rise, brands need to be wary of what 'influence' actually means.

How AR & VR Technologies are Changing the Game for Marketers

Technological advances, like machine learning, AR and VR, are going to change marketing in the near future. So how can you prepare for the next stage?

7 Key Steps in Creating an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Establishing a plan is key to ensuring optimal success with your social media marketing efforts. 

Exploring the Promise of Emails in Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing techniques can also be used to optimize your email outreach, as detailed in this new infographic.

The Power of Employee Social Advocacy

This new infographic from Social Reacher provides an overview of the how and why of social advocacy, with key stats and tips to get you thinking. 

Harnessing Data through AI to Understand the B2B Buyer's Journey

In a new Social Business Engine podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with Raviv Turner, the Co-Founder and CEO of CaliberMind

Do Different Age Groups Prefer Different Content Online?

This new infographic looks at the key content habits and behaviors of the different generations online, based on various research reports and studies.

How to Use Instagram for Business

This infographic provides an overview of the growing business and marketing opportunities on Instagram.

Why is it So Easy to Chase Bad Strategy Online?

Sticking with what works makes sense, but there's a point at which you need to evolve your thinking.

The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook and Instagram in July

Facebook has released the latest version of its monthly 'Hot Topics' report, highlighting the most mentioned issues across the platform in July.

The Art of Customer Loyalty in The Age of Consumer Experience and Engagement

Digital connectivity has changed the expectations of consumers - here's how to adapt your business in-line with trends.

Guilty of These Content Marketing Bad Habits? Time for an Intervention

In a new Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore looks at content marketing bad habits, and how to avoid them to maximize your success. 

Facebook Cracks Down on Static Images as Video and Fake Video Play Buttons with New Algorithm Update

Facebook is introducing new measures to detect and restrict the reach of static images posted as video and fake video play buttons.

Instagram Adds New Ways to Share Content in Direct Messages, Catering to Increased Interest

Instagram has added a new creative option for sharing content in DMs.

Scarcity in Your Copy: How to be The Last Shop on the Journey

Using scarcity in your web copy can help you maximize attention, and drive action. 

How to Recover Your Google Rankings

In a new video, contributor AJ Ghergich discusses how to diagnose and recover from a Google search rank penalty.

Instagram Provides Examples of Creative Ways to Use Stories Ads

Instagram has provided some new examples of creative ways to use Instagram Stories ads.

4 Awesome Video Editing Apps for Marketers

In a new video post, contributor Justin Kerby outlines four great video editing tools to help up your video game.

11 Thank You Page Tips to Help Move Leads Down Your Funnel

This infographic outlines eleven 'thank you' page tips to help move leads down your funnel. 

Building and Managing Your Online Community

A brief recap of the Aug 15th #SMTLive Twitter chat on community management.

Twitter's Timeline is Becoming More Algorithm-Influenced – Here's How to Take Advantage

Twitter's putting more emphasis on its algorithm - here are some ways you can update your strategy in step.

The Evolution of Social Media Influencers

This new infographic looks at the rise of social media influencers and why they're growing in importance.

How to Use LinkedIn's New 'Connection History' Feature to Boost Opportunities

LinkedIn recently introduced a new 'Connection History' listing, which can help foster improved connection.

The Evolution of Birthdays on Facebook

Facebook's added some new tools to help users celebrate their birthday, adding to their array of options. 

6 Tips to Make Landing Page Forms Get More Clicks

This infographic outlines some of the key elements of landing page forms - and tips on how you can get more clicks.

Pinterest Adds Pinch to Zoom, Updated Visual Search

Pinterest has added pinch to zoom while also updating their visual search functionality in line with usage.

6 Key Benefits of User-Generated Content

User-generated content can provide a range of benefits - here are six specific elements to consider.

4 Types of Digital Marketing Shams to be Wary of

A comprehensive digital marketing plan often requires expert help - but when you do go looking, be wary of these types of operators. 

Facebook Updates News Feed Layout to Improve On-Platform Engagement

Facebook's rolling out a new look for News Feed, which is pretty much like the old like, but a bit better. 

LinkedIn Adds 'Active Status' to Alert Your Connections When You're Online

LinkedIn has added a new tool which displays when you're active on the desktop or mobile app.

Facebook Adds New Features to Facebook Camera, Stories

Facebook's adding new tools to their Camera tools, which will help users create better Facebook Stories. 

Facebook Adds New Branded Content Tools to Better Facilitate Influencer Marketing

Facebook has added some new tools which will enable businesses to better maximize their influencer marketing efforts.

Instagram Updates Comments Layout to Rationalize Replies

Instagram is updating their comment streams with threads in order to better distinguish interactions.

Facebook's Experimenting with eBay 'Daily Deals' Listings in Marketplace

Facebook is adding Daily Deals from eBay into their Marketplace listings.

10 Tips for Compelling LinkedIn Company Page Posts

LinkedIn has created a new guide on what brands should publish on the platform.

Facebook's Expanding its 'M Suggestions' Virtual Assistant Tool to More Regions

Facebook's expanding its M Suggestions tool to more regions, giving access to Messenger bot tools.