Has passion driven success for your nonprofit efforts?

The 2017 Nonprofit PR Awards recognizes communicators who built outstanding awareness for the causes they cared deeply about.

Your intranet is an essential tool for recognition

Are you using your intranet to shine a light on the great work your staff is doing? Enter Ragan's 2017 Intranet Awards. Complete your entry by Aug. 23.

Why and how to craft an internal comms crisis plan

When disaster or a seismic change hits your organization, your first thought might be to calm customers, but don't overlook your staff. They need reassurance—and can help with messaging.

6 ways PR pros can pull off an effective press conference

Reaching multiple journalists at once delivers immediacy and significance surrounding your news event, in addition to covering your topic thoroughly. Follow these guidelines.

Why you should target potential clients at a Ragan event

Event sponsors make lasting connections with target audiences at Ragan's popular PR, marketing and corporate communications conferences.

Influencer evolution

Using luminaries and kitschy characters to increase sales and brand cachet was around long before Instagram, but social media is taking this tactic to new heights.

Report: Top 10 most- and least-trusted industries

Consumer confidence waxes and wanes based on organizations' past actions, current events, perceived brand images and more. Here's what you can do if your company is near the bottom.

4 common media interview myths

Here's how you can overcome these oft-heard misconceptions and put yourself on a path to shine on camera and at the microphone.

Younger users fleeing Facebook for Instagram and Snapchat

An eMarketer report increased its growth predictions for the mobile- and visual-focused platforms, so adjust your efforts accordingly.

Your annual report is a powerful storytelling tool

How are you using it to share information about your nonprofit? Submit your annual report or other PR assets to PR Daily's 2017 Nonprofit PR Awards. Enter by Aug. 30.

6 stories not worth a pitch

Don't risk losing goodwill and damaging your credibility by mindlessly sending personnel announcements, website launches, product updates or your company newsletter.

20 Yiddish words to spritz into your copy

You'd have to be meshuga not to expand your vocabulary with a schtickle of this wonderful, colorful language.

Don't be the James Franco of health care communications

Stop acting like a dilettante at work. Focus on what you do best.

How good PR waxes and wanes around the eclipse

From a 'blackout sale' to a special donut glaze, many brand managers are taking advantage of the cosmic event. However, some organizations seem star-crossed in their promotional efforts.

8 PR experts for communicators of all stripes to follow

Take inspiration from these industry veterans. They can help you develop skills, embrace emerging trends and become more versatile.

18 ways to show your content marketing prowess

PR Daily's 2017 Content Marketing Awards will honor the best content marketing campaigns and assets across 18 different disciplines. Enter by Aug. 30.

7 proofreading steps every writer should follow

Distinct from editing, proofing has its own specific functions that go beyond making sure the words are spelled correctly. Punctuation, fonts, and formatting issues all need attention.

Lessons from the desks of famous people

The workspaces of Ernest Hemingway, Albert Einstein, Elon Musk and Oprah have plenty to teach us about organization, efficiency and how to strategically approach work.

37 ideas for overcoming blogger's block

Try these formats to light a creative spark and inspire engaging posts that your audience will devour and share.

Why journalists should respond to PR pros' emails

Reporters' inboxes are constantly stuffed with story pitches and press releases, but one editor says replying can relieve a common complaint.

The 5 most popular stories on PR Daily this week

This week, readers were interested in free sites for compelling visuals, words to eliminate from their LinkedIn profile, what 'Parks and Recreation' can teach PR pros and more.

How health care ratings will improve transparency, attract new patients

A free download will guide health care communicators on how to publish verified patient survey data to physician profile pages.

11 free tools to pump up your PR efforts

Communicators can achieve media relations wins, make social media management easier, measure their campaigns and make content visually appealing with these resources.

Build your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses

Ragan workshops provide daylong deep dives on your doorstep.

Easy essentials of SEO

You don't need extensive technical expertise to make your content easy to find through Google searches. Try these timeless approaches.

4 ways to boost your storytelling magic

Voice. Metaphors. Hooks and endings. Learn from narrative master Justina Chen.

When should CEOs speak out on politics?

As executives flee White House business councils this week, they reflect an increased boldness in U.S. businesses to address political topics.

Blueprint for social media success

Each online channel requires a different strategy and touch. Use this handy list to flit among Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Facebook launches fundraiser feature for users' birthdays

Tired of only messages and photos wishing you well? You can now open your profile on the social network to donations in honor of your special day

5 ways PR interns can use their experiences to secure coveted positions

Turn your internship into the first job of your career with these insights and tips.

21 unusual phobias

Yes, there's a word to describe fears you might not have known existed. How many of these terms do you recognize?

Your intranet powers your internal communications

How have you made your intranet better? Submit your examples of innovation, design and collaboration to Ragan's 2017 Intranet Awards. Don't miss the final deadline on Aug. 23.

Is it time to get more aggressive with your content marketing?

If search results are disappointing, feedback is meager and sales are lagging, it's time for a tune-up—or maybe an overhaul. Here's what to look for and how to fix it.

Study: Email still rules workplace comms, but not for long

Will instant messaging become the primary source of employee communication by 2020?

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

Use your social media skills to join the online streaming industry with this week's featured position: Hulu is looking for a social media manager.

ESPN apologizes after backlash on fantasy football 'auction'

The sports network drew criticism with a segment in which an audience made up of mostly white males bid on NFL players for their fantasy football teams.

5 PR lessons from Leslie Knope

The hard-working and eccentric parks department director of the show 'Parks and Recreation' can inspire communicators of all stripes to be better. Here's how you can perfect your skills.

Your employee communications shouldn't be boring

You'll win big time if they shine. Share your engaging annual reports, CSR programs, education initiatives and more in Ragan's 2017 Employee Communications Awards. Save $50 when you enter by Aug. 30.

2 anecdotes to inspire great PR writing

Crystallize your big-picture message for your target audience.

5 devastating mistakes in managing millennials

The transient nature of Generation Y might be a direct result of employers' failure to trust and challenge those younger staffers. Are you mishandling this cadre of tech-savvy newbies?

4 ways personalization can power your marketing efforts

The majority of consumers want messages and promotions tailored to their interests, but many brand managers struggle to properly personalize their campaigns. This infographic can help.

Facebook is helping marketers promote influencer posts

The social media platform has added features to simplify boosting a creator's post and measuring their branded content's performance. Here's how.

PR blind spot and Twitter backlash combine to close 'Great Comet' on Broadway

When producers moved to replace an African-American lead with Broadway legend Mandy Patinkin, the online criticism engulfed a production previously lauded for diverse casting.