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Will Venezuela become a new Cuba? Despite recent events, don't count on it

In the aftermath of Venezuela's fraudulent Oct. 15 regional elections, the conventional wisdom is that President Nicolás Maduro has closed all avenues to an electoral solution to the country's crisis, … Click to Continue »

Say his name, Mr. President: Sgt. La David Johnson. Say his widow's name, Myeshia.

Everything is always about him. His ego, not the nation, is President Donald Trump's first priority. If he proved anything this week, it's that the consoler-in-chief role isn't made for … Click to Continue »

President Trump, put more pressure on Venezuela's regime, but do it the right way

The Trump administration, European and Latin American countries are threatening to step up sanctions on Venezuela after Sunday's fraud-ridden gubernatorial elections. But they're doing it the wrong way, each one … Click to Continue »

Without an audience, alt-right leader Richard Spencer is just another racist nobody

It's Gainesville's turn to endure Richard Spencer — and the white nationalist rage parade he inspires — in the name of the First Amendment. To quote the Beatles, let it … Click to Continue »

Afternoon traffic snarled after pedestrian killed in Miami Beach

A fatal crash near the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel has snarled afternoon traffic. #Traffic Update: Closed: All southbound Collins Ave Traffic from 46 St-41 St. 1 Northbound lane open. Expect … Click to Continue »