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Video: Delta CEO Sees Basic Economy as Way to Show Passengers They Aren't Getting Ripped Off

Unbundling has been one of the biggest buzzwords in the airline industry in recent years, and for good reason. Full-service carriers like Delta think it is a great way to hit a broader range of consumers, but it doesn't come without its risks. -Patrick Whyte

Hyatt Suffers Second Data Breach in Two Years

Hyatt isn't alone. But the bigger question is why does this keep happening at so many hotels? And why does it always take so long for customers to find out about these data breaches? -Deanna Ting

Cruise Execs Are Talking Up the Caribbean as Key Ports Recover

Cruise passengers are still taking the trips they had planned for this time of year in the Caribbean, despite recent storms. As operators seek to reassure travelers that the region is open for business, it's still unclear how demand for cruises next hurricane season will hold up. -Hannah Sampson

Business of Loyalty: World of Hyatt Adds Another Tours and Activities Partner

Hyatt just launched another partnership for its loyalty program, signaling an interest in expanding further into the business of experiences. -Grant Martin

Airbus Will Take Control of Bombardier's New Passenger-Friendly Jet

Owned by Bombardier, the C Series seemed doomed. We've heard it's an impressive machine, with great fuel economy, but it was having trouble breaking into the market. And Boeing's trade case against Bombardier hasn't helped. Airbus should be able to revive the aircraft, one of the more comfortable in ...

Airbnb Debuts New Tools for a Bigger Cut of the $138 Billion Vacation Rental Industry

This makes perfect, if long overdue, business sense for Airbnb. But can Airbnb really make sure these tools won't be abused by commercial operators running illegal hotel businesses in cities like San Francisco or New York? -Deanna Ting

How Artist, Designer and Co-Founder of Flat Vernacular Finds Beauty in the Everyday

Brian Kaspr, artist, designer and co-founder of design studio Flat Vernacular, has made it a point to put creativity first and foremost in his life. He finds inspiration in mundane, everyday situations and emphasizes the increasing importance of awareness and attention. -Dawn Rzeznikiewicz

Ryanair Pilot Battle Drags on as Biggest Base Rejects Raise Offer

Ryanair pilots have never had much leverage with management. Now they do, and they want to use it. That means they want more than just higher wages. They want better treatment. -Brian Sumers

Button Co-Founder and CEO on Offering Seamless Mobile Experiences

At Skift Global Forum 2017, Mike Jaconi, Co-Founder and CEO of Button, explained the importance of optimizing and simplifying the mobile booking journey. -Dawn Rzeznikiewicz

Federal Judge to Hear Travel Ban Preliminary Injunction Motions

The third Trump travel ban is being challenged on multiple fronts, and the whole thing will be heading toward the U.S. Supreme Court again. -Dennis Schaal

Ride-Sharing Apps Like Uber and Lyft Are Contributing to Urban Congestion

Like any new technology or service, there are often unintended consequences. Uber, Lyft and others are putting more cars on the road, which isn't great, but on the other hand they make for more affordable transportation and possibly see fewer people driving drunk. So there's that. -Dennis Schaal

Hundreds of Flights Cancelled as Storm Ophelia Lashes Ireland

In the aviation industry, safety is paramount and with the worst storm in 50 years rolling across Ireland, airlines are naturally going to be extremely cautious. -Patrick Whyte

Lufthansa Readies $590 Million Bid for Alitalia Assets

Etihad's non-alliance alliance strategy crumbled along with Air Berlin and Alitalia. Now, Lufthansa is moving in with the hope of picking up some of the Alitalia pieces after having already done a deal for Air Berlin. -Dennis Schaal

Looking at the World Through Anxious Eyes

The world has always been a complicated place, but shifting geopolitical tensions and the echo chamber of social media have contributed to a culture of anxiety affecting travelers around the world. -Andrew Sheivachman

Emerging Markets Upended the Balance of Power in Tourism Spending

As the developed markets reach their saturation point in outbound travel, emerging markets are moving in to become the dominant contributors to international tourism expenditure. -Dave Montali

Business of Pajamas, Pillows and Bragging Rights on Airplanes

What we learned from this story: Jessica Alba is one reason airlines improved pajama quality, and passengers steal pillows and blankets from airplanes. Plus, not everyone is sure why airlines give premium passengers amenity kits on every long-haul flight. -Brian Sumers

Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Buzz Could Be a Problem for United Airlines

Yes, a lot of people have ditched their airline-branded credit cards. But even people who have snazzy new cards, including the Chase Sapphire Reserve, like to redeem points for free travel on United and other airlines. For that reason, United MileagePlus miles are still valuable to Chase. -Brian ...

Caribbean Destinations Hope for Marketing Campaign if They Can Find the Money

The Caribbean was suffering from a man-made marketing-funding crisis even before Mother Nature brought destructive hurricanes to its doorsteps this year. Tourism officials are pleading with the travel industry to get involved and help build its fund for this year and the future. -Dan Peltier

Disney-Universal Theme Park Wars Are Going to the Dogs

Universal is working to get vacationers to spend more time at their hotels and parks, and they likely had an advantage with dog owners. It's smart for Disney to make some of its hotels dog-friendly — and we wonder what this trial will lead to. -Hannah Sampson

Nigeria Won't Issue Visas on Arrival for Africans

The African Union has been advocating for continent-wide visas on arrival, but it doesn't look like Nigeria would be part of the effort. -Dennis Schaal

Las Vegas Tourism Braces for Changes After Shooting

Las Vegas will impose new security measures after the massacre, and other destinations would be prudent to do likewise until there is a change in the country's insanely permissive gun laws. -Dennis Schaal

First Commercial Flight Arrives at One of World's Most-Remote Islands

British-controlled St. Helena, 1,200 miles west of the Angola-Namibia border, sees tourism development as its economic lifeline. It is now getting a weekly commercial flight to test out the prospects. -Dennis Schaal

Standard Hotels CEO Talks Up Same-Day Booking and 6 Other Hospitality Trends This Week

This week in hospitality we thought about removing friction. Airbnb's hotel-like concept could standardize homesharing; the Standard Hotels CEO sees value in easy, same-day booking, and hotels try to reduce guests' anxiety. -Sarah Enelow

Smaller Airports Lose Passengers While Hubs Get Bigger

Airline consolidation and the phasing out of certain regional jets have contributed to the loss of routes at smaller airports. There's no indication the situation will improve anytime soon. -Dennis Schaal

Snap Shows the Promise of Visual Search and 10 Other Digital Trends This Week

This week's digital news was all about new frontiers. Snap bets on visual-first searching; augmented reality gains traction at events, and there's a whole crop of apps devoted to easing travel anxiety. -Sarah Enelow

Delta Doesn't Want Anyone to Buy Basic Economy and 6 Other Aviation Trends This Week

This week in aviation we explored upgrades and related matters. Among them, Delta doesn't want flyers to settle for basic economy, but would rather have them pay more for better service. -Sarah Enelow

Boeing and Airbus Still Expect to Sell Hundreds of Planes to Iran's Airlines

These deals may not mean much to Boeing or Airbus, which have large backlogs. But Iran's airlines definitely need new planes to replace their aging fleets. -Brian Sumers

Trump Slams Puerto Rico and 12 Other Tourism Trends This Week

This week in tourism news, we thought about China -- both as an outbound market and creator of a new global tourism group -- but closer to home, Puerto Rico struggles to repair its infrastructure. -Sarah Enelow

Paris Intends to Ban Gas-Powered Cars by 2030

Perhaps by 2030, a ban of gas-powered cars wouldn't be as controversial an issue as it appears today. After all, by then, all vehicles will be battery-powered and driverless, right? -Dennis Schaal

Trump Won't Release Secret Report He Argues Justifies Travel Ban

Do we just have to take the President's word that a foundational report behind the travel ban justifies the executive order? Having the judge review the report without disclosing it publicly might be a solution. -Dennis Schaal

Bitcoin Payments for Citizenship Used by Vanuatu Tourism to Woo Paradise Seekers

A small tourism board in the South Pacific sees bitcoin it as a major hook to lure travelers to its beaches and towns. They are thinking outside the box — or prevailing financial systems, that is. -Dan Peltier

Paris is Debating Investments in Infrastructure Projects for Tourists Versus Locals

Many large cities around the world are facing predicaments that are similar to what Paris is dealing with. Governments like the idea of building projects that will bring in more tourist spending, sometimes at the expense of those who elected them to office. -Dan Peltier

Pressure Mounts as Catalonia Mulls Secession From Spain

The specter of reduced tourism is being used to put pressure on Catalonian leadership as it figures out what to do about declaring independence from Spain and, therefore, the European Union. -Andrew Sheivachman

CEO Interview: AIG CEO on the Rise of Traveler Concerns

Are the increasing safety and security concerns associated with travel affecting traveler behavior? We discuss the rise of permanxiety in the global travel industry and more with President and CEO of AIG Travel, Jeff Rutledge. -Dawn Rzeznikiewicz

Hurricane Relief Bill Comes With Strings Attached for Puerto Rico

Congress' relief bill will add to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico's already extensive debt. There should be some other way to help the people of Puerto Rico without further hampering its government. -Andrew Sheivachman

Osaka Is Asian Travelers' New Favorite Japanese Hotspot

Since 2009, Osaka has had one of the highest compound-annual-growth rates among destinations worldwide thanks to low-cost airlines favoring the regional airport. Wait until Tujia makes renting local homes easier. -Sean O'Neill

Latest Trump Travel Ban Challenge Can Move Forward

As expected, the latest version of the president's effort to keep people out of the United States will likely be tied up in court for some time. -Hannah Sampson

Cathay Pacific Turnaround Envisioned in Contrarian Goldman Sachs Report

Analysts covering Cathay Pacific are at their most bullish in a year. But it's prudent to be cautious. The airline reported a $260 million first-half loss and has just changed CEOs. Change takes time. -Sean O'Neill

Ryanair Tries to Lure Norwegian Pilots in Bid to Boost Its Cockpits

It's taken a crisis to make Ryanair realize that it needs to treat its pilots better. The airline will be hoping higher salaries and better working conditions will be enough to help end the current staff shortages. -Patrick Whyte

Trump Slams Puerto Rico But Island's Tourism Leader Expresses Confidence in Relief Efforts

Many Caribbean destinations are on the road to recovery from recent storms, but they are also at the mercy of government relief efforts, which have fallen way short in some places. In Puerto Rico's case, the island is dealing with the federal government, which treated hurricanes on the U.S. mainland ...

Skift Global Forum 2017 On-Stage Videos Are Now Live

Like a book or movie you've decided to take in for a second time, we've discovered there is a lot of value in viewing these videos even if you attended the Skift Global Forum in person. In many of them, there is an abundance of insight to absorb. -Dennis Schaal

14 Apps to Calm Your Travel Mind

Permanxiety is now a sad fact of life. But you may be able to stress less if you lean on a handful of smartphone apps that can help you avoid health risks, security threats, and other potential travel snafus. -Sean O'Neill

Disruption From All Directions — Skift Corporate Travel Innovation Report

Erratic weather and emerging technologies alike are creating a more complex corporate travel ecosystem. -Andrew Sheivachman

Location-Data Specialist Mapbox Raises $164 Million: Travel Startup Funding This Week

Mapbox's funding shows that Google will once again face competition for location-based data, which is good for market dynamics. -Sean O'Neill

Delta Air Lines Scraps Check-In for Users of Its iPhone App

This is a good development for passengers, who must wonder why they still have to check in for flights in 2017. But for many airlines, check-in still serves a valuable purpose. -Brian Sumers

Third Trump Travel Ban Could Get a New Challenge From Washington State

States are still working to challenge the latest version of the Trump travel ban. It seems they may not be able to stop the latest version before it goes into effect later this month, though. -Andrew Sheivachman

Home-Sharing Surge in Singapore Is a Quandary for Policy-Makers

Despite restrictions, services like Airbnb are flourishing in Singapore. Stricter laws could be on the way, however, limiting the ability of residents to share their homes for short periods of time. -Andrew Sheivachman

Air France-KLM Is Improving its Financial Picture Under New CEO

Air France-KLM takes a lot of criticism because it's often not as nimble as its two main competitors, International Airlines Group, owner of British Airways, and Lufthansa Group. But it's still a strong company with two well-known brands. -Brian Sumers

Why Corporate Travel Needs to Prepare for Wilder Weather

The recent hurricanes are expected to have mostly short-term impacts on business travel and economic forecasts, but they exposed serious weaknesses in companies' preparations for disruption caused by extreme weather. -Hannah Sampson

U.S. Will Pull out of UNESCO Claiming Anti-Israel Bias

If this was done under any other administration the motives, thinking, planning, and strategy wouldn't be so suspect. But we just have a hard time taking seriously anything Trump & Co. do on the international stage. -Jason Clampet