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Maybe Cuba 'owes nothing' to U.S. — but it does to the Cuban people

It's the question on which hangs Cuba's wobbly relationship with the United States and the hopes of the Cuban people for a better day: Is Miguel Díaz-Canel, heir apparent to … Click to Continue »

Construction worker left dangling on the side of a Miami Dade College building rescued

Miami Fire Rescue crews saved a construction worker who was left dangling on the side of a building at Miami Dade College's Interamerican Campus Monday morning after his scaffolding began … Click to Continue »

Grow house busted in Hialeah. Also inside, cops say: A 4-year-old.

Officers from Hialeah's Narcotics Unit raided a home Monday after getting a tip that there was a marijuana grow house inside. Once inside, officers found 10 plants, according to police. … Click to Continue »

Driver killed after slamming into Miami-Dade Transit bus and another car

A driver was killed Sunday after slamming into a Miami-Dade Transit bus and another car, according to police. The accident happened just before 5 p.m. Sunday on West Flagler Street … Click to Continue »

Man shot dead at northeast Miami-Dade apartment complex

A 22-year-old man was shot dead outside an apartment complex in northeast Miami-Dade Friday afternoon, police said. The man and a female passenger were sitting in the front seats of … Click to Continue »

ATM at Mt. Sinai Hospital linked to fraudulent charges but skimmer remains at large

Investigators from the Miami Beach Police Department Economic Crimes Unit have been investigating an ATM fraud case involving one skimmer — who led them to Mt. Sinai Hospital. Detectives traced … Click to Continue »

A person was shot dead and police are looking for one or more possible shooters

One person was shot dead at an apartment complex in northeast Miami-Dade on Friday. According to Miami-Dade police, the 23-year-old male victim and a female were inside a black GMC … Click to Continue »

Florida's lunkhead 'white supremacists' ain't all that supreme

Not such a good week for Florida kluxers, our would-be champions of racial superiority. You gotta wonder, if these not-so-good ol' boys were so damn superior, how did they get … Click to Continue »

Trump's careless talk about U.S. 'military option' in Venezuela is already backfiring

If you talk with Latin American presidents and top diplomats — as I did in recent days — you will conclude that President Donald Trump's recent remark that he may … Click to Continue »

Florida's lunkhead 'white supremacists' ain't all that supreme

Not such a good week for Florida kluxers, our would-be champions of racial superiority. You gotta wonder, if these not-so-good ol' boys were so damn superior, how they got themselves … Click to Continue »

Sessions threw himself a sanctuary-city victory party in Miami. Only Gimenez showed up

As if swift, at-your-service county support for the Trump administration's anti-immigrant policies weren't shameful enough, Attorney General Jeff Sessions threw himself a victory party in Miami. Using the international seaport … Click to Continue »

Man walks into gas station posing as a customer. Then he pulls a gun and demands cash.

A man recently walked into a Valero Gas station north of Coconut Grove, walked up to the cashier, pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded money. The entire incident … Click to Continue »

Argentina has chance of a lifetime to discard its populist past. Will Macri pull it off?

Judging from the better-than-expected performance of President Mauricio Macri's party in the Aug. 13 primary elections and from what the country's leader told me in an interview, I'm feeling moderately … Click to Continue »

Stop & Shop armed robbery suspect still at large

A man robbed a convenience store at gunpoint on Saturday morning. The suspect walked into the Stop & Shop, 4777 W. Flagler St., and pointed a gun directly at the … Click to Continue »

Man threatens Publix employees with butcher knife that they just sold to him, police say

A man bought an 8- to 10-inch butcher knife from Publix, walked out of the store, then threatened employees who had tried to stop him over concerns about shoplifting. The … Click to Continue »

Convicted murderer wanted for killing a Fort Lauderdale man is arrested

A convicted murderer who detectives say shot and killed a Fort Lauderdale man has been arrested, the Broward Sheriff's Office announced Wednesday. Hubert Blount, 44, was found Tuesday outside a … Click to Continue »

Former Miami Dolphins player bolts from courtroom, injures two police officers

A former Miami Dolphins cornerback left two Miami-Dade police officers injured on Tuesday after he bolted from a Miami-Dade courtroom when a judge ordered him placed under custody, police said. … Click to Continue »

Missing tools, a case of beer? Man goes on a stealing spree in Hialeah backyards

Hialeah residents may now know where their yard tools or spare beer in the backyard went. On Monday, police say they nabbed a 20-year-old who spent several hours hopping fences … Click to Continue »