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How communicators can get ready for artificial intelligence

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Influencer marketing lessons from a 6-year-old YouTube star

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How to digitally boost your personal brand

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#InspiredToGive campaign from DaVita Clinical Research highlights clinical trials

This campaign encouraged participants and researchers to talk candidly about clinical research.

8 symptoms of a failing health care social media campaign

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Report: 47 percent of content marketers struggle to measure ROI

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5 PR lessons from Disney's smash-hit 'Coco'

The Disney film is tearing it up at the box office, and is the perfect example for communicators looking to engage the 52 million Latinos living in the U.S.

Local newspaper 'headline' goes viral after proofreading error

Local publication Cambridge News made the rounds online after it was published with the design instructions splashed across its front page, instead of the actual headline.

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California wildfires spur social media users to share important updates

The blaze just outside Los Angeles has grown in size and dangerousness. Here is how social media channels have been used to communicate important messages during the crisis.

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What's the crisis response if you're off the grid?

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Bud Light protects its trademark—and consumer favor—by going medieval

The beer brand's legal team recently sent a cease-and-desist notice to a brewery that infringed on one of its popular catchphrases, but earned positive PR for the way it handled the situation.

How to boost the reach of your press release with SEO tools

Whether announcing a new initiative or responding to a crisis, getting your press release covered means making it visible. Use these SEO tricks to get your message out there.

Patagonia, REI target administration's rollback of land protections

The outdoor retailers have a history of environmental activism. After the Trump administration announced a historic rollback of protections, both responded.

Visual design is everything in the age of online engagement

How have you optimized your website, social channels and campaigns to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible? Share your work with PR Daily's 2017 Video & Visual Awards by Dec. 8.

Try these tactics for coping with horrible editors

Sometimes you're blessed with a seasoned wordsmith who works with surgical precision. Other times, you're saddled with a red-pen-wielding ogre or simply a flailing dolt. Here's help.

Holiday puns every communicator should avoid

Don't wear out the season with grating word play. Here are some tragic missteps to avoid when writing about the holidays this year—heck, any year.

Ultimate grammar cheat sheet

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What to know—and share—about the CVS/Aetna deal

The $69 billion marriage of the two mega-corporations would alter the U.S. health care landscape. Here are some key facts for communicators to clear up the confusion.

Brands push back against 'Saturday Night Live' caricatures

Being the target of parody can be humiliating or even damaging for your brand. What is the right way to combat negative stereotypes about you in pop culture?

Why your op-ed will never get published

Have an opinion you want a newspaper or trade magazine to run? Here are surefire ways to ensure your writing never sees the light of day.

YouTube, Instagram increase filtering for user content

The visual platforms are changing their policies and beefing up staff to address misuse of their products and to protect their respective brands.