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Nutrition: Hospitalization Increasing, Learning Decreasing

A recent New Zealand Herald article by Kirsty Johnston has exemplified what educators in New Zealand have known for years. Child malnutrition is on the rise, and more and more New Zealand children are being hospitalised for nutrient ...

Intergenerational bond raises dementia awareness

Preschoolers from a Rotorua centre are lighting up the lives of residents from a local rest home and in turn are learning about empathy, ageing and conditions such as dementia.

Pompe Patients Plea for Funding

Pompe Disease patients are being ignored by National Party candidates and the Prime Minister in the lead up to this weekend’s general election.

Kiwi Entrepreneurs Struggle with Mental Health Issues

20 September, 2017 - Ninety Five percent of respondents to a new survey of the New Zealand business founder community believe that being an entrepreneur had affected their mental health.

J. Walter Thompson wins MoleMap

Auckland, September 20, 2017: J. Walter Thompson New Zealand has been named Agency of Record by MoleMap, the country’s leading skin cancer detection specialist, after a competitive pitch.

Dave Macpherson on Baby's Death at Waikato Hospital

Statement by Waikato DHB Board member Dave Macpherson regarding the latest reported death of a baby at Waikato Hospital

Experts gathered in Tauranga for psychiatry conference

Stress and the brain, living to 100 and the mental health of transgender people are just some of the topics to be discussed at the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists New Zealand Conference.

Untreated drinking water poses huge health risk

19 September 2017 - Drinking water suppliers have been told they are taking a big risk with the health of their communities if they do not treat drinking water for possible contamination.

Exercise for your Heart

"It can be tough for those who are active to watch family and friends who are suffering from the ill effects of inactivity. Approximately 33% of deaths annually are due to heart disease. This article has some easy information for those wanting ...

Where do the parties stand on Rare Diseases Funding

Where do the parties stand on Rare Diseases Funding leading up to Election 2017? For the last several months the NZPN Board has been working SO HARD lobbying MPs and candidates contesting the upcoming NZ General Election.

RANZCP calls for focus on mental health in NZ election

The next government of New Zealand will need to focus on adequate resourcing and funding of mental health to achieve real change and address one of the leading causes of health-related disability in New Zealand, The Royal Australian and New Zealand ...

Major parties’ views on exercise and fitness

ExerciseNZ has asked the major political parties for their stance on health-related fitness in the run up to Saturday’s national election, so more Kiwis are better educated about exercise.

Arthritis – anyone, any age

Arthritis can affect anyone at any age – that’s the message of Arthritis New Zealand’s annual appeal this week.. Arthritis is not just an old person’s disease. Half the 624,000 Kiwis with arthritis are of working age and around one in 1,000 ...

Waitemata DHB Denies Woman Abortion

Waitemata DHB Denies Woman Abortion The Wireless has revealed an Auckland woman says a North Shore hospital counselor prevented her from accessing abortion by refusing to allow her to see certifying consultants. The woman was 18 weeks pregnant. She ...

Researchers find the key to loss of smell with Parkinson’s

University of Auckland research has found an anatomical link for the loss of the sense of smell in Parkinson’s disease. The research, published in the journal Brain, is the work of academics Associate Professor Maurice Curtis, Dr Victor Dieriks, Dr ...

Stuart Jones and John Clarke join the Asthma Foundation

President John Knight, and Chief Executive Letitia O’Dwyer are pleased to announce two new advisors to the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ, Dr Stuart Jones , MBChB, PhD, FRACP as Medical Director and John Clarke CNZM as Chief Cultural Advisor – ...

New Medical Device For Brain Monitoring At The Bedside

A University of Otago, Wellington team has been awarded an MBIE Endeavour grant this week to develop a non-invasive and cost-effective device to diagnose and treat stroke and other brain injuries.

Carers of loved ones with dementia overwhelmed, distressed

Over half of people caring for a loved one with dementia and cognitive performance issues report feeling overwhelmed by the person’s support needs.

Rarotongan communities to receive free dental care

The Wrigley Company Foundation along with the New Zealand Dental Association today announced the 2017 recipient of a US$5,000 dental grant to help improve dental care and education in the Pacific Islands. This year, the grant has been given to ...

Shortage of senior doctors at Nelson Marlborough DHB

A survey of senior doctors at Nelson Marlborough District Health Board has revealed a shortage of specialists nearly two and a half times larger than the number of vacancies officially recorded, says Ian Powell, Executive Director of the Association of Salaried ...

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Viral-gastroenteritis outbreak within Whangarei Hospital

The outbreak, likely norovirus, has affected 11 patients –who have been isolated to prevent other patients being infected. As a further precaution, the ward has been closed to new admissions and visiting is restricted and will only be allowed in exceptional ...

Politicians Take the Plunge for Heart Kids NZ

Politicians put aside their political differences and plunged into an icy tub for Heart Kids.

Home support providers struggling under pay equity costs

Home support providers struggling under pay equity costs, annual leave liability alone over $4.2 million

Are you okay? Are you worried about someone else?

Life can be tough, and we often have to deal with lots of challenges and changes. In these tough times it can be hard to see the positives in life or have any hope. However WellSouth have some options that may be able to help you.

Council is asked to take glyphosate based herbicides off

Glyphosate, Cancer and the NZ EPA - Auckland councillors told they cannot rely on the EPA to protect their people

Dave Macpherson Asks Why Waikato DHB Board Not Informed

Elected Waikato DHB Board member questions why Board not advised of death of baby after delayed C-section at Waikato Hospital