Nature (13)

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Egypt's courts must listen to dozens of Nobel prizewinners who have defended the founder of the Alexandria Library.

Pregnant mice illuminate risk factors that could lead to autism

Studies highlight link between immune response and unusual neural wiring.

Giraffes could have evolved long necks to keep cool

Another explanation offered for one of animal kingdom's most distinctive features.

Merkel deserves another term as German chancellor

The former physicist shows a welcome immunity to the mood of anti-science resentment that has infected some democracies.

Removing statues of historical figures risks whitewashing history

Science must acknowledge mistakes as it marks its past.

Cuckoo call adds another layer of deception

The female bird makes a different and much sneakier sound than the male.

Closure of US coal study marks an alarming precedent

The Trump administration has stepped up its assault on environmental protections by halting a US$1-million study on the health risks of coal mining — casting a pall on academic freedom.

Extreme weather events are the new normal

Hurricane Harvey highlights the struggle to apply climate science.

Head injuries in sport must be taken more seriously

Sports organizations are only starting to understand the harm that can be inflicted by high-contact activities. Science must play its part in highlighting the problem and in aiding diagnosis.

Magnetic antiparticle expands strange field of swirling science

Antiskyrmion offers promise for superfast spintronic computers.

Against discrimination

Science cannot and should not be used to justify prejudice.

Budget cuts fuel frustration among Japan's academics

Funding trouble at flagship research centre reflects a broader malaise in the country's scientific priorities that must be addressed.

California's scientists push to create massive climate-research programme

Effort backed by the state's flagship universities comes as US President Donald Trump shrugs off global warming.