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Sweden urges UN probe into experts' murder

Human Rights Watch backs Sweden and the US in their demand for a criminal investigation into the murder of two UN experts, including Swede Zaida Catalán, and their interpreter in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

'World's oldest refugee' suffers stroke after asylum rejection

A 106-year-old woman hailed as the world's oldest refugee' suffered a debilitating stroke after her asylum application was rejected in June, according a Swedish journalist who visited her on Friday.

Not so neat: Study finds the best way to drink whisky

The ultimate way to drink whisky has divide people for centuries – Is it best neat, with ice, or a splash of water? A new study by two Swedish researchers at Linnaeus University Center found that whiskey tastes better with water – but exactly how much water is still up for debate.

Swedish terror researcher: Cruelty shouldn't be a surprise

Michael Krona, who has spent three years studying ISIS propaganda, told Radio Sweden that he is not surprised by the cruelty of yesterday's attack in Barcelona given the shocking nature of the executions displayed in the terror group's propaganda.

Swedish PM 'horrified' by Barcelona attack

Sweden's prime minister Stefan Löfven has expressed his horror at Thursday's terror attack in Barcelona – Europe's eleventh vehicle ramming attack in just three years.

Swedish reactions to the attacks in Spain

Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has expressed his horror at Thursday's terror attack in Barcelona – Europe's eleventh vehicle ramming attack in just three years.

Wallström talks North Korea and the state of the world

Radio Sweden spoke with Foreign Minister Margot Wallström about the potential of a nuclear war between the US and North Korea as well as what Sweden is doing to remain a humanitarian superpower.

Swedish opposition still wants to topple defence minister

Sweden's four-party Alliance opposition has pledged to push ahead with its no-confidence motion against Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist after two parliamentary committees met for emergency meetings on Thursday.

Gulf crisis in focus as Sweden and Qatar meet

During a visit to Stockholm, Qatar's foreign minister welcomed Saudi Arabia's decision to reopen its land border with Qatar to Muslim pilgrims, but he also called the move "political".

Newcomer Diaries: Randy is packing his bags for Sweden

Randy is still at home in Malaysia where he is making the final preparations for the big move to Stockholm. When Radio Sweden called to check in, he's just on his way home from a farewell dinner with friends.

Tourist webcam moved after military pressure

The live webcam set-up to promote the port city of Karlskrona as a tourist attraction but inadvertently revealed the movements of Sweden's naval submarines has now changed angle after criticism from military and security experts.

What India's top stand-up comedian thinks about Sweden

Papa CJ is one of India's biggest comics and is in the Swedish capital as part of Stockholm's Culture Festival, which has India as its theme.

Webcam may reveal Swedish naval secrets

A local government webcam promoting the port city of Karlskrona as a tourist attraction is a security risk according to a British defence analyst, who says it should be taken down.

Professor: Climate change means Sweden needs to stop wasting water

Climate change will make it more important than ever to save rainwater that falls on our rooftops in urban areas. While some European countries have turned to rainwater harvesting, Sweden has been slow to respond.

The stinkiest day of the year in Sweden

Today is the traditional start of the fermented herring season, when people  in Sweden start eating something that is considered by many to smell disgusting.

Parliament starts investigation into transport data scandal

Today the constitutional committee will start its review of how the current government, as well as the previous, handled the IT-scandal in the Transport Agency.

Afghan asylum seekers vow to expand protest

As a sit-in protest organised by Afghan asylum seekers entered its eleventh day, Sweden's migration minister said deportations to Afghanistan will not be suspended.

Defence analyst: The new money will fill existing gaps

Defence analyst Jacob Westberg believes that the deal on increased defence spending struck between the government and two parties of the opposition is in line with the expectations from the Swedish Armed Forces.

Swedish Elvis Presley fans pay tribute to the King of Rock & Roll

Elvis fans around the world are paying their respects to the King of rock 'n' roll who died 40 years ago today. Radio Sweden speaks to the Chairman of Sweden's official Elvis fan club, Åke Flodin, and Rock & Roll singer Peter Jezewski, whose own career was inspired by Elvis four decades ago.

New cross-party deal to increase defence budget

The government and two parties in the centre-right opposition have agreed to increase the defence spending with SEK 8,1 billion until 2020.

New cross-party agreement on increased defence budget

The government and two parties in the centre-right opposition have agreed on increased defence spending until 2020.

"Open minded" Stockholm sees surge in visitors

Tourism is on the rise in Sweden's capital, and the CEO of Visit Stockholm thinks the increased interest has partly to do with the attraction of Swedish values.

Sweden's first tea-farmer explains his plans

When Mikael Hassellind came up with the idea of growing tea in Sweden, there were many who raised their eyebrows. Is it really possible to grow tea in Sweden?

Centre-right opposition want "entry jobs" on 70 per cent pay

The four centre-right opposition parties want to introduce a new form of employment, with 70 per cent of a normal starter salary, to try to bring more people who are young, or are new in Sweden, onto the labour market.

Government and unions reject opposition's job proposal

The government and the trade union confederations have criticised the proposal from the opposition to introduce a new form of employment, saying politicians should not get involved in setting salaries.

Swedes donate more money than ever before

Swedes are donating more to charities than ever before, according to new data from Swedish Fundraising Control.

Christian Democrats walk out of defence talks

The opposition Christian Democrats have walked out of the cross-party talks over the future of Sweden's defence.

Police: Amateur submarine was sunk deliberately

Danish police's forensic investigation confirms that the sinking of the submarine Nautilus on Friday was deliberate. A Swedish journalist is still missing after she went on board the home-made submarine.

7,200 teachers still needed to fill vacancies

The severe lack of teachers continues in Sweden, with over 7,200 vacant teaching positions, according to figures from the National Employment Agency.

Sweden offers to mediate between US and North Korea

Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wallström has urged the US and North Korea to tone down the rhetoric, and has said that Sweden is prepared to play a mediating role between the two countries.