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Community Pharmacy Leaders Forum meeting update

The Community Pharmacy Leaders Forum met on Wednesday 2 August in Wellington. CPLF is chaired by the Guild’s President, with the Guild also taking responsibility for organising CPLF meetings.

Jupl Primed to Go Global

'This technology is a world first and will transform the way we look at personal health and safety. It is a great example of Kiwi innovation,' said Jupl Co-founder Sir Ray Avery.

Notifying DHB Chairs of Media Interest

Notifying DHB Chairs of media interest fine as long as it’s not an attempt to control debate

Kiwis Amongst the Highest Consumers of Fruit and Vegetables

Auckland, Thursday 17th August – Research released today by the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust puts Kiwis on the global map when it comes to awareness of the health benefits and consumption of fruit and vegetables.

Kiwi pioneering spirit running high at Taupo Medical Centre

Taupo Medical Centre is a place where innovation has truly become the norm and the expectation in their unrelenting quest to make things better for their patient population.

Over 200 Hearing-Impaired Adults Lack Government Funding

Over 200 deaf and severely hearing-impaired adults are unable to receive hearing restoring implanted hearing aids due to lack of government funding.

Health info, on the go

Patients are receiving faster, and more-informed, care and advice following the rollout of iPads to 52 health professionals working in the community.

Studying New Treatment for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

A New Zealand-first research study happening in Canterbury could make treatment of a common male condition easier and less painful.

1089 pupils needing urgent psychological help identified

110 Te Tai Tokerau Principals this week identified 1089 pupils in their schools who need clinical psychological help to recover from often horrific childhood experiences – and there’s little available!

Reducing harm from hazardous substances

A new system for managing hazardous substances in New Zealand will come into force in December 2017.

Patients encouraged to Sit Up, Get Dressed, and Keep Moving

The ‘Sit Up, Get Dressed, and Keep Moving’ initiative to get patients out of their pyjamas and up and out of bed kicks offtomorrow at Southern DHB.

Protecting the finances of people with dementia

Protecting the finances of people with dementia Protecting people with dementia against scams and theft will be one of many engaging topics at Dementia Auckland’s 5th Annual Symposium on Sunday 27th August. Guest speaker Sally Widdowson, a key ...

Looming crisis in orthopaedic surgery

The New Zealand Orthopaedic Association is calling for a national taskforce on future orthopaedic surgery, to avert a looming crisis

Review of Southern DHB urology service offers advice

An external review of Southern DHB’s urology service has offered 'strong, practical suggestions for the future', says Southern DHB CEO Chris Fleming.

September is World Alzheimer’s Month

World Alzheimer's Month is the international campaign every September to raise awareness of and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia. World Alzheimer's Month was launched in 2012. World Alzheimer's Day is on 21 September each year. Find more about ...

New Online Tool Puts the Focus on Māori Men’s Health

Mana Tāne Ora o Aotearoa, the National Māori Men’s Health Coalition, will launch the Tāne Ora Health Indicator tool in Wellington tonight.

Canterbury DHB delivers multiple health wins for Chathams

Chatham Island residents are receiving greater levels of health care, which is resulting in fewer residents leaving the island to enter long term residential care, fewer hospital stays and a significant reduction in emergency life flights. The Canterbury ...

Medical Council of New Zealand chief executive resigns

15 August 2017 - Mr Andrew Connolly, chair of the Medical Council of New Zealand, today announced the resignation of the Council’s chief executive, Philip Pigou.

Eat My Lunch challenges MPs to GIVE a lunch

Eat My Lunch will GIVE its 500,000 lunch today to a school child who would otherwise go without. While this might seem like cause for celebration, it also highlights the fact that Government still hasn’t figured out a way to address child poverty ...

New discovery could help prevent preterm birth

Otago University researchers have discovered a new trigger that stimulates the release of oxytocin from the brain in pregnancy – the hormone responsible for contracting the uterus during birth.

MHF Says Government Initiatives Are Positive First Steps

Monday 14 August 2017 - The Mental Health Foundation welcomes the government’s announcement of its $100 million fund for mental health as positive first steps.

Smoke & Mirrors from National on Mental Health Yet Again

The National Party’s re-announcement of an already inadequate response to the crisis in mental health does very little to aid the sector and is utterly insufficient to address growing demand and cost pressures in the mental health system, says the Public ...

Gerontology nursing conference to focus on ageing well

The Selwyn Institute’s 2017 gerontology nursing conference to focus on ageing well How can you help those you care for improve their wellbeing as they age?

National health target needed to reduce respiratory illness

The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ believe the latest findings from the University of Otago study into childhood respiratory illness and primary care reiterate the need for action from the government to introduce a national respiratory health target.

Bigger and better ICU for Wellington

One of the country’s busiest intensive care units will be expanded to enable nearly 100 additional complex surgeries per year.

To Help Minds For Minds Unlock The Cause Of Autism

Join Geneva’s Change Day Pledge To Help Minds For Minds Unlock The Cause Of Autism

Call to support workers in mental health sector

Call to grow and develop support workers in the mental health and addiction sector Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui and Platform Trust have partnered again to call for more recognition and development for support workers in the mental health and ...

Moderate Drinking Reduces Diabetes Incidence – Study

14 August 2017 - A five year international study of 70,551 men and women has confirmed the association between moderate drinking and reduced risk of diabetes.

Support for Mental Health & Addiction Matters to All of Us

At some stage in their lives, all New Zealanders are affected by mental health and addictions issues, either in their own lives or in the life of someone they know. The it matters! campaign declares that when people want and need it, support should ...

Launch of a Ground-Breaking Clinical Sexual Violence Network

Launch of a Ground-Breaking Clinical Sexual Violence Network Will Provide Much Needed Support for This Sector

100,000 Record Population Growth

14 August 2017 - New Zealand’s population grew by 100,400 in the year ended June 2017, the largest ever increase for a June year, Stats NZ said today. New Zealand’s estimated resident population was 4.79 million at 30 June 2017.

12-Week Old Taonga Face of Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal

12-week old Taonga Peita is a very precious child who has a range of medical complications, spent two and a half weeks in Whangarei Hospital’s Specialist Care Baby Unit after he was born prematurely on May 16 this year, and continues to rely upon oxygen ...

Le Va CE Dr Monique Faleafa Wins eHealth Award

Dr Monique Faleafa, Chief Executive of Le Va, has scooped an AUT Centre for eHealth innovation leadership award presented in Auckland yesterday.

Dairy intolerance real - 'not in people’s heads'

Dairy intolerance real - 'not in people’s heads' For the first time, scientists have shown that dairy intolerance is a physiological condition distinct from lactose intolerance, and not 'all in people’s heads'. 'Lots of people suspect that ...

Are the kids alright?

'On International Youth day lets all do our bit to develop a kiwi culture that values young people gives them a fair go and connects them with resilience. ' says Lynne Holdem, Public Issues spokesperson for New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists.