Scientific American (16)

Link between Adolescent Pot Smoking and Psychosis Strengthens

Research presented at a Berlin psychiatric conference shows teenage cannabis use hastens onset of schizophrenia in vulnerable individuals --

Humans May Be Influencing Bird Evolution in Their Backyards

Great tits in the U.K. have developed longer beaks, possibly to gain access to bird feeders --

Engulfed in Opioid Deaths, Ohio Turns to Science

State attempts to accelerate high-tech solutions after treatment and law enforcement fail to stem overdose fatalities --

Scientists Zero In on a New Target for Obesity

A compound that helps rodents and monkeys slim down could offer a promising approach for human therapies --

AI versus AI: Self-Taught AlphaGo Zero Vanquishes Its Predecessor

DeepMind’s Go game-playing AI—which dominated its human competition—just got better --

New VR Tech Aims to Take Surround-Sound to the Next Level

Spatial audio promises immersive virtual experiences that engage more of the senses --

New VR Tech Aims to Take Surround-Sound to New Levels

Spatial audio promises immersive virtual experiences that engage more of the senses --

Saving the Endangered Cuban Crocodile

Hybridization poses an increasing threat to the nation’s beloved reptile --

Gravitational Wave Astronomers Hit Mother Lode

Spacetime ripples from a stellar cataclysm in a distant galaxy help explain the cosmic origins of gold, and chart the course for a new age of “multi-messenger” astronomy --

Could AI Be the Future of Fake News and Product Reviews?

An experiment using a computer algorithm to create deceptive Yelp reviews was disturbingly successful, and could point to bigger problems as artificial intelligence matures --

Puerto Rico Looks to Alphabet's X Project Loon Balloons to Restore Cell Service

With much of the U.S. commonwealth’s cellular service and electrical grid down since Hurricane Maria, the parent company of tech giant Google could help restore wireless communication to 3.4... --

Astronomers Are Finally Mapping the “Dark Side” of the Milky Way

Half of our home galaxy is terra incognita. That will soon change --

Will Italy's Ominous Supervolcano Erupt Soon?

Phlegrean Fields is waking up. Scientists are trying to predict what it will do next, and what its unrest means for volcanoes worldwide --

Where's the Proof That Mindfulness Meditation Works?

The ubiquitous technique for relieving stress and pain has remarkably little scientific evidence backing it, a group of scientists contend --

Could the "Alzheimer's Gene" Finally Become a Drug Target?

Shutting down the top risk gene holds potential for halting the disease process --

Culture Shock: Precious Microbe Collections Languish in Threatened Bio-Libraries

Vanishing public repositories of microbes, both beneficial and deadly, have been essential for advances such as penicillin and CRISPR --