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Sick Of Gingerbread Houses? Make Some Chocolate Dinosaurs Instead

Forget about that boring old gingerbread house, what is gingerbread anyway? I'll tell you, it's an abomination of a food which it's only decent purpose is to serve as construction

Someone Made An Awesome Lego Mechanical Keyboard

Whether you're a fan of Lego, mechanical keyboards or just cool things, someone made a pretty slick looking mechanical keyboard with Lego pieces. In his video, Youtuber JK Brickworks shows

Ready Player One Gets Its First Trailer

In more awesome trailer news, Ready Player One just released its first trailer. Directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the book of the same name, Ready Player One is

NES Controller Welcome Mat Lets Everyone Know You're A Gamer

If you're still looking for the perfect gift for that nerdy friend this Christmas, check out the NES Controller doormat. It's just like any ordinary doormat, but this is no

Sprint Is Offering Customers Who Switch $100 In Pokémon Go Coins

For those looking to get a new cell service provider, and who happen to still have Pokémon Go, Sprint is now offering $100 in credit towards the game

Get Up to $199.98 Off Today's Items: HTC Vive VR System, Amazon Cloud Cam, and Jabra Speak

The ultimate VR system sale is hereeeee! This HTC ViveVirtual Reality System Golden Deal includes a deluxe audio strap, Fallout 4 VR, Google's Tilt Brush, and a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

LG Signature Phone Will Set You Back $1,800

When it comes to luxury phones, they're mostly a joke. Every so often you see a phone made with gold or encrusted with diamonds, but when the tech becomes outdated

You Can Now Buy A Pikachu Wireless Charger

Just in case you weren't satisfied with a regular wireless charger, you can now buy one that looks like your favorite Pokémon, as long as your favorite Pokémon is Pikachu.

Video Of How We Might Stop A Giant Meteor

Ever wonder where we stand on protecting ourselves from meteors? Well, the people over at Vox put together a video explains just how destructive a meteor impact could be, and

Get These Smart Home Switch Combos for Up to 61% Off

Extend your Alexa capabilities to another room and automate non-smart things with this Echo Dot + TP-Link Switch Combo. The powerful combo is having a price slash today

Portal Is Coming Back As A Bridge-Building Simulator

Portal, one of the best game series of all-time, which hasn't seen a release since Portal 2 in 2011, is now coming back, kinda. It's back in the form of

Fidget Spinner Keycaps Are A Probably A Sign Of The Apocalypse

Just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier than a fidget spinner phone, someone goes and makes keycaps that are functional fidget spinners. Why am I cursed to write

This Company Will Send You A lump Of Coal For Christmas

Let's be honest, you weren't great this year. You passed by that guy collecting donations at the supermarket, or you snuck a peek at your classmate's math test, maybe you

These Tiny Robots Are The Modern Bugs Encased In Resin

10 We are living in the year 2017, it's time to throw away that old bug encased in resin and upgrade to something a little more modern. Besides, no one

Spacesuits Could One Day Have A 'Take Me Home' Button

Think about how frightening it would be to float around in space without being able to get back to the base ship. Okay it'd be fun for a minute or

Why-Tech Wednesday: Joy Is A Pricey iPad That Only Displays Photos

Coming up with articles for Why-Tech Wednesday is hard. Most products are silly, but not enough to really talk about. Or they're made by some super small startup, that I

Overwatch League Will Allow Fans To Support Teams With Virtual Jerseys

If you're not a fan of Overwatch, you've probably at least heard of it. It's the massive new game by Blizzard that has been setting the world of e-sports on

Tactical Christmas Stocking Because Technically Santa Is Trespassing

Nothing can be more festive for the categorical gun-nut in the family than a Christmas stocking that says This white Christmas, I'll be packing serious heat'. This is the RUCKUP

Honest Trailer For The Santa Clause Because Not All Christmas Movies Are Great

Nothing can get you in the mood to celebrate the holidays quite like a Christmas movie. Sure, you can try being a good person and donating your time to help