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Internal union dispute over harassment claims at Vice Canada

'I work for the CMG, which is the union that represents VICE. We are dealing with multiple sexual harassment claims in that specific workplace right now'

'Enough already!': Pro-Western Russian liberals say U.S. obsession with Moscow meddling makes Putin look good

'The Kremlin is very proud of this whole Russian interference story. It shows they are not just a group of old KGB guys … but an almighty force from a James Bond saga'

Andrew Coyne: Bewitched and bewildered by the Liberals' National Housing Strategy

It may be part of the role of government to build social housing. But is it the role of the federal government, specifically?

B'nai Brith, residents demand Swastika Trail street be renamed in Ontario town

The organization says despite the swastika's ancient origins, it is inappropriate today for a Canadian street to bear its name because it is still used as a symbol for hate

Amid crackdown on sexual misconduct, 29 military personnel booted from Canadian Forces in 2017

That could be just the start as defence officials say they are reviewing dozens of other cases in which members have been accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour

Counter-protests at Wilfrid Laurier University over freedom of speech turn β€” well, one man was shouting

The great free speech crisis had all the makings of a major battle in the culture wars, but Friday's protest went off like the mildest of campus pep rallies

Oxford Dictionaries responds to B.C. boy who invented a new word after William Shatner tweets support

Levi Budd came up with 'levidrome' to define a word that forms a different word when spelled backwards and hopes to see it added to the dictionary

A royal engagement? Rumours swirling about imminent Prince Harry-Meghan Markle announcement

A bookmaker in London even stopped taking bets on whether they'd marry in 2018

New study finds we're hard-wired to see faces β€” even when they're not there

The results prove that this section of the brain's fusiform gyrus is alone responsible for recognizing human faces

A Japanese politician took her baby to work to prove a point about working moms. She did

'There are no women with children involved in the decision-making process '

Militants in Egypt bomb mosque, killing at least 200 people in volatile Sinai Peninsula

The extremists linked to ISIL also fired on worshippers during Friday prayers, Egyptian officials said

Hope turns to despair in search for Argentine sub lost eight days but searchers persist

A growing international search for the ARA San Juan and its 44 crew will soon include a pressurized rescue chamber from the U.S.

Ontario man who befriended 84-year-old neighbour accused of bilking her out of $136,000

She was the kind of woman who would withdraw $60 each week to cover her costs, her niece said. She didn't have credit cards, never took out loans and was thrifty

Judge throws out child porn case against man who took his desk top to Geek Squad

The case attracted attention because it revealed that Geek Squad would tip off the FBI for cash when they found possible child porn images

Egypt militants bomb mosque, killing 155 people in volatile Sinai Peninsula: reports

The extremists linked to ISIL also fired on worshippers during Friday prayers, Egyptian officials said, more than 100 more wounded

Swedish Lutherans urge use of gender-neutral words for God: No more 'He' or 'Lord'

'Theologically, for instance, we know that God is beyond our gender determinations, God is not human'

Chinese kindergarten accused of abuse after parents say needle marks found on children

The scandal erupted after media quoted some parents as saying their children were molested, forced to strip as punishment and made to take unidentified white pills

Oscar Pistorius's jail sentence more than doubled in murder of model girlfriend

The Supreme Court of Appeal found on Friday that there were no reasons to give a lesser term than the prescribed 15 years

Case of sex trafficking victim serving life sentence back in spotlight amid recent sexual assault scandals

Cyntoia Brown - who said she was forced into prostitution by a violent boyfriend - is in prison for the 2004 murder of a stranger who took her to his home when she was 16

Lawyer for Michael Flynn shuts down contact with Trump team, a sign he may be cooperating with Russia probe

The split suggests that Trump's former national security adviser, who has been a top target of Robert Mueller, may be looking to share information with the prosecutor

'Destroy this letter β€” to protect me': Millard wrote to girlfriend about getting 'stories straight,' trial told

Dellen Millard and Mark Smich are accused of killing Laura Babcock, 23, and burning her remains in a massive animal incinerator in the summer of 2012

What's the latest on delivery of new navy ships? That's hush hush, federal government says

Refusal to provide such basic details to MPs on programs that are costing billions of dollars could be a sign construction of the vessels has fallen behind schedule

Breathy with just a whiff of condescension: Is this the world's greatest impression of Justin Trudeau?

Calgarian Lucas Meyer nails the 'uhs,' the long pauses and the unsettling Liberal earnestness

Scott Stinson: Parliament builds an expensive rink for the community, then makes it hard to use

On the lawn of Parliament Hill on Thursday, crews were busy erecting a very expensive monument to that most Canadian of pastimes: excessively prudish regulations

Adidas kicks up language scrap with 'unacceptable' downplaying of French at Montreal store opening

The controversy erupted soon after a Montreal reporter attending a pre-opening media event wrote on Twitter the proceedings were almost entirely in English

Coffee a wonder drug? Three or four cups a day associated with lower risk of death: study

A year after the World Health Organization deemed coffee no longer a cancer risk, researchers say it's associated with a lower risk of death and heart disease

John Ivison: Scientists say Canada is 'losing ground' in Arctic research

'Other countries are investing more β€” Norway, France, Germany, the U.K., even China is building new research ice-breakers'

After 'sabotage,' big demands and flirting with China, how is trade under Trudeau shaping up?

The government has defended free trade amid rising protectionist sentiment but concluding agreements is easier said than done

A Berlusconi comeback? It could happen for the former prime minister of Italy

Judges held a hearing on the 81-year-old Berlusconi's appeal against a ban on running for public office

These are the Canadian cities with the highest homicide rates for 2016

Thunder Bay topped the list of the 33 largest communities in Canada with the highest homicide. Firearm-related homicides were also on the rise

Who gets to be Metis? As more people self-identify, critics call out opportunists

The arrival of new players is stirring up tension with established MΓ©tis groups and raising concern among First Nations leaders

Elon Musk's giant battery is ready for testing in Australia

Tesla Inc. is on track to meet a 100-day self-imposed deadline to install the system

Energy-saving LED lighting backfires as difference between night and day vanishes: analysis

From 2012 to 2016, the artificially lit area of the Earth's surface grew by 2.2 per cent per year, according to the study

Facebook will show you if you followed or liked Russian propaganda pages

'I hope that Google and Twitter will follow Facebook's lead,' a U.S. senator said

Malia Obama spotted locking lips with new boyfriend at Harvard football game

Rory Farquharson, 19, the son of a British investment banker, is a graduate of the posh Rugby School where he was called 'quite a catch'

Rep. Joe Barton told woman he would report her to Capitol Police if she exposed his secret sex life

'It's not normal for a member of Congress who runs on a GOP platform of family values and conservatism to be scouring the Internet looking for a new sexual liaison'

Dutch immigrant family in 'ridiculous' battle with N.B. village council to keep their pet horses

Their dream home on the outskirts of a village west of Moncton was zoned residential. It didn't matter that the family next door was zoned rural

France arrests billionaire 'Russian Gatsby' for alleged tax fraud, sparking outrage from Kremlin

One Russian politician hoped Suleiman Kerimov's arrest was a 'misunderstanding' not a 'provocation.' Another called the arrest 'unprecedented' and 'inexcusable'

Dutch immigrant family in 'ridiculous' battle with N.B. village council to keep their pet horses

Their dream home was zoned residential. It didn't matter neighbours, including a cattle farm, another with a horse β€”Β and the ones next door β€” were zoned rural

Christie Blatchford: Last question left in gas plants trial, was the destroyed data personal or not

The prosecutor said to suggest the accused took 'extraordinary steps' merely to make sure no one's baby photos remained on a computer defies common sense

John Ivison: Liberals may be 'idiots' on terrorism but low prosecution rate is not their fault

While one can have some sympathy with the sentiments, in this case the subject matter is too nuanced and too important to indulge in partisan point-scoring

'I knew I was bleeding:' Winnipeg lawyer relives letter-bomb nightmare at attempted-murder trial

Maria Mitousis said she arrived at work on July 3, 2015 and found a puffy envelope on her desk. Inside was a voice recorder and instructions to press play

Campus LGBT group: Wilfrid Laurier isn't going far enough to silence 'climate of transphobia'

A Tuesday statement by Wilfrid Laurier University's Rainbow Centre appears to endorse a policy of silencing all mention of the debate on gender neutral pronouns

Yukon rolls out world-first β€” labels warning alcohol can cause cancer

Alcohol is a huge part of Canadian life, advertised as 'fun,' but consumers have a right to know the health risks, says scientist behind project

Catholic school covers up 'potentially suggestive' statue of priest

The statue looked fine in its two-dimensional renderings, but it was only after installation that school officials thought it looked 'potentially suggestive'

The PMO wants you to know it had nothing to do with that dead-eyed Trudeau golem

Reports that Justin Trudeau had assisted in the creation of his own graven image were quickly denied by a Liberal spokesman

B.C. plow operator helped save the life of 73-year-old woman who fell in her home

The Cranbrook woman managed to reach her phone to call for help after several days in her isolated house

Overnight, a replica of the Holocaust memorial pops up near German nationalist's home

Bjoern Hoecke has described the Berlin memorial to the six million victims of the Holocaust as a 'monument of shame'

White House military personnel removed after allegations of contact with women in Vietnam

The military is scrutinizing three Army noncommissioned officers who allegedly broke curfew during Trump's trip to Vietnam this month, officials said

Doctor's discovery inside North Korean soldier's intestine hints at life in the hermit kingdom

Surgeons removed dozens of parasites from the soldier's ruptured small intestine, including one roundworm as long as a stapler