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Police chief quizzed by MPs over payroll revelations

National Police Chief Dan Eliasson was questioned by the parliamentary justice committee on Thursday over Swedish Radio's revelations about security breaches in the police handling of payroll and personnel information.

Säpo: Terror threat against Sweden on social media

Sweden's security service, Säpo, is investigating a terrorism threat in Stockholm. Measures have been taken but the terror threat level has not been raised.

Sweden's prime minister troubled by Nazi demonstration

Sweden's prime minister Stefan Löfven said on Thursday that the Nazi demonstration in Gothenburg at the weekend had crossed "bounds of decency". The government has called for cross-party talks on how to counter "the anti-democratic forces in Sweden".

Sweden's first YouTube course

Making it rich is an enticing prospect for those signing up to Sweden's very first course teaching about the streaming video site, but the founder of the adult education class in the northern locality of Kalix, tells Radio Sweden that the skills learnt can be transferred to other jobs in the labour ...

Vellinge municipality says 'yes' to begging ban

Human rights group, Civil Rights Defenders, says it will appeal Wednesday night's decision by Vellinge municipal council to approve a proposal that would make it the first town in Sweden to ban begging.

Flight tax won't keep this person from travelling

"Sweden is at the end of the world," said Burak Mungan, explaining why the government's proposed flight tax will not affect how often he flies.

Economist: Unusually expansive government budget

Stockholm University economics professor Harry Flam says the government is spending an unusually high amount of money, but the economy is doing very well currently, so it is possible to spend and save at the same time.

Pensioners weigh in on how much budget will affect them

The Social Democrat-led government promised tax cuts for a majority of pensioners in the budget submitted to Parliament today, but do pensioners think they will benefit in any real way?

Opposition says government is "wasting the good times"

The centre-right opposition criticised the government budget for lack of long-term reforms, and warned the economy may over-heat due to all the spending.

Opposition slams government spending

The centre-right opposition warns the economy may over-heat, reacting to the Social-Democrat and Green government's budget for next year.

Budget benefits pensioners and families with children

The Swedish government is raising child support by SEK 200 per month in its last Autumn budget before the election.

Hultqvist survives vote of no-confidence

Defence minister Peter Hultqvist survived the no-confidence vote in parliament, after the Liberal and the Centre Party abstained.

The Malmö school that's giving teenagers a lie-in

A school in Malmö has pushed back classes to start at 10am every Monday, to take into account the sleeping habits of its teenage pupils.

All who apply for residency screened by security service

Since this summer, the intelligence and security service Säpo is reviewing the details of everyone who applies for a residency permit in Sweden.

Russian court rejects Wallenberg family's bid for files

On Monday evening, a Russian court dismissed a request from the relatives of the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg to access documents about him, held in the Russian security agency FSB's archives.

Police under fire for letting Nazi march proceed without permit

On Sunday, about 50 Nazis marched in Gothenburg without a permit.

Sweden's biggest hacking case: companies and authorities were targeted

Prosecutors have started legal proceedings in what is believed to be the biggest hacking case in Swedish history.

Bishop: Sweden Democrat conflict lifted church vote turn-out

The Bishop of Uppsala believes the high turn-out in the Church elections is partly due to the controversial Sweden Democrats' high profile campaign in the election.

Record turnout for Church election

The turn-out for this weekend's Church of Sweden election is the highest since the 1950s.

Russian court to hear case on Raoul Wallenberg's disappearance

Relatives of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from Nazi death camps only to disappear in 1947, hope a lawsuit filed in Russia will finally bring about answers to his fate.

Feminist Initiative co-leader resigns

Victoria Kawesa has resigned from her post as co-leader of the Feminist Initiative, a minor political party on the left. She was Sweden's first black party leader.

Fairness of housing coop fees called into question

A new study from Swedbank's Sparbankerna reveals that in newly constructed buildings, people who've bought smaller apartments often have to pay significantly higher fees, per square meter, than their neighbors - who live in bigger apartments.

Government plans to make dental care cheaper

All Swedish residents over the age of 22, including non-citizens, are entitled to SEK 150-300 per year to spend on dental care. In next week's autumn budget, the Government will announce plans to double this subsidy.

Prime Minister Löfven survives vote of no confidence

Sweden's prime minister Stefan Löfven easily survived a vote of no-confidence in parliament, Friday, brought by the Sweden Democrats over his handling of the IT scandal at the Swedish Transport Agency.

North Korea missile launch condemned

North Korea has launched another missile over Japan, just days after the United Nations security council approved a new round of  sanctions against the regime. Sweden's foreign minister Margot Wallström said, "Sweden condemns it in the strongest terms".

Russia expert: There is a risk of confrontations

There is talk of rising tensions in the Baltic region as both Sweden and Russia launched major military drills this week.

Church elections: parties clash on tradition, identity, and marriage

The run-up to this Sunday's Church of Sweden elections has proved to be a real political battleground between the Social Democrats and Sweden Democrats.