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There may be a serial killer on the loose, cops say, after third victim is found dead

Three people were shot and killed within 10 days, officials say, and they believe the murders β€” all within a mile of each other β€” may have been committed by … Click to Continue »

They found a little something extra in their Amazon order β€” 65 pounds of marijuana

The first tip off was the weight. Four empty plastic storage bins should not weight more than 93 pounds. Then the smell β€”an overpowering odor akin to the old Hollywood … Click to Continue »

Woman breaks her arm and leg jumping out of third-story window to escape ex-boyfriend

A 27-year-old woman broke her arm and leg after she had to jump out of a window from her third-story apartment to get away from her ex-boyfriend. A few hours … Click to Continue »

With 4,000 families possibly losing health insurance after Irma, state may ask for help

With more than 4,000 families facing the loss of their state-subidized KidCare health insurance in the wake of Hurricane Irma, Florida regulators have reversed course and now say they are … Click to Continue »

Killer clown cold case from South Florida in the spotlight on national TV Friday

Killer clowns are not just the domain of the new Stephen King movie It' or this season's American Horror Story: Cult.' South Florida's own killer clown story out of Wellington … Click to Continue »

Cops went looking for child porn. The guns and bombs they found were just as 'troubling'

Photographs of schools, three bomb devices, guns and books on how to make explosives were found in a Dunedin man's home Wednesday, officials report. Deputies with the Pinellas County Sheriff's … Click to Continue »

UF drowns out Richard Spencer with 'peace and unity' β€” and at least one punch

It wasn't Charlottesville. When prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer came to the University of Florida on Thursday, incidents of violence were limited because of a $600,000 police presence from across … Click to Continue »

Photo gallery: Richard Spencer speaks at University of Florida | Thurs., Oct. 19, 2017

White nationalist Richard Spencer speaks at the University of Florida on Thurs., Oct. 19, 2017 … Click to Continue »

Coast Guard joins search for man separated from his girlfriend by a wave

The U.S. Coast Guard has joined the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office in searching for a 21-year-old who got separated from his girlfriend while swimming in Thursday's first hours. Watchstanders … Click to Continue »

Probably no one will 'hurt' O.J. if he moves to Florida, says Marco Rubio

TMZ Sports caught up with U.S. Senator Marco Rubio on Wednesday while in Washington, D.C. In video footage, you can hear the cameraman ask the senator what he thinks … Click to Continue »

After 12 years, third-graders molested by teacher get $3.6 million settlement

The Palm Beach School Board agreed Wednesday to pay nearly $3.6 million to settle a more than decade-old case involving four girls molested by their teacher when they were in … Click to Continue »

After 12 years, third graders molested by teacher get $3.6 million settlement

The Palm Beach School Board agreed Wednesday to pay nearly $3.6 million to settle a more than decade-old case involving four girls molested by their teacher when they were in … Click to Continue »

O.J. Simpson doesn't have a big fan club in Florida, says Marco Rubio

TMZ Sports caught up with U.S. Senator Marco Rubio on Wednesday while in Washington, D.C. In video footage, you can hear the cameraman ask the senator what he thinks … Click to Continue »

He's not a racist, he says, just an 'identitarian,' and he books Richard Spencer's campus talks

Cameron Padgett says he's not a racist. He calls himself an identitarian,' a phrase coined by Richard Spencer, a leader in the white nationalist community who has explicitly advocated for … Click to Continue »

FBI apprehends 'Shaky Bandit' after an unsteady attempt at escape

The man the FBI called Shaky Bandit' got caught when his getaway driving didn't measure up to Smokey and The Bandit' levels. That's according to the FBI, which says it … Click to Continue »

This 'Bonnie and Clyde' committed crimes in 4 states. It didn't end like the movie

Bonnie and Clyde' sagas seldom end well for the crime-committing couple. Brittany Nicole Harper, the surviving half of a duo dubbed the modern day Bonnie and Clyde' for their multi-state … Click to Continue »

No masks or water bottles: What to know ahead of Richard Spencer's speech at UF

Tensions are rising in the small college town of Gainesville as law enforcement, faculty and students alike prepare for Richard Spencer, a white nationalist and self-described leader of the so-called … Click to Continue »

Panel says no to most of public's ideas for revising Florida Constitution

In a swift, 20-minute meeting, the panel charged with updating the Florida Constitution on Tuesday rejected all but a few of the 2,012 public proposals submitted to the Constitution Revision … Click to Continue »

Dressing as a clown for Halloween? These Florida cops say you're risking your life

As Halloween nears, many are considering clown pranks for fright night fun. At least one sheriff's office in the state says don't even think of playing a creepy clown if … Click to Continue »

State rejects FPL bid to charge users $49 million for nuke plant it may never build

In a rare rebuke to Florida Power & Light, state utility regulators Tuesday rejected the company's request to charge $49 million more for the planning of a nuclear reactor that … Click to Continue »

Cops' body cam captures shootout between cops and a jealous Florida man

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office has released body camera footage from last Thursday's deputy-involved fatal shooting in which the suspect shot someone, shot at deputies and ultimately turned the gun … Click to Continue »

He's known as the 'Shaky Bandit' β€” and he robs lots of banks

Here's a sign when cops consider a bank robber more than mundane: They give him a nickname. The FBI believes the Shaky Bandit' robbed his 10th and 11th Florida bank … Click to Continue »

What put a reputed Latin Kings member in jail? Cops say it's simple as 1-2-3

Three handguns, two grams of cocaine, one AK-47. That was the inventory list that led to the arrest of a Florida man on Friday, according to the Lee County Sheriff's … Click to Continue »

'Please help me': 911 call details how on-duty cop shot ex-girlfriend β€” then killed himself

Michael DeMarco had his eyes on his ex-girlfriend as she walked her dog Thursday morning in the Inlet Harbor Club neighborhood of Boynton Beach. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy … Click to Continue »

Florida governor declares state of emergency before white nationalist speaks at UF

Gov. Rick Scott on Monday declared a state of emergency in Alachua County three days ahead of a scheduled speech at the University of Florida campus in Gainesville by the … Click to Continue »

After break-up, cop shoots ex-girlfriend while she walks her dog, then kills himself

The Palm Beach County deputy who shot a woman and then turned the gun on himself Thursday has been identified as Michael DeMarco, police said. The unidentified woman who survived … Click to Continue »

Cops say a doctor stole a cellphone. Now, he's in jail on $800,000 bond

After longtime Florida doctor Johnny Clyde Benjamin was arrested on an accusation he snatched a cellphone like a teen bully, deputies found something more associated with an adult criminal: An … Click to Continue »

Turned away from a post-hurricane food assistance center? Here's what to do next

Over the weekend, several food assistance centers in Miami-Dade and Broward were abruptly shut down by local and state officials because of health and safety concerns,' turning away thousands who … Click to Continue »

He's accused of beating a toddler β€” and pawning mom's stereo while the boy was dying

The man charged with abusing and killing his girlfriend's 17-month-old son, is also facing theft charges after police say he stole her car stereo and laptop and pawned them while … Click to Continue »

Woman launches hot nacho cheese at a 7-Eleven clerk, police say. Now she's in jail

They say the customer is always right. However, in the case of a Florida woman who tossed hot nacho cheese at a 7-Eleven clerk, Melbourne police couldn't disagree more. It … Click to Continue »

Food assistance centers close after people suffer heat exhaustion in line

Police had to shut down food assistance centers in Broward Saturday after various people waiting in snarling lines suffered heat exhaustion, officials said. They will remain closed on Sunday. The … Click to Continue »

A Gainesville brewery was trying to block hate with beer. Not so fast, Richard Spencer says.

University of Florida students hoping to empty the auditorium for white nationalist Richard Spencer's speech and get free beer in the process are out of luck. Gainesville brewer Alligator Brewing … Click to Continue »

FEMA money is available for some renters and students in Florida. Are you one of them?

If you are a renter or a student living or attending school in a disaster-designated county in Florida, and were impacted by Hurricane Irma, you may be eligible for disaster … Click to Continue »