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Where Should We Draw the Age of Consent? We Asked, You Answered

We asked how young is too young in dating. Here's what you had to say.

Could Nigeria Be Home to the Next Coachella?

Online music-sharing platforms are helping a young generation of Nigerian musicians make their mark.

The San Francisco Firebrand Looking to Reshape the City

Activist Sonja Trauss wants to build enough housing in San Francisco to bring down the sky-high rents.

Why So Fat?

Outside the realm of body gazing, weight shaming and fat politics, there are real stories, real heavy stories, about being real heavy. This is one.

Why Saffron Farming is Blooming in Unlikely Places

Throughout high and low latitudes, the world's most expensive spice is putting down roots.

The Question Dividing California's Democrats

Intraparty debates over Medicare for all are popping up in key U.S. House races.

Stop Hiring Your Relatives, Everyone

France, in banning people from hiring family members, should be an example to the rest of us.

52 Mini Memoirs on Kissing and Feminism: Your Next Great Read

These short reads on everything from lost embraces to the P-word are both fiery and cool.

Meet the Iron Lady of Lithuania

Dalia Grybauskaite is the first female president of Lithuania and the first to be re-elected to a second consecutive term.

Will This Cage Queen Rule the Roost Again?

Germaine de Randamie has knocked out men, but her UFC belt was yanked for her refusal to fight a 'proven cheater.'

From Zimbabwe: The Best Books of the Mugabe Years

To understand the tumultuous era of Mugabe's leadership, give these a read.

Why Single Moms Are Crushing It

A recent study finds no difference in the well-being of children born to single mothers by choice versus those born to two-parent families.

Does Madagascar's Vanilla Industry Have a Sweet Future?

Vanilla's unpredictability is pushing companies to care about Madagascar's farmers.

The Colonial Betrayal That Haunts Colombian Peace

When it comes to peace deals between rebels and the Colombian government, the past is prelude.

A Great British Twist on Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Yorkshire pudding is a delicacy traditionally served with a roast dinner. Try serving your dinner inside of one.

When Does a Big Age Gap in a Relationship Become Abuse?

Sexual relationships with 16-year-olds are legal in most U.S. states. Where would you draw the line?

Talking to a Man Who Talked to Bees

Frederick Lenz made some bold claims, but the one that got us? That he could speak to bumblebees. This we had to see.

The English Courtesan Who Stole the Hearts of Parisian Aristocrats

Royals bought Cora Pearl castles, funded her gambling and lavished her with jewels. Too bad it couldn't last.

The Sour Side of Madagascar's Vanilla

The price of vanilla has reached record highs this year, but farmers aren't tasting the benefits.

Getting Drunk and Singing Karaoke at Home? Why, Yes!

The Polish creators of iSing counted on a few things - our love of karaoke and our addiction to our online lives - for a guaranteed drunk-singing win.

The Aftermath of the Sonoma Wildfires

After the Northern California firestorm scorched chunks of OZY's home state, we hit the highway to talk to the victims.

The Holocaust Survivor Who Set an Unbreakable World Record

Shaul Ladany survived the Holocaust and the 1972 Munich massacre, and at 81, he's still pounding the pavement every day.

Ireland's Beloved Billionaire

J.P. McManus is a rare breed: filthy rich, and a man of the people.

Why the World is Giving Up on Genders

More men and women don't think it's necessary to identify absolutely as a man or a woman.

Texas Designer Giving Leather the Boot

This maker of vegan cowboy boots is proving that you don't need cowhide to make fashionable footwear.

Special Briefing: Can Republicans Solve Their Roy Moore Problem?

The special election in Alabama is less than one month away, and Republicans are scrambling to figure out what to do about Moore.

The Latest Alcohol Trend: Brewing Like a Mantis Shrimp

Breweries increasingly are turning to a natural technology to ferment, flavor and age beer and wine.

Meet Africa's Youngest Billionaire

Mohammed "Mo" Dewji may have inherited his father's company, but he turned it into a billion-dollar operation.

The Forgotten Female Hero of Mountain Climbing

She became the first woman to climb the world's two highest peaks without supplemental oxygen. But she never returned from the second.

Hustling My Way Into the ESPYs

A shot at the ESPYs? With all of that sheer star wattage on hand, it's a tall order for anyone, never mind a cub reporter's first chance at the plate.

Shame Game, Backfield Motions and Spit Takes

OZY's Eugene S. Robinson addresses queries from the love-weary in "Sex With Eugene."