Nature (14)

Against discrimination

Science cannot and should not be used to justify prejudice.

Budget cuts fuel frustration among Japan's academics

Funding trouble at flagship research centre reflects a broader malaise in the country's scientific priorities that must be addressed.

California's scientists push to create massive climate-research programme

Effort backed by the state's flagship universities comes as US President Donald Trump shrugs off global warming.

Drug approval needs a helping hand

It's time for researchers to lend their expertise to expediting the arrival of cutting-edge therapies that are waiting in the wings.

SI units need reform to avoid confusion

A flaw in the system leaves physicists grappling with dimensionless units.

Seek climate advice through established routes

If the Trump administration has questions on global warming, it should direct them to the national academy rather than setting up a spurious 'red team–blue team' debate.

Why antimatter might be the answer to life, the Universe and everything

Experiments that reveal the behaviour of antihydrogen could tell physicists more about the rules that hold the Universe together.

More universities must confront sexual harassment

Too many institutions give low priority to tackling sexual misconduct in science.

Put cult online games to the test

There are now vast opportunities to study the effects on young minds.

The digital native is a myth

The younger generation uses technology in the same ways as older people — and is no better at multitasking.

New Antarctic iceberg echoes old problem

The break in the Larsen C ice shelf highlights the vulnerable nature of other Antarctic environments and the impact people are having on the continent.

All shook up over topology

Physicists and mathematicians have bonded over their shared explorations of bizarre states of matter.

Ditching diesel won't clear the air

Arguments about the environmental benefits of petrol or diesel engines are outdated.

Female astronomers of colour face daunting discrimination

Two-fifths report feeling unsafe at work, and 18% have concerns about attending conferences.