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She's Redefining the Tone of Latin America's Political Conversation

Journalist María Paulina Baena is taking Colombia's politicians to task with her searingly funny commentary.

Making Pants That Fit and Other Things That Aren't Too Much to Ask

Bereft of petite fashion, short women around the world have taken it into their own hands.

Why Renewable Energy Is Not as Clean as You Think

Think those renewable energy percentages all come from wind and solar? Think again.

Will Spain Prove to Be a Hotbed for Terror?

Deadly attacks in Spain raise the specter yet again of tourist-targeting terror in Europe, which is unlikely to fade anytime soon.

How Running a Boutique Prepped Her to Run for Office

"It's not exactly Jefferson and Lincoln down there at the statehouse."

The Ultimate Destination for Slurping Ramen ... in Kiev

Don't go for the ambience. Do go for the simple, succulent noodles.

The Alaskan Who Could Lead Progressives Out of the Wilderness

This 28-year-old lawmaker has accomplished what would take many lifetimes for most of us.

Knocking Out Concussions in Contact Sports — Your Neck Could Be the Key

What do football and wrestling have in common? A concussion epidemic. Here's how the neck might save an athlete's brain.

Can the U.S. Outlast the Taliban?

Two scholars argue that, if Americans want to achieve peace in Afghanistan, they must outlast the Sunni fundamentalist group, not negotiate with it.

Eastern Europe's Surprising New Tech Hub

When you think "startup culture," this country is not likely to spring to mind.

Behind the Headlines: Understanding Islamic Terror in Spain

Sunshine, paella and ... jihad? Spain has become fertile ground for wannabe terrorists.

The Man Who Got Rich Off the Gold Rush ... Without the Gold

Sam Brannan became the first millionaire of the California Gold Rush - not by mining gold, but by selling shovels.

Your Next Big Adventure Is Underground

Like going underground? These caverns of cool should be on your bucket list.

When He Hasn't Given You an Orgasm for 10 Years

OZY's Eugene S. Robinson addresses queries from the love-weary in "Sex With Eugene."

Cults Are Making a Comeback in France — Why?

As the French government eases up on a tough law banning sects, alien creationists and other groups emerge from the shadows.

The Female Rapper Trading Verses With Kendrick Lamar

Hip-hop artist Rapsody was supposed to get a good job and raise kids. Instead she's rapping for Kendrick Lamar and inking a deal with Jay-Z.

Who to Watch in the 2017 Coaching Carousel: OZY's College Football Crash Course

The never-ending cycle of coaching changes has turned major college football into the world's highest-stakes game of Monopoly.

It's Time for Colleges Where Students Are in Charge

An unorthodox Alaskan college hopes to empower students in a whole new way. Will it work?

This Original Thai Green Curry Will Tingle Your Taste Buds

Like a fine wine, Thai green curry has gotten better with age.

The Inside Story of Frankie Blue Eyes, the Mob Killer-Turned-Rat

Sometimes when you least expect it, even bad guys switch sides.

The Ex-Obama Aide Fighting to Take Back the House

He led White House policy on Iraq; now Andy Kim is taking his own advice on civic engagement.

Will Americans Ever Become Ethical Buyers? This State Is Betting on It

Alaska is taking significant bets on do-gooder buyers - and the results could be telling for the nation.

Should Government Leaks Always Be Illegal?

The White House is suffering from an overflow of divulged information, but that doesn't mean the culprits are unpatriotic.

Are You Empathetic? Your Genes May Hold the Answer

A new study links performance on an empathy test to specific genetic variants.

How the U.S. Got Its First Panda

We can thank a 1930s New York socialite for our obsession with pandas.

The Fiery Jungle Drink Brazilians Can't Get Enough Of

It numbs the lips, sears the throat and soothes the Brazilian soul.

Thomas Jefferson: Founding Father ... White Supremacist?

The same hand that penned America's Declaration of Independence also scrawled some self-evidently racist nonsense.

The Woman Bringing Unconventional Sex Ed to the Arctic

Could Candice Lys' unconventional approach to sex ed be transferable to other issues and cultures?

7 Stats to Know for Game Day: OZY's College Football Crash Course

We all need some help prepping for football small talk. These seven stats and talking points will shape the 2017 season.

Why the Humble Ukulele Could Be Your New Yoga

Who needs a smelly mat when you can strum your way to a higher consciousness?

Is Fake News Criminal? We Asked, You Answered

Third Rail With OZY is back.

Where to Find Hipsters in Turkey

From coffee snobbery to ironic T-shirts, this lefty, arty Istanbul neighborhood is a hipster haven.

The Caribbean Photographer Who Chased His Dreams to Frigid Alaska

"I walked back to my car, grabbed the camera and chased the bear back into the woods."

Why These Mexican Writers Are Ditching Spanish for Ancient Languages

The most cutting-edge trend in Mexican literature is to write in pre-Columbian dialects.

Can Ice Cube's New League Give This Ex-NBA Captain One Last Shot?

Rashad McCants has his shot at redemption in the inaugural season of Ice Cube's BIG3 league.

Female, Muslim, Disabled: How This Comedian Keeps the Laughter Alive

We sat down with Maysoon Zayid for an exclusive backstage interview at OZY Fest 2017.

The Victorian Feminist Who Saved Thousands of Refugees in South Africa

Emily Hobhouse dedicated her life to fighting injustice, demanding changes to the British approach in South Africa.

Waking Up on an Alaskan Novelist's WWII Tugboat

What could be better than ancient boat, a glorious sunset and a picturesque climb?

Leaving the FBI for a Life of Crime … Novels

"Part of being an FBI agent is documenting what you're doing ... a wiretap affidavit can be 60 to 70 pages long. So I started writing about what I loved."

North Korea–US: Bluff and Bluster or Path to War?

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are turning up the volume on a dangerous game of rhetorical chicken.

How to Write the Next Great American Novel … Without Going Into Debt

No credit? No problem, say students at experimental, unaccredited programs that offer affordable alternatives to traditional MFAs.

Meet the Russian-American Hacker Who's on Your Side

With the news cycle aflame with hacking and rumors of hacking, Michael Borohovski's been doing nothing but. Since he was 9. For the good guys.

The Student Section: OZY's College Football Crash Course

Lose the beach towel and grab your pen and pad. College Football is upon us - here's your syllabus.

Want to Help a Syrian Refugee? Eat Some Syrian Food

Syrian eateries are popping up all over the globe, from Portugal to the U.S.

This Badass Alaskan Woman Can Show You Where to Catch a 200-Pound Fish

"The Russians were raping the ocean, stuff we're trying to manage because we want them to last. They take everything, and leave with it."