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Why the First Amendment won't protect PR pros online

You might have a legal right to express your thoughts and feelings through your individual social media profiles, but you're not protected from the consequences of your actions.

Academy and Twitter scramble as Weinstein fallout continues

The film organization recently expelled the former studio executive from its ranks, and the social media platform said it was 'not doing enough' to address abuse after many users boycotted.

How to thrive in today's changing communications landscape

Join us at Disneyland to learn the latest social media strategies and tactics from communications experts at Experian, Dell, Ford and more.

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8 social media blunders to avoid

Refrain from religious or political hot takes, control the urge to post irrelevant viral videos, don't talk trash about customers, and please—please—do not try to capitalize on tragedy.

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The buzzwords that refuse to die

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Swedish train operator names new line 'Trainy McTrainface'

The moniker came from a poll of Swedish citizens and nabbed 49 percent of the votes. It's not the first time the organization has embraced jokes, however.

5 guerrilla marketing lessons from 'IT' campaign

With red balloons and stencils, promoters of Stephen King's horror film gave fans a fright that they eagerly shared on social media. Here's how to replicate that success.

How publishing free content drives sales

When blogs, podcasts and other material are plastered with ads, audiences lose interest. Free content can create customer loyalty and excitement. Here's how.

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5 presentation techniques to help you wow the room

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Las Vegas shootings a stark reminder to prepare for the worst

As the nation reeled and rumors mixed with facts, hospitals and their communications teams sprang into action. Here are takeaways for planning for unthinkable events.

5 ways to make a splash in broadcast interviews

It can be nervewracking to deliver an interesting and relaxed conversation while staring into a camera lens, but these insights can help you project your brand and amplify your message.

3 PR lessons from scouting groups' war of words

The Boy Scouts will start accepting girls as members, the group has decided, much to the chagrin of the Girl Scouts. The subsequent biting rhetoric offers takeaways for communicators.

How to overcome 4 major PR obstacles

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'Open communication' is a top perk for millennials

Free food, arcade games and pingpong tables are neat, but younger workers crave more substantive benefits. That's easier said than done.

The PR Daily Awards got a makeover for 2017

PR is an ever-changing industry, and our program aim to reflect that. Ragan's 2017 PR Daily Awards features 13 new categories—in addition to all the old favorites. Save $50 when you enter by Friday, Oct. 13.

3 quick tips for tighter writing

Extraneous words are like bit of gravel in pudding. Here's how to pick them out and get to the good stuff.

7 marketing lessons from 'Blade Runner 2049'

The sequel to 1982's popular science-fiction film was highly anticipated, but its box-office performance has been lackluster. Here's how you can avoid similar promotional pitfalls.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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4 lessons from Zuckerberg's cringeworthy livestream

Facebook's CEO took viewers on a virtual tour of hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico, eliciting searing criticism for its tone-deaf content. Here's how you can avoid similar gaffes.

Mensa offers to hold Trump-Tillerson IQ showdown

The nonprofit organization of high-IQ holders jumped at the chance to grab headlines after the president joked that his test results would be higher than the secretary of state's.

13 quotations that describe the writer's craft

See whether you relate to these wordsmiths' observations about creating and publishing their works.

3 lessons from Donna Karan's gaffe and tepid apology

Backlash was swift after the fashion icon—when asked about sexual harassment generally and Harvey Weinstein specifically—said women might be 'asking for it.' Her mea culpa didn't help.

The secret to powerful videos? Create an emotional connection

Drop the corporate jargon, get personal and get creative. It worked for these organizations.

Pitch rejected? Try these 3 alternative approaches

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Well-known retailers reveal their favorite online platforms

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How PR pros can cozy up to consumers

The better you know the people who like your organization and purchase your products and services, the better you can boost their loyalty and increase your ROI. Consider these insights.

Why some breast cancer 'awareness' campaigns are getting flak

Marketers are reevaluating their efforts amid backlash over reports some organizations selling 'pink ribbon' merchandise have skimped on relaying the proceeds to research and treatment.

7 impressions PR pros create through your appearance

The axiom 'dress to impress' is never more relevant than in communications, where the perceptions audiences have can make or break your image.

Carl's Jr. courting consumers with Twitter spree

The fast-food chain is tweeting ideas to the e-commerce giant every hour. The move has garnered headlines, but the platform's users are skeptical.

Does your organization represent the future of intranet innovation?

How are you creating a digital workspace that's personal, functional and fast? Enter Ragan's 2017 Intranet Awards. The final extended deadline is Wednesday, Oct. 11.

10 essential social media guidelines

To find success on your digital platforms, obey the laws of listening, quality, patience, influence, value, acknowledgement, and reciprocity. Also, keep your cool in the face of negativity.

4 steps to reduce a hospital social media crisis

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3 ways to master the PR balancing act

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7 ways PR pros can manage client expectations

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Dove apologizes after consumers slam ad for being racist

The company said it 'missed the mark' and took down the post which many said was insensitive. Others, however, said they couldn't find offense with the marketing spot.

Amid harassment scandal, Harvey Weinstein sends mixed messages

The film producer is taking a leave of absence after The New York Times published an article detailing decades of sexual harassment. Despite his public apology, he plans to sue the paper.

10 ways PR and marketing pros can use Pinterest

The visual platform can increase traffic and revenue for a plethora of organizations, even if you don't sell a product or service that's visually enticing.

3 marketing lessons from McDonald's failed 'Rick and Morty' promotion

The fast-food chain brought back its beloved Szechuan Sauce, but locations' inventory proved way too small for demand. Here's what you can learn from the public backlash.

Livestreaming tips and trends

Video—especially in real time—is the prevailing content craze. Here's practical guidance on how to succeed using this popular medium.