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Are $40 Toll Roads The Future?

In Virginia, officials hope a shift to toll pricing based on demand and traffic flow will change commuter behavior and reduce congestion on Interstate 66. Critics say the cost is too high.

How To Survive Playing To An Empty Room And Other Advice For A Band's First Tour

Blame the Youth, a North Carolina band, is getting ready to embark on its first tour. Lead singer and bassist Amber Daniel talks to Kam Franklin of The Suffers, who began touring three years ago.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Dies At 65

NPR's Kelly McEvers speaks with retired Judge Lillian Sing about the life of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, who died on Tuesday. Sing knew him as an activist since he graduated from law school.

Decorating Injuries Show That Hanging The Holly Isn't Always Jolly

Reckless decorating is a thing, and a serious one at that. At least 240 people a day go to the emergency room after falling off ladders, getting cut, or getting burned when trying to put up holiday cheer. Two years ago, super decorator Kurt Farmer of Alexandria, Va., was one of them.

California Firefighter On Battling The Thomas Wildfire

The Thomas Fire is now the fifth-largest fire in modern California history. NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with battalion chief Fred Burris about what battling this wildfire is like.

Federal Terrorism Charges Filed Against Manhattan Subway Bombing Suspect

The U.S. Attorney's Office in New York has filed federal and local terrorism charges against Akayed Ullah. He was arrested on Monday for detonating a homemade bomb in a busy pedestrian tunnel in New York City as part of an attempted suicide bombing.

Investigators Probe Explosion In New York City Pedestrian Tunnel

Several people were injured when a man detonated what's being called a "low-tech" explosive device. Police are calling it an attempted terror attack, and the alleged bomber is in custody.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Dies At Age 65

Mayor Ed Lee was not known to be ill; he died at a San Francisco hospital in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

A Newtown Family's Campaign To Change How We Think About Violence

Avielle Richman was 6 years old when she was killed in her first-grade classroom. Her parents think a possible solution to gun violence is to treat it like a disease.

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee Dies At Age 65

Mayor Edwin Lee was not known to be ill; he died at a San Francisco hospital in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Service Dog Enjoys Broadway's 'Cats' A Little Too Much

A service dog and its owner were in the audience of a Broadway performance of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats. Chaos ensued. An usher returned the dog to its owner.

DOT Suspends Proposed Rule That Would Force Airlines To Show Baggage Fee At Booking

Late last week the Department of Transportation announced it would withdraw proposed measures that would require airlines to show the full cost of booking, including baggage, at ticket purchase.

A Newtown Family's Campaign To Change How We Think About Violence

Avielle Richman was six years old when she was killed in her first grade classroom. Her parents think a possible solution to gun violence is to treat it like a disease.

What To Watch For And What's At Stake In The Alabama Senate Race

No matter what happens in Alabama on Tuesday, it will have consequences that stretch from Birmingham to the Beltway.

Thomas Fire Burns An Area Larger Than Metro New York City

Crews battling the massive wildfire in southern California are struggling to protect communities along the scenic coastline outside Santa Barbara. Authorities warn the Thomas fire continues to expand.

Post Court Ruling, Military Will Accept Openly Transgender Recruits

For the first time, openly transgender people will be able to enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1. The Trump administration opposes this, but a federal court ruled against the White House.

Birmingham Barber's Thoughts On Alabama's Special Election

Rachel Martin, who's in Birmingham to cover Alabama's special election, talks to Eugene Jones, who has owned a barber shop for 45 years. Jones, a Democrat, says his party is missing an opportunity.

Firefighters In California Take Advantage Of Milder Winds

After losing some ground to the massive Thomas Fire north of Los Angeles over the weekend, firefighters on Monday managed to bring it to 20 percent containment.

What To Watch And What's At Stake In The Alabama Senate Race

No matter what happens in Alabama on Tuesday, it will have consequences that stretch from Birmingham to the Beltway.

A Timeline Of Plot Twists And Bombshells: How We Got To Election Day In Alabama

Yes, the race is between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones. But this contest touches on scandals involving sexual misconduct, President Trump's influence and Democratic hopes for 2018.

Deadline Is Friday For Most ACA Insurance Sign-Ups, With Important Exceptions

Some people looking for 2018 insurance under the Affordable Care Act may have a little longer to sign up — for example, in states and U.S. territories hit by this year's hurricanes.

Parents Worry Congress Won't Fund The Children's Health Insurance Program

The federal funding of the program lapsed in September. States have been burning through leftover funds, or borrowing from other accounts, as they wait for Congress to act before the end of January.

Charles Jenkins, Cold War Defector To North Korea, Dies At 77

Stationed at the DMZ, the sergeant made a fateful decision in 1965 to cross over to North Korea. He spent the next four decades as a trophy of Pyongyang.

After Court Ruling, Military Will Accept Openly Transgender Recruits As Of Jan. 1

A federal judge upheld a temporary injunction against President Trump's ban on new trans troops in the military. Now, the Pentagon faces a deadline to begin accepting these applicants in the new year.

Christopher Plummer Nominated For Golden Globe After Replacing Kevin Spacey

The 75th Golden Globe nominations were announced on Monday. Among the nominees is actor Christopher Plummer, for his role replacing Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World, after Spacey faced allegations of sexual misconduct.

FCC Says It Will Vote On Net Neutrality Despite Millions Of Fake Public Comments

Millions of public comments in advance of the FCC's vote on net neutrality turn out to have been faked. Some used phony names, others came from Russian email addresses. The FCC says it will go ahead with its vote this week nonetheless.

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali Steps Aside After Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

Celebrity chef Mario Batali has stepped down from daily operations at his restaurant company after allegations of sexual misconduct. NPR's Kelly McEvers speaks with Amanda Kludt, Editor-in-Chief of the online publication Eater, which broke the story.

Suspect In New York Subway Blast Had 'Low-Tech' Device

Police are calling an explosion in a crowded corridor between two New York City subway stations Monday morning an attempted terror attack. Officials say suspect Akayed Ullah detonated an improvised pipe bomb that was strapped to his body.

Update From New York City

Now, we're giving you an update on the story of an explosion in midtown Manhattan. Reports shortly before 8 this morning came about an explosion close to the New York Port Authority.

Reports Of Explosion In New York City

We're investigating reports of an explosion near New York City's Port Authority. We're in the very early moments of this story.

1 Suspect In Custody After 'Low-Tech' Explosion At Manhattan Subway Stop

"It was an effectively low-tech device," New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during a news conference near the site of the blast. The male suspect was among those injured, police say.

As Wildfires Approach, 'Everyone's Just Trying To Get Out Of Here'

A student in Southern California talks about the spreading wildfires.

The Tax Bill And The Military

President Trump has promised to increase military spending. Rachel Martin talks to retired Army Col. Peter Mansoor about whether that spending is possible under the Republican tax plan.

New Evacuations As California Fires Continue

California fires are spreading to the coast, threatening the suburbs of Santa Barbara. We have the latest on the high-speed winds that are fanning the flames.

Loving And Hating Dollar General In Rural America

Dollar General stores thrive in low-income rural towns, and the deep-discount chain has opened hundreds of new shops in the past year.

Pushing For Protections For Hotel Employees

NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Miami Beach City Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, who is proposing a bill to protect hotel employees from sexual harassment.

Scientists Work To Stop Violence After Losing Their Child In Newtown

After losing their child in the Newtown shooting five years ago, two scientists are working to identify the neurological roots of violence and antisocial behavior.

Could Probiotics Protect Kids From A Downside Of Antibiotics?

Many marketing claims about the potential benefits of probiotics have raced ahead of the science, say researchers who are now trying to catch up. One NIH study is investigating kids' gut microbes.

Firefighters Lose Ground On Largest Of California Fires

Over the weekend, the Thomas Fire had been declared 15 percent contained, but on Sunday, officials downgraded that to just 10 percent as the fire spread north, encompassing 230,000 acres.

Simeon Booker, Dean Of Washington's Black Press Corps, Dies At 99

Booker chronicled the civil rights movement, and is credited with helping to deliver the 1955 story of Emmitt Till's murder to a national audience.

Window Blind Cords Still Pose A Deadly Risk To Children

Nearly one child a month dies after being entangled in window blind cords, despite years of effort to reduce the toll. A new industry standard to remove most corded blinds from the market may help.

Terry Crews On His Sexual Assault Lawsuit: This Is About Accountability

NPR's Michel Martin spoke with actor Terry Crews about sexual assault, how he joined the #MeToo movement and why he is fighting to hold people in Hollywood accountable.

This Year's Christmas Tree Shortage Has Roots In The Recession

This season, a tightened tree supply dates back eight to 10 years ago, when fewer trees were planted. Due also in part to an exodus of tree farmers in the industry, prices have more than doubled.

The Internet Celebrates The First Snow Of The Season

The Northeast, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic were blanketed in the season's first snowfall this weekend — prompting some panic, and lots of Instagrammed awe.

The Growing Latino Population In Texas

Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Mimi Swartz of Texas Monthly and Jeronimo Cortina of the University of Houston about how the state's booming Latino population has affected its political landscape.

Immigrants In Post-Harvey Houston

When disaster strikes it is often those on the lower end of the economic ladder, like immigrants, who suffer the most.

Houston's Recovery

Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Marvin Odum, Houston's chief recovery officer, about the city's need for more federal aid since the region was hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Houston Ship Channel And Galveston Bay Digging Out After Harvey

The sediment and muddy freshwater that spilled into these Texas bodies of water are causing problems for the shipping and oyster industries.

Biologists With Drones And Peanut Butter Pellets Are On A Mission To Help Ferrets

To increase populations of the endangered black-footed ferret, scientists aim to save prairie dogs, a main food source. The biologists use drones and medicated peanut butter-flavored pellets to do it.

'Desert Bus': Even In Virtual Reality, It's Still 'Boring'

Desert Bus may be the world's most boring video game. Players drive a bus from Arizona to Nevada in real time, an eight-hour trip. Now the game has a sequel - just as boring, but in virtual reality.