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Hurricane Maria Could Offer A Chance To Build A New Tech Infrastructure In Puerto Rico

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks to Ina Fried of Axios about ways Puerto Rico can take advantage of what tech offers in the future. That is, what opportunities there are starting from scratch, using the newest and best ways to generate power and connect people.

The Russia Investigations: Facebook Makes Nice, Imbroglio Sucks In More Tech Firms

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg launches a goodwill tour in D.C., more big tech companies are pulled into the imbroglio and the White House weighs its Muller strategy.

After A Failed Launch, Smart Shoe Benefits From A Reboot

Hahna Alexander initially invented a shoe that could charge a battery, but no one wanted to use it. "You have to invent something that people can't live without," she says.

In The Age Of Concierge Apps, Real-Life Concierges Tout The 'Human Element'

Concierges are finding ways to keep it fresh — including by stepping out from behind the marble counter.

Once Dominant, Netflix Faces An Increasing Number Of Video Challengers

With more than 100 million subscribers around the world, Netflix is the premier video streaming service. But, as competition from Amazon, Hulu and others heats up, can Netflix stay on top?