Scoop NZ: Science (20)

NZVRARA Student Chapter Inaugural Exhibition Planned

The New Zealand VR/AR Association will be hosting its first NZVRARA Student Chapter Exhibition at PROJECTRŽ Wellington on Wednesday 6th December 2017.

Heat and humidity to headline this weekend

This week’s weather theme has been generally settled, thanks to a large area of high pressure. Patchy cloud and showers have been easing while temperatures have risen gradually during the week, with Wanaka reaching 29.5°C and Alexandra 27.3°C ...

WAI NZ Set to Revolutionise E-coli Freshwater Management

The real risk of E. coli freshwater contamination is under the New Zealand spotlight, and now there’s a new game-changer solution on the way to revolutionise how Kiwis can take action in the national freshwater emergency.

Operation to protect Northern Ruahine species complete

A pest control operation to protect at-risk native species in the Northern Ruahine Ranges has been completed.

Let’s turk about Cape Adare

Some good old-fashioned kiwi ingenuity is in hot demand for the coldest place on earth.

UK research mirrors New Zealand stillbirth findings

University of Auckland research that showed that women who go to sleep on their side have a lower risk of a still birth has been repeated in the UK with similar results. The Midlands and North of England Stillbirth Study found that women who ...

Plants Release up to 30% More CO2 than Previously Thought

New research co-authored by a University of Canterbury scientist and academics from around the world, suggests that plant respiration is a larger source of carbon emissions than previously thought, and warns that as the world warms, this may reduce the ability ...

Expedition to study NZ’s largest earthquake fault

An ambitious scientific expedition involving 30 scientists from around the world leaves Perth next week bound for the East Coast of the North Island. The expedition, jointly led by NIWA and the University of Auckland, is the first of two aboard the ...

Older men need more protein to maintain muscles

The amount of protein recommended by international guidelines is not sufficient to maintain muscle size and strength in older men, according to a new study.

Warmer temperatures but not all clear skies with the High

This is the second week that the country will be dominated by high pressure, bringing settled conditions with no severe weather expected.

Reports of increased earthquakes in 2018 - Expert reaction

A media report from the weekend suggests a link between the Earth's rotation and an increase in intense earthquakes.

NZ’s world-leading move in assessing chest pain

A new study has found that protocols implemented across New Zealand’s emergency departments are helping rule out a heart attack in patients, a lot sooner.

Climate model gets the measure of myrtle rust

Myrtle rust never sleeps and, for a while it seems, neither did Plant & Food Research scientist Dr Rob Beresford, who spent the month of June poring through research articles, crunching data and creating mathematical formula to better gauge what the disease ...

New research finds herbicides cause antibiotic resistance

New University of Canterbury research confirms that the active ingredients of the commonly used herbicides, RoundUp, Kamba and 2,4-D , each alone cause antibiotic resistance at concentrations well below ...

Herbicides linked to antibiotic resistance - Expert reaction

New Zealand researchers have found the active ingredients in commonly-used weed killers can cause bacteria to be less susceptible to antibiotics.

SMC: Gene drives in conservation

Gene drives in conservation Researchers have called for caution when considering the possible future use of gene editing technologies for conservation.

Great DDT Muster Off to a Weighty Start

The collection of 2.3 tonnes of banned and highly toxic pesticides from a single farm continues to surprise, a chemical expert says.

Biological Heritage National Science Challenge statement

The New Zealand’s Biological Heritage National Science Challenge welcomes public discussion on science-based options for tackling New Zealand’s biodiversity challenges, including the perspective piece by Professors Kevin Esvelt and Neil Gemmell discussing ...

New smart wearables help Kiwi workers sit up with confidence

UPRIGHT GO and UPRIGHT PRO are designed to tackle screen slouch, improve posture, appearance and reduce risk of associated back pain.

Professor Rick Millane elected as Fellow of Royal Society

University of Canterbury Professor Rick Millane has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society Te Apārangi.