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Robots on the Rise

NEDO, Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, is a regular funder of robotic technology, has an office in Silicon Valley, and participates in various regional events to promote its work and future programs. One such...

Talking Machines: The pace of change and the public view of machine learning, with Peter Donnelly

In episode ten of season three we talk about the rate of change , take a listener question about the power of kernels, and talk with Peter Donnelly in his capacity with the Royal Society's Machine Learning Working Group about the work they've done on the public's views on AI and ML.

Shaping animal, vegetable and mineral

By Leah Burrows Nature has a way of making complex shapes from a set of simple growth rules. The curve of a petal, the swoop of a branch, even the contours of our face are shaped by these processes. What if we could unlock those rules and reverse engineer nature's ability to grow an infinitely

Could we build a Blade Runner-style 'replicant'?

The new Blade Runner sequel will return us to a world where sophisticated androids made with organic body parts can match the strength and emotions of their human creators. As someone who builds biologically inspired robots, I'm interested in whether our own technology will ever come close to ...

Robohub Podcast

I am happy to announce that Robots Podcast will be renamed to “Robohub Podcast“. This name change is to avoid confusion about how the podcast and Robohub relate, a question we frequently get. The answer is that they are part of the same effort to connect the global robotics community to ...

Robohub Podcast #245: High-Performance Autonomous Vehicles, with Chris Gerdes

Chris Gerdes on an autonomous race car and an autonomous drifting Delorean.