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He found a sick bird. Send it over in an Uber, the rescue center said.

A Miami Uber driver had precious cargo Tuesday after the call came in from the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station, a wildlife rehabilitation center on the 79th Street Causeway. The passenger, … Click to Continue

Should customers pay $200 million to clean up Turkey Point? Now's your chance to speak up

The public has until Dec. 12 to weigh in on whether Florida Power & Light should pass the $200 million clean-up tab for fixing leaking canals at Turkey Point on … Click to Continue

A 6-foot croc took an ocean dip, then sunbathed near Margaritaville. Staycation over.

We may be fixated with alligators, but crocodiles are alive and well. A couple of beachgoers found that out on Monday morning, when a 6-foot croc was spotted on the … Click to Continue

This Florida mayor takes his city organic with greener weedkiller and fertilizer

Last summer, as South Florida descended into the hothouse season that makes it a growing haven for all things green, the city of South Miami quietly switched to organic landscaping. … Click to Continue

Lolita may never go free. And that could be what's best for her, scientists say

For nearly 25 years, the Miami Seaquarium's killer whale, Lolita, has been the star of a sequel that has never been made. In 1995, inspired by the original tale of … Click to Continue

Winter forecast for Florida: Warm, even though rest of globe might be a bit cooler

Don't put the sunscreen away. There are more winter beach days in Floridians' future. Like last year, a weather system called La Niña is bringing a warm and dry winter … Click to Continue

What are El Niño and La Niña?

Warmer or colder than average ocean temperatures in one part of the world can influence weather around the globe. Watch this Ocean Today video to see how this works. For more information visit: … Click to Continue

African 'yellow ants' invade Broward home

This video describes the recent discovery of P. allaudi in Florida, a new invasive ant, with the potential to become a nuisance or pest species in the coming years. … Click to Continue

Hunter captures record-breaking python in Everglades

Python hunter Dusty Crum broke his own record for the longest snake caught as part of SFWMD's Python Elimination Program — a 16-foot, 11-inch Burmese python he captured on October 26, 2017. Since the program began in late March, the hunters have removed more than 600 invasive pythons from the ...

After Irma, environmental groups mobilize to clean up debris — on shore and streets

Hurricane Irma turned streets into rivers, snapped trees in half, displaced thousands and hit South Florida's infrastructure with thousands in damages. While the storm bombarded the roads with debris and … Click to Continue