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Frugal Traveler: Navigating Sometimes Chaotic, Always Fascinating Addis Ababa

Not only can the Ethiopian capital be done inexpensively, you will also find fascinating cultural landmarks, wonderful food and an almost unparalleled coffee culture.

Chasing the Deal: Skipping Turkey at Home for Thanksgiving? Consider a Hotel Stay Overseas.

Hotels from Italy to Argentina to Iceland are offering savings over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Update: How the Florida Keys Are Coming Back to Life

Hurricane Irma caused extensive damage. But the main road through the islands is open — and many hotels, restaurants and festivals are back in business.

Trending: Surf and Safari: Packages Offer Two Hotels, Two Experiences

Properties are giving guests different destinations in one trip — including jungle and beach in Belize, city and country in New York.

Heads Up: Downtown Miami: More Than a Gateway to the Beach

Downtown Miami is bustling again, and a new express train connecting it to Palm Beach is set to deliver more visitors by year’s end.

Check In: Resting in Peace in Transylvania

Tranquillity is the idea at La Hansi, a restored 500-year-old farmhouse in Transylvania, making the trek to the 11-room bed-and-breakfast worthwhile.

Along the Mississippi

The Great River Road, the byway that runs next to the Mississippi River, was the organizing principle of a road trip that took a family through the history of this land.

The Getaway: The Recovery Process: Caribbean Tourism, Island by Island

In the wake of hurricanes Irma and Maria, a look at the destruction, bright spots and uncertain future.

Travel Tips: How to Celebrate Holidays on the Road

Book a private room for a meal, ask the kitchen to prepare family recipes and plan a special excursion.

What to Read Before You Go to Mississippi

A travelogue, a novel and a meditation on the aftershocks of Hurricane Katrina.

Personal Journeys: Seeking Solitude in Japan’s Mountain Monasteries

Koyasan is one of the premier destinations for Buddhist pilgrims in Japan. As its popularity peaks, can it still be enjoyed by a visitor seeking quietude?

Personal Journeys: Seeking Solitude in Japan’s Mountain Monasteries

Koyasan is one of the premier destinations for Buddhist pilgrims in Japan. As its popularity with travelers peaks, can it still be enjoyed by a Western visitor?

Carry-On: What Martha Stewart Can’t Travel Without

The cookbook author and television host always has three iPads, workout gear and, of course, food .

What Americans Need to Know About Travel to Turkey

With visitor visas suspended, U.S. citizens are unable to go to Turkey. Tour companies and airlines are working with travelers who have booked trips.

Essay: As the 747 Begins Its Final Approach, a Pilot Takes a Flight Down Memory Lane

The iconic plane revolutionized air travel. Now it is being retired. Here’s why I’ll miss flying them.

Travel Tips From Comedians: Marc Maron

Comedians know a thing or two about travel, since their job is to make people laugh in cities all across the world. Here are a few pointers from Marc Maron, the podcast host and an author of the new book 'Waiting for the Punch.'

Early Days on the 747: Power, Style and Size

A look back at how the plane was marketed by the airlines that adopted it, and how The New York Times covered its surprisingly rocky early days.

In-Demand Destinations for Winter, From Portugal to Australia

For travelers from the United States, popular itineraries include London, New York City and Mexico .

The New Generation of Japanese Accommodations

A prehistoric hut, a 19th-century samurai’s dwelling, a traditional farmhouse: These new stays go far beyond Tokyo .

Footsteps: Eero Saarinen’s Michigan

The architect’s groundbreaking works gave him international prominence, but his earliest architectural and design laboratory was in Michigan.

Travel Tips: How to Book the Cheapest Holiday Travel

Answers to the questions you should be asking yourself as you finalize your holiday travels.