Puerto Rico to Trump: 'We Are American Citizens'

The island territory's top representative in Washington says the president's efforts to blame Puerto Rico for its desperate hurricane recovery are shocking.'

Trump could remake judiciary for '40 years' — with controversial picks

Senate Republicans are rallying behind Trump's judicial nominees, including those considered unqualified or with explosive views.

Trump gives his own performance a Trump-sized endorsement

The president called an impromptu Rose Garden press conference to sell reporters and the public on his job performance.

Trump expresses wariness of Bannon's war on GOP establishment

The president — after meeting with McConnell — says he may try to talk his former chief strategist out of recruiting certain GOP primary challengers.

Trump gives his own performance a Trump-sized endorsement

The president called an impromptu Rose Garden press conference on Monday to sell reporters and the public on his job performance.

Trump White House fed up with the Senate

With tax cuts on the line, 'We look at the Senate and go: 'What the hell is going on?'' said White House budget director Mick Mulvaney.

Undocumented pregnant girl in Texas tests Trump policy to stop abortions

The policy marks a departure from the Obama administration, when an undocumented teen's request was not reviewed unless she sought federal funds.

McCain, in speech, denounces 'spurious nationalism'

Sen. John McCain delivered a condemnation of spurious nationalism' on Monday night in Philadelphia, using his acceptance speech for the National Constitution Center's Liberty Medal to issue a call to American ideals.The Arizona Republican, his voice wavering at points after a program celebrating his ...

White House brushes off House investigators over aides' use of personal email

The White House brushed off a bipartisan request from House investigators for details of senior administration officials' use of private email and encrypted messaging apps for government work, including possible violations of federal record-keeping laws, a letter obtained by POLITICO shows.In a ...

Obama aides lash out after Trump claims past presidents didn't call fallen soldiers' families

President Donald Trump on Monday accused Barack Obama and other past American presidents of failing to call the family members of slain service members, a claim a former Obama aide called an outrageous and disrespectful lie.'Four Green Berets were killed earlier this month in an ambush in Niger. But ...

FCC chairman's bind: Defend Trump or free speech

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is facing increasing pressure to distance himself from President Donald Trump's threats against NBC — a course of action that would risk provoking the president's Twitter-fueled wrath.Democrats have refused to let the issue die in recent days, with FCC Democratic Commissioner ...

Senate approves Callista Gingrich as ambassador to Vatican

The Senate on Monday confirmed Callista Gingrich, the wife of former House Speaker and GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, to serve as U.S. ambassador to the Vatican.The vote was 70-23, with Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and several other Democrats joining all Republicans in favor.Callista ...

Trump said to want bipartisan Senate Obamacare deal

President Donald Trump urged Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander to seek out an Obamacare deal with Democrats — encouragement that might help sway Republicans who are skeptical of a bipartisan agreement.Alexander said Trump told him by phone Oct. 14 he'd like to see a bill that funds the Obamacare ...

Corker: 'I gotta believe I'll talk to the president again'

The Tennessee senator, who has directly challenged Trump, says he doesn't know whether fences can be mended.

Federal judge hears challenge to third version of Trump's travel ban

A federal judge in Maryland is deciding whether the third time's the charm for President Donald Trump's travel ban.Judges blunted the impact of the first two executive orders Trump issued earlier this year, measures that critics said were thinly disguised versions of the Muslim ban he promised on ...

GAO denies Equifax dispute of IRS contract

The Government Accountability Office today denied a contract bid protest brought by Equifax as the much-criticized credit reporting agency fought to hold on to a deal helping the IRS prevent identity fraud. After a 100-day review, the GAO determined that the IRS was justified in its decision to ...

Is Trump more media-accessible than Obama?

Some reporters say yes, but his press events seem designed to make reporters look frenzied.

Trump, McConnell: Republican tax plan could bleed into next year

President Donald Trump on Monday raised the possibility that Republicans may fall short of their goal of rewriting the tax code by the end of this year. I would like to see it be done this year,' he told reporters. But don't forget it took years for the Reagan administration to get taxes done — ...

Efforts to pry loose Trump tax returns hit a wall

California Gov. Jerry Brown warns against 'slippery slope precedent.'

Trump freshly hints at fully pulling out of Iran deal

President Donald Trump said Monday that he decertified Iran's compliance with a landmark nuclear agreement because he is tired of being taken advantage of,' while also hinting that the U.S. could still fully pull out of the deal.'I feel strongly about what I did. I'm tired of being taken advantage ...

Trump voices support for Bannon as he wages war against McConnell

President Donald Trump offered up praise for Steve Bannon when asked about his former chief strategist's war against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.'Steve is very committed,' the president told reporters, when asked about Bannon's verbal attacks on McConnell and other GOP leaders for not ...

Trump predicts 'long-term fix' for Obamacare by March or April

President Donald Trump insisted Monday that Democrats will be blamed for their Obamacare mess,' despite executive actions he took last week to undercut the law, while also expressing confidence that there will be a 'long-term fix' for the law by March or April.Trump moved last week to cut off ...

Judge deals blow to Menendez

NEWARK — After raising Sen. Robert Menendez's hopes last week, a federal judge crushed them on Monday morning.U.S. District Court Judge William Walls refused to toss any of the 18 charges in the corruption case against Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, despite last week casting doubt on a legal ...

The JFK Document Dump Could Be a Fiasco

Later this month, the National Archives is set to release thousands of documents about John F. Kennedy's assassination. It's likely to fuel conspiracy theorists for years.

Financier and Trump adviser Barrack to invest in Weinstein Company

Real estate investor Tom Barrack, a close friend and adviser to President Donald Trump, has reached a preliminary deal to invest in The Weinstein Company and negotiate a potential sale, TWC announced Monday.Barrack's investment comes amid a public relations nightmare for the company following a New ...

Trump: I'm looking 'very strongly' at reforming welfare system

President Donald Trump is looking very, very strongly' at reforming the nation's welfare system, he told reporters Monday.One thing we're going to be looking at very strongly is welfare reform. That's becoming a very, very big subject,' the president said during a Cabinet meeting at the White House. ...

Trump on Las Vegas shooter: 'The wires were crossed pretty badly in his brain'

The gunman who killed more than 50 people when he opened fire on a music festival in Las Vegas earlier this month was a demented, sick individual' whose wires were crossed pretty badly in his brain,' President Donald Trump said Monday afternoon. I guess a lot of people think they understand what ...

Trump: 'I hope' Hillary Clinton runs in 2020

President Donald Trump on Monday suggested he would win reelection in a 2020 rematch against Hillary Clinton, and said he hopes he will get the chance to go head-to-head against her again.I was recently asked if Crooked Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2020? My answer was, 'I hope so!'' Trump ...

Trump to meet with Philippines' Duterte in Asia next month

The White House announced Monday that President Donald Trump will meet next month with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who faces heavy scrutiny amid reports his government sanctioned extrajudicial killings as part of a drug crackdown.Trump and Duterte will meet on Nov. 14 at the tail end of a ...

Trump: Schumer flip-flopped on Iran deal 'now that I am involved'

President Donald Trump on Monday called out Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's past opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, suggesting that the senator's newfound support for the agreement is rooted only in his opposition to the president.Dem Senator Schumer hated the Iran deal made by President ...

Clinton calls Assange 'a tool of Russian intelligence'

Hillary Clinton denounced WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as 'a tool of Russian intelligence,' speaking out against the organization's role in her 2016 electoral defeat during an interview airing Monday.The former Democratic presidential nominee told Australian Broadcasting Corp. that Assange — ...

Playbook scoop: McConnell-linked super PAC raises $7.1M

Cochran still out of commission because of health woes

His absence from the Senate could endanger Republicans' agenda.

Court nominee faces scrutiny over Trump White House role

Greg Katsas has spent more than three decades burnishing a high-powered legal resume that makes him a solid pick for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, but the biggest obstacle to his winning confirmation is the job he's had for the past nine months: serving as a top White House lawyer for President ...

Florida's Senate race shaping up as a clash of titans

Three-term Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson is bracing for the reelection fight of his career against GOP Gov. Rick Scott and his untold millions.

'China Is Laughing About This Situation'

Legendary Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei talks about Trump, Western democracy and the plight of refugees around the world.

Deficit hawks trampled in GOP tax cut stampede

But Republicans are still squabbling over the rising red ink, potentially jeopardizing Trump's tax plan.

Kelly tries to get empty administration jobs filled fast

Conservatives are demanding faster action on vacant political appointments, though the president himself has indicated he's comfortable not filling every job.

Menendez faces critical moment in bribery trial

The bribery trial of Sen. Bob Menendez has reached a critical moment, with the judge overseeing the case deciding whether to dismiss a big chunk of the corruption allegations facing the New Jersey Democrat.U.S. District Judge William Walls stunned federal prosecutors last week when he expressed ...

The Rule That Broke the Senate

Once a tool to ease partisan gridlock, reconciliation has become part of the problem, used to reinforce the very problems it was designed to help fix.

Just What Is the Museum of the Bible Trying to Do?

The Hobby Lobby CEO behind it says it will be nonsectarian—but it looks a lot like a Protestant evangelical's take on the Bible.

Japan exasperated by Trump's trade policies

As U.S. farmers suffer under high tariffs, Japanese officials are in no rush to cut a new trade deal with the United States.

Donald Trump and the Dawn of the Evangelical-Nationalist Alliance

In their eyes, religious conservatives aren't making a cynical bargain by embracing a president with dubious religious bona fides. They finally have the street brawler they've always wanted.

Trump's Love Affair with Coal

Why a president who struggles to stay on topic has a laser focus on one shrinking industry.

Just What Is the Museum of the Bible Trying to Do?

In November, the Museum of the Bible, a 430,000-square foot building, will open at 300 D Street in Washington, D.C. The museum will house thousands of pieces of biblical lore, including fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls, pieces of papyrus displaying early copies of the New Testament, and Elvis ...

Congress' uncertain path on Obamacare subsidy fix

In the short term, a bill to restore funding faces huge hurdles on Capitol Hill, where the White House's decision has reignited partisan warfare.

Nikki Haley was Trump's Iran whisperer

The U.N. ambassador paved the way for decertification as other Cabinet members urged caution.

Teachers union sides with Christie, Trump ally in clash with top Jersey Democrat

The state's most powerful labor group is putting Steve Sweeney on notice.

How Nixon Turned Football into a Political Weapon

In his attacks on the NFL kneelers, President Trump is turning to an old playbook.

Epic legal battles shaping up over Trump's scrapping of Obamacare subsidies

President Donald Trump's move to cut off critical Obamacare subsidies will almost surely be tied up in the courts for years as Democratic-led states seek injunctions, while insurers seek to recover payments they say they're owed. It's impossible to predict whether a judge might order the ...