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Other countries, security, refugees: Here's what Trudeau didn't talk about at the UN

Aside from an early offer of condolences to Mexico after a major earthquake this week, Trudeau didn't mention a single other member of the United Nations

After her mother lost her life choosing to give birth over chemo, premature baby dies in hospital

Carrie DeKlyen declined to participate in a clinical trial or undergo treatment for the brain cancer, because it would have meant ending her pregnancy

Thanks to Trudeau's tax proposals, big fish are moving billions out of Canada, former finance minister says

A business owner has informed John Manley, the head of an organization representing Canada's largest corporations, that he's moved billions of dollars outside the country

Why this French chef is begging Michelin to strip his restaurant of its three stars

Sebastien Bras's restaurant Le Suquet has been lauded as 'spellbinding' by the guide

'It doesn't have the dignity': Law Society of Upper Canada considers changing 'anachronistic' name

The proposed new name 'doesn't have the cachet, it doesn't have the dignity and most importantly, it doesn't have the historical significance of the Law Society of Upper Canada'

Donald Trump applauded the health care of an African country — Nambia — that doesn't even exist

His comments about a nonexistent country swiftly invited ridicule online, with many suggesting that Trump had created an entirely new nation by combining Zambia and Namibia

Missing and murdered inquiry 'offloading' responsibility onto communities: NDP MP

'I do have concerns about your report, because it's contradicting what's happening on the ground,' Georgina Jolibois told the chief commissioner

For the first time, the Marine Corps will have a female infantry officer among its ranks

It is unlikely that she will agree to do any media interviews, preferring to be a 'quiet professional' and just do her job

A gallery of jaw-dropping images from the guys who snapped that photo of a wolf swimming after a deer

A rare shot of a Canadian lynx, a uniquely terrifying glimpse of a raven and an awe-inspiring portrait of the International Space Station shooting through the Alberta night sky

Woof: North Korea compares Trump's threats to the sound of a barking dog

On Thursday, the U.S. president said new sanctions would be placed on North Korea

The end of the world is coming – but not this Saturday, despite what Revelations 12 foretells

According to some evangelical Christians, an alignment of stars and planets indicates the world is going to end this Saturday, September 23, 2017

Government 'fell short' in protecting privacy during electoral reform consultation, privacy commissioner finds

The investigation found that information retrieved about individuals could lead to 'a fairly accurate picture of one's personal activities, views, opinions, and lifestyle'

What you need to know about CETA, Canada's trade deal with Europe that takes effect today

What this means for businesses now plus the issues that have been punted down the road for later

Ivanka Trump opens up on Dr. Oz and reveals struggles with postpartum depression

Ivanka Trump described the period after the birth of each of her three children as a 'very challenging emotional time'

After just two wins, Las Vegas' new NHL team mocks Montreal Canadiens. So classy

The Golden Knights have already seen fit to throw shade at one of the league's most storied franchises

A British teacher wanted to kayak down the Amazon. She was brutally murdered in Brazil, her body still missing

Emma Kelty documented her journey online, including on a blog and in social media posts on Twitter

Sea turtles defy fears of a sixth mass extinction, global population bouncing back

Even small populations, which normally have a tough time recovering, are capable of being restored, researchers found

Need a new appliance? Learn, compare – then ask for a deal

Unless you're an expert in spin cycles, buying an appliance could leave you dizzy. To make the process easier, here are answers to the appliance-buying questions you'll probably ponder, from “When should I buy?” to “Do I really need a warranty?” REPAIR OR REPLACE? People with ...

'We saw something. Something came down': The Shag Harbour UFO sighting, 50 years later

It was around 11 p.m. on the night of Oct. 4, 1967. Most witnesses thought it was a doomed aircraft

Sentencing hearing for Alberta mom who 'gambled away' son's life with holistic remedies

Tamara Lovett gave her son dandelion tea and oil of oregano when he developed the infection that kept him bedridden in their Calgary home for 10 days

'I owed it to Jagger': Retired crime-fighting dog battles bone cancer while vet bills mount

Jagger received a clean bill of health upon retirement from the CBSA, where he worked as a detector dog for a decade. Three months later, an aggressive cancer showed up

'A new level of escalation': Barcelona braces for Catalan independence protests after raids on officials

'Half of our team is arrested — not for doing something wrong, but for doing what we must do,' Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras said

'Our island destroyed': Hurricane Maria churns through Caribbean after ravaging Puerto Rico

On Puerto Rico, the full extent of Maria's fury was still being tallied, but it was clear that the rebuilding process will be massive

Legalized marijuana will lead to more impaired driving, police tell Commons committee

Representatives of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police told the committee they are concerned about getting enough officers trained in time for the July 2018 deadline

Conservatives accuse Trudeau of hypocrisy in avoiding tax changes targeting wealthy Canadians

Reports have pointed out that Trudeau would have had access to certain tax advantages because his father's assets were kept in a testamentary trust starting in 2000

'It was his time': Attention-loving spring prognosticator Wiarton Willie dead at 13

For those who knew him, Wiarton Willie will be remembered for the grace in which he held his species' highest office. He did not hide from his admirers

John Ivison: Resurrected TPP could get done this year and Canada is better off without U.S. in it

Canada is now the second-largest economy in the TPP11 and will push to ditch provisions in the original agreement that were offered as concessions to the U.S.

Christie Blatchford: Entitled terror suspect pleads not guilty, re-affirms love for ISIL and pledges attacks

Dughmosh's charges came after a bizarre incident where she allegedly swung a golf club at Canadian Tire employees and customers, while wearing an ISIL headband

Despite Trump's harsh words, Mattis says North Korea crisis still 'diplomatic effort'

Defense Secretary James Mattis has often made a point of softening Trump's rhetoric or expressing contrary views to those of his boss

Researchers urge caution over study linking fluoride exposure in pregnancy to lower IQs in children

Anti-fluoridation activists call it 'the biggest moment in the history of this whole debate.' It's the response health policy experts — and some of the authors themselves — feared

Alleged Toronto mobster among 12 detained after DUI arrest leads to unexpected global fraud probe

Cosimo Commisso was charged with possession of the proceeds of crime. Police say he didn't have 'a directing role' in the scheme that allegedly bilked $11.5M

Defence asks judge to dismiss Crown's case in Sudbury byelection trial

The defence essentially asked judge H.J. Borenstein to examine the Crown's case for any evidence of guilt and, if he finds none, to dismiss the case without hearing defence witnesses

Inside Kim Jong Un's regime: Teen sex slaves, public executions and bird saliva soup

North Korean defector Hee Yeon Lim on Kim Jong Un's sex slaves: 'Yes, they have to sleep with him and they cannot make a mistake or object because they could very easily simply disappear'

Hurricane Maria leaves Puerto Rico in darkness as heavy floods, winds unleashed

'Once we're able to go outside, we're going to find our island destroyed.' Hurricane Maria is expected to pound Puerto Rico for 12 to 24 hours

They said Melania Trump was the face of success. She made them take down billboards with her face

Trump's image was used without permission, and on Tuesday the signs came down under the threat of a lawsuit by the first lady's lawyers

A Canadian first: Ontario wants to suspend the licences of distracted drivers

'Every 17 hours on average we have a fatality on our roads,' the transportation minister said. 'That's someone's sister or dad or daughter, gone forever'

U.S. Navy, stunned by two fatal collisions, exhausts some sailors with 100-hour workweeks

Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson partly blamed the 'can-do' culture of commanders that agree to take on missions despite perilous gaps in training and certifications

'He just died in his sleep': Spring prognosticator Wiarton Willie is dead at 13

The town already has a two-year-old 'understudy' groundhog that will assume the role of Wiarton Willie

'The Mad Pooper': Police looking for runner who won't stop pooping in front of a family's house

Neighbours have also seen the woman pooping in backyards and at a local Walgreens store

Why James Cameron are so pumped about peas

Peas are the new soy, and Canada — the world's largest pea producer — stands to benefit

Disturbing images show Navy hospital staffers mishandling infant, calling babies 'mini Satans'

The staffers are still assigned at the Jacksonville, Fla., hospital but are no longer providing direct patient care

'Help us': Mexicans search through the night for survivors of quake that killed more than 200

At least 44 buildings collapsed or partly collapsed in Mexico City alone

Conservative MP apologizes for calling environment minister 'climate Barbie'

McKenna thanked supporters for defending her and retweeted a post from Canadian Olympian Penny Oleksiak that urged her followers to 'please treat people kindly'

Art of a peace deal: Donald Trump says there's a 'pretty good shot' he can broker peace in Middle East

'It's a complex subject, always been considered the toughest deal of all: peace between Israel and the Palestinians, the toughest of all'

Poll shows entrepreneurs split on proposed tax changes, but passive income is biggest worry

Overall, most small business owners surveyed think the proposed changes are unfair, but they are much more open to the crackdown on income sprinkling

'We dug holes, then crawled in on our bellies': Rescuers free child trapped in collapsed school after Mexico quake

Images broadcast by Mexican media showed helmeted workers clearing debris at the Enrique Rebsamen school

Jake LaMotta, the boxer who was immortalized in the movie 'Raging Bull,' has died at age 95

Academy Award-winning film starring Robert De Niro was based on the memoir of former middleweight champion known as the Bronx Bull

Evangelical college football players face arrest over hazing incident

A DuPage County, Ill. judge signed arrest warrants for five football players at Wheaton College who were charged with aggravated battery, mob action and unlawful restraint

Veteran MP Nathan Cullen backing newcomer Jagmeet Singh for NDP leadership

Cullen also says he is not concerned about the fact Singh lacks a seat in the House of Commons and may wait until 2019 to seek one

'My heart is in pieces': Father makes public plea after his little boy is bullied

Seven-year-old Jackson Bezzant's self-esteem dropped so much that he wanted to wear a mask to school to cover his face and talked about killing himself